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The Taliban Phenomenon - 1

javed qazi wrote:

Friends I forward the ideas of Ayesha Siddiqa to which she has compiled into her lead article that has published today’s Dawn. It is pertain to the debate that has been made here under the subject matter.

Complacency kills By Ayesha Siddiqa

October 10, 2008 Friday


Dear Saeen,

How would you explain this Saudi-Karzai talks with the Talibans and Iran's Role in Funding A Ferocious Jamat-e-Islami [Read Butcher] Gulbadin Hikmatyar. We are back to square one when USSR had left Afghanistan and these Afghan Mullah Mafia were at each others Throat from 1989 till 2001 i.e. 9/11 despites of the Fact that these Warlords had taken oath in Makkah for restoring peace but they didn't fulfill that promise and killed more Afghans than the Soviet Russia. Same game is afoot again only the actors are changed earlier Saudi Government tried to make peace between those US/CIA/Pakistan Backed Afghan Warlords [Jamat-e-Islami/Muslim Brotherhood Gang] who fought USSR [1979-1989], then the very same Saudi Government supported and accepted the US CIA/Pakistani backed Deobandi Anarchy i.e. Taliban and the same Saudi Goverment helped the US to destroy the very same Taliban after 9/11 because as per a book [Steve Coll's Ghost Wars] Mullah Omar allegedly misbehaved with Prince Turki Al Faisal [Saudi Intelligence Chief] before US attack on Afghanistan in 2001 because Prince had ordered Mullah Omar to withdraw Taliban support from Laden and Arab Gangs. Even if that was not enough Irani Government was financing a JI/Muslim Brotherhood Butcher of Kabul i.e. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. I wonder if Taliban are to be restored to War than what was the need of so-much bloodshed in the name of War on Terror and that too when a Minister in Taliban government [1996-2001] as per BBC Report [mentioned below number 6, 7 and 8], had warned US [before 9/11] in advance that there was a threat of Terrorist Attack in USA. If the Peace Talk with the Taliban was to be held then what was the need to exploit the Cock and Bull Story that Mullah Omar used to have dreams having indications from Mohammad [PBUH] as to how to Impose Shariah, what was the need to exploit the alleged shirt of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] which was allegedly shown [instead of Bread and Peace] to poor and innocent Afghans by Mullah Omar and this Deobandi Anarchy Taliban to get their sympathy vote above all why dont even take the Holy Name of Islami Shariah when one is indulged in every kind of unscrupulous acts. Read and lament

1 - Karzai’s brother confirms presence at Saudi talks

3 - S. Arabia brokering Kabul-Taliban talks: ‘Militia severs ties with Al Qaeda’

4 - US supports Taliban return to power By Anwar Iqbal

5 - Hekmatyar protected by Iran, says Spanish radio

6 - Taleban 'warned US of huge attack' by By Kate Clark

Former BBC correspondent in Kabul Saturday, 7 September, 2002, 09:48 GMT 10:48 UK

7 - Taleban minister's 'peace role' mystery Wednesday, 17 October, 2001, 17:15 GMT 18:15 UK

8 - Taleban 'turn on ex-minister' Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October, 2003, 17:39 GMT 18:39 UK

The hardline Islamic Taleban movement is reported to have disowned its former foreign minister in Afghanistan, Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil.

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