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Swat Flogging, The News International & Ansar Abbasi - 11

On Mon, 4/6/09, Mubashir Inayet wrote:

Easy to explain. The idea of the flogging is not to severly hurt the person. This is more of a punishment to humilate him/her rather than to cripple him/her!!

PakNationalists wrote:

Stop this 'Asma Jehangirism' behavior and your personal political biases and think in terms of what is in the interest of Swat and Pakistan.

Mr Ansar Abbasi - Correspondent/Editor Investigations - The News International/Jang Group of Newspapers/GEO TV

Where has gone now the so-called Shariah which Ansar Abbasi was trying to defend while defending Sufi Muhammad, Flogging and Taliban while reciting Quranic Verses of Surah-e-Nur[AL-NOOR (THE LIGHT) Chapter 24 from Quran] and what a fun he was reciting Surah Nur Verses to an Unveiled [BAYPARDAH] GEOTV News READER [I wonder where have gone all the verses of Quran regarding Veil]..

Reaction of Ansar Abbasi about Swat girl flogging


I dont have and no Muslim should have any problem with the Shariah. But my only question is this that if we want Shairah Law in Pakistan then which Shariah would it be:

1 - Sunni,

2 - Shia,

3 - Deobandi,

4 - Barelvi,

5 - Ahle Hadith

6 - Shariah made in Islamabad i.e. a Perverted Mix of Fiqah-e-Hanafiya and Fiqh Jaferiyah with minor spray of Pakistan Ideology and that too with a Mix of Anglo Saxon Courts/Parliament. CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry had dismissed the Hasba Bill of MMA [Deobandi-Barelvi-Shia-Jamat-e-Islami] and the same parties including PTI were in forefront to restore the Judiciary Movement. People from the same movement are the people who circulated this video, Ms. Samar Minallah is the sister of Mr Ather Minallah Former spokesman of Mr Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, and this groups was supported by a Journalist who has a Knack for Islam i.e. Ansar Abbasi, who writes something different in Daily Jang and file entirely different story in the News international and he was supported by the same Secular Activists like Ms. Tahira Abdullah but the same Ansar Abbasi files stories that the video was genuine and work of those who have ulterior motives. I ask why dont he file a story against Samar Minallah and suo moto notice taken by his alleged hero CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry if Ansar Abbasi is so concerned about Shariah.

Suppose this Shariah of Deviant Deobandis is up to the mark and women as per them should remain inside their houses. On one hand they demand this that only women Doctors would be allowed to treat women in NWFP's Islamic Shariah Prone Area whereas they fail to explain that if they wouldn't allow their girls to go to school to become a doctor then how would it be possible for their daughters and sisters to become a Doctor for their own 'Islamic Shariah Prone Area". There are so many complicated Female Medical problems which cannot be treated without consulting a proper Doctor and in the case of NWFP's Islamic Shariah Prone Area' Lady Doctors. Nurse-Midwives in our Rural Areas lack latest training in view of rising pregnancy complications in view on unheigenic living conditions and I wonder if these Rascal Deobandis even know about Medical Complications. They are opening doors for Quacks and Exorcist in this day and age. I hope they dont start doing what their great Deobandi Spiritual Godfathers used to do in such situations of Medical Complications [I hope Ansar Abbasi is reading this instead of cashing the miseries of the people of Islamic Shariah Prone Areas of NWFP]. I hope he should explain the following in the light of Qurand and Hadith which he earlier exploited in the name of Islamic Punishments.

See and read yourself as to how Sufi Muhammad will solve Women's Medical Complications in the absence of Lady Doctors. I wonder if Mr Ansar Abbasi and that newly elected Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami Munawar Hasan is even aware of these complication or even aware of Pregnancy related deaths in NWFP.

It is mentioned in Aamaal-e-Qur'aani, p. 134 by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi [published by Jasim Book Depot, Urdu Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Delhi] that if a woman has excessive menstrual bleeding, the verse (Surah Al-'Imran: 3:144) should be written on three different pieces of paper, one tied on her right and the other on her left and the third piece of paper with the Qur'ânic verse to be hung below the naval. This verse of the Qur'aan, "Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his
heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will give reward to those who are grateful." [Surah Al-'Imran: 3:144]

When Shah Waliullah was in his mother’s womb, she said a prayer. Two tiny hands (too) appeared for prayer. She was frightened. Her husband said, "You have Qutubul-Aqtab (Wali of Walis) in your womb (Hikayat-e-Awlia, p. 17 Ashraf Ali Thanwi) What a break-through!

The prophet laid the foundation of Darul-Uloom, Deoband, India (in the 19th century) He comes to check accounts of the school. He has learnt the Urdu language. (Mubasshirat-e-Darul Uloom, and Deoband Number of the Darul-Uloom)

Risala Tazkara of Darul-uloom Deoband of 1965 claims: Anyone suffering from malaria who took dust from the grave of “Maulana” Yaqoob Nanotwi and tied this dust to his body, found instant relief.

Take the right arm of a goat after Friday prayers. Be completely naked. Write Sura Yasin and the name of the person you want, then put the meat in the cooking pot. That person will fall in love with you. (Monthly "Khalid" Deoband Darul Uloom)

If you want to kill your enemy write A to T on a piece of bread. Recite Surah "RA'AD.” Break the bread into five pieces and feed them to five dogs. Say to dogs, 'Eat the flesh of my enemy'. By the will of Allaah your enemy will have huge boils on his body. (Darul uloom Deoband "Khalid")

Say "Fazabooha" before you cut a melon, or any thing else (for that matter), you will find it sweet. (Aamale-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

Recite the verse "When the heaven will split.” Write it (on a piece of paper) and tie to the left thigh of any woman in labor, child birth will become easy. Cut the hair of that woman and burn them between her thighs, childbirth will be easier still. (Aamal-e-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

During labor pains let the woman hold Mawatta Imam Malik for instant delivery. (Aamal-e-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

See what “Hakeemul Ummat” Thanwi says! Keep reciting "Al Mughni" during sex and the woman will love you. (same book, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

In my humble view Problem with activist type of Muslim is this that they think that Islam exist in punishment whereas punishments are just a minor part of Islam to maintain order in society. Mullahs’ are possessed by the Genie of Piety - Yaani in Maulviyon par Taqway ka Bhoot Sawar Hai. Similarly veil and beard etc.etc in Islam but Islami is not just the name of Punishments, Beards, Veil, and Mullahs having Bad Breath but a way of life which in my humble opinion can only be spread in society gradually and systematically to create an environment for a healthy, clean and pious society.

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