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Pakistani Media's Genuine Advice to MQM.

Farooq Sattar, a leader of MQM, described the Pashtun settlers as “strangers in Sindh”, as if Pashtun are not Pakistanis and Karachi is not a part of Pakistan. This mindset is not newly acquired; this shallow and selfish nature is part of MQM political psyche since its inception. Party’s supremo Altaf Hussain in one of his early speeches told the migrating Pashtun and other nationalities coming to Karachi, "There are also Lahore and Faisalabad in the way. These too are Pakistani cities". How strange! MQM is a party of immigrants who when came to Karachi in search of a home were themselves strangers in Sindh. Pakistan has dozens of regional, religious, national, and ethnic based political parties, and none may be wholesome and incorrupt in its character, however, no political party has been accused of employing terror tactics, including torture and killing, as its political modus operandi, this distinction entirely belongs to MQM. The torture and killing is not reserved for only political opponents; party dissidents and members of faction groups are also terrorized in the same brutal manner, they are tortured, killed and eliminated. MQM’s proclivity for anarchy and violence can be seen from Altaf Hussain’s famous exhortation to his men to sell TV, VCRs and buy guns and ammunitions, and his calling to party activists “to snatch their rights.” Violent incitements like this from the party’s top leadership have created the militarist and violent frame of mind, which is commonly displayed by the MQM activists to subdue the opponents to their arrogant supremacy. Paris based Reporters Without Borders has expressed concern over MQM’s threatening stance against Pakistani journalists. After May 12, 2007, violence in Karachi in which dozens of people lost their lives, The Mojahir Rabita Council (MRC), an affiliate of MQM, issued a statement threatening to some 20 journalists it described as “chauvinist” and “cruel elements” and hostile to their movement. One of the journalists threatened told Reporters Without Borders that he was scared because “having your name on the list means that the MRC wants to eliminate you.” REFERENCE: MQM, Violence and Political Expediency by Abdul-Majid Jaffry (Thursday, May 5, 2011) 

Kamran Khan (GEO/Jang)'s Genuine Advice to MQM (AKKKS 12 Sep 2011)


LONDON: The British government has formally been asked by a member of the House of Lords whether MQM leader Altaf Hussain wrote a letter to then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2001 seeking UK help to disband the ISI in Pakistan. Pakistani-origin Lord Nazir Ahmed on Tuesday tabled parliamentary questions in the House of Lords asking Her Majesty’s government a number of questions relating to Muttahida Qaumi Movement, its London based leader Altaf Hussain and Dr Imran Farooq, who was killed last year. According to an email circulated to the media by Lord Nazir Ahmed himself, the Labour peer asked Her Majesty’s Government whether they are “aware of the theft of large numbers of shipping containers carrying Nato munitions from the port of Karachi in Pakistan; what is the total value of Nato shipping containers and other Nato equipment and supplies stolen from the Port of Karachi and elsewhere in Pakistan.” He also questioned whether the British government had made any “representation to the Government of Pakistan regarding the death and injury to Nato personnel and the loss of Nato equipment and supplies belonging within Pakistan.” Lord Ahmed also asked Her Majesty’s Government “whether they are able to report any progress in the investigation of the murder of Dr Imran Farooq in North London and whether they have had any cooperation from the leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement based in London.” He also questioned whether “they are aware of the support offered by Leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Altaf Hussain, in his letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair, and what was the official response to this offer; and whether “they are monitoring any dissident Pakistani political leaders based in London.” Lord Nazir Ahmed has based his questions to the British government on the well-publicised questions raised by former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza. Lord Nazir said that the government has the power to withdraw nationality from British passport holders who are “suspected of being involved in acts of violence, incitement of atrocities and alleged terrorism.” REFERENCE: Did Altaf Hussain write to Tony Blair, UK govt asked News Desk Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Najam Sethi on Altaf Hussain's Speech - 1 (Aapas Ki Baat -- 12 Sep 2011)


DUBAI: MQM leader Altaf Hussain on Friday night twice threatened, although in very guarded and reluctant tone to unleash his followers if his party was pushed to the wall. What he meant by this was not explained and left to the imagination of listeners and viewers. But while threatening to let loose his forces against unknown and unnamed enemies, Altaf Hussain also twice offered full support and cooperation specifically to the Pakistan Army and the ISI to counter the various conspiracies that he thought were being hatched against Pakistan. At one stage he said if army and ISI joined hands with him: “We could even defeat the super powers.” This threat from the UK and US was always in the back of his mind as his continuous effort was to arouse and emotionally excite and activate his followers by referring to his death or murder, or disappearance from the scene. Why suddenly the MQM leader has become so worried about his life has not been explained and his three hours of live TV also did not throw much light on this specific aspect but analysts believe what could be bothering him may be the fast forwarded investigation into the murder of Dr Imran Farooq and the reported arrests of two suspected killers who have allegedly confessed their links to the MQM and may lead the Scotland Yard to the MQM head office in London, whether on the Edgeware Road or Colindale address. REFERENCE: Altaf, a man in the eye of multiple storms Shaheen Sehbai Saturday, September 10, 2011

Najam Sethi on Altaf Hussain's Speech - 2 (Aapas Ki Baat -- 12 Sep 2011)


The drama and the casual, informal address to his workers, which was deliberately couched as a news conference to get maximum TV time, which it got, hardly addressed any core issue confronting Karachi and Pakistan as on most of these main questions Altaf Hussain either remained evasive or did not respond at all. He did not answer any charge raised by PPP leader Zulfikar Mirza saying he would not respond to that mad man, he did not touch the issue of his highly controversial remarks about breaking up Pakistan in front of Pir Mazhar and Mr Mirza, he ignored the Tony Blair letter totally, he did not deny that his party indulged in target killings, he refused to accept that not just his party but others also had a stake in peace of Karachi. But the most pathetic part of his address was his explanation and defence of the May 12 events which left his viewers and the nation reeling as May 12 is so fresh in everyone’s mind and what MQM did that day could never be denied in the manner Altaf Hussain did. His explanations only lowered his credibility. There is no question that MQM was totally incharge of all Home Ministry on May 12 and the MQM leader Wasim Akhtar was seen in numerous TV interviews claiming to be incharge and controlling the situation. The way containers, which were under control of another MQM minister Babar Ghauri, were used on that day cannot be brushed away by such belated and unbelievable explanations. How the Sindh High Court was besieged is for lawyers to elaborate. REFERENCE: Altaf, a man in the eye of multiple storms Shaheen Sehbai Saturday, September 10, 2011

Najam Sethi on Altaf Hussain's Speech - 3 (Aapas Ki Baat -- 12 Sep 2011)


On May 12, I was also in Karachi and heading an important TV channel and I know personally how MQM tried its best to plant tailor-made video clips in our transmissions to prove that PPP and other parties were involved in the killings that were going on in Karachi. On that day I tried to present a balanced picture of the day’s events as head of the TV channel and when I showed a zoomed-out full view of the public meeting of Mr Altaf Hussain, within 3 minutes London started calling my channel bosses and shouted abuses because the wide empty spaces in the crowds had been exposed by the TV shots. It was not surprising then that within two days the Mohajir Rabita Council, a MQM dominated body of Karachi, issued a hit list of 10 journalists who they claimed were “haters” of MQM and my name was also included in that list. Altaf Hussain conveniently left the doors of an alliance and cooperation with PPP open in his press conference and repeatedly called President Asif Ali Zardari his brother while he made a preposterous claim that US had paid millions of dollars to Asfandyar Wali Khan of ANP and Nawaz Sharif’s party had big arsenals of weapons. He never presented any evidence to substantiate both these charges. Twice he said that MQM was prepared to join hands with PPP “for peace in Karachi” but he did not go into details of the long-winded negotiations, which are on-going between their teams in Karachi, Islamabad and London. The obvious message was that MQM wanted quickly to get back into power as the heat outside the power corridors was getting too hot to handle. The MQM leader’s long and comical thesis that Pakistan was under attack and threatened with a break up by quoting an odd book, some research writers and a couple of newspaper reports was probably the weakest part of his harangue as he could not convince anyone who even has a modicum of intelligence and knowledge about these theories. Such articles have been published ever since the country was created and Altaf Hussain needed much more solid evidence if he went public with this charge. Finally he appeared to be a man in the middle of a serious crisis, threatened by the acts of omission and commission that were catching up with his party, and may be personally against him, and the three-hour press outing was an attempt to justify whatever may be coming towards him as a runaway train, without brakes. REFERENCE: Altaf, a man in the eye of multiple storms Shaheen Sehbai Saturday, September 10, 2011

Najam Sethi on Altaf Hussain's Speech - 4 (Aapas Ki Baat -- 12 Sep 2011)


Daily Express Dated 10 Sept 2011

Media's Genuine Advice to MQM - 1 (Dawn/NNT 9 Sep 2011)


Daily Express Dated 12 Sept 2011

Media's Genuine Advice to MQM - 2 (Dawn/NNT 9 Sep 2011)


Daily Express Dated 13 Sept 2011

Media's Genuine Advice to MQM - 3 (Dawn/NNT 9 Sep 2011)


KARACHI: In a new round of allegations, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement has condemned the Awami National Party’s demand for a ban on the MQM as a ‘terrorist organisation’, while the ANP said it wasn’t alone in making such a demand. In a joint statement by MQM coordination committee members Yousuf Shahwani (Balochistan) and Gulfaraz Khattak (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), Lahore Zone In-charge Shaheen Gilani and Ghotki Zone In-charge Nooruddin Zangi said that ANP itself has been conducting terrorist activities in Pakistan with cooperation from India. They said that ANP leaders should be ashamed of themselves before levelling allegations against MQM because they had ‘sold out the teachings of Bacha Khan for US dollars’. Demanding an immediate ban on the ANP, they said its leaders should be arrested and punished publicly so that members from other parties do not even think about betraying Pakistan at the behest of foreign masters. They said that the MQM has the support of millions of people so those who are demanding the imposition of a ban on it are living in a fool’s paradise. Meanwhile, ANP has said that it is not alone in its demand, which is what all ‘well-wishers’ of Pakistan want. “Reports presented before the Supreme Court by intelligence agencies prove that MQM is a terrorist organisation,” a spokesperson of ANP’s Sindh chapter said on Sunday, in reaction to a MQM Rabita Committee statement. “MQM should face the facts being presented by [former Sindh home minister] Zulfiqar Mirza against them.” He said that the MQM had staged ‘political killings’ to get back into the government. He alleged that MQM’s armed men had killed Urdu-speaking women and elders at the Karachi Press Club on March 12, 2008, because they were against the militant politics of [MQM chief] Altaf Hussain. He said that a Canadian court has declared MQM a terrorist organisation and Hussain and MQM’s political activity is banned in Canada. “MQM’s politics is based on bodies and ethnicities and they become a part of every government only to meet the expenses of Altaf Hussain,” he said. Published in The Express Tribune, September 12th, 2011. REFERENCE: Amateurish politics: MQM, ANP trade barbs yet again By Irfan Aligi / Sohail Khattak Published: September 12, 2011

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