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Nusrat Mirza, HAARP and ISI.

Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest insurance market, said claims before tax from superstorm Sandy will probably cost between $2 billion to $2.5 billion. The estimate is consistent with total insurance industry losses of between $20 billion and $25 billion, Lloyd’s said in an e-mailed statement today. The London-based market said it expects a “minimal impact” on its member capital, while the central fund won’t be affected. Homeowners and businesses are seeking payouts on policies to help cover losses from Hurricane Sandy, which lashed the densely populated U.S. Northeast coast on Oct. 29, causing a storm surge, extensive flooding and damage to property, after hitting the Caribbean and Bahamas. Total market losses could be as much as $25 billion, Zurich-based Swiss Re Ltd. (SREN) has said. “It has been much more of a loss for insurers than for reinsurers, specialty insurers in particular, which is what Lloyd’s is” said Christopher Hitchings, a London-based analyst with Keefe Bruyette & Woods Ltd. Zurich Insurance Group AG (ZURN), Switzerland’s biggest insurer, said on Dec. 17 that claims from Sandy could be as much as $700 million. Lloyd’s member Catlin Group Ltd (CGL) estimated Sandy-related losses at about $200 million and Novae Group Plc (NVA) said net costs of the hurricane could be as much as $30 million. “The Lloyd’s insurance market remains financially strong and while claims from this storm could still evolve over time, the market’s total exposure is well within the worst-case scenarios we model and prepare for,” Chief Executive Officer Richard Ward said in the statement. REFERENCE: Lloyd’s Estimates About $2.5 Billion Hurricane Sandy Claims By Carolyn Bandel - Dec 19, 2012

Mapping Hurricane Sandy’s Deadly Toll: At last count, officials were attributing more than 100 deaths to Hurricane Sandy. Some patterns emerged in mapping the deaths in the region. Elderly residents were hit especially hard, with close to half of the people who died age 65 or older. In New York City, the majority of deaths occurred in Queens and on Staten Island, and most people perished at the height of the storm, drowned by the surge. In more inland areas, downed trees were more often the cause of death. The days after the storm were also deadly, as people tried to clear away storm damage or used poorly ventilated generators to ward off the dark and the cold. Some victims’ names have not been released, as the authorities seek to reach their families. REFERENCE: Mapping Hurricane Sandy’s Deadly Toll Published: November 17, 2012

Jang columnist, Nusrat Mirza, instead of invoking the wrath-of-god explanation, has concocted a fantastic conspiracy theory. He blames Sandy on Haarp. Having taken credit for introducing his readers to Haarp, in 2010, he blames Haarp for the deluge that devastated Pakistan in 2010 as well as the flooding in Japan last year that caused Fukushima nuclear melt down. Even the earthquake in 2006, according to our columnist, as well as the natural tragedies [not mentioned] that struck Haiti, Iran, China, and Iran have been caused by Haarp. Since imagination has a limit even in the case of conspiracy theorists, hence, our conspiracy theorist appears at odd with his own formulations. His conclusion, therefore, is indeed vague. We are informed, ‘Having devastated its own people on 9/11, this is for the second time on October 29, that the USA is putting its people in trouble. However, if the aim is to trigger another world war, we do not know. Or perhaps there is some other mala fide intention, only the time will tell.’ REFERENCE: Sandy as god’s wrath Thursday, 15 November 2012 by Farooq Sulehria


"Whenever the U.S. Spaceplane X-37B is Sent Into Space – A Natural Disaster Occurs Somewhere in the World" "Whenever the U.S. space plane X-37B is sent into space, a natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world. Last year, on April 22, this shuttle was launched into space to spy on Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Korean waters, and if needed, to attack anywhere. Also, this spaceplane can make use of HARRP technology [out of Alaska], and natural disasters can be artificially brought about. "After the plane's launch into space, Pakistan was hit by an unusual monsoon on July 26, 2010, which brought extraordinary destruction... During that monsoon, Pakistan suffered a loss of $43 billion; 2,000 people died, and around one-fifth of the country was submerged in floods. However, it was fortunate that the country's nuclear weapons program remained safe during that disaster, and had also been safe during the 2005 earthquake, by Allah's grace. "Although the earthquake struck the country's mountainous region [in Pakistani Kashmir], some people say that it was an artificial one, and that HARRP technology was used to cause this earthquake. According to some people, certain powers believed that Pakistan's nuclear assets were in this mountainous region; the Khushab nuclear assets [in Pakistan's Punjab province] would have probably been the target of the flooding. This is believed because it is being said that the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan also were artificial, because this tragedy occurred just six days after the U.S. X-37B spaceplane was launched into space on March 5, 2011." "The U.S. Objectives Are to Continue Its Domination Of the World – And Not To Let Another Power or Group of Powers Challenge Its Domination" "Three Japanese nuclear reactors have been affected due to this, and radiation has started [leaking] from these reactors. It can be seen that fingers are being pointed only at the U.S. for the Japanese disaster; this is because Japan was, in collaboration with some other countries, trying to replace the U.S. dollar with a new currency for international trading. The Japanese emperor has met three times with the Chinese president in this regard. "As per a Nibira TV report, former Japanese finance minister Heizo Takaneka was warned to hand over the Japanese financial system to the U.S. or else his country could be attacked with an earthquake. This news could be viewed on YouTube. If this news is true, then it means that the U.S. objectives are to continue its domination of the world – and not to let another power or group of powers challenge its domination. For this purpose, it has challenged the entire world and is engaged in the loot and plunders across the globe. "For now, its targets are only Muslim countries because they are weak and rich and [their rulers are] serving sentences of old age. It gave birth to a wave of change in the Islamic nations. Only Libya resisted the U.S.-sponsored change. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak quit but the army took over, which is more beneficial to the U.S. Most intellectuals of the world say that this behavior by the U.S. is motivated by political objectives, not by religious zeal." Reference: Nusrat Mirza on Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami and Haarp 23 March 2011 Daily Jang

 "The World Wll Have to Decide Whether Pakistan's 2005 Earthquake and 2010 Floods... and Now Japan's Tsunami... Were Natural or Artificial Disasters" "The world will have to decide whether Pakistan's 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods, the [2004] Indonesian tsunami, and now Japan's tsunami in March 2011 were natural or artificial disasters. "The point is if these were natural disasters, then why do the Americans say that such changes can be introduced in weather, which can bring rains or can cause earthquakes or can melt the engine of a plane from a distance of 250 kilometers with a small ray? [They also claim] that a wall of beams like the Great Wall of China can be erected around a specific country, area or region. But prominent U.S. scientists have not let the theory be widely circulated, fearing that if this viewpoint of theirs were accepted it could lead to the breakup of the Panet Earth. "However, the U.S. government tasked the Pentagon with leading this theory to its logical conclusion. The Pentagon established an extremely powerful transmitter on a 123-acre plot of land, some 200 miles from Alaska, and fixed 72-meter-tall antennas on 180 towers, through which 3 billion watts of electromagnetic waves could be transmitted at a frequency of 2.5-10 megahertz." "Today, 'Rulers' Are Coming to the Forefront and, Using Science, Are Causing Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Weather Alterations, Changes in Airplanes' Routes, Plane Crashes, and Floods" "In addition to this, the American Star Wars, and to cause changes in weather, the U.S. could introduce changes from this station in Alaska in the earth's low but decided level of atmosphere wherever such seasonal changes are needed. This can bring about climatic reforms within a range of several hundred miles. "Every invention in the U.S. needs to be patented, and when doing so the invention's functioning must be defined. The HARRP's patent number is 4,686,605. The critics of the HARRP have named it 'a burning flame gun.' According to this patent, this technology is a tool that could introduce changes in the weather anywhere in the world and can stop or change routes of missiles and can interfere in the satellite system of a party or impose its own system on that party. "Through this technology, the intelligence signals of others could be controlled and missiles or aircraft could be destroyed, or their routes diverted; it could bring aircraft to heights or lower them again. The method set out in the patent says that this technology makes a single or many particles, places them in blocks... of the upper earth, which could introduce change in the weather. According to this patent, making weather more or less extreme or… creating artificial warmth would be possible, as would be changing the upper part of the earth, or changing the absorption pattern of sunlight for throwing extreme sunlight or increasing its warmth on a part of the world. (An article of mine on this issue was published in Roznama Jang on August 28, 2010). "Why in 1970 did [U.S. official Zbigniew] Brzezinski say that they had moved the gravity of power to the U.S. and would not let it shift again to Eurasia? He had also said that due to the U.S. technological advancement, a society would emerge which would remain under control and would follow instructions, and that society or people on the surface of the world would live by the orders of those who would have knowledge of science. "Today, 'rulers' are coming to the forefront and, using science, are causing earthquakes, tsunamis, weather alterations, changes in airplanes' routes, plane crashes, and floods. Therefore, it can be said that the U.S. has carried out a second nuclear attack on Japan. The Nibiru [sic] TV anchor asked the U.S. Air Force to destroy the station in Alaska that causes earthquakes and tsunamis, as 500,000 people have been killed so far due to this." REFERENCE : Renowned Pakistani Columnist Nusrat Mirza Accuses U.S. Of Artificially Causing Japanese Earthquake: 'The U.S. has Carried Out a Second Nuclear Attack on Japan' March 29, 2011'The_U.S._has_Carried_Out_a_Second_Nuclear_Attack_on_Japan'/13288/0/31/31/Y/M.html Nusrat Mirza on Hurricane Sandy and Haarp Jang 2012


Columnist Nusrat Mirza of Nawa-e-Waqt (11 September 2002) wrote angrily that “Daily Times” had unfairly criticised his column on Iran’s relations with Russia. He called the writer of this column “Patay Khan”, an extremely unsavoury epithet in Urdu. He wrote that a few writers in English considered the writers in Urdu ignorant and brainless, just like the “toadies” of the British raj of yore. He further stated: “Most writers are aware of their own identity before writing and they are drunk with the wine of nationalism, knowing full well who their addressees are and what the objective of writing is. Some others write after sensing where their support will come from. Some look to America, some to their own nation, without breaking links with their own religion and without being scared of the ‘greatness’ of America. The purpose of attacking Urdu writers could be to attract attention to the new “Mummy-Daddy” newspaper, or it could be to suppress anti-Americanism in Pakistan just as the Jewish lobby prevents criticism of Israel in America. America is arrogant about its power; Khaled Ahmed is arrogant about his knowledge and wisdom. America is like a ‘mast’ elephant, so is Khaled Ahmed. His allegation of a low IQ against General Mirza Aslam Beg was irrelevant. Anyone who is even a little anti-American in Urdu becomes the victim of his narcissistic anger.” The column goes on to explain how Nusrat Mirza keeps himself abreast of global events by reading English sources. Nusrat Mirza was not “criticised” in “Daily Times”, only supplementary “facts” were added to his opinion. One should look at the original item to see if his extreme personal ire is justified. It should also be noted that America was neither defended nor praised. It is quite possible that an opinion expressed in Urdu looks unimpressive when presented in English. Here goes: “Columnist Nusrat Mirza wrote in “Nawa-e-Waqt” (29 August 2002) that America was angry with Russia for doing business with Iran and was worried about the Central Asia states aligning with Russia and among themselves to defeat the American plan of grabbing control of oil and gas in the region. America was able to manipulate Kazakhstan and Tajikistan but these states will lose everything by allowing America to take away their oil and gas. Israel was rendered ineffective (bay-wuqat) in the Arab world by Pakistan’s acquisition of nuclear before September 11. America was buying Arab oil without proper pricing (bay-bhao) but the possibility of Iran becoming nuclear power and Pakistan’s nuclear weapons trickling (chchalak-kar) into Arab hands worries it. America stands to lose the Central Asian mineral wealth and suffer weakening of Israel in the Middle East, which it cannot tolerate; therefore it will soon go to war. “This much is fact: Russia’s latest deals with Iran have aroused ire in Washington. It is also true to say that America would like to counterbalance the domination of Russia in Central Asia. Yes, America is interested in getting its oil companies access to this regional market. From here on, the map becomes complex. China too wants America to get into Central Asia to counterbalance Russia as well as the Islamic threat. This is what the newly independent writers on strategy say in Beijing. America has a military connection in most of the Central Asian states through NATO. It does joint military exercises in the region in cooperation with Russia. The Central Asian states are linked to Russia formally; some of them have formed a group of common interests among themselves. At another level they are joined with China, Russia and America to counter terrorism of the Islamic variety. Yes, it is true that America is in competition with Russia over the route of the pipeline that is to go from the Caspian littoral to Europe. Why should the Americans be particularly seen as influential in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan? They could be more influential with Kyrgyzstan than with Tajikistan. They are definitely influential in Uzbekistan which has given them bases to operate out of. (Uzbekistan keeps its gold in New York, just as Pakistan keeps its foreign exchange reserves there.) It is immensely influential with Russia through the IMF, but Russia wants to earn dollars in Iran against America’s wishes. The same goes for China which agreed to MTCR constraints then gave Pakistan the missiles it had undertaken not to give. China denies it broke the MTCR pledge and continues to enjoy a big trade surplus with America. “How has Pakistan’s bomb rendered Israel “bay-wuqat”? Israel is still doing the terrible things it has always done, and Pakistan is “bay-wuqat” since 1998 when it tested because of a total lack of investment. The thing to consider is what will the Arabs do if either Saddam or Iran came into possession of a nuclear bomb? With Israel there will be a balance of deterrence, but the Arabs will be totally helpless. Whose help will they seek in the face of two nuclear powers with territorial claims? Obviously, America, as they did in 1991. “The column says America will physically grab oil and gas as property. That is not the pattern. America wants contracts. It will get them if they give a better deal to the Central Asians who want to diversify their dependence on Russia anyway. Why should Pakistan’s nuclear technology go “chchalak-kar” to anyone? The past pattern is that low-IQ generals like Aslam Beg tried this dangerous hankie-panky in violation of Pakistan’s written pledge and were brushed aside by Pakistan’s political leaders. The prediction that America will soon go to war is a loose speculation. President Bush is finding it impossible to attack Saddam Hussein, given a near-total rejection of everyone it counts on as its allies. That it will go to war in Central Asia to grab oil and gas is equally far-fetched.” Mr Nusrat Mirza has flown off the handle, calling names where he should have stuck to facts. That’s the style. The “Mummy-Daddy” newspaper he thinks “defends” America against criticism is the most ‘anti-American’ daily in Pakistan on the basis of the content of its opinion. We only devoutly hope that this criticism of America is not unfairly levelled, is dispassionate and is offered without prejudice. * REFERENCE: SECOND OPINION: The opposite of truth may be another truth Friday, October 11, 2002 Khaled Ahmed’s Urdu Press Review Daily Jang Monday, March 11, 2013, Rabi-us-Sani 28, 1434 A.H.

Nusrat Mirza writing on the front page of ‘Nawa-e-Waqt’ (11 May 2002) stated that the killing of the French nationals in Karachi could be a punishment to France for being so anti-American. France could have been targeted by America because it is no longer very enthusiastic about its alliance with the United States under NATO. France is openly criticising America these days. Speculation is based on patterns of past behaviour. The speculation in Pakistan is that India could have done it. Most people buy that because of the pattern of behaviour established in our experience of covert and overt war with India. If anyone is to believe that the United States got the Frenchmen killed to punish France, some pattern of behaviour among the states of the Atlantic Alliance should be available. It won’t do to refer to CIA covert operations of the past. REFERENCE: Second opinion: Down with the ‘Loyal Muhammadans’! Khaled Ahmed’s Urdu Press Review Friday, May 17, 2002

Columnist Nusrat Mirza wrote in “Nawa-e-Waqt” (October 2, 2002) that America wanted to establish its bases (adday) on Siachen as India and Pakistan fight each other. It wants to electronically control the entire region from Siachen. Its targets are China, Russia, India and Pakistan so that none of them makes an anti-American alliance to foil its aim of grabbing the minerals found in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran. It makes other countries go to war, interferes in the internal affairs of states, gets leaders killed and instigates rebellions. If Pakistan could do something to protect its honour from America, it must do so. The buzz was that America wanted Kashmir for itself, from where it would electronically spy on our friend China. This was spread by our spooks when confronted with American support to the “third option” in Kashmir. In India many politicians subscribed to the same thing. Mulayam Singh Yadav had an elaborate theory about how India and Pakistan would be deprived of Kashmir by the United States. Josef Korbel in his book Danger In Kashmir first found Communist leader Ghulam Muhammad Sadiq propounding this theory in Kashmir for the first time in 1949. Now we see America as an ally of India. We no longer think it will deprive India and grab Kashmir for itself. It is more plausible that it will get India (in return for the inhabited Kashmir) to give it bases on the Siachen Glacier. We are sure that Siachen is the only place in the world from where the American electronic gadgets can control the region. What about the satellites? How will the Americans grab the minerals of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan? At present, they can’t seem to get hold of Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, and can’t seem to figure out how to get the warlords to behave. Iran will be anti-American for a long time although President Khatami is a moderate. Soon Iran may become a nuclear power. Pakistan’s mineral wealth is gas but there is not much of it left for which America may attack it. Central Asian resources will be given out on big contracts, which will earn Central Asians a lot of much-needed dollars, and the American companies will get these contracts because of America’s political clout and technological superiority. Is America trying to get India and Pakistan to fight another war? On the face of it, it is desperate to prevent it. The columnist prefers to leave it to the readers to figure out how Pakistan may save its honour from being sullied by rascally America. REFERENCE: SECOND OPINION: The growing obsession with blasphemy Khaled Ahmed’s Urdu Press Review Monday, October 07, 2002

Columnist Nusrat Mirza wrote in “Nawa-e-Waqt” (October 22, 2002) that America always attacked states that were weak and had no means of attacking America. Hence there was no suspicion of American defeat. It thereafter used propaganda to isolate the victim country and then used sophisticated weapons to destroy it. After Iraq, it may attack Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan. It must be stopped from going ahead in Iraq. This is the thinking of the brave. Pakistan has always been brave, attacking an enemy it cannot defeat. Even after it was defeated in 1971, it is still brave, taking on foes that can fight back. Alas, strategy is not made that way. You don’t fight someone who can fight back. First make sure that it is isolated and weak, then attack so that you win. The brave man on the other hand doesn’t fear defeat and is often defeated. The coward never loses because he never takes on someone equal in ability to fight. America is a coward that will not lose. Pakistan is brave and loses all the time. Last time Pakistan lost was when our brave Mullah Omar vowed that he would defeat the Americans in Afghanistan. The Americans killed 5,000 Taliban and 3,000 innocent Afghans. * REFERENCE: SECOND OPINION: The other face of the MMA Khaled Ahmed’s Urdu Press Review Friday, November 01, 2002

Columnist Nusrat Mirza wrote in ‘Nawa-e-Waqt’ (6 November 2003) that Foreign Office had not formulated Pakistan foreign policy on the basis of its permanent self-interest but on short-term advantage. It had done the right thing by siding with the United States during the cold war and then getting the US and China to unite, but was not afterwards able to ensure Pakistan’s benefits. It got Pakistan into the big global gambles where the country was used by others as a pawn. The last great blunder was the adoption of America’s war against Al Qaeda as its own war. This was the most dangerous gamble striking at the very root of Pakistan’s identity as a state. Pakistan exploited America to confront India, then got money and weapons out of America during the Afghan war. In return, it gave heroin to America and made its nuclear weapons in defiance of American law. In short, all states look to their self-interest. How is the Foreign Office responsible for the anti-Al Qaeda policy? This was made by General Musharraf when President Bush rang him up. REFERENCE: Second Opinion: How Islam is used by us —Khaled Ahmed’s Urdu Press Review Friday, December 05, 2003

Strictly for Mr. Nusrat Mirza - MARCH 08, 2004 The Veep and Pakistan - Cheney Helped Cover-Up Nuclear Proliferation in 1989, So Pentagon Could Sell Pakistan Fighter Jets by JASON LEOPOLD Cheney went to great lengths to cover-up Pakistan's nuclear weaponry. In a New Yorker article On the Nuclear Edge published on March 29, 1993  by Seymour M Hersh

And as far HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is concerned. 

COMSTECH is the Organisation of Islamic Countries’ highest scientific body. It has received millions of dollars from OIC countries, including Pakistan. Comstech’s magnificent headquarters are located on Constitution Avenue in Islamabad. It has been headed by Dr Atta-ur-Rahman since 1996. Although its performance has been consistently mediocre, the organisation has now descended to an all-time low. Recently Dr Rahman published an eye-popping article entitled HAARP (Dawn, Oct 17). The article claims that a physics research project, based in Alaska, may have been used by the US to trigger earthquakes globally, and could also have caused the catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Dr Rahman concludes with a chilling question: “Is the HAARP then, a harmless research tool — or a weapon of mass destruction far more lethal than nuclear weapons? We may never know.” Given Dr Rahman’s prominent place in Pakistani science, and that he is fellow of the Royal Society, one must consider seriously his claim that HAARP can cause earthquakes and floods. But even the briefest examination makes clear his claims make no scientific sense. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme. Its website states it is a research programme run by the University of Alaska in collaboration with various US colleges and universities. If HAARP is a secret military project conceived by evil and diabolical minds, it is hard to see why visitors, including foreign nationals, are said to be allowed on site. The website says that the last open house was on July 17, 2010. At least on the face of things, HAARP does not have the trappings of an American secret weapons facility. (Google Earth, which I used, blacks these out.) Readers will see a field of antennas, as well as some cars and two ordinary looking buildings. No security barriers are visible. This does not appear to be a classified project. But, of course, appearances can be deceptive. So let us simply use common sense and physics. Assume therefore that the power of the transmitters is many times that declared on the website (3.6MW). This may mean HAARP could potentially disrupt radio communications during war, or blind incoming missiles. But science cannot accept Dr Rahman’s claim that “It (HAARP) may also affect plate tectonics causing earthquakes, floods through torrential rains and trigger tsunamis.” Does the good doctor believe in magic and demons? How else can massive tectonic plates be moved by radio waves? Will HAARP tickle a sleeping subterranean monster that awakes and sets off earthquakes? This kind of thinking was what irate and ignorant village mullahs used after the 2005 Pakistani earthquake. They blamed cable television, after which followers smashed thousands of television sets. Weather change simply cannot be caused by HAARP’s radio waves. The effects of a puny 3.6MW radio transmitter on the ionosphere can only be detected with sensitive instruments. Even these are almost completely washed out by a constant stream of charged particles from the sun that hit the earth during daytime. To see HAARP’s effects would be like trying to see a candle a mile away in blazing sunlight. Today, even the most powerful lasers and radios are millions of times weaker than needed to heat sizeable portions of the ionosphere. (Of course, producing hotspots in tiny volumes anywhere is not a problem, but these have zero effect on the weather or earthquakes.) Perhaps in some future century a laser might be able to do this job. 

Dr Rahman says he is uncertain if HAARP could equal a nuclear weapon or perhaps be even more destructive. But if it is actually the super-weapon that he alleges, then the laws of physics will have to be overturned. Physicists will have the sad task of unlearning all that they know and burning their useless books. With a heavy heart, I shall return all my physics degrees. Scientists sometimes disagree — this is how scientific disputes are resolved. But it is worth asking if at least some genuine scientists support Dr Rahman’s claims. He provides no examples. Instead, he quotes President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who accused the US of causing the Haiti earthquake. While I admire Chavez for standing up to political bullying by the US, I am not sure he knows anything about plate tectonics. In fact, his claim caused seismologists to crack up with laughter. Dr Rahman also quotes a 1999 committee of the European Union Parliament that called for HAARP to be examined by an international independent body. I do not know if any of the committee members were scientists. But 11 years later, the EU has not called for further investigation, nor alleged that HAARP has caused natural disasters. The good doctor enthusiastically endorses the statements of Dr Nick Begich, one of HAARP’s most vocal critics, and refers to him reverentially as a scientist. But Begich’s website says that he obtained a doctorate in traditional medicine from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines in 1994. In other words Begich is not a scientist, but a homeopath who obtained a mail order degree. Yet another quoted “authority” is the arch conspiracy theorist, Michel Chossudovsky, a retired professor of economics in Ottawa. In Dr Rahman’s pantheon of ‘experts’, none has published a scientific paper in a reputable science journal that demonstrates a connection between ionospheric physics and any weather or subterranean phenomenon. In short, Dr Rahman’s claims about HAARP are based on pseudo-science promoted by conspiracy theorists who blame America for all grief in the world. Once science loses its objectivity and becomes enslaved to any kind of ideology or political opinion, it becomes useless. Quack science does not just cost money. It also confuses people, engages them in bizarre conspiracy theories, and decreases society’s collective ability to make sensible decisions. One must therefore seriously question whether a pseudoscience organisation like Comstech deserves lavish funding from poor Pakistanis. We have better things to spend our money on. As for the world of science: it will not even notice Comstech’s demise. REFERENCE: Case of bogus science By Pervez Hoodbhoy 16th November, 2010

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