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Swat Flogging, The News International & Ansar Abbasi - 1

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Swat girl denies flogging incident Published: April 06, 2009

PESHAWAR - The girl who was reportedly flogged in Swat has denied the incident and termed the happening as baseless and beyond the fact, TheNation learnt here on Sunday.

Mr Ansar Abbasi - Correspondent/Editor Investigations - The News International/Jang Group of Newspapers/GEO TV

Where has gone now the so-called Shariah which Ansar Abbasi was trying to defend while defending Sufi Muhammad, Flogging and Taliban while reciting Quranic Verses of Surah-e-Nur[AL-NOOR (THE LIGHT) Chapter 24 from Quran] and what a fun he was reciting Surah Nur Verses to an Unveiled [BAYPARDAH] GEOTV News READER [I wonder where have gone all the verses of Quran regarding Veil]..

Reaction of Ansar Abbasi about Swat girl flogging

Dear Ms Bint Waleed,

Read what the Pakistan's Leading Daily Newspaper The News International [where a Journalist with Islamic Itch -Ansar Abbasi also works and he should leave that newspaper which promote American Interest to save his Iman - Faith] has to say:

Swat video is genuine, claim activists By Usman Manzoor Sunday, April 05, 2009

Islamabad: While the video tape of a seventeen-year-old girl being flogged by the Taliban has led to countrywide protests and condemnation, the NWFP government has questioned the authenticity of the video tape. But those who released the video claim that the video is both genuine and recent.

Samar Minallah, the human rights activist and documentary film-maker, while talking to The News said that the video was being circulated from mobile phone to mobile phone and from person to person. She said that she received the video via email from a human rights activist of Swat. Talking about the authenticity of the video Minallah said that everyone in Swat knows that the incident took place but unfortunately the NWFP government wants to divert the attention of the masses from the actual issue of harassment of women. She said that the facts and figures would be produced before the Supreme Court and everyone would come to know about the authenticity of the video.

“NWFP minister Mian Iftikhar directly named me while addressing a press conference yesterday while today the NWFP government has been apologising over directly blaming me”, said Samar Minallah adding: “I have got nothing from publicising this horrific video except putting my life in danger and if the government cannot provide me security then at least it should not divert the attention of the masses.”

She said that the dialect which the girl was speaking was purely of Swat as she herself has worked in Swat and any Pushtoon could recognise it. Samar said that Muslim Khan, the spokesman of Taliban in Swat, accepted that the incident took place and also told the media that the girl had an illicit relationship with her father-in-law. “If the incident did not take place then how come Muslim Khan came to know about the allegations levelled against the girl?”, said the human rights activist adding: “Muslim Khan said the actual punishment to be awarded to the girl was stoning to death but she was flogged.”

She said that a writer contributing to the BBC had confirmed that the incident was recent and from Swat.

She referred to a human rights activist of Swat who when contacted requested anonymity as publishing his name could put his life in danger. The human rights activist said that the video was so common in Swat that everyone was aware of it. The activist had said that he received the video from Taliban who were not happy with the incident as it was un-Islamic because the girl had not faced any trial. “Many Taliban were not happy with the incident and they themselves had made the video and circulated it”, said the human rights activist adding: “The girl’s younger brother was forced to hold her at gunpoint and the man lashing the girl also abused that boy which could be heard easily; the Taliban said to that boy, “Pimp, take her inside the house?”

The activist from Swat said that the incident took place in a remote area near village Serbanda in upper Swat and many Taliban say that it was an illegal activity as proper procedure of having four witnesses was not adopted. He was of the view that the video was recent and there were many other similar incidents which could not be highlighted by the media.

TTP claims facts of flogging incident distorted By our correspondent

Sunday, April 05, 2009

MINGORA: Spokesman for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Swat chapter, Muslim Khan, has claimed the video clip showing a young girl being flogged by the Taliban is fake and those responsible for the distortion of facts must be awarded exemplary punishment.

Talking to journalists in Dakorak area of Charbagh Tehsil on Saturday, Muslim Khan condemned those responsible for providing the allegedly fake video to the media and said these elements were trying to derail the peace process in Swat.

He said Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should question the originality of the footage and order an inquiry and take action against those responsible for preparing the ‘fake’ video.

He said the Taliban did not lash the girl.

Instead, they used young boys to award the punishment. He said the accused was a 34-year-old woman and not a 17-year-old girl. He said the woman was punished for her illicit relations with her father-in-law.

He said a conspiracy was being hatched against the Swat Taliban and the peace agreement with the provincial government. He said suo moto action should also be taken against the drone attacks in the tribal areas from across the border.

Muslim Khan said the video released to the media was nine months old and was made at a time when the military operation was going on in Swat.

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