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Greater Sindh, Greater Punjab, Smaller Pakistan --> Blood Borders.

(2006) International borders are never completely just. But the degree of injustice they inflict upon those whom frontiers force together or separate makes an enormous difference — often the difference between freedom and oppression, tolerance and atrocity, the rule of law and terrorism, or even peace and war. The most arbitrary and distorted borders in the world are in Africa and the Middle East. Drawn by self-interested Europeans (who have had sufficient trouble defining their own frontiers), Africa’s borders continue to provoke the deaths of millions of local inhabitants. But the unjust borders in the Middle East — to borrow from Churchill — generate more trouble than can be consumed locally. While the Middle East has far more problems than dysfunctional borders alone — from cultural stagnation through scandalous inequality to deadly religious extremism — the greatest taboo in striving to understand the region’s comprehensive failure isn’t Islam but the awful-but-sacrosanct international boundaries worshipped by our own diplomats. Of course, no adjustment of borders, however draconian, could make every minority in the Middle East happy. In some instances, ethnic and religious groups live intermingled and have intermarried. Elsewhere, reunions based on blood or belief might not prove quite as joyous as their current proponents expect. The boundaries projected in the maps accompanying this article redress the wrongs suffered by the most significant “cheated” population groups, such as the Kurds, Baluch and Arab Shia, but still fail to account adequately for Middle Eastern Christians, Bahais, Ismailis, Naqshbandis and many another numerically lesser minorities. And one haunting wrong can never be redressed with a reward of territory: the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians by the dying Ottoman Empire. For its part, the unnatural state of Saudi Arabia would suffer as great a dismantling as Pakistan. What Afghanistan would lose to Persia in the west, it would gain in the east, as Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier tribes would be reunited with their Afghan brethren (the point of this exercise is not to draw maps as we would like them but as local populations would prefer them). Pakistan, another unnatural state, would also lose its Baluch territory to Free Baluchistan. The remaining “natural” Pakistan would lie entirely east of the Indus, except for a westward spur near Karachi. References: Blood borders How a better Middle East would look BY RALPH PETERS (2006) http://strategy.unblog.fr/2013/04/10/blood-borders-how-a-better-middle-east-would-look-by-ralph-petersarmedforcesjournal-comjuin-2006/ (link is dead http://www.armedforcesjournal.com/juin 2006)

(2014) KARACHI: In a no holds barred attack on his party’s former coalition partners, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Friday evening said if their demands are unacceptable to the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) then Urdu speaking Sindhis should be given a separate province. Speaking to the party workers in Hyderabad in the wake of upcoming local government polls, he demanded equal rights for Urdu and Sindhi speaking population of Sindh. He also threatened that the demand of a separate province can quickly turn into a demand of a separate country for Urdu speakers of Sindh. Severally criticizing the provincial government regarding new delimitations before the LG elections, the MQM chief alleged that the PPP wants to keep away from the polls. “Torch bearers of democracy had never been able to hold local government elections,” Hussain said sarcastically in an obvious reference to the PPP. Awarding a legal victory to the MQM, the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Dec 30 ruled all amendments made to the Local Government Ordinance unconstitutional, paving way for the polls to be conducted under previous delimitations. REFERENCE: Altaf threatens separate province for Urdu speaking Sindhis 2014-01-04 http://www.dawn.com/news/1078153/altaf-threatens-separate-province-for-urdu-speaking-sindhis

The Real bone of contention

Devolution in Pakistan Reform or Regression (ICG Reoprt 2004) http://www.scribd.com/doc/113463978/Devolution-in-Pakistan-Reform-or-Regression-ICG-Reoprt-2004

(2007) KARACHI, Dec 1: Religious scholar and Jamia Binoria administrator Mufti Mohammad Naeem has announced support for the Muttahida Qaumi Movement in the general elections, scheduled for Jan 8, 2008. He was talking to newsmen accompanied by City Nazim Mustafa Kamal who paid a visit to Jamia Binoria in Site Town on Saturday. Mufti Naeem said the decision to support MQM candidates in the elections was taken keeping in view the fact that this party was working for the welfare of the common man. REFERENCE: KARACHI: Jamia Binoria to support Muttahida in elections http://www.dawn.com/news/278439/karachi-jamia-binoria-to-support-muttahida-in-elections

Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 1

Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 1 by SalimJanMazari

(6 December 2004): KARACHI, Dec 5: Addressing a huge public meeting at the Nishtar Park here on Sunday, Muttahida Qaumi Movement's founder Altaf Hussain called for convening an all-party conference for evolving a national consensus on Kashmir and other vital issues confronting the country. He also stressed the need for a code of conduct for political parties and said criticism should not degenerate into calling an opponent "a traitor or a kafir". He offered an olive branch to rival political parties and declared he would not respond to the criticism because it was now essential to put heads together and work out a strategy for national survival. Mr Hussain claimed that he was making a last attempt to save Pakistan, as activists chanted slogans of "jiyae Altaf". Mr Hussain advised Sindh Chief Minister Dr Arbab Rahim to undertake a visit to Rajhastan and develop relations with people across the border. Why can't this be done by a functionary of the Sindh government when Punjab chief minister was undertaking a similar visit to the Indian Punjab and was mixing with the people there and even offering prayers in Sikh temples, he said. Nobody, he added, questioned the patriotism of the Punjab chief minister. He deemanded that the Khokhrapar-Monabao route be opened as soon as possible. Otherwise, he said, the people of Sindh themselves would do it. Mr Hussain stressed that "no greater Punjab plan would be acceptable and demanded that people of smaller provinces should be recognized and respected. He talked about the changed geo-strategic environment since 9/11 and said that India's importance had increased in recent months while the importance of Pakistan, which was frontline state in the international war on terrorism, had diminished lately. It was, therefore, necessary for all political forces to put their heads together. Stressing that his party stood for peace and amity, he reiterated his stand on the two-nation theory and said that he did not violate this concept. The Quaid-i-Azam advocated it but he himself later declared that a vast majority of Muslims had to stay back in India. REFERENCES: Muttahida calls for APC on Kashmir: Public meeting at Karachi 2004-12-06 http://www.dawn.com/news/376171/muttahida-calls-for-apc-on-kashmir-public-meeting-at-karachi Nazir Naji on Greater Punjab 2 Daily Jang 2004 http://www.mqm.org/images/naznagjang041209.htm

It was demolished on the day the borders of Pakistan were closed for the Indian Muslims in 1953. The two- nation theory was negated again when Bangladesh emerged in 1972. He warned that the country would suffer if political and religious forces did not change their attitude and did not give up the politics of accusation and counter-accusations. He offered that as a first the Muttahida would not reply to accusations and directed workers of his party not to respond to accusations at any stage because the party believed in love and peace and wanted to follow the policy of 'live and let live.' He reiterated his proposal for a code of conduct for all political and religious parties in the interest of forming a culture of democracy and tolerance in the country. The theme of the public meeting was "Peace and stability leads to progress and prosperity". Rejecting the criticism from certain elements of his recent India visit and his proposal about the Line of Control (LoC). Mr Hussain said that he would welcome and withdraw his proposal if anybody came up with a better proposal. Earlier the deputy convener of the party Dr Farooq Sattar said that the Muttahida public meeting was a referendum and proved that the people of the city were against religious fundamentalism and wanted a secular and tolerant culture in the province. He said the meeting was also a reply to the MMA public meeting held at same venue last week in which only a few thousand people turnout. He claimed that the participation would be doubled when all coalition parties of the Sindh government would hold a public meeting. Chief Minister Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim said that the Muttahida rally proved that the people rejected the MMA. He said he was chief minister because of the support of Altaf Hussain who had always fought for the rights of Sindh while those who used a Sindh card never defended the rights of the province. The Secretary General of the PML Sindh, Imtiaz Shaikh, congratulated Altaf Hussain for holding such a big public meeting. Dev Das MNA, Abdul Khaliq Baloch, Nisar Panwar, Col (retd) Tahir Mashhadi and Badsha Khan delivered speeches in Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto and Punjabi languages. REFERENCES: Muttahida calls for APC on Kashmir: Public meeting at Karachi 2004-12-06 http://www.dawn.com/news/376171/muttahida-calls-for-apc-on-kashmir-public-meeting-at-karachi Nazir Naji on Greater Punjab 2 Daily Jang 2004 http://www.mqm.org/images/naznagjang041209.htm

(2011) Altaf Hussain AND MQM ask Taliban to join hands -- KARACHI: In what appears to be a major policy shift, Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has invited the Taliban to join hands with their fellow countrymen, instead of disassociating themselves from Pakistan. “I ask the Taliban leaders that this country came into being as a result of great sacrifices. Come and join Pakistanis…do not disassociate yourselves from Pakistan,” he said in a telephonic address at the 27th foundation day of the MQM on Friday. The day was celebrated across Pakistan and Mr Hussain’s address was simultaneously relayed to 34 places in the country. Carrying MQM’s tri-coloured flags and portraits of Mr Hussain, a large number of people attended the main rally at Karachi’s Jinnah Ground. Condemning the United States for drone attacks in tribal areas, Mr Hussain said that the US was violating Pakistan’s sovereignty and killing innocent people, adding that drone attacks were being carried out in clear violation of the UN charter. He assured the government and the armed forces that every Pakistani would support them if they took ‘meaningful steps’ with courage and bravery to stop drone strikes and part ways with the carrot-and-stick game of superpowers. —Staff Reporter REFERENCE: Taliban asked to join hands with fellow countrymen 2011-03-18 http://www.dawn.com/news/614195/taliban-asked-to-join-hands-with-fellow-countrymen

Imminent threat: Altaf says ISIS is more dangerous than Taliban Published: November 1, 2014: KARACHI: MQM leader Altaf Hussain disclosed on Friday that Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS), which is also known as Daish or by shorter acronym IS, has started taking roots in Pakistan which can entail far worse situation here than Rwanda and other African countries. “Army alone cannot control the situation. We all Pakistanis have to play our part, otherwise the situation will spiral out of control and Pakistan may witness civil war and genocide,” he said while addressing the media by telephone at a press conference at the party headquarters Nine Zero. The MQM leader warned the Pakistan government, political parties, youth and civil society members to be alert against the extremist organisation, calling it more dangerous than Taliban and al Qaeda. “You can find flags of this organisation right from Sadiqabad (southern) Punjab to Islamabad. It originally came to being on October 15, 2006 in Iraq, but now many militant groups and some Taliban and al Qaeda leaders have joined it,” he said, appealing to the authorities concerned to convene all parties conference (APC) on this issue. “Around 10 years ago, no one believed me when I made a hue and cry against hatcheries of Taliban and extremist groups in Karachi. The then government and leaders of political parties turned a deaf ear to me, but it later proved (to be correct) when these militants started their activities in the city,” he said. Briefing about the organisation, he said that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi initially led the organisation in Iraq and militant organisations from other areas including South Western Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan joined it. Later, when Zarqawi was killed, its shura council appointed Abu Omar al-Baghdadi as its head under the name of Abu Abdullah al-Rasheed al-Baghdadi. In 2010, the consultative or Shura council of the militant organisation announced the death of Abu Omar and appointed Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi as its new head, who has integrated different militant groups and wants to start their activities in Pakistan. “Army and its intelligence agencies should also mobilise the network and we are ready to help them,” he said, offering the army his party’s help in the mission. Altaf, while recalling the existence of Taliban in this region said that America created Taliban after the cold war. “Not only America, but Saudi Arabia and Pakistan also supported Taliban against the Soviet Union,” he said, adding that after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the US pulled out of Afghanistan by ignoring the militants they had created. “Since there was no one to financially support them, these Taliban started looting and plundering the people by committing bank robberies, kidnapping for ransom, extortion and occupation of lands in order to generate funds,” he said, adding that thousands of innocent people and personnel of police and army were killed and important installation were attacked by these extremists. “They want to impose their self-styled sharia at gunpoint.” MQM leader stressed the need to impart awareness among the people against the ISIS. Imminent threat: Altaf says ISIS is more dangerous than Taliban Published: November 1, 2014 http://tribune.com.pk/story/784422/imminent-threat-altaf-says-isis-is-more-dangerous-than-taliban/

 Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 2

Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 2 by SalimJanMazari

(6 December 2006)  'Punjab-to-Punjab' contact slammed: Altaf Hussain demands Sindh be allowed access to India  KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement's self-exiled leader Altaf Hussain on Sunday spoke extensively on the increasing contact between the Punjabs of Pakistan and India and demanded that the government in Pakistan not only allow Lahore to befriend Chandigarh, but also permit Sindh to get nearer to its Indian borders. "The chief minister of Pakistani Punjab has recently visited Amritsar and says the people of Punjab do not accept the Berlin Wall between them. His words have not damaged our much-trumpeted two-nation theory but it would have had Altaf Hussain visited any prominent temple during his recent Indian visit," said Mr Hussain during his address to the public meeting his party organised mainly in support of the president's uniform, at Nishtar Park. People attended the public meeting in huge numbers, overflowing the bounds of Nishtar Park. The meeting place was decorated with illuminations, banners, placards and pamphlets inscribed with pro-Altaf and pro-democracy slogans. The activists were holding party flags in a large numbers and they were chanting 'Jeay Altaf' and 'Jeay Sindh' slogans. The police and party volunteers had blocked main MA Jinnah Road to route the vehicles carrying party activists, media and dignitaries attending the meeting. The traffic police had devised alternative routes for routine traffic and there were traffic jams in various parts of the city despite that it was a weekly holiday. The organisers were repeatedly announcing that a large number of the vehicles carrying their activists from different parts of the city and elsewhere from Sindh were stuck in traffic and could not reach the meeting place. They said those who could not make it were asked to stay where they were and the organisers had managed to install loudspeakers there to for them to hear Altaf's speech from London. When the organisers announced Altaf's speech was about to be broadcast, the entire park was showered with flowers by party activists present on ground and those standing on a fire engine's ladder. Thousands of balloons were released into the air and party's theme song "Saathi" was played. Mr Hussain said the two-nation theory was an ambiguous slogan, which was used by rulers whenever they deemed fit, for political gain. "The Punjab chief minister visited the Golden Temple where he was presented a sword but it did not hurt our two-nation theory, but the same theory would have been in danger had I visited some places which do not belong to Muslims, during my visit to India," he said. He said the people from East Punjab and West Punjab visited each other frequently and he made it clear that he had no objection to that, but insisted that the people of Sindh also be allowed to visit India freely. REFERENCE: 'Punjab-to-Punjab' contact slammed: Altaf Hussain demands Sindh be allowed access to India BY Hasan Mansoor December 06, 2004 http://archives.dailytimes.com.pk/national/06-Dec-2004/punjab-to-punjab-contact-slammed-altaf-hussain-demands-sindh-be-allowed-access-to-india

Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi has said that certain powers want to create a law and order situation in Karachi and erode the mandate of the MQM one way or another. “I say to these forces to adopt the path of dialogues as the country needs love and not hatred.”He said this while talking to the journalists at MQM Head Office Nine Zero after meeting with the Co-ordination Committee. Hailing the statement of Mr Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, regarding the establishing of the system of the Pious Caliphs in Pakistan, Allama Ashrafi said that the MQM and the Ulema Council would make concerted effort for the just and equitable system in the country. Referring to the discussion of Mr Hussain with Dr Tahirul Qadri on this subject, Allama Ashrafi said, “We would go with Altaf Hussain with whomsoever he would go for attaining this objective.” Allama Ashrafi said that he had to come to Nine Zero to repay a debt. “Altaf Hussain had asked me to come to London or Nine Zero after an incident had befallen me. He had expressed his love and I had assured him that I would come as soon as I regained my health.” Allama Ashrafi said that whenever madrasas and religious scholars were targeted during the last one month, it was only Mr Hussain who expressed his well-wishes for our injured. He said, “The MQM is a reality and those who seek to avoid reality are bereft of knowledge and wisdom. Those spewing hatred will have to face defeat and the feelings of love would grow.” “Altaf Hussain has talked about the establishing of the system of Pious Caliphs in the country only after sending poor people to the assemblies. I ask him to start the struggle for this cause and we would support as his soldiers. Every madrasa or religious organization that does not have any political ambition wants the just system of the Pious Caliphs in the country. This is the only system that can give justice to the poor.” Allama Ashrafi said, “Allah has bestowed religious knowledge to Altaf Hussain besides giving him political sagacity. We will work together for establishing a just and equitable system in Pakistan.” Speaking about the law and order situation in Karachi, Allama Ashrafi said, “Peace cannot be established in Karachi by ignoring the MQM and the followers of the Sunni and the Shia schools thought. Those who think that peace can be restored in Karachi by keeping out these forces are only playing with the sentiments of the people.” He warned that these were the same people who wanted to weaken the MQM and destroy Karachi. He asserted that if any harm came to Karachi then the existence of Pakistan would also be threatened. He said that the poor people would have to be empowered in Pakistan by ending the rule of the privileged class. The feudal system must be wrapped up and justice should be done to the poor. “Together we will create a Pakistan of the poor people.” Earlier when Allama Tahir Ashrafi arrived at Nine Zero, he was warmly welcomed by the Co-ordination Committee and a large number of the MQM workers. Deputy Conveners Mr Anis Ahmed Qaimkhani and Senator Mrs Nasrin Jalil were present in the meeting held in the Nine Zero. Talking to the journalists Mrs Jalil said, “We want to build strong relations and promote the feelings of love as they would have positive effect on the political culture of Pakistan.” She thanked Allama Ashrafi for his visit. REFERENCE: Certain powers want to erode the mandate of the MQM: Allama Tahir Ashrafi http://www.mqmusa.com/content/certain-powers-want-erode-mandate-mqm-allama-tahir-ashrafi December 19, 2012 http://archives.dailytimes.com.pk/karachi/29-Dec-2012/certain-powers-want-to-erode-mqm-mandate

ISIS threat looming large in Pakistan: Altaf KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain on Friday said that the Iraqi militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has entered Pakistan, adding that it is more dangerous than the Taliban and al Qaeda. The MQM chief said that a number of Taliban were seeking memberships in the ISIS. In his address in Karachi via telephone from London, Altaf Hussain said that he was the first one to alert Pakistan about the Taliban’s entrance in Karachi and that he was alerting the nation again regarding a threat that was bigger than the Taliban and al Qaeda. He said that he was going to make a revelation regarding a threat that “the majority of Pakistanis don’t know about”. The MQM chief said that the threat of ISIS was increasing in Pakistan with each passing day. He said that several of the Taliban members along with six commanders had joined the ISIS, whereas a large number of people continue to join them. He said that several ISIS flags were visible from southern Punjab to Islamabad. Altaf said that a new and grave threat in the shape of the ISIS had entered Pakistan. The MQM chief said that the army alone could not protect the nation, and that everyone had to play a role in this regard. Earlier this month, national and international media reported that six senior members of the TTP, including prominent regional leaders, had vowed allegiance to the Islamic State and its head, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Shahidullah Shahid had openly pledged allegiance to “the Caliph of Muslims... Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” and said that he would listen to and obey his every order whether he liked the order or not. Baghdadi had proclaimed himself caliph of the entire Muslim world in June and demanded allegiance from all Muslims. The claim put him in direct opposition to Mullah Omar, who once provided a haven for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda while the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. Earlier, Mullah Fazlullah had also expressed support for all groups fighting in Syria and Iraq, but said he continued to pledge allegiance to the leader of the Afghan Taliban. ISIS threat looming large in Pakistan: Altaf November 01, 2014 http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/sindh/01-Nov-2014/isis-threat-looming-large-in-pakistan-altaf

 Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 3

Altaf Hussain Interview with Dr.Shahid Masood - 3 by SalimJanMazari

May 12, 2013 - Updated 01 Altaf greets ‘Punjabi representative party’ on its big win: LONDON: Congratulating Pakistan Muslim League-N on its big win, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain called the Nawaz Shairf-led party which has so far bagged maximum number of seats in the center as ‘Punjabis representative party’. “Muslilm League-N has emerged victorious in elections 2013 and Nawaz Sharif as a representative of leader of the Punjabis,” Altaf Hussain said in his derogatory statement following PML-N’s winning big in the Punjab in today’s general elections. He did not stop there, saying Nawaz Sharif appears to have stood by his philosophy and slogan he chanted twenty years back ‘Jaag Punjabi Jaag, Teri Pag Noon Lag Gaya Dagh’. “Today he got the fruit of this slogan,” he added. Altaf Hussain said he extends hearty congratulations to the people of Punjab and hoped ‘as the leader of the biggest province of the country Nawaz Sharif will also treat the non-Punjabi people of the remaining three provinces with equality, justice and honesty’ with a view to promote brotherhood among people. REFERENCE: Altaf greets ‘Punjabi representative party’ on its big win May 12, 2013 - Updated 01 PKT http://www.thenews.com.pk/article-100566-Altaf-greets-Punjabi-representative-party-on-its-big-win Altaf Hussain greets ‘Punjabi representative party’ on its big win http://www.geo.tv/article-100566-Altaf-Hussain-greets-Punjabi-representative-party-on-its-big-win پنجابیوں کی نمائندہ جماعت کوکامیابی پرمبارکباد پیش کرتا ہوں،الطاف حسین http://urdu.geo.tv/UrduDetail.aspx?ID=100566

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