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The Dawn Media Group & Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists

Daily Dawn was allegedly founded by the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The CEO of Dawn group is Hameed Haroon, and the current editor of Dawn is Abbas Nasir, who is also looking after the Dawn News Channel [supposed to be a full time job], and how the hell it would be possible to look after two organizations at the same time!!

Hameed Haroon is Chief Executive Officer of The Dawn Media Group (DMG), Pakistan’s leading media conglomerate. The Group comprises Pakistan Herald Publications (Pvt.) Limited, the printers and publishers of DAWN newspaper and three leading magazines, Herald (current affairs) Spider (Information Technology) and Aurora (marketing and advertising); DawnNews Pakistan’s first and to-date only English language news channel; City FM89 radio and DAWN.COM-arguably Pakistan’s most visited news web portal. [Couurtesy: Wikipedia]

As per latest news update dated 25 May 2007 [AAJ NEWS 2100 HOURS].

On 25 May 2007 the DAWN NEWS CHANNEL's test transmission was commenced and guess what the opening ceremony was addressed by Generalissimo Generalissimus Il President Mr Parvez Musharraf. Whereas the so-called Beacon of the Press Freedom i.e. Pakistan Herald Publication Limited or to be precise Daily Dawn [DATED 25 MAY 2007] says:

"“In our endeavour to establish DawnNews we are enormously helped by our legacy – The legacy of DAWN, that was founded by the Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on 14th August 1947 in Karachi, the same day our nation was born. We believe that by facilitating access to information of the highest quality and with a defined commitment to clarity and accuracy, we can enable Pakistan’s young generations to assume their place as informed citizens of the world.”

But Jinnah had never dreamt of Controlled and Guided Democracy by Military Dictator as well as he never dreamt of that a Military Dictator would be addressing a forum founded by a Lawyer of Impeccable Character i.e. Mohammad Ali Jinnah

The tragedy of English Speaking Pakistani Elite Class can only be defined as:

If you lost money then nothing is lost,

If you lost health then something is lost,

If you lost character then you lost everything and nothing is left.

The most amazing thing is this that after all these years of boastful claims of Freedom of Press and leaseholding of Basic Human Rights, on 27 March, 2009, Mr Hameed Haroon at the behest of Editor Dawn Mr Abbas Nasir and Part TIME EXECUTIVE RATHER Hatchet Man of DAWN NEWS CHANNEL, sacked more than 70 employees in the name of reorganizing [Read Retrenchments and Iron Kick] the Dawn News Channel and this step is itself tantamount to Financial Murder and this is the step for which Hameed Haroon and Pseudo Leftists of Saadat-e-Amroha in Dawn Editorial Board hounded the several Civilian Government of 90s. Following is the list and names of Working Journalists/Technicians who have been summarily dismissed:

Another lame plea of Dawn Group Management is this that Dawn News Channel has nothing to do with Daily Dawn newspaper! I wonder what the hell Mr Abbas Nasir [Editor Dawn] is doing in Dawn News Channel and why the hell both the orgainzations share the same website?

PFUJ condemn massive retrenchment Posted by Pak PRwire April 3rd 2009

Islamabad: Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists has taken strong notice of the massive retrenchment of media persons from TV channels like Dawn News, News One, Channel 5, Aaj, Geo, Samaa and print media Aaj Kal, Daily Jinnah Khabrian, Post, Alsharq and Pakistan Observer. PFUJ has decided to hold countrywide protest rallies on Tuesday 7th April, while a main protest rally will be organized from PFUJ Secretariat to National Press Club Islamabad.

PFUJ has received a number of complaints from all major cities from media persons which have pointed out that their services have been terminated with out any rim and reason on false pretext of “financial constraints”.

The PFUJ claim that such complaints received from TV channels Dawn News, News One, Channel 5, Aaj, Geo, Samaa and print media Aaj Kal, Daily Jinnah Khabrian, Post, Alsharq and Pakistan Observer.

The effected contended that their services have been dispensed abruptly against the provisions of Newspaper Employees Service Conditions Act, Labor laws, ILO convention and natural justice. The employees were also of the view that in the wake of price hike and squeezed opportunities of employment, the media management decision of throwing away of services of their employees is nothing but only a unilateral and arbitrary act as well as against all the norms of justice.

PFUJ is taking serious note of such developments claim that media house are already violating the law of land and constantly depriving their employees from fringe benefits and pay scales as granted under 7th wage award which is already in operation for last many years yet the same has not been implemented by media managers. Instead of fulfilling of legal obligations to implement the decision of wage board award and throat the government move to constitute 8th wage board award, the media manager staging a drama of so called financial crisis and resorted a massive retrenchment which act is even cruel.

PFUJ has urged all NGOS, Civil Society, Human Rights activists, newspaper workers to take firm stand against all such illegal acts and support justice cause of right of live and economic right of media men. The PFUJ also decided to move to International Federation of Journalists and other journalists’ organizations to support the cause of Pakistani media persons and condemn the act of retrenchment.


Shamasul Islam Naz
Secretary General, PFUJ

Muhammad Farouk
Project Coordinator

IFJ Project Office in Pakistan:
PFUJ Secretariat, 12 - Nazim ud Din Road, F-6/1, Islamabad.
Mob: +92-321-5203360
Tel: +92-51-2870220-1

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