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Kamran Khan (GEO/JANG) Supports Fifth Columnist Mansoor Ijaz.

RAWALPINDI: In the Geo News programme 'Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath,' the host Kamran Khan has expressed surprise that after having failed to nab killers of thousands of people, the government had identified Indian agents in the country. And it was Senior Minister in the Punjab cabinet Raja Riaz who had made the disclosure. He claimed that it was a conspiracy against democracy and also against the party that had been confronting the establishment, he said. Kamran Khan, however, reminded that in Pakistan establishment means Army. And according to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani the government not only enjoyed best of relations with it but also had been moving ahead with it shoulder to shoulder. Gilani had made these claims while addressing the nation the other day and during those moments he was accompanied at the dais by important members of the PPP. Kamran Khan reminded that Raja Riaz, contrary to Gilani, claims from the floor of the Punjab Assembly that PPP had been confronting the establishment or the Army. ISLAMABAD: PPP MNA Sher Muhammad Baloch during a speech on the floor of the National Assembly accused that Geo TV and its anchor Kamran Khan wanted to destabilize the country. “The Geo TV and Kamran Khan are anti-parliament, anti-PPP and they want to destabilize Pakistan,” Sher Baloch while delivering his speech on Rabbani committee report said. PPP’s Abdul Qadar Patel who was chairing the session tried to interrupt Baloch but the other PPP members started thumping desks to hail remarks uttered by their colleague. Patel, however, did not expunge Sher Baloch’s remarks against Geo TV and Kamran Khan. The Geo TV time and again becomes target of criticism from the leaders of the ruling party for exposing corruption. REFERENCE: After failing to nab killers, govt finds Indian agents: Kamran News Desk Wednesday, October 20, 2010 Geo is anti-parliament, PPP MNA tells NA Muhammad Anis Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kamran Khan Says Pakistan is a Terrorist State (GEO TV MAY 2011)

Mansoor Ijaz is Imran Khan's Friend.

Ijaz is the same person who called for declaring the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) a terrorist organisation, Haqqani was quoted as telling the president. A few days later, the same person then reportedly met the head of ISI Lt. General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Haqqani reportedly added. “What does this indicate?” he was quoted as rhetorically asking the president. Haqqani, sources added, also referred to a statement of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan on October 30, where he was implicated in the scandal for the first time. “I was summoned on November 15 … how could Imran know about it on October 30,” Haqqani was quoted as saying. REFERENCE: Memogate: Adamant ambassador set to face troika By Kamran Yousaf Published: November 21, 2011

If tomorrow someone even worse than Mansoor Ijaz appears on GEO TV with a bundle of manufactured story against Pakistan, would Imran Khan, Mir Shakil ur Rehman, GEO TV, Ansar Abbasi, Mohammad Malick, Shaheen Sehbai, and last but not least Kamran Khan facilitate him/her against Pakistan as well like GEO did in the last few days (if anything goes wrong then Supreme court should take notice and call everybody mentioned above to prove what Imran Khan boasted in a procession without an Legal Enquiry and court proceedings because guilty by suspicion" is not a Justice and US Ambassador Cameron Munter boasted that Pakistan needs Rule of Law and Constitution while commenting on a meeting with Imran Khan in a GEO TV's Capital Talk yesterday i.e. 22 Nov 2011), the group mentioned above has prepared a case against Pakistan by giving credibility to a person who is know Anti-Pakistan Army and Nuclear detterrance as well today i.e. 23 Nov 2011, even Saleem Safi and Najam Sethi have raised this question in the very same newsgroup (Jang/The News International/GEO TV) who together played havoc with Pakistan Defence Assets. Pakistan is one of those unfortunate countries where the Sanctimonious Intellectuals discuss the blame on speculations and assumptions even if it is at the cost of the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Differring with PPP or any other government is one thing and putting country's fate at the stake for settling some political score is quite another and that is the usual story with the Jang Group of newspaper and their Journalists/TV Anchors particularly Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Mohammad Malick and Ansar Abbasi despite knowing an established fact (with reference, history and footage) that Mansoor Ijaz and his Neocon Lobby had destroyed Iraq by raising False Alarm of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Mansoor Ijaz is exactly doing the same again and Jang Group of Newspapers is part and parrcel in this ugly game. During a TV Show of GEO TV "Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath dated 18 Nov 2011" and earlier on Bolta Pakistan of AAJ TV dated 16 Nov 2011 the resident editor of The News International, Mr. Mohammad Malick opined that raising objection on Mansoor Ijaz' credibility is of no use! Very well as Mr. Malick suggest we should apply Mansoor Ijaz "Rant" as a cardinal truth and Mr. Mohammad Malick should plead case against Pakistan in the world community particularly in UN by quoting from Mr. Mansoor Ijaz "Excellent Pieces" on Pakistan, and particularly Mansoor's Lie on WMD in Iraq, let us proceed but before proceeding to the detailed background of this Neocon War Monger i.e. Mansoor Ijaz, we must keep one thing in mind that Mohammad Malick (Resident Editor, The News International) also has several blot on his character e.g. Muhammad Malick (List of journalists given plots in Islamabad Published: November 1, 2010 Journalist Corruption Scandal – Mohammad Malick JUNE 3, 2009

He said his information was that Mr Haqqani wanted to return to the United States but had been stopped from such travel, before asking for answers to this and some other questions about the cause of the ambassador’s resignation after he and the government both had rejected the allegation of his involvement as false, the type of inquiry to be held, the way forward in the issue and reported remarks by Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar that the opposition leader said had “put the prime minister in the dock” by suggesting that anything affecting the ambassador could “go up to the prime minister”. The prime minister, who responded to most questions posed by the opposition leader but ignored the one about the alleged travel ban on Mr Haqqani, reiterated doubts earlier voiced by government functionaries about the credibility of businessman Mansoor Ijaz, saying neither the ambassador nor the government would have felt the need to use a third person to convey a message to former US joint chiefs of staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen and rejecting the talk of any military threat to the civilian government when he said “we are on the same page”. And amidst cheers from the treasury benches, Mr Gilani assured the house that if his government ever felt any danger, “we will go to the people” rather than any other quarters. The prime minister said he had asked Mr Haqqani to resign in view of the raging controversy about the memo and to avoid any talk of the inquiry being influenced by him. He said the defence minister had explained to him that his remarks in the matter meant only that “if there is anything, the decision will be taken by the prime minister” rather than being any finger-pointing. The chief whip of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party and Religious Affairs Minister Khursheed Ahmed Shah engaged in the day’s second and angry tirade against the PML-N for its present stance and some of its conduct in the past after Chaudhry Nisar led his party members out of the house, but finally appealed to PML-N president Nawaz Sharif to “stop his party from once again raising the walls (of political acrimony) which had been broken”. After a scheduled debate on the prevailing fertiliser shortage in the market and its high prices went by the board after Chaudhry Nisar declined to give promised details about alleged federal responsibility in the absence of Industries Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, Minister of State Sardar Bahadur Khan Sihar quoted detailed figures saying there was no shortage of the commodity and rejected the opposition’s charges against his ministry for the crisis, which he said had actually been caused by ‘bad governance’ of the PML-N government in Punjab. REFERENCE: Gilani pledges memo probe at ‘highest level’Raja Asghar | Front Page | From the Newspaper

Would Mr. Nawaz Sharif & Loudmouth PML - N Leaders explain the below mentioned "Treason Against The Country & Pakistan Army"


Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath - 1 (23 Nov 2011)

Friday, November 25, 2011, Zil Hajj 28, 1432 A.H.

Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath - 2 (23 Nov 2011)

Thursday, November 24, 2011, Zil Hajj 27, 1432 A.H.

Trial of Hussain Haqqani (Capital Talk - 23rd Nov 2011)

There are many ironies in the "Memogate" affair. Hussain Haqqani, a civilian ambassador of repute, has been forced to resign at the behest of the military establishment even before any commission of inquiry has been set up to investigate his alleged culpability in any "treasonable" activity. But despite military debacles in East Pakistan, the loss of Siachin, the misadventure in Kargil, the incompetence in the face of terrorist attacks on GHQ, Navy HQ and the Osama bin Laden raid, not one soldier has deemed it right and honourable to fall on his own sword and not one commission of inquiry has ever scalped a general. The Pakistan Muslim League N is filing a petition in the Supreme Court asking the court to launch a judicial investigation into "Memogate" with a view to indicting the President, Asif Zardari, as an anti-Pakistan conspirator along with Mr Haqqani. But the SC has been sitting for a decade on a petition lodged by Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan, in which evidence has been presented to show that the PMLN and ISI (an organ of the state) treasonably joined hands to rig an election and thwart the PPP from coming to power. The greater irony is that the charge of running to the Americans to save a civilian government from the wrath of the military which is being laid at the door of Mr Zardari in "Memogate" is a charge that can also be leveled against the PMLN government when Shahbaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab, rushed to America in September 1999 and asked Rick Inderfurth, then Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, to issue a public warning to the military against any attempt to overthrow the Sharif government. There's more. The author of the notorious memo, Mansoor Ijaz, is an avowed hater of the ISI and GHQ. He admits he was trying to weigh in with the Americans to help the civilian government in Pakistan cut its military high command down to size. But he has ended up cooperating with the same military to provide evidence that Ambassador Haqqani was working at the behest of his "boss" to undermine the military. This has weakened the civilian setup by championing the cause of the military, which is the opposite of what Mr Ijaz had intended. It is even more ironical that the peg of his article - which referred to the anti-military "memo" - was announced in order to give "authenticity" to his argument and make him a credible source of analysis but its revelation has robbed him of all credibility as a confidential interlocutor of substance in the future. In the meanwhile, one conspiracy theory has surfaced. It is that the ISI found out about the memo and persuaded Mansoor Ijaz to write an article and then make it public so that it could target the Zardari government and oust Mr Haqqani for being a thorn on various issues ranging from the Raymond Davis affair to the OBL operation. This is incorrect. The ISI only got into the act after Mr Ijaz published his article. It saw an opportunity and it went into action, persuading him to reveal all and exploiting the developing situation to get Mr Haqqani. What now? The PMLN has petitioned the SC to step into the fray and help determine what happened and fix responsibility. But this route will merely reap propaganda points for the opposition by asking embarrassing questions about President Zardari, COAS Kayani and DG ISI Pasha and is unlikely to succeed in convicting anyone if due process of law is followed because the evidence is tenuous. The government may also ask the Foreign Office in association with any other organ of government to conduct an inquiry. But that too is not likely to go far. Or Mr Haqqani may be asked to sue Mr Ijaz in the UK for defamation and prove his innocence. If he should succeed in obtaining a favourable judgment on the basis of the strict laws of evidence, he would get off the hook and live to crow about his persecution at the hands of the military and media. This episode has left one question unanswered. The memo is based on the plea that, in the aftermath of the OBL operation, the military was threatening the civilian government and destabilizing it. This doesn't make sense. The military was bruised and shaken at that time. There were grumblings about its performance and culpability in its rank and file and in civil society too. Under the circumstances, why would Mr Haqqani or his unnamed "boss" pretend otherwise? Indeed, why would the Americans give such a false claim any credibility? Mr Haqqani has resigned not because he has been proven guilty. The resignation was demanded at gun-point by a military establishment that is at odds with America and saw him as unsympathetic to its strategic vision. That contradiction is bound to increase. The next ambassador, Sherry Rehman, will find her job cut out for her. REFERENCE: Ironies of Memogate Editorial By Najam Sethi November 25 - December 01, 2011 - Vol. XXIII, No. 41

Mir Ibrahim Rehman, Mir Shakil ur Rahman, Mohammad Malick, Shaheen Sehbai, Kamran Khan, Mohammad Malick, and Imran Khan should be tried for Treason or they be tried in the Military Court for promoting a person who is a known Rabid Anti Pakistan and it's army, in their newspaper, news channel and political rally and that too without even confirming the report the persons mentioned have also tried to incite a bogey that "Government is committing a Mutiny against the State" whereas there is a Unreported Terrorism Case against Pakistan's Media King still pending in Lahore High Court by Retd. General Javed Nasir. Reference: Jang Group "QUOTES" Zulfiqar Mirza & Mansoor Ijaz "BUT"! and despite the above mentioned Treason case this group not only scandalised Pakistan Army but Imran Khan also connived with them. Example of Mansoor Ijaz "Anti Pakistan Activities" are as under:


Mansoor Ijaz Poisonous Propaganda Against Pakistan Army (FOX NEWS May 2011)

Questions about the ISI’s role in Pakistan have intensified in recent months. The finger of responsibility in many otherwise inexplicable attacks has often pointed to a shadowy outfit of ISI dubbed “S-Wing”, which is said to be dedicated to promoting the dubious agenda of a narrow group of nationalists who believe only they can protect Pakistan’s territorial integrity. The time has come for the state department to declare the S-Wing a sponsor of terrorism under the designation of “foreign governmental organisations”. Plans by the Obama administration to blacklist the Haqqani network are toothless and will have no material impact on the group’s military support and intelligence logistics; it is S-Wing that allegedly provides all of this in the first place. It no longer matters whether ISI is wilfully blind, complicit or incompetent in the attacks its S-Wing is carrying out. S-Wing must be stopped. ISI embodies the scourge of radicalism that has become a cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. REFERENCE: Time to take on Pakistan’s jihadist spies By Mansoor Ijaz October 10, 2011 7:58 pm The smell test — I By Kamran Shafi Published: November 17, 2011

Mansoor Ijaz is against Pakistan Nuclear Deterrence. (Fox News 2007)

The time has come for the state department to declare the S-Wing a sponsor of terrorism under the designation of “foreign governmental organisations”. Plans by the Obama administration to blacklist the Haqqani network are toothless and will have no material impact on the group’s military support and intelligence logistics; it is S-Wing that allegedly provides all of this in the first place. It no longer matters whether ISI is wilfully blind, complicit or incompetent in the attacks its S-Wing is carrying out. S-Wing must be stopped. ISI embodies the scourge of radicalism that has become a cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. The time has come for America to take the lead in shutting down the political and financial support that sustains an organ of the Pakistani state that undermines global antiterrorism efforts at every turn. Measures such as stopping aid to Pakistan, as a bill now moving through Congress aims to do, are not the solution. More precise policies are needed to remove the cancer that ISI and its rogue wings have become on the Pakistani state. Pakistanis are not America’s enemies. Neither is their incompetent and toothless civilian government – the one Admiral Mullen was asked to help that May morning. The enemy is a state organ that breeds hatred among Pakistan’s Islamist masses and then uses their thirst for jihad against Pakistan’s neighbours and allies to sate its hunger for power. Taking steps to reduce its influence over Pakistan’s state affairs is a critical measure of the world’s willingness to stop the terror masters at their very roots. REFERENCE : Time to take on Pakistan’s jihadist spies. By Mansoor Ijaz October 10, 2011 7:58 pm The smell test — II By Kamran Shafi Published: November 24, 2011


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