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Spin Doctoring and Mumbai Tragedy by Atif

I watched this entire story as it unfold live on Indian TV.I was scratching my head to see a shocking similarities in the way Indian media covered the events ..

Just few hours later while firing was still going on.. Indian Media "Sahara" "Aaj Tak" and "Headlines" all had concluded a well elaborated story of who terrorist were , where they came from and what they were using..

The spin doctors of Indian media (obviously trained by CNN) used the same tactics, same graphics, same marquee and same sequence as US Media did in 2001.even used same stock footage showing so called Al-Qaeda training camp as well as Osama... just couple of hours later?

Just as minutes after WTC attack.. NBC showed Osama.. even when there was no official government statement yet came out as to what had happened on 911..

Slogans, Views, Spin, showing confusing headlines, splash screens popping up.. every thing was exact copy cat of US Media complex film "The 911" Ironically.. . the outcome of also similar as I predicted that India has passed their own version of Patriot Act.. and have created their own version of "Home Land Security"

And you are still confused!

Like many Liberal Pakistanis and Muslims who would love o see fault in their own race and religion, you are an easy target to believe this hypnosis and call it "The Facts"

The Fact is:

Indian Minister of Minority Affairs Admits that There were Hindu Terrorists

The Fact is:

Karakare had concluded his investigation and was closing in Hindu Terrorist wing in India behind previous attacks.. and thus he was eliminated.. .

The Fact is:

Widow of Mr. Karkare have refused to take 10 million rupee from Gujrat Government accusing them for murder of her husband..

The Fact is:

Terrorists as they were shown on Live Indian TV do not fit the profile of Muslimsfor following reasons...

1- Their appearance.. .

No beard, No Turban, no Shalwar Kameez.. If you are Muslim and Pakistani you can understand that how important it is for these so called radical Taliban Types to have a particular attire of what they perceive "Islamic"Even in sub zero temperature and snow they do not wear jean because they consider if attire of "Infidel"

If they are on Jihad.. its ultimate act of worship... and how can an Orthodox religious man go for a Nobel act of Jihad looking like an Infidel wearing designer cloths?

2- Was that a Suicide Mission?

No religious man would go on a suicide mission and I clearly reject this theory... of 72 virgin BS that western media had played over and over .. even pioneer of so called Muslim Suicide bomber the Palestinian suicide bomber do not go for killing them selves for Islam but rather to take a revenge from Jews and to show their ultimate hatred for Israel...

None of these Palestinian suicide bombers were Orthodox Muslims believing in paradise and virgins as media wants you to believe..However, when they go for such mission they never wear attire looking like Jew...A very important thing to understand.. .

So! Mumbai attackers... where not motivated by religion and they were not Muslim..

3- Is this how a religious Mujahid would prefer to die?

Let us assume for a moment that these people were Muslim Mujaheddin.. aka Lashkar-e-Tayyaba. . So they aught to know that they are on a suicide mission right? They also aught to know that they are on Jihad...right?

Wouldn't they put on kafan with Kalmia on it and tie it on their foreheads while they start the last journey? After all once they started shooting indiscriminately. . they had nothing to hide at that point? Why they did not chant "Allah-o-Akbar" and declare who they were and what they were doing?

WHY until the last moment they remained illusive?

What kind of devout Muslim would wanna die looking like a Hindu weaning saffron band on his hand?

Why Beg for mercy and life?If the terrorist was on a suicide mission why would he cry "please don't kill me" why would he cry like a baby ... wasn't he going to meet Almighty and the promised virgins?

Why would he wanna come back to this world ?Didn't he know that staying alive would mean horrible torture and ... living in a hole and ultimately death penalty?

What kind of idiot Mujahid was that person who was begging for life?unless of course he was not a Muslim but an agent of Hindu gang and was promised a safe exit after mission and felt that he was betrayed

Only a person with zero faith in "the after life" would beg for life and mercy in such a situation.

Killing Muslims

If We accept for a moment that these people were brain washed terrorists.. . motivated by radical version of Islam .. aka Jihadis No variation of Islam .. no doctrine nothing what so ever promotes killing fellow Muslims, women and children..So even if they were Muslims and they were on Jihad spree... they would not kill Muslims, and women... The Terrorist in Mumbai did kill Muslims as well as women...

Regardless of their faith... Mumbai terrorist were criminals.. on a crime spree.. bounty hunter "suparee taker" who might have given a promise of safe passage out.. but were betrayed and executed during the process providing a perfect cover and ensuring that their identify remain hidden...

For a crime like that.. There needs to be

1- Complete DNA analysis of terrorists since their bodies did not blew up in air like American 911

2- Verification of their identity through international panel involving 4 independent countries under supervision of United Nations

3- Proceeding with criminal justice system

Last but not least... Even if these criminals were proved to be Pakistanis .. this does not mean any thing... in today's world crime can happen anywhere and criminal can be from any origin... they should be treated as criminals nothing else.

There are no terrorists only criminals

There is no ideology

The so called Islamic Jihadi Ideology DOES NOT FIT in this crime.

What Lies Ahead for PAKISTAN?

I have a skeptical mind so I tend to lean more towards conspiracy theories... you can smirk on this and or agree with it depending on what side of brain you use to think about these events that are unfolding around us. I have been writing in these forums since 1998 and have had lots of debates on variety of issues .. Within these forums I learned from one of the regular contributor that:

1 - (long before 2007) one of the member in these forums that most of us know, claimed based on his claim of having visions / premonitions or prior knowledge that in 2007 there will be tribulation in Pakistan and things would go out of control and Musharraf would not be able to control it and would get out... and Pakistan will disintegrate...

This so called prediction was given as "prediction" and obviously it felt like a conspiracy theory at that time... (around 2004 -2005) when no one could even think that Musharraf would leave and this would be happening in Pakistan what we are seeing today.

2- Robert Kaplan (you know him right) a former CIA agent wrote many books and he also indicated that Pakistan will break in 2007... it will break in several parts.. but main parts would contain Karachi, Punjab...

Now you must ask what Mumbai attack has to do what I am talking about?

So here is the answer

This is a forum in George Town University

Yet another Former CIA, agent talks about Pakistan being Failed State..

Pay attention to key points made in the discussion and read between the lines...

After you watch this and read my POST ask yourself this question,

What does Pakistan ISI or Lashkar Tayyaba gain with Mubai Attacks

And What does?

Zionist,and Hindu Lobby gain with Mumbai attacks?

Conspiracy theorist knew years ago that Pakistan is on the list but people like you are confused in your own guilt...

I think the time is up for Pakistan as a country .. and I particularly think like this because when educated people of Pakistan are this much confused and blame their own religion then who in the world can figure out a way to save the country?

What is the binding force for Pakistan? Islam

How that country will be torn apart... pushing people away from religion and divide them on ethnic lines... (Pay attention to what this CIA agent is saying... wake up!!!! nah its too late)


Mumbai attack served the following:

1- Finalize the Idea that Pakistan is a fail state

2- Build case against Pakistan (United Nation is already working on it)

3- Demoralize what enemies of Pakistan call "the iron" AKA Pakistan Army and ISI.

Don't you see many are doing that on massive scale? There are thousands of them... and millions of $$ are being spent on PSY-OPS

4- Create Ethnic chaos in Pakistan

5- International Forces(UN Peace) Move in Pakistan and or repeat of 1971 Obviously since Nuke was still in the hand of Army.. India refused to move in... so next option is first destablising Pakistan with sever ethnic clashes and then UN internevtion.

If that fails then there might be more in planning...?

Several things you can see unfolding

1- Hate of Pakistani Army is risen sharply (generals are responsible but they will be living in west with their retirement funds)

2- Ethnic violence is brewing up and weaponisation of Pakistani people was part of that...But idiots (I am sorry to say mostly Punjabis) are only focused on MQM .. even though I believe MQM will play its role but MQM is not the only partner in this evil game

3- Isolation of Religious groups who otherwise could have been the only group to bring people closer in the name of Islam...

So patriotism gone... people divided along ethnic lines... cache of weapons ... people resent army... people ridicule religious clerics and look at them as Al-Qaeda - Taliban There will be multiple flash points ready to be trigger in Pakistan and MUMABI was essential to make the case and give it an international attention and legitimize intervention Here is my conspiracy theory.. Prove me wrong and unite these Pakistanis for once...


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