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Jang Group & Veracity of Transparency International & IRI Survey.

PARIS, Nov 23: Angry remarks by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who told reporters privately that linking him to kickbacks for French submarine sales was as absurd as him calling one journalist a paedophile, were made public on Tuesday after being leaked by a magazine. Infuriated by reports linking him to an investigation into possible kickbacks to French politicians in the 1990s, Mr Sarkozy lashed out at a journalist in Lisbon last week and said he could just as easily accuse him of being a paedophile. In a media briefing on Friday that was “off the record”, meaning his comments were not to be reported, Mr Sarkozy launched a tirade against sloppy reporting, saying journalists should check their facts and not just make assumptions when writing reports. “The world’s gone mad here. There’s not a single one among you who believes I’d go and organise commissions and kickbacks on submarines for Pakistan. This is incredible,” said President Sarkozy, in Lisbon for a weekend Nato summit. To stress his point he turned to one journalist and said: “And you. I’ve nothing against you. It appears that you’re a paedophile... Who told me? It’s my personal belief. Can you justify that?” Sarkozy said: “See you tomorrow my paedophile friends,” as he walked off. His comments were published online by the weekly l’Express under the headline “Sarkozy’s off-record anger” and picked up by other media. The presidential palace declined to comment on Tuesday. Mr Sarkozy is known for his mercurial manner and sometimes stormy relations with the media. In a primetime interview on national television earlier this month he shot down presenters quizzing him on sensitive issues such as his expulsion this year of Roma migrants and media allegations of espionage by French authorities.—Reuters Sarkozy lashed out at reporters in Lisbon Wednesday, 24 Nov, 2010

Mob of Kamran Khan i.e. Mr. Ansar Abbasi, Mr Shaheen Sehbai, Mr. Irfan Siddiqui and Mohammad Malick are usually very fond of the reports of Transparency International and Survey of International Republican Institute (IRI) particularly when they carry "Corruption Reports on Pakistan. Quite funny isn't it that the same group often raise hell against US Central Intelligence, Mossad and countless others and these very journalists "conveniently" forget that such surveys/reports could be a brainchild of the Organizations on the payrolls of the same US Central Intelligence Agency and Mossad. One of the Professional Colleague Mubashir Luqman openly said Transparency International an Israeli/CIA Agent:)

Express News Exposing Transparency International Pakistan (Point Blank 21st Sept 2010)


ISLAMABAD: In an obvious rebuke to President Asif Zardari’s efforts to seek massive aid from the world community, the global anti-corruption watchdog, the Transparency International, issued a stinging indictment on the eve of a high-profile New York meeting of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan, saying: “How can one expect from any donor to come forward to assist Pakistan from its current financial crisis, when there exist no law against corruption.” President Zardari is to meet US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and other world leaders at the Friends of Democratic Pakistan meeting in New York on Thursday but in its 2009 Global Corruption Report, released on Wednesday, Transparency International portrays Pakistan amongst the most corrupt nations in the world. Releasing the annual report, the TI chief in Pakistan Adeel Gilani said anti-corruption efforts in the country had taken a 180 degree turn since Gen Pervez Musharraf issued the National Reconciliation Ordinance on October 5, 2007, 56 days after the ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption. The timing for the release of the TI report would be embarrassing for President Zardari, whose government’s credibility is already seriously questioned internationally because of President’s own as well as many of his government’s key players’ past plagued by serious corruption charges. Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin tried to soften the impact of the TI report by saying in his talks with US officials in New York, the US side had assured that most of the aid to Pakistan will be channelled through the federal government, although it is still not clear whether the US Congress will approve this. Transparency indicts Pakistan at critical time by Ansar Abbasi Updated at: 0947 PST, Thursday, September 24, 2009

Group's/GEO TV Correspondents particularly the Mob of Kamran Khan, Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehbai and Saleh Zaafir are very fond of quoting Transparency International on Pakistan's Corruption - ISLAMABAD: Foreign funding to Pakistan, especially under the Kerry-Lugar package of $7.5 billion and $170 million committed by the World Bank for the Sindh Irrigation System, may be directly hit if the government cuts its contacts with Transparency International Pakistan (TIP). The move would also, obviously, open the floodgates of corruption of billions of rupees in public sector procurement. Secretary Interior Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, when contacted, said that he was not aware of any such directive issued by the Interior Ministry. The TIP Chairman, Adil Gillani, was also clueless about this reported decision. Yet the sources warned that in case of such an eventuality, Pakistan would be a great loser at the hands of corrupt. Severing contacts with the TIP would mean undoing all those Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), which were signed between the TIP and several major public sector enterprises to check corruption by ensuring transparency in the procurement process involving the taxpayers’ money. Besides this, these sources said that in case of the Kerry-Lugar aid package of $7.5 billion, the USAID had formally engaged the TIP, which had been assigned the task of maintaining an anti-fraud hotline and fraud awareness programme to ensure that the US funds does not go into the pockets of corrupt and the money is spent for the purpose it is given to the Government of Pakistan. REFERENCE: Cutting links with Transparency to cost billions Updated at Monday, November 22, 2010 By Ansar Abbasi

Following are the converted Images of a ‘PDF’ Document, Originally published at website of Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UK and Ireland AND they have questioned the very Integrity of the Transparency International and their Reports. REFERENCE: Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UK and Ireland 1 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 2HW, Tel: 020 7584 4206 1 Fact Sheet: TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL



To criticize any political government whether PPP or PML - N specifically Asif Ali Zardari one shouldn't need the crutches of International Republican Institute (IRI)'s report/survey, only law and order news and rising prices of basic utilities would be more than enough to put any government in shame.

Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan and Chairman PPP.

Kamran Khan the Investigative Tout of GEO/THE NEWS/JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS

Nawaz Sharif, Kamran Khan, National Interest & Geo TV

But our so-called Investigative Journalist-cum- GEO TV Political Analyst (read Tout) i.e. Kamran Khan [Correspondent of The News/Jang & Former Correspondent of The Washington Pots] and many like him are so insecure that to prove their credibility they always quote ISI, Army Sources, Unnamed Political Sources, or IRI Survey.
Kamran Khan has again quoted IRI Survey.Report today in his "Alleged" Investigative Report filed in The News dated Thursday, October 29, 2009.


Dwindling faith in President Zardari’s capacity to act as a neutral, corruption-free, nationally respected leader of Pakistan waned further early this month when the Washington-based International Republican Institute (IRI), a pro-democracy group financed by the US government, reported in an in-depth survey that only about two in 10 Pakistanis carry any favourable opinion about President Zardari. As opposed to President Zardari’s terrible approval rating, the same IRI survey revealed that a big majority of Pakistanis, close to nine out of 10, hold the institution of the Pakistan Army in the highest esteem followed by the judiciary that won the support of seven out of 10 Pakistanis. Reference: Beleaguered Presidency left with single option By Kamran Khan Thursday, October 29, 2009
The International Republican Institute (IRI), considered the international branch of the U.S. Republican Party, and one of the four “core groups” of the congressionally created and funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED), apparently knew of the coup d’etat in Honduras against President Zelaya well in advance. IRI is well known for its role in the April 2002 coup d’etat against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and its funding and strategic advising of the principal organizations involved in the ouster of President Jean Bertrand Aristide of Haiti in 2004. In both cases, IRI funded and/or trained and advised political parties and groups that were implicated in the violent, undemocratic overthrow of democratically elected presidents. REFERENCE: The Role of the International Republican Institute (IRI) in the Honduran Coup The International Republican Institute talks of “coup” in Honduras, months before By Eva Golinger MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009
Let have look at the Credibility of International Republican Institute (IRI)


A brief history of the IRI is as follows: In a bid to make the world friendlier to US interests, President Ronald Reagan (a supporter of Apartheid South Africa) called for the creation of the National Endowment for Democracy in 1983. The US, he claimed, needed an organization that would "foster the infrastructure of democracy--the system of a free press, unions, political parties, universities- -which allows a people to choose their own way, to develop their own culture, to reconcile their own differences through peaceful means." As a result the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which spawned the International Republican Institute (IRI), the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were formed. NED receives about $50 Million from the US Congress. USAID requested a staggering $9.3 billion for 2007. Out of these three organizations, the IRI and USAID are the most active in the promotion of a world safe for US Democracy. The IRI at first "focused on planting the seeds of democracy in Latin America," according to its website. After the "Cold War, [it] has broadened its reach to support democracy and freedom around the globe." USAID states that U.S. foreign aid helps in "furthering America's foreign policy interests in expanding democracy and free markets while improving the lives of the citizens of the developing world."

Through what NED terms Consolidating Democracy, democratic principles and sovereignty are being violated. The NED, IRI and USAID attempt to unify opposition against a target government. They provide strategic and monetary support to the opposition. They also infiltrate university student organizations, women's and youth groups, trade unions, teacher associations and other sectors of civil society which they then into supporting the opposition parties that they have effectively turned into a coalition. Worse than instigating a coup (a top down mechanism of change), the IRI and USAID infect the very blood lines of the country by affecting "regime change" through civil society. Consolidating Democracy was successfully used in what the IRI refers to as the color revolutions in Ukraine (Orange), Georgia (Rose) and Kyrgyzstan (Tulip). In Haiti, democratically elected Aristide was overthrown using the same methods of unifying a rag-tag opposition and then mobilizing civil society behind it. But some countries such as Venezuela remain a failed target. The IRI's 2005 Programs in Africa webpage states that it "provided training for political parties in Angola to establish a strong and stable political party system, and reinforce the national reconciliation process." In Kenya it "worked with political parties to teach them how to develop positions and communicate them to voters." In Nigeria they "focused on strengthening and preparing political parties for the 2007 elections and fostering partnerships between the parities and civil groups". And in Liberia the IRI "sponsored the first-ever formal presidential candidate debates."

In September 2006, when receiving the IRI 2006 Freedom Award together with Laura Bush, Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf thanked the IRI which "was particularly active in promoting [the] elections." She added that "Very quickly an office was established. They came, they did workshops. They brought political groups together. They worked with the media. They educated. They instructed. They supported. They assisted the process." She was in fact recounting the steps taken to consolidate democracy in Liberia by the foreign NGO. President Mbeki has in the past questioned to what extent South African civil society makes independent choices. This concern can be extended to the continent. For example, a Boston Globe survey "identified 159 faith-based organizations that received more than $1.7 billion in USAID prime contracts, grants and agreements from fiscal 2001 to fiscal 2005" as part of President Bush's Faith Based Initiative. The implications here are obvious. USaid has also tied acceptance of Genetically Modified food to foreign aid even in terms of disaster as in the case with Zambia in 2002. Organizations such as Oxfam have showed that GM foods in Africa would in the long run be harmful to the small scale African farmer, lead to the destruction of local food economies, create a cycle of dependency and cause more acute starvation. It was an absurd case of stopping starvation today by creating conditions for more starvation tomorrow.

And in even more direct interference with the internal economy and politics of African countries, USaid, has worked in concert with the World Bank to promote the now infamous Structural Adjustment Programs consolidated wealth for a corrupt elite while taking away education and health rights from the poor. But it is the hijacking of democratic processes by using civil society that should be of the most concern to Africans concerned with genuine democracy. The IRI and USAID don't have to win every African election they participate in – each parliamentarian and each political organization that gets a seat in the government becomes their lobbyist. In effect, they become shareholders in the new government. And as the American proverb says, "whoever pays the piper calls the tune." Reference: African Democracies for Sale By Mukoma Ngugi February 07, 2007


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