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Allama Niyaz Fatehpuri and his Faith - 3


Books and Documents 03 Mar 2009, NewAgeIslam.Com

The War Within Islam: Niyaz Fatehpuri’s Struggle Against The Fundamentalists by JUHI SHAHIN

Excerpts from a newly published book in Pakistan: The War Within Islam: Niyaz Fatehpuri’s Struggle Against The Fundamentalists


Late. Allama Niyaz Fatehpuri [1884-1966]

Sultan Shahin wrote:

Shame on this grandson of Allama Niaz Fatehpuri, “a very dear friend” of Mr. Aamir Mughal, who tells people baseless stories about his own grandfather, undoubtedly a great mind of the 20th century who is becoming more and more relevant with the passage of time. Mr. Mughal would do well to let us know the name of this character who would spread such canards about his own grandfather. This cowardly grandson of a heroic scholar needs to be exposed to the glare of sunlight. How can Mr. Mughal too take such a rational view in the matter of goings on at Sufi shrines and then turn around and take such an irrational view of considering Hadees sacrosanct? While, of course, some Ahadees that elaborate and explain Quranic injunctions, have some value for us, even if their authenticity would still be in doubt, but how can a rational Muslim consider this Yazeedi institution, that was created by Abu Jahal’s family to subvert Islam and turn it into an expansionist, exploitative monarchy in the name of democracy, consider it worth preserving in this day and time. Allama Niaz Fatehpuri, on the other hand, was to a large extent rational and logical in all his arguments on a variety of religious issues, except perhaps in the matter of girls’ education. He has a world view and a religious outlook with which one may or may not agree, which is fine, of course, but to call him a coward who turned away from his life-long views before he died is the height of calumny. Unless you come up with the name of this person, Mr. Mughal, you alone would be considered the author of this slander.

Juhi Shahin wrote:

Dear Mr. Mughal,

I have read your comments with much interest earlier, and you have pointed to other useful resources and articles.

However, in the case of Allama Fatehpuri, I am afraid you are wrong. I am based in the States and am acquainted with his family. After reading your comment, I contacted them, and his son who himself is a great scholar told me that he was with his father all through his illness, and Fatehpuri sb. always remained steadfast in all that he believed. There is no one with the name Salman in the family. Please let us know more about this person. For instance, how old is he? Fatehpuri sb. died in 1966.

I hope you do not make such baseless insinuations in the future.



Dear Sultan Sahab and Ms Juhi

I may be a Fasiq - Fajir [Corrupt, Vile and whatever bad you can say] but i dont lie [when I dont even spare Mullahs, ISI, Pakistan Army, Pakistani System, and Two Nation Theory while living in Pakistan then why should I be lying about Fatehpuri]. His name is Salman and by the way most of the family members of Allama Niaz live in the USA. I know Mr Salman very well and he was not lying. And if you dont believe me then there is no compulsion.

Late. Allama Fatehpuri [May Allah have mercy on his soul] used to live in North Nazimabad - Karachi - Sindh [after the partition of India in 1947] and he passed away in that very house that is located opposite block "H" North Nazimabad. He had two wives and from them he had three daughters and two sons [Riaz Niazi and Sarfaraz Niazi - in Chicago USA]. My friend Salman is grand-son of Late. Ms. Akhter Jehan [D/O Late. Allama Fatehpuri] and I have just talked to him on telephone [around 1430 Pakistan Standard Time]. Both the wives of Late. Allama Fatehpuri [May Allah have mercy on his soul] were real sisters and Allama married to the second sisters after his first wife passed away. I amy remind you all that one Pseudo Intellectual of Pakistan i.e. Dr Farman Fatehpuri [Cheat and Former Caretaker Minister under President Ghulam Ishaq Khan rather Military Establishment during 1990s] had encahsed the good name of Late. Allama Fatehpuri. Allama's son had serious differences with Dr Farman Fatehpuri and there were even legal proceedings on the ownership of Nigar Magazine [founded by Late. Allama Fatehpuri]. If you want more details then whenever your are in Pakistan then contact me and we will both visit Late. Allama Fatehpuri's Grandson to make some enquiries to clear the confusion.


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