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GEO TV/JANG GROUP's Message of Hate for Pakistan.

Baluchistan is burning [ask those innocent Punjabis who have been living there since more than 60 years in Quetta and are being targeted for the mistakes of very few, they are leaving Baluchistan], NWFP is burning, Punjab is burning and GEO TV/JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS have started a very dangerous and dirty game just to settle score with Zardari which will ultimately weaken Pakistan and Sindh will also burn. Criticizing Zardari for bad governance is one thing but exploiting National Assets to hound Zardari is treason and JANG GROUP AND GEO TV ARE INDULGED IN IT TO SETTLE PERSONAL SCORE - GEO TV: National Interest, Seymour M Hersh, Shaheen Sehbai & Dr Shahid Masood.

KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Information Department Shazia Marri has said that anti-democratic elements of media are busy to destabilise PPP-led elected government of the county. Addressing a Press conference at the Committee Room of Sindh Assembly she also condemned the thoughts expressed by an anchorperson Dr Shahid Masood on a private TV channel, in which he raised objections over Sindhi cap of President Asif Ali Zardari. She also blamed that Dr Shahid Masood through his views was trying to ignite the ethnic riots in the country, adding that the said anchorperson was harbouring some personal vendetta against the President Asif Ali Zardari. REFERENCE: Marri slams 'anti-democratic media elements' Published: November 25, 2009

WASHINGTON: When an elected head of the state, who is also the head of the largest political party of the country, the Supreme Commander of the country’s armed forces and (at least on papers) the man with his finger on the country’s nuclear button, cannot venture out of his bunker in the presidency, a five-star prison of sorts, and attacks a TV channel, a newspaper editor or a talk show anchor, he must be seriously in trouble or scared to death with insecurity. It was a great day in my professional career to get so much attention on live TV, nationally and throughout the world, with the country’s president talking about me (why did you not name me) in a furiously threatening tone, foaming and frothing as if he would shoot me if I had been somewhere close to him at the time. I have just landed in Washington to spend a few days with my family on Eid ul Azha and the first thing I hear on TV is my head of state calling me names. It was a unique welcome to the festival of sacrifices.Zardari referred to me by frequently mentioning someone with “an American passport”. He also said I was not a Pakistani national. He has to get his facts right. But carrying an American passport is not something he would like to turn into a disqualification as bulk of his own cronies are exiles who have acquired foreign passports, including US passports, and they would be the ones to jump the ship first. I am a Pakistani and work in Pakistan and will continue to do so. REFERENCE: Have a heart, you are the president, Mr Zardari! By Shaheen Sehbai Thursday, November 26, 2009

Please keep in mind while reading the text below that Mr. Shaheen Sehbai, Group Editor, The News International is nowadays on vacation in USA with his family. Mr Irfan Siddiqui [Noted Columnist of Daily Jang and Former PRO of President House Islamabad and earlier he was a Regular Columnist of Weekly Takbeer] has also been declared as Mentor of Dr Shahid Masood. Irfan Siddiqui want Civil War in Sindh because he is adding fuel to the fire between MQM and PPP. REFERENCE: Read his article on Eid Day’s Daily Jang Saturday,November 28, 2009, Zil’Hajj 10, 1430 A.H

Dr Shahid Masood [Jang Group/GEO TV] wants Ethnic Clash between Peaceful Pashtun/Urdu Speaking Citizens of Sindh, Dr Shahid Masood and Muhammad Saleh Zaafir [Jang Group] insult Sindhi Community and create more problems in an already disturbed Pakistan. How come Dr Shahid know that Pashtuns in Karachi are heavily armed??? Read the dangerous lines:


On Wednesday and Thursday when the Sindh interior minister almost declared full war on the MQM, revealing that all the closed criminal cases of the MQM were done fraudulently, the reality has now come to the surface. This is the final showdown the PPP is trying to start so that if President Zardari is disqualified, the Sindh Card, as it is generally known, could be played effectively. The problem with President Zardari and his cronies is that they don’t know how to defend their past corruption and how to convince their coalition partners and the relevant players in the establishment that they have changed their ways. This lack of defence is driving them into desperation and as officially announced by Zulfikar Mirza, the ultimate weapon they have is the Sindh Card to save themselves, or, if they fail, to take the entire system down if they fail. I am a proud Pakistani and also a proud Sindhi, but I don’t believe in the Sindh card. I am sure that such a card does not exist anymore. It is again wrong to suggest that father of the nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah used the Sindh card for creation of Pakistan. It is simply childish to say that adoption of resolution in favour of Pakistan in the Sindh Assembly in 40s was an exploitation of the Sindh card. It shows lack of sense of history. The passage of resolution by the Sindh Assembly establishes the negation of the Sindh card. The role of the Awami National Party is also crucial in this situation as its role in any clash between the PPP and the MQM in Karachi will be pivotal as thousands of Pathans, with arms, could play havoc. REFERENCE: The desperation of PPP to shoot the messenger Friday, November 27, 2009 By By Dr Shahid Masood [URDU TEXT] Daily Jang dated Friday, November 27, 2009, Zil’Hajj 09, 1430


Meray Mutabiq 21st Nov 2009 Part 4 NRO [Insuting Remarks of Jang Group Correspondent on Sindhi Cap]

Real Face of Dr Shahid Masood Part 6

So shameless these Jang Group reporters are that for the sake of getting some quick political mileage [at the cost of National Cohesion] that todays The News i.e. November 28, 2009 has quote a Pro Zionist US Newspapers Miami Herald Report against Pakistan and that too a report which has quoted no sources [Read - This has been disclosed in a report published in McClatchy, the US newspaper group owned by The Miami Herald. The recording was disclosed by military sources without giving any names but the implication was that the two were discussing how to weaken the hold of the military in Pakistani policies. REFERENCE ‘Zardari-Haqqani tapes against Army revealed’ Monitoring Desk Saturday, November 28, 2009

If all that was not enough Mr Ansar Abbasi [Jang Group] has declared [READ – Read the foreign newspapers and magazines, look what is coming from Paris about the submarine deal, go through the international surveys about the record-breaking corruption to adjudge the reputation of Zardari-led political dispensation. You will find that Pakistan is hurting. President Zardari may not like it but he needs to change himself if he wants to secure his presidency. It may also not sound music to his ears but he also needs to change his company by getting rid of the tainted sycophants, dirtied courtiers, corrupt to the core souls and some ìknownî agents of MI6 and CIA, surrounding him. REFERENCE Why Zardari needs no enemies Viewpoint By Ansar Abbasi Saturday, November 28, 2009

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