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Kaafir Secular & Fantasies of Dr. Israr Ahmed - 2

ISLAMABAD: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has deported dozens of the disciples of noted scholar Dr Israr Ahmad for holding Dars-e-Qur’aan sessions in Dubai, fearing the spread of Talibanisation in the country. The UAE government has also set a deadline for several other Pakistani families to close their businesses and leave the country after it found them involved in religious activities. The Pakistan’s consulate in Dubai is reluctant to share details with the media on the subject. However, the Foreign Office spokeswoman confirmed the deportations. “They violated the laws,” FO spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam told The News but added that she had no knowledge of the exact numbers of the deportees. According to her account, private religious congregations are not allowed there. Religious gatherings could not be held in Dubai except for the Friday sermon, said a source, adding that the Dars-e-Qur’aan congregation was a private function. The News has learnt that the Dubai police arrested around 70 Pakistanis for attending the congregation. The majority of them are believed to be the disciples of Dr Israr Ahmad. About 30 of them have been deported, while the rest have been directed to wind up their businesses and leave the country by the end of July, Bakhtiyar Khilji, chief administrator of Tanzeem-e-Islami - the party headed by Dr Israr Ahmad - told The News. Khilji feared that this “crackdown” by the UAE government might lead to an en masse deportation of Dr Israr’s followers. “The UAE government happens to be very sensitive to such congregations. The police had arrested the people whenever suspicion of their participants to the Dars-e-Qur’aan congregation arose.” When this correspondent contacted Pakistan consulate in Dubai, Dr Zafar Iqbal, press consular, showed reluctance to share the details, saying it could trigger a controversy. Waseem Ahmad, welfare attache at the consulate, who was directly involved in this issue, also refused to speak on the subject. REFERENCE: UAE deports Pakistanis for Dars-e-Qur’aan Friday, May 11, 2007

Dr. Israr Ahmed & Wahabis

Aqeedah Ibn ‘Arabi wa Hayaatuhu by Taqiy al-Deen al-Faasi

Some confusing words of Ibn ‘Arabi were mentioned to our master Shaykh al-Islam Siraaj al-Deen al-Balqeeni, and he was asked about Ibn ‘Arabi. Our Shaykh al-Balqeeni said: he is a kaafir.[Ibn-e-Hajar Asqalani]

Among these Sufis are: Ibn ‘Arabi, Ibn Saba’een, Ibn Barrajaan and their followers who follow their path and their religion. They have many books in circulation that are filled with blatant kufr and repugnant bid’ahs, trying to interpret clear texts in very far-fetched and repugnant ways, such that the reader is astounded that anyone could attribute such things to Islam. [Ibn Khaldoon]

These later Sufis, such as Ibn ‘Arabi and his followers, are misguided and ignorant and beyond the pale of Islam; those among them who have knowledge are even worse. [Al-Subki]

Undoubtedly the famous book Al-Fusoos contains blatant kufr, as does al-Futoohaat al-Makkiyyah. If it is true that he wrote this and continued to believe in it until he died, then he is a kaafir who is doomed to eternity in Hell, no doubt about it. [Abu Zar’ah ibn al-Haafiz al-‘Iraaqi] REFERENCE: Noted Saudi Arabian Scholar Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid says

Wahdat ul Wajood (Pantheism) , Dr. Israr Ahmed, Tahir ul Qadri, Deoband & Islam - 1

The Process of an Islamic Revolution By Dr Israr Ahmad

Wahdat ul Wajood (Pantheism) , Dr. Israr Ahmed, Tahir ul Qadri, Deoband & Islam - 2

Pakistan enjoys a especial significance in the context of the contemporary global movement for Islamic revival and renaissance. There are, indeed, a number of indications that Pakistan is destined to play a pivotal role concerning the future of Islam, and that Pakistan will have the honor of leading the Muslim Ummah into an age characterized by the domination of Islam. For instance, unlike the more or less simultaneous movements launched against the yoke of Western imperialism throughout the Muslim world, it was only in the Indian subcontinent that the name of Islam was invoked. Furthermore, any keen student of history can appreciate the veracity of the assertion that, in view of the extremely unfavorable situation prevailing at the time, the establishment of a separate homeland for Muslims in 1947 was nothing short of a miracle. On a deeper level, it should be obvious to all believers that the creation of Pakistan was in direct response to our firm and solemn pledge to Almighty Allah (SWT) __ the pledge that, in case we succeed in gaining our much coveted freedom, we will establish the Islamic System of Social Justice in this country. During the movement for independence, we made public claims that we are going to create a model Islamic state, that we are going to show the entire world the true picture of Islam, and that we are going to demonstrate how the Islamic ideals of human freedom, equality, and fraternity work in real life. REFERENCE: The Process of an Islamic Revolution by Dr. Israr Ahmad Dr. Israr Ahmad Bani Tanzeem-e-Islami (Lecture at Khilafah Confrence 1994, Wembley Hall, London)


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