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Swat Flogging and Samar Minallah - 2

On Sun, 4/5/09, K H U R R A M wrote:

Samar Minallah Sunday, April 5, 2009 12:13 AM From "Earth man"

To: On whose agenda Samar Minallah is trying to sabotage peace accord? By: Earthman, International Professor

Punishment to woman was Islamic or non-Islamic; it is duty of courts and clergy to comment on the matter.

Dear Mr Khurram,

Note: Only for those Pakistanis who day in day out talk about Quran and Hadith and believe on Quran and Hadith as well.

This International Professor of whose message you are forwarding to all and sundry is the same International Professor who some months back circulated the Photos of Salman Taseer and Co and if that was not enough, he is the same Professor who was the biggest supporter of Restroe the Judiciary Movement and biggest joke is this that his Mail Carrying Salman Taseer Family were also widely distributed by the Emergency Elist in support of Restore the Judiciary.

Now, the photos of Salman Taseer and Co were very explicit and there is a Shariah Court in Pakistan [In my opinion Shariah of any kind should be shown exit from every department in Pakistan] and since you and International Professor have suddenly become Champions of Islam, and Pakistan as well. Therefore as per your favourite Islami Shariah Code you and International Professor should approach Shariah Bench of Lahore and Karachi with the petition of Hudd Punishment for Salman Taseer and Family. You should approach Shariat Bench instead of scandalizing the matter [Allah is Sattarul Uyub] which is against the spirit of Islam you should approach Islamic Shariah Bench and do what Ansar Abbasi had done [he had submitted the evidence of his story in Supreme Court]. Believe me in Pakistani Shariat Bench, Judges decide matter as per your favourite Quran and Sunnah.

You have asked that whether Punishing Women is Islamic or Un-Islamic? and it is the duty of Court and Clergy to decide. Every Muslim should know about Shariah since you have claimed the lease of Islam. So let me give you an answer:

Had I been an exploiter of Islam like these Mullahs are then I wouldn’t have taken refuge by avoiding questions I would have rather owned the act without any fear and would’ve been a committed Mullah [Thanks Allah - I am an ordinary, mortal, sinner Muslim]

If you talk of Islami Shariah Code then please go and read about Islamic Punishment because Islamic Punishment are administered openly [Durrul Al Behy by Shawkani, Baloogh Al Maram by Hajar Asqalani - both are in Arabic and availabale in English and Urdu as well]. These Hypocrite Mullahs run for cover when under fire. Just imagine after the breaking news on GEO TV when a spokesman of Rampantly Deviant Sufi Muhammad was approached, he while explaining it to the GEO TV [Lady news reader] that conducting and administring publicly is wrong and Un-Islami [please define the public beheading in Saudi Arabia]. These Mullahs particularly the Deobandi Anarchists have no shame whatsoever when it comes to exploiting the Holy Name of Islam.

Firstly, if you talk of Islam then keep in mind that administring punishment is the authority of Ruler i.e. State [no matter how bad or corrupt he may be, he is to be followed and no Khrooj [Rebellion] is allowed - any such Khurooj [Rebellion] against Ruler would be dealt like Karbala [Ahkamul Quran - Qazi Abu Bakar Ibn Arabi Al Maliki - dont get confused because he is not Sufi Ibn Arabi]

One should have preferred [when he/she doesn't have the knowledge of Shariah] silence instead of declaring that punishing openly is Anti-Islamic [Spokesman of Mullah Sufi Mohammad while talking to GEO TV also declared that it was Unislamic to punish somebody openly - fool and ignorant both of them are]

Please get Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and go through the narrations of a Hudd Sentence [on committing adultery] passed by Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] against two of his Companions [May Allah be pleased with both of them]. One was Ma’aiz Aslami [May Allah be pleased with him] and other was a Lady Companion Ghamdiya [May Allah be pleased with her] were stonned to death publicly.

Rogue Mullahs in NWFP have so thoroughly violated the below mentioned Islamic Conduct i.e. Open Khurooj and Takfeer of Muslims on the basis of Sinful Ruler [you cannot declare anyone Kaafir on the basis of sins because such was the practice of Khawarijs]

The crime of hiraba is based on the following Quranic verse:

The punishment for those who wage war [yuharibuna] against God and His Prophet, and perpetrate disorders in the land is: kill or crucify them, or have a hand on one side and a foot on the other cut off or banish them from the land (Quran 5:33).

Hands and legs to be cut off and their eyes to be branded with heated iron pieces and they were thrown at Al-Harra, and when they asked for water to drink, they were not given water. (Bukhari)

Hiraba is another hadd crime defined in the Quran. It is variously translated as “forcible taking,” “highway robbery,” “terrorism,” or “waging war against the state.”

Islamic legal scholars have interpreted this crime to be any type of forcible assault upon the people involving some sort of taking of property.It differs from ordinary theft in that the Quranic crime of theft (sariqa) is a taking by stealth whereas hiraba is a taking by force . (Thus, the popular translation as “armed robbery.”) Although it is generally assumed to be violent public harassment, many scholars have held that it is not limited to acts committed in public places.

It is in the discussions of the crime of hiraba where the crime of rape appears. A brief review of the traditional descriptions of hiraba reveals that rape is specifically included among its various forms. For example, in Fiqh-us-Sunnah, a modern summary of the primary traditional schools of thought on Islamic law, hiraba is described as: a single person or group of people causing public disruption, killing, forcibly taking property or money, attacking or raping women (”hatk al arad”), killing cattle, or disrupting agriculture. Reports of individual scholars on the subject further confirm the hiraba classification of rape. Al-Dasuqi, for example, a Maliki jurist, held that if a person forced a woman to have sex, their actions would be deemed as committing hiraba. In addition, the Maliki judge Ibn Arabi, relates a story in which a group was attacked and a woman in their party raped. Responding to the argument that the crime did not constitute hiraba because no money was taken and no weapons used, Ibn Arabi replied indignantly that “hiraba with the private parts” is much worse than a hiraba involving the taking of money, and that anyone would rather be subjected to the latter than the former. The famous Spanish Muslim jurist, Ibn Hazm, a follower of the Zahiri school, reportedly had the widest definition of hiraba, defining a hiraba offender as: [O]ne who puts people in fear on the road, whether or not with a weapon, at night or day, in urban areas or in open spaces, in the palace of a caliph or a mosque, with or without accomplices, in the desert or in the village, in a large or small city, with one or more people . . . making people fear that they’ll be killed, or have money taken, or be raped (”hatk al arad”) . . . whether the attackers are one or many “.

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