Friday, August 13, 2010

Flood IDPs in Sindh: Efforts by Zulfiqar Halepoto.

Dear Friends, Due to violent monsoon and floods thousands of people have already migrated from Ghotki, Sukkur, Larkana, Shikarpur and Jacobabad. In a latest development 90% of Jacobabad has been evacuated. Special trains have been mobilized for the refugees, heading towards Hyderabad and Karachi. Humanitarian Community is requested to respond accordingly. There may be some other camps but so far four camps are identified in Karachi by our civil society teams, political parties and media friends.


Chakra Goth, Korangi: In this camp at least 40 families, migrated from Thul, Jacobabad are living in very vulnerable conditions. To babies were born during floods and they are in a very critical health conditions. (Nazir Hussain Dewro 0333 2284 325)

Shah Rasool Colony, near Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazar, Saddar Town: 32 families are migrated from Kachho of Larkana, majority are women and minor kids. Please contact Wazir Thaheem, TRDP Karachi office 0333 7221751- 021 35868791-3) or ADO Saddar Town, Imtiaz Ali Bughio 0300 700 2815)

Mehmoodabad Graveyard: 45 families from different flood hit areas of upper Sindh are there and looking for help. Wazir Thaheem, TRDP Karachi office 0333 7221751- 021 35868791-3)

Sachal Goth: hundreds of flood survivors, displaced and now living on footpaths in a very pathetic situation. (Ali Hasan 0345 8097712)


There are many camps in Hyderabad and looked after by different people/forums/organizations but the organized one is arranged by IDO. You can contact TRDP Jamshoro office 0300 8377241 or Zain Daudpoto and Adee Sahar Rizvi ( 0331 3556353) for your support and aid. More than 300 people are living in this camp.

People living in camps badly need food, safe drinking water and medicines. Please come forward for the support, your little input can bring a major change.

This is to further inform you that subject to mass evacuation of Jacobabad due to flood waters that are approaching fast to the city, Sindh Government has decided to move the IDPs from Jacobabad to Karachi, Hyderabad and Jamshoro. The current update is that CDGK has identified following four locations in Karachi where the IDPs will be brought in

1. Gaddap

2. Bin Qasim Town

3. Kiamari

4. Toll Plaza

Flood survivors badly need camps, food, shelter, safe drinking water and health related stuff. We have been informed that two trains have already left Jacobabad carrying the IDPs to Karachi. Further updates will be shared as soon as received.

Dear Friends: There is a mix of opinion about charity and aid. Some friends called and refused to support government initiatives, some are of the view that they shall participate through NGOs, and some already sent their contributions to different foundations including EDHI. So whatever medium suit you…please come forward and support the cause.

This email is based on the information collected different sources. Some friends and forums may have more information to ad so they are welcome.

For further details don’t hesitate to contact me at any time


Zulfiqar Halepoto

0300 8377241

Friends living abroad can send their contribution to TRDP Operational Account number: 10650 – 4 at NBP Model Branch (1027), Clifton, Karachi or whatever organization they like.

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