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Right-hand Side and Left-hand Side of Dr Tahirul Qadri.

LAHORE: Chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr Tahirul Qadri claimed on Thursday that whenever he wants, he can make Pakistan People Party (PPP) Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan sit together at a single table. Qadri made the claim while addressing the all Pakistan lawyers convention at his party office. During the meeting a five-point resolution was also unanimously approved by the lawyer community and the PAT chief. While sharing about his meeting with PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat, Chaudhry Pervaiz Illahi, AML chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Jamaat Islami and Majlis Wahdat ul Muslimeen leaders, he said that the leaders of these political parties assured him that they would take part in PAT’s call for justice whenever the movement starts. Qadri also thanked the lawyers, who attended convention in large numbers and announced their support to his party’s cause. “Now we are more committed to take justice for this noble cause,” he added. Reference: I can unite Zardari, Imran whenever I want: Qadri December 15, 2017

It would be an Irony or the twist of fate to watch Asif Ali Zardari , PPP sitting with the tormentor of Late. Ms. Benazir Bhutto, let me remind you all that whenever Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad used to address the National Assembly, she used to leave the house because of extremely foul and abusive language of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed 
Dr Tahirul Qadri with Benazir Bhutto

Extremely Foul and Abusive Language of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed for Benazir Bhutto

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed's Death Threat to Asif Ali Zardari

After resigning from National Assembly during General Pervez Musharraf era (obviously after supporting his sham referendum), Dr Tahirul Qadri sold his political agenda and ideology abroad which was to present a Moderate and Enlightened Islam and he received kudos for issuing a detailed religious edits against Religions Extremism & Terrorism related with Muslims and Islam (Reference: Historical Launching of Fatwa Against Terrorism Fatwa On Terrorism and Suicide Bombings by Shaykh-ul-Islam. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Foreword by. Prof John L. Esposito & Introduction by Dr Joel S. Hayward In the light of above stand of Dr Tahirul Qadri , watch his own videos where he himself was raising question against Banned Terror Jihadi and Sectarian Outfits and he even questioned the Pakistan Army for not banning these terror outfits in letter and spirit but now in 2017 the same Dr Tahirul Qadri is indirectly accommodating Jihadi and Sectarian Terror Outfit via Imran Khan, even if that was not enough this Canadian Charlatan in one of his PTV Interview suggested rather incited Young Army Officers of Pakistan Army to rebel and takeover and wrap up 1973 Constitution of Pakistan and enforced reforms, he and his party PAT should be dragged in Military Court and tried for Treason and Creating mischief (anarchy) in an already highly polarized Nuclear Pakistan - I hope sanity will prevail.
Dr Tahirul Qadri on Banned Terror Jihadi Sectarian Outfits (Part 1)

The rulers, however, have the audacity to call their despotic tenure as a golden period, which is really shameful. The people of Pakistan now understand the true meaning of their slogan, “Democracy is the Best Revenge”. While the 99 percent frenzied population of Pakistan watches helplessly the daily dreadful events that strike mortal blows on regular basis, the 1% ruling elite has remained unmoved to the miserable plight of the teeming millions who voted them into power. The people have, therefore developed hatred against this corrupt and cruel system that has brought no relief in their lives, has compounded difficulties and cheated them in the name of democracy. They have realized that the present system of elections is flawed that throws up dynastic, exploitative, manipulative, dishonest, incompetent and corrupt leadership, which has repeatedly failed to deliver and hence it must be corrected. It is under such dire straits that the appearance of Dr. Qadri on the Pakistani political scene should be viewed. I have been consistently highlighting since July, 2011, the need for selection of selfless men with proven character, loyalty, sincerity and integrity as specialists to form an interim government, which should stem the rot and focus on correcting the basic flaws in our electoral system so that it can produce true results. In this passionate effort, a few others have been joining me from time to time, using large column space in the print media to present similar ideas but, being in absolute minority, our voices were cleverly suppressed by the preponderant supporters of status quo forces. Reference: Dr Qadri rises for teeming millions January 5, 2013 Air Vice Marshall (R) Shahid Latif

In retrospect, had this action been taken at the start of our struggle, the country and its hapless people may have been spared the incalculable damage inflicted upon them by the ruthless leadership. The justification for Dr. Qadri’s historic initiative is provided by a simple and straightforward logic that present system of elections in Pakistan is unconstitutional and it must be brought in conformity with the constitution. Hence, those who have been bluffing the nation on this account, stand badly exposed after the Tehrik-e Minhaj-ul-Quran (TMQ) leader, in his marathon address to the mammoth Dec 23 rally at Lahore, made a short work of the relevant constitutional clauses in ‘easy to understand’ language, to support his magnificent agenda for change. Reference: Dr Qadri rises for teeming millions January 5, 2013 Air Vice Marshall (R) Shahid Latif

 Dr Tahirul Qadri on Banned Terror Jihadi Sectarian Outfits (Part 2)

Imran Khan's Clear Views on Taliban 

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Monday defended Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government's budget allocation of Rs300 million for religious seminary Darul Uloom Haqqania. In an interview with Geo News, Imran Khan said the funds and support will help the seminary students assimilate in our society, bring them in to the mainstream and keep them away from radicalisation. Reference: Imran defends KP govt's Rs300m grant for Darul Uloom Haqqania June 22, 2016

Tahirul Qadri's Fatwa against Taliban 

How come PTI and PPP sitting with Dr Tahirul Qadri because Imran Khan directly or indirectly support Banned Terror Outfits and and a political ally of Maulana Samiul Haq of JUI-S (The Spiritual Founder of Taliban) and Imran Khan's right hand man Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad openly and blatantly support not only the Banned Terror and Sectarian outfit but also support and say on record that the votes of supporters of Mumtaz Qadri (the assassin who ruthlessly murdered former Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer) would be for Imran Khan.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and Banned Jihadi Terror Outfits (Part 1)

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and Banned Jihadi Terror Outfits (Part 2)

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Vote Bank of Imran Khan amongst those who supported the assassin Mumtaz Qadri who ruthlessly murdered Salmaan Taseer

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday announced he would join Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri for the protest he has announced for January 18. Qadri has called for supporters to 'topple the government' after a deadline given for the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Law Minister Rana Sanaullah over their alleged complicity in the 2014 Model Town tragedy expired earlier this week. Reference: PTI to join PAT protest on Jan 18: Imran Khan January 11, 2018  PPP-Parliamentarians President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday joined Dr Tahirul Qadri in his demand for resignation of the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif for his alleged role in the Model Town tragedy. "Enough is enough... Shahbaz has to resign and appear before the court," Zardari said. "After the [Justice Najafi] report, he stands condemned and a condemned person is not capable of being the chief minister of the largest province of Pakistan." Zardari made the demand during a joint press conference following a detailed meeting with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Qadri in Lahore. Reference: Zardari puts weight behind PAT's demand of CM Shahbaz's resignation December 07, 2017

According to Imran Khan, “Asif Ali Zardari is the biggest disease of Sindh,” he said. “He used to sell tickets in black at Bambino cinema.”

Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the country’s nuclear arsenal was not safe under President Asif Zardari

Shah Mehmood Qureshi is basically a Sufi and he is trying to make everyone happy , the Americans, Sufis, Imran Khan, Jihadis and all at the same time

Everybody is busy cooking facts; blatantly lying; spinning stories; whitewashing crucible proof; cowering behind shadowy phantoms of fear. The tattily-tangled TV channels are the worst. A bunch of armchair, soft-headed, out-of-the-loop anchors and commentators pronounce nightly judgments on Raymond Davis, allegedly an American hired-gun contracted by the CIA as their spymaster with an ambiguous diplomatic status. Watching these know-nothings is a waste of time. Whipping mass hysteria, these simple souls think they can crush America by wagging a finger and waving a fist at the world’s most powerful country. “We’ll eat grass, but not let America dictate to us” is the common refrain filling the frenzied, charged air. If truth be told, no one knows except two entities: our establishment (a handful few), and Hillary Clinton. The rest of us are gropers in the dark. The fog in our Foreign Office and the US State Department is so thick that neither has the foggiest idea on how to handle ‘Lahoregate’. At his maiden ‘coming out’ press conference in Islamabad recently, Shah Mehmud Qureshi looked more like a bull fighter than a dumped foreign minister. The matador de toros (killer of bulls) wanted to slay the bull (America) by declaring that Raymond Davis does not enjoy “blanket” diplomatic immunity. Like the matador whose bullfighting is not considered a sport but an artistic performance, the flinty-eyed Qureshi showed the red rag to the bull, carefully modulating his tone and tenor to make sure that his message did not escape any ears, particularly the PPP’s supreme headquarters. “He is propped by a very powerful presence that wants America on its bended knees,” think some who say Qureshi has turned into a steam engine railroading his way to Washington “via Pakistan’s epicentre of power.” His snub to Kerry who was here recently is like a declaration of war with America. Lest we forget, Zain H. Qureshi, who two years ago hit the headlines when his business card stated him as working for Senator John Kerry as a “Legislative Fellow” when his father was in talks with Washington on the famous Kerry Lugar Bill (KLB). I was in the US and called the senator’s office to confirm the news item appearing in the Pakistani press. The voice at the other end immediately said, “He does not work for us”. The woman appeared primed for such a question. After several aborted attempts, I finally found out from one of Kerry’s male staffers that Zain did indeed work for Kerry but had now left. Getting his son a job with Kerry when the KLB talks were at a critical stage was politically incorrect. Would one not call this a conflict of interest? Senator Kerry is a ‘Boston Brahmin’. He’s from New England aristocracy, like the Makhdooms of Multan, i.e. Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his tribe. Kerry’s claim to fame is blue-blooded ancestry, wealth, influence and the right to rule. Kerry said the following during his 2004 presidential campaign: “There’s a great passage in the Bible that says, ‘What does it mean, my brother, to say you have faith if there are no deeds? Faith without works is dead.’ And I think everything you do in public life has to be guided by your faith, affected by your faith. That’s why I fight for equality and justice. All of those things come out of that fundamental teaching and belief of faith.” Reference: No spin zone: Cooking facts by Anjum Niaz February 27, 2011

Central Leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf , Ms Shireen Mazari often raise question on the loyalty and patriotism of anybody who minutely differ with her or her party's tunnel and myopic vision but conveniently forget what she herself wrote against Dr Tahirul Qadri & she also conveniently forgot what Imran Khan unloaded in India on Banned Terror Jihadi Sectarian Outfits

Dr Tahirul Qadri undoubtedly moved me on December 23, especially with the sea of green and white flags and the passionate resonance of the national anthem. We may be far from where we want to be, or should be, as a nation, but the passion and dream lives on in so many of us. Dr Qadri’s message touched a chord and the instinct was to join up in his caravan for change. After all, this was what had attracted me to the PTI until the “electables” invasion, traditional manoeuvring and takeover. Imran’s commitment to change was not the issue, but the means – of the same “electables” somehow becoming harbingers of this change – did somehow undermine the belief, notwithstanding the passion of the youth! So when Dr Qadri in his convincing manner offered yet another path to truly change the democratic political equation in Pakistan, it was difficult not to join in. But something held me back, and I can now identify three different levels of reasoning that made me decide to stay away. The first level was related to the assumptions underlying the march, regardless of the numbers! The idea of having a “people’s assembly” which would make decisions for the nation without itself having been selected by the people smacked of an arrogance that was discomfiting! After all, how could this “people’s assembly” represent the whole gamut of the Pakistani nation without having actually been given this mandate? Similarly, respected scholar though he is, Dr Qadri also has not been given a mandate to head such an assembly and make decisions on behalf of the people of Pakistan! At a second and perhaps most crucial level, I feel that, given the chaos and violence Pakistan is already experiencing, the means of bringing change matter. There is absolutely no doubt that the demands for electoral reforms through proper enforcement of the constitution are the need of the hour for Pakistan to rid itself of the corrupt politicians’ coterie ruling us. But the questions that came to mind are: One, why not use the Supreme Court and challenges through the ECP to ensure enforcement of constitutional provisions with regard to electoral candidates? Here Imran Khan’s example stands out in connection with bogus voters’ lists, as well as his pending appeals against pre-poll rigging. There is a system that works, if used properly. This usage also allows for strengthening of institutions like the judiciary and the ECP – thereby fortifying the roots of democracy. I feel Imran’s use of petitions to fight electoral corruption not only shows faith in the judiciary, thereby fortifying the institution, but has also borne positive results in the battle for electoral reform – although the war has yet to be won. Reference: When means do matter by Shireen Mazari January 14, 2013

Imran Khan on Banned Jihadi Sectarian Outfits in India with Karan Thapar

Imran Khan says and do something entirely different when he is in Pakistan 

Imran Khan on Banned Jihadi Sectarian Outfits in India

Two, how can one man and his followers decide who is clean or pious? At the end of the day, if we believe in democracy then we must fight the battle against corruption and lawbreakers at the ballot box. Yes, rigging is a plague, as are the traditional political norms, especially in the rural areas; but if enough voices stand up against these evils, I believe things will change. We have never given the democratic system, flawed as it may be, a chance to take root. Too many dictatorial interventions in the name of “reform” have already cost this country a smooth evolutionary developmental process. In fact, this is a major reason why the corrupt, inept traditional “electables” succeed time after time in elections – because they are allowed to embrace political martyrdom instead of being exposed for the criminals that they are. Distasteful as it may be, we have to allow the system to continue and hope people will choose new faces, who will in turn bring reform to the electoral system through parliamentary legislation. We need a system of proportional representation; of unhinging the roots of support for corruption in politics such the misnomer “development funds,” and so on. But these changes need to come through letting the electoral system continue, which may make the task more daunting but it is the only legitimate way. Too many non-democratic interventions have already destroyed the fabric of this nation. Three, I feel very strongly about the whole issue of dual nationality and had written a letter to the CJ on the issue also. No matter how committed to Pakistan, dual nationality implies dual loyalties, especially in the case of the US naturalisation oath. If one wants to lead a political movement in Pakistan then commitment to this cause requires a renunciation of the foreign nationality. Not everyone agrees on this, but it is a conviction with me. At a third level, my misgivings are based on what I tend to call “connecting the dots.” The timing of Dr Qadri’s return; information flowing out from British sources that the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan visited Dr Qadri in Canada two or three times about six months ago; the growing belligerency of drones and Indian troops along the LoC, alongside an unprecedented increase in terrorism, especially in Quetta; the sheer money and organisational structure that suddenly became overt – just too many coincidences in terms of timeline. Some said the “establishment” was behind Dr Qadri, but I am not convinced on that count! However, external powers I suspect have a role, although I have no proof – simply an educated assessment of what is happening within Pakistan and in our region. We know the US seeks a favourable dispensation in Islamabad up to 2014 so that its withdrawal from Afghanistan can be smooth and the post-withdrawal scenario to its liking. A long-term friendly caretaker setup would suit them more than an elected government, especially since they are not sure what will happen in the next elections when there is no NRO and no “guarantors”! We also know how the UK played a lead role in the whole NRO game, so the same linkage can be taken as a given again. Banking on someone they recognise as a “liberal religious leader,” who has even sought to justify drones before December 23, they feel will allow them to bring the Pakistani nation on board. These are dangerous and false assumptions but it will not be the first time such miscalculations have been made. Too many questions to set the mind at ease over the agenda of Dr Qadri – a man to be respected for his scholarship. But if he is really concerned about the people of Pakistan then a march that would win support from all over the country would be a peace march to Quetta. Now, that would be a march I would join without hesitation. Till then elections and legal challenges to enforce constitutional provisions are the route to achieve change. The means do matter. Reference: When means do matter by Shireen Mazari January 14,  2013

Swinging Pendulum of Dr Tahirul Qadri

Dr Tahirul Qadri is an strange mix of modernism and conservatism and he off and on blatantly lie in the Western World to mint money from the expatriates living abroad by projecting that Islam is a moderate religion and extremism has no place in Islam whereas his own speeches rather Hate Speeches and Sermons are available on youtube against the marginalized minority sects in Pakistan , I wont quote or upload those videos here and above all Dr Tahirul Qadri also preach that even the Basic Sex Education will encourage Lewdness & Abnormal Sexual Behaviour whereas he conveniently forget to mention that  Child Abuse, Pedophilia, and Rape of children are rampant in Pakistan & most of the victims belong to downtrodden and traditionally conservative and religious families . Reference   : Islamic schools in Pakistan plagued by child sex abuse, investigation finds Unreported assaults and harassment by clerics all-too-common, study concludes Kathy Gannon Wednesday 22 November 2017

Altaf Hussain, MQM, Research and Analysis Wing, Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri.

LONDON: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has called for the setting up of a technocratic government in the country for a period of two years, DawnNews reported. The demand came as the MQM chief expressed his concern over the present political crisis during a meeting with Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar in London. The statement comes amid rumours that differences have developed between Sharif brothers and Sarwar over governance issues and that the latter is planning to resign. Sarwar has denied the rumours saying there was no truth in reports that he was going to resign upon his return from London. REFERENCE: Technocrats should govern country for two years: Altaf Hussain September 23, 2014 KARACHI, Feb 28: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has asked the “patriotic” army generals to come forward and rid Pakistan of corruption and theft, as an increasing unemployment, poverty and price hike have forced the people to look at them. Reference: Altaf again urges `patriotic` generals to help masses February 28, 2011 KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain launched a blistering attack on politicians and feudal landlords on Sunday, accusing them of corruption and harbouring treasonous designs against the country. Almost in the same breath, the MQM leader vowed to support “any patriotic general” who was prepared “to take action” against those venal politicians and feudal lords, even in the guise of martial law. Altaf Hussain earlier accused corrupt politicians and feudals of plotting to “break Pakistan into pieces.” He made these remarks during a speech at a general workers’ meeting at Lal Qila Ground in Azizabad. According to him, feudal landlords do not want to see people of lower-middle and the middle classes in politics. Reference: MQM to back martial law-like steps: Altaf By Hafeez Tunio Published: August 23, 2010 ISLAMABAD: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), a major opposition party in the National Assembly having an electoral mandate from Karachi, on Tuesday called upon the government to invoke Article 245 of the Constitution for handling the prevailing law and order situation in the city. “The situation in Karachi is worsening. Killings, robberies, kidnappings for ransom and other crimes have paralysed the city. Criminals are being patronised and the situation has gone beyond control,” claimed Dr Farooq Sattar, MQM’s parliamentary leader in lower house of the parliament. The statement came in the wake of MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s demand of handing over Karachi to Pakistani armed forces earlier in the day. REFERENCE: MQM urges govt to invoke Article 245 in Karachi August 27, 2013 KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain demanded Tuesday that the administration of Karachi should be handed over to army personnel, DawnNews reported. In a statement issued from London, Hussain said the situation of Karachi was worsening day by day and prime minister Nawaz Sharif should hand over responsibilities of the city to army personnel. Hussain said the Sindh government, which was led by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), had failed to provide protection to residents of Karach’s Lyari neighbourhood despite the fact that the area was steeped in violence and gang-wars and several people had died due to terrorist attacks. Earlier this month, Pakistan's president-elect Mamnoon Hussain indicated in a TV program that the army’s assistance could be sought for restoration of peace in Karachi. MQM chief demands handing over Karachi to army August 27, 2013 PESHAWAR, Sept 7: Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has said that whether President Gen Pervez Musharraf remains in uniform or decides to doff it is a secondary issue because every government in Pakistan has sought protection of the military uniform. Speaking at the Peshawar Press Club's 'Meet the Press' programme here on Tuesday, he said the issue of uniform would be there as long as a people's government was not established in the country. Every ruler in the past had sought the help of the 'uniform' and compromised on principles, he added. He said that former prime ministers, including Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, had formed their governments with the help of the 'uniform'. The Jamaat-i-Islami supported Gen Ziaul Haq, who also was in uniform, for 11 long years, but now JI chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed was opposing a president in uniform to hoodwink the nation. Reference: Musharraf's uniform a secondary issue: Altaf September 08, 2004 WASHINGTON, Aug 9: Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s deputy convener Dr Farooq Sattar has urged opposition parties to stop forcing the president to divest his uniform. He was speaking at a gathering in Washington on the party’s 25th anniversary. The MQM’s leader said the present system was not ideal but “even an incomplete and moth-eaten democracy was better than no democracy.” He also urged the opposition parties not to waste their energies on the demand for abolishing the Legal Framework Order because “even removing the LFO will not ensure that there will be no threat to democracy in the future.” Dr Sattar said that in 1999, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had already removed the Eighth Amendment, becoming the most powerful prime minister in Pakistan’s history. “But in less than 10 months after he removed the Eighth amendment, the parliament was dismissed and Mr Sharif was sacked.” “LFO or no LFO, uniform or no uniform,” said Mr. Sattar, “democracy will remain weak so long as democratic institutions are not strengthened.” Mr Sattar said that the same religious leaders “saw no harm in accepting, even kissing, Gen Zia’s uniform. Then why this aversion to Musharraf’s uniform? If you believe in a principle, apply it equally to all.” Reference: MQM backs Musharraf on LFO, uniform by Anwar Iqbal August 10, 2003 Talking to media in Lahore, Imran Khan said, “I haven’t listened to the tape, but I can say with surety whatever it’s about. It will not have me ordering someone’s murder or receiving extortion money.” Dr Alvi, on the other hand, told a TV channel that the recording was concocted because he had only informed Mr Khan about the attack on PTV headquarters and asked for his immediate statement condemning the act. He also tweeted that he believed the recording had been doctored, adding that recording private conversations was an illegal act. “In contrast, the released tape with our voices gives an impression that he was happy with the occupation of PTV and wanted the state broadcaster to remain shut.” According to the tape, the PTI chairman directed Dr Alvi to get in touch with MQM leader Altaf Hussain in London to deliver on his promise of support for the PTI’s demand for the PM’s resignation. Notwithstanding the veracity of the recording, the timing of its release has raised many eyebrows. The MQM is currently under pressure due to the ongoing law and order operation in Karachi. The PM has already advised the president to grant a one month extension to Saulat Mirza, a death row convict who accused MQM chief Altaf Hussain and other party leaders of patronising target killers. Reference: Imran-Alvi tape ‘talk of the town’ by Khawar Ghumman March 28, 2015 VADODARA: Pakistani Islamic scholar Tahir-ul-Qadri on his first visit to Gujarat thanked chief minister Narendra Modi for the security arrangements provided to him. Qadri, known for his strong views against terrorism and extremism, however, refused to comment on 2002 communal riots. Qadri has been in Gujarat since Friday night to lay foundation stone of India headquarters of Minhaj-ul-Quran International in Karjan on Saturday evening. Speaking to reporters ahead of the function in Karjan, he said he did not have knowledge of India's provincial states and its political leaders. "But it is my first visit to Gujarat and special Z-plus security arrangements have been made by the state. I thank the CM for this," he said. On repeated questions about the 2002 communal riots, Qadri insisted he did not come to Gujarat to speak about specific incidents, but termed them as unfortunate. "My talk in letter and spirit is just for peace and harmony. Violence at any place, killing of mankind should be condemned, but I de-link it with the events (Godhra riots) you are referring to," he said. He also drew parallels between Quran and Bhagwad Gita. Qadri struck a local chord immediately. "Tamam Gujarati mate dua karu chu. Khushal raho, hali mali ne raho. (I am praying for all Gujaratis. Live in prosperity and live in harmony)," he said. Qadri said nobody can rectify whatever has happened in the past. "Nobody can regenerate or recreate past, but efforts should be made to prevent such events in future. The only way is to look for a better future, create an atmosphere of togetherness for which mutual tolerance is necessary," he said, stressing that his efforts are for inter-faith, inter-cultural harmony at global level. Reference: Host Narendra Modi floors Pakistani scholar TNN | Feb 27, 2012, MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement) ------------------------------ 2. (S) The MQM is an ethnic political party of the Urdu speaking community (known as "Mohajirs," which is Arabic for immigrants) that migrated from India at the time of partition; Mohajirs make up around fifty percent of the total population in Karachi. MQM is middle-class, avowedly secular, and anti-extremist (the only party to publicly protest the recent Swat Nizam-e-Adl regulations). It has a long history of clashes with the Pakistan People,s Party (PPP), which controls the Sindh province in which Karachi is located, and with the Awami National Party (ANP), which represents MQM,s rival ethnic Pashtuns. 3. (S) MQM's armed members, known as "Good Friends," are the largest non-governmental armed element in the city. The police estimate MQM has ten thousand active armed members and as many as twenty-five thousand armed fighters in reserve. This is compared to the city's thirty-three thousand police officers. The party operates through its 100 Sector Commanders, who take their orders directly from the party leader, Altaf Hussain, who lives in exile in the United Kingdom. The Sector Commanders plan and monitor the activities of the armed elements. MQM's detractors claim these armed men are involved in extortion, assassination of political rivals, shootings at campaign rallies, and the murder of people from other ethnic communities. 4. (S) Low to middle-ranked police officials acknowledge the extortion and the likely veracity of the other charges. A senior police officer said, in the past eight years alone, MQM was issued over a million arms licenses, mostly for handguns. Post has observed MQM security personnel carrying numerous shoulder-fired weapons, ranging from new European AKMs to crude AK copies, probably produced in local shops. MQM controls the following neighborhoods in Karachi: Gulberg, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Korangi, Landhi, Liaquatabad, Malir, Nazimabad, New Karachi, North Nazimabad, Orangi Town, Saddar and Shah Faisal. REFERENCE: SINDH - THE GANGS OF KARACHI 2009 April 22, 11:52 (Wednesday)

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