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Muslim Campaign against Wikipedia & Difference between Muslims and Non Muslims

On Thu, 3/5/09, Ahsan Siddiqui wrote:

make it happen, raise your voice, record your attendance


Don't be a dumb...RECORD YOUR VOICE.

On Sat, 3/7/09, Dr Shabbir wrote:

Naquvi Saheb Muhtaram!

I agree with you. The Qur'an does not forbid fine arts. Mullahs know very well that we find manyAhadith describing men and women companions of the exalted Prophet enjoyingdance, singing and music in his presence. Muslimsneed to confront serious issues. Also see the related U-ube.

Brig SA, M.D.

http://www.ourbeacon.com/ , www.youtube.com/DrShabbir1



--- On Fri, 3/6/09, Syed Mohsin Naquvi wrote:

THese guys are real idiots - they have got their priorities upside-down. There are Muslim girls who would be tomorrow's mothers, who are being deprived of education. ANd these idots are bothered about an imaginary sketch some other idiot has associated with the Prophet of Islam. Instead of complaining about and gathering signatures for stopping that kind of terrorism they are after a picture on the internet. Will someone help bring their brains from their ankles back into their skulls?

Syed-Mohsin Naquvi
--- On Fri, Nayyer wrote:

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition: "Wikipedia Dipiction of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) PIcture"

hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at:


I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

On Tue, 3/10/09, Hassan Shabbir wrote:

Eidon Ki Eid
Dear Friends,

My humble comment are as under:

These Idiots should first lodge an FIR of Blasphemy Case against Pakistani Private TV GEO NEWS NETWROK.

Details are as under:

No doubt nobody have seen Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] but in my humble opinion, what Muslim society needs right now is a complete introspection!

For example a leading Muslim Film Producer Moustapha Akkad [Syrian Muslim -1930 - 2005] had produced a film The Message http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074896/, wherein several leading Hollywood Film Actors/Actresses played parts of several leading Companions [May Allah be pleased with all of them] of the Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and if that was not enough Al Azhar, Egypt, issued Fatwa in favour of that film. No doubt that the events shown in the movie were correct to the hilt but the questions is, was it not a Blasphemy that leading and known Womanizer and Drunkard Actors of Hollywood [watch E Entertainment for the lives of these very actors and it wasn't good] playing parts of the Companions [People of blessed generation].

Even more tragic is this that since last 2/3 years the Geo TV had translated that movie The Messgae and telecast "The Message" during the month of Ramazan. GEO TV also took one step forward and that was to translated The Ten Commandments http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0049833/ and telecast it as well. Prophet Mosses and Prophet Shoaib, Prophet Aaron [Peace be upon all of them] were shown in a very bad light.

What about the Pictures of Hazrat Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] and Hazrat Hussein [May Allah be pleased with him]



The Twelve Imams


These pictures are carried in Moharram Processions in Iraq and Iran.

You will be amazed to know that Salman Rushdie in his book Satanic Verses had quoted the Concocted Narrations rather blasphemic lies attributed to Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] compiled by Ibn-e-Ishaq in his Seerat [first biographic sketch from which every author consult through Seerat Ibn Hisham] and Ibn-e-Ishaq had narrated the narration compiled by Liar Narrators Waqidi and Kalbi [both the narrators were Rafizis].

Dear Hasan Sahab

If you are talking about Eid [Celebrations] then there are only two Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr [this post is for those who believ on Hadith after Quran]. In Islami there is no such thing called Mawlud Mubarak Sharif means Eid Milad un Nabi. Preparing Models for Ka'bah and Masjid-e-Nabavi for giving them Honour is worse than Idolism [why we declare that Hindus worship Idols?], Ka'bah is in Makkah tul Mukarramah and Masjid-e-Nabawi is in Medina and no Model even if these are made of Solid Gold can replace the Originals and only Original Ka'abah and Masjid Nabawi deserve honour not the model which we Pakistani 'Muslims' show around at every roundabout in all the major cities of Pakistan.

Models of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]'s Mosque and Ka'abah [Means Sunni Taziya - 1]

Alleged Sandals of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] [Sunni Taziya - 2]

Amulet (Tawwez/Ganda) made out of Alleged Sandals of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] [Sunni Taziya - 3]

We shouldn't celebrate like we do particularly in Pakistan and by creating Noise Pollution [create restlessness in Blood Pressure and Diabetic Patients], Traffic Jam [another curse of these Innovative public gatherings and Mawlid and Moharram], Holding Mawlid Processions [Na'at and Hamd Khwani] and that too through stealing Electricity [by hooking the overhead cable to be used in Lighting and Sound Systme] for all night long Gathering. These Innovative [Bida'ati] Mullahs never even consider that huge amount/money/donation they collect for holding these useless Gatherings can be used for feeding some hungry mouth, for clothes for those who cannot buy clothes for their families. etc.etc. Such Innovative gatherings particularly in Pakistan create Noise Pollution [create restlessness in Blood Pressure and Diabetic Patients] by using LOUDSPEAKERS for Na'at Khwani, Milad Sharif, Majlis-e-Shaam-e-Ghariban, Majalis Aza, Noha Khwani and that too all night long.

Shia Flag

Alleged Horse (ZULJANA) of Hazrat Hussein [May Allah be pleased with him]

Shia Taziya - 1

Flag of Abba Alamdar [May Allah have mercy on his soul]

Whose Photo is this?

Shia Taziya - 2

Outdoor loudspeakers [except for Aza'an - Prayer Call] should not be used for the prayer, whether that is for Taraaweeh [Nawafil-e-Ramazan means Optional Salat-Namaz-Prayers of Ramazan], Tahajjud [Last prayers of night before the Morning Prayers and that too is Nafil means optional not obligatory] or any other prayers such as Fajr [Obligatory Morning Prayers], Maghrib [Obligatory Prayers of the Sunset] and ‘Isha’ [Obligatopry Night Prayers], because that leads to many negative consequences and causes disturbance to the neighbours of the mosque. [Just imagine Loud Marsia Khwani, Na'at Khwani and even Loud Recitation of Quran while you are having 'fun' with your wife]

And do thou (O Muhammad) remember thy Lord within thyself humbly and with awe, below thy breath, at morn and evening. And be not thou of the neglectful. [AL-ARAF (THE HEIGHTS) Chapter 7 - Verse 205]

Imam Maalik (may Allaah have mercy on him) narrated in al-Muwatta’, from Sharh al-Zarqaani in Baab al-‘Aml fi’l-Qiraa’ah (How Qur’aan is to be recited) from al-Bayaadi Farwah ibn ‘Amr – may Allaah be pleased with him –that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) went out to the people when they were praying, and their voices were loud in recitation, and he said: “ A worshipper is conversing with his Lord, so let him think about the One with Whom he is conversing. Do not raise your voices above one another when reciting Qur’aan.”

Abu Dawood narrated, under the heading, “Raising the voice when reciting Qur’aan in night prayers” that Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri – may Allaah be pleased with him – said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) observed i’tikaaf in the mosque and he heard them raising their voices in reciting Qur’aan. He drew back the curtain and said: “Each of you is conversing with his Lord, so do not disturb one another, and do not raise your voices above one another in reciting Qur’aan – or in prayer.”

By the way there is a consensus of Historian and Scholars that Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] passed away [MEANS -DIED] on 12 Rabee’ al-Awwal {Ibn-Khaldun, Tabaqat-e-Ibn-e-Sa'ad, Tabari, Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya] but there is no consensus on Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]'s date of Birth e.g. 9 Rabee’ al-Awwal , 17 Rabee’ al-Awwal [Shia Celebrate on 17 Rabee’ al-Awwal], As per Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]'s date of birth was in Moharram ul Haram.

Muhammad ibn Ishaq ibn Yasar [Birth:85 AH 704 CE Death: 150-153 AH (767)]

The earliest is Ibn Ishaq's Sira, his biography of the Prophet. It is also the longest and the most widely quoted. Later historians draw, and in most cases depend on him. [Uyun al-athar, I, 7, Ibn Sayyid al-Nas (d. 734A.H.)

A contemporary of Ibn Ishaq, Imam Malik [d 179 AH], the jurist, denounces Ibn Ishaq outright as "a liar" and "an impostor" just for transmitting such stories. [`Uyun al-athar, I and ibid, I, 16].

It must be remembered that historians and authors of the Prophet's biography did not apply the strict rules of the "traditionists". They did not always provide a chain of authorities, each of whom had to be verified as trustworthy and as certain or likely to have transmitted his report directly from his informant, and so on. The attitude towards biographical details and towards the early events of Islam was far less meticulous than their attitude to the Prophet's traditions, or indeed to any material relevant to jurisprudence. The attitude of scholars and historians to Ibn lshaq's version of the stories has been either one of complacency, sometimes mingled with uncertainty, or at least in two important cases, one of condemnatlon and outright rejection.

The complacent attitude is one of accepting the biography of the Prophet and the stories of the campaigns at they were received by later generations without the meticulous care or the application of the critical criteria which collectors of traditions or jurists employed. It was not necessary to check the veracity of authorities when transmitting or recording parts of the story of the Prophet's life.[Ibn Sayyid al-Nas (op. cit., I, 121)]

It was not essential to provide a continuous chain of authorities or even to give authorities at all. That is obvious in Ibn Ishaq's Sira. On the other hand reliable authority and a continuous line of transmission were essential when law was the issue. That is why Malik the jurist had no regard for Ibn Ishaq. [Kadhdhab and Dajjal min al-dajajila - Liar and Liar amongst Liars]

His contemporary, the early traditionist and jurist Malik, called him unequivocally "a liar" and "an impostor"[Kadhdhab and Dajjal min al-dajajila - Liar and Liar amongst Liars] "who transmits his stories from the Jews".[`Uyun al-athar, I, 16-7 by Ibn Sayyid al-Nas].

In a later age Ibn Hajar Asqalani further explained the point of Malik's condemnation of Ibn Ishaq. Malik, he said,[Tahdhib al-Tahdhib, IX, 45. See also `Uyun al-athar, I, 16-7] condemned Ibn Ishaq because he made a point of seeking out descendants of the Jews of Medina in order to obtain from them accounts of the Prophet's campaigns as handed down by their forefathers. [ibid.]

Islamic History in view of Leading Islamic Scholars:

Quran cannot be tempered and Hadith can be verified through matching it with Quran and then Chains of Narrations. Regarding Biography of Mohammad [PBUH], how can one be so sure that LIFE SKETCH of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] is not tempered because it's not Quran. Historian collect everything and one should be very careful when Historian discuss Prophets [PBUT], their Companions [May Allah be pleased with them]

Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari: “I am writing this book as I hear from the narrators. If anything sounds absurd, I should not be blamed or held accountable. The responsibility of all errors or blunders rests squarely on the shoulders of those who have narrated these stories to me.” Tabari's Tareekhil Umam Wal Mulook (The History of Nations and Kings) popularly called "Mother of All Histories" is the first ever "History of Islam" written by 'Imam' Tabari (839-923 CE) at the junction of the third and fourth century AH. He died in 310 AH. [Preface of Tareekhil Umam Wal Mulook (The History of Nations and Kings) by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari.]

Ahmed Bin Hanbal says:Three kinds of books are absolutely unfounded, Maghazi, Malahem and Tafseer.” (The exalted Prophet's Battles, Dreams and Prophecies, and Expositions of the Qur’an). [Ahmed Bin Hanbal as quoted by ibn Rajab al-Hanbali in Dhayl Tabaqat al-Hanabila (Appendage to the Encyclopedia of Hanbali Scholars)]

Hafiz Ibn Kathir says: Had Ibn Jareer Tabari not recorded the strange reports, I would never have done so. [Tafseer Ibn Katheer (Commentary on Quran) and Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya (History - From Start to End)]

Ibn Khaldun says: The Muslim historians have made a mockery of history by filling it with fabrications and senseless lies. (Muqaddama Ibn Khaldun)

Shah Abdul Aziz Dehelvi says: Six pages of Ibn Khaldoon's History have been deliberately removed since the earliest times. These pages had questioned the most critical juncture of Islamic history i.e. the Emirate of Yazeed and the fiction of Karbala. [Even the modern editions admit in the side-notes that those pages have been mysteriously missing from the ancient original book. [Tohfa Ithna Ashri by Shah Abdul Aziz Dehelvi]

Shah Waliullah Dehelvi says: Imam Jalaluddin Sayyuti's Tarikh-ul-Khulafa is the prime example of how our Historians, Muhaddithin and Mufassirin, each has played like Haatib-il-Lail (One who collects firewood at night not knowing which piece is good and which one is bad). [Izalatul Khifa A'N Khilaafatil Khulafaa by Shah Waliullah]

I wonder if the so-called Muslim Ummah even know in the light of above that they are basically celebrating the Day of Death with much fanfare, lighting, singing, and what not.

As per authentic historical account this “Procession of 12 Rabiul Awwal” in the name of Holy Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]’s birthday started 7 centuries after the demise of Holy Prophet Mohammad {PBUH} and it was started under the patronage of Sultan Abu Saeed Muzzaffar {Ruler of Arbal (area around present day Egypt)} on the insistence of a Mullah namely Abul Khattab Ibn-e-Wahiya} [Tahzeerul Muslimeen Anil Ibtida Wal Bidah Fil Deen by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hajar Translated by Late Mukhtar Nadvi in India].

Muhammad Husayn Haykal

Muhammad Husayn Haykal in The Life of Mohammad [PBUH] writes :

“Historians have disagreed about the year of Muhammad's birth. Most of them hold that it took place in "the Year of the Elephant," i.e. 570 C.E. Ibn 'Abbas claims that Muhammad (saw) was born on "the Day of the Elephant." Others claim that he was born fifteen years earlier. Still others claim that he was born a few days, months, or years, after "the Year of the Elephant." Some even assert that Muhammad was born thirty years and others seventy years later than "the Year of the Elephant." Historians have also differed concerning the month of Muhammad's birth although the majority of them agree that it was Rabi` al Awwal, the third month of the lunar year. It has also been claimed that he was born in Muharram, in Safar, in Rajab, or in Ramadan. Furthermore, historians have differed as to the day of the month on which Muhammad was born. Some claim that the birth took place on the third, of Rabi` al Awwal; others, on the ninth; and others on the tenth. The majority, however, agree that Muhammad (saw) was born on the twelfth of Rabi` al Awwal, the claim of ibn Ishaq and other biographers.”


What we Muslims usually do during 12 days of Rabiul Awwal in the name of Holy Prophet Mohmmad {PBUH} was nothing but simply spend-thrifting instead of distributing the same amount amongst the poor {45% are living below poverty line in Pakistan} which we spent on lighting, Milad Parties, and Processions.

General Ziaul Haq started supporting this bunkum on State level in the name of of Seerat Conference.

In the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} Conference, General Zia used to provide official patronage to the Barelvi Muslims in Pakistan and their innovations.

The establishment of ceremonial gatherings under the banner of "Eid-Milad-un-Nabee" and attaching religious significance to them is purely bid'ah and an innovation in Deen, because neither did Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] himself indulge in it, nor did the illustrious Khulafaa-e-Raashideen, Radi-Allahu anhum, organize such functions. Similarly, neither did any of the other Sahaaba-e-Kiraam, Radi-Allahu anhum, participate in such gatherings, nor is there any incident on record during the blessed era of the taabi’een or tab’e taabi’een (Rahmat-u-Allahi alayhim) that can, in any way, substantiate this innovation. These people were best acquainted with the Sunnah of Rasulullah and had total love for him. They were staunch followers of the Shariah.

Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] said: "Whoever introduces anything that is not part of Deen, into this Deen of ours, it shall be rejected." (Bukhari/Muslim)

In another Hadith he says: "Hold fast onto my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly-guided Khulafa, after me. Hold fast onto it firmly, and beware of newly-introduced practices, for every new practice is an innovation and every innovation leads one astray." (Abu Dawood/Tirmizi)

Severe warnings have been sounded in the above-mentioned Ahadith with regard to introducing and implementing innovations in Deen.

The holy Qur’an enjoins:

"And whatsoever the messenger giveth you, take it. And whatsoever he forbiddeth, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal." [Al-Hashr 59:7]

"Verily in the messenger of Allah, ye have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the last day, and remembers Allah much." [Al-Ahzab 33:21]

"This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed my favor unto you, and have chosen for you a religion, al-Islam." [Al-Maidah 5:3]

Will such innovations grant proximity to Allah?

On the contrary, these innovations should be a cause of great concern and alarm for the so-called Ummat-e-Muslimah!

It is a known fact that Holy Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] is the most superior of all the Ambiyaa alaihimus-salaam and also that he is the seal of all the prophets alayhimus-salaam. He left no stone unturned in conveying Deen to us and rendering precious advice to us. If the "Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabee " was a divinely inspired act, then surely Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] would have commanded the Muslims to it, or at least, either he or his beloved Sahabah, Radi-Allahu anhum, would have practiced it.

Some Wrongs of the Contemporary Milad Gatherings

The contemporary form of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabee apart from being a manifestation of Bid’ah, also encompasses other evils such as the intermingling of sexes, usage of musical instruments and many other such evils. The most abhorring and shocking evils in these functions are the acts of shirk that take place. With hollow claims of "Hubbe-Rasul " (love for Prophet Mohammad) entreaties and supplications are made to beings other than Allah, namely to Prophet [PBUT] and Saints.

The Belief that the Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] Comes to the Milad Meeting

Some people also believe that Rasulullah comes to this function and due to this belief, they stand up in respect and veneration. This is absolutely untrue. Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] does not arrive at any "Eid-e-Milad-un Nabee " function. He is in his Rawdha-e-Mubarak (grave) at Madinah Munawwarah and will emerge from it at the onset of the Day of Judgement.

The following Ayat and Hadith testify to this fact:

The Qur’an, addressing Rasulullah announces explicitly: -

"Lo! Thou wilt die, and Lo! They will die. Then Lo! On the day of resurrection, before your sustainer, you will dispute." [Az-Zumar 39:30-31]

At another place, Rasulullah is addressed together with the rest of mankind: -

"Then Lo! After that you surely die, then Lo! On the day of resurrection you are raised (again)"
[Al-Muminun 23:16]

The Importance of Durood and Salaam

Instead of squandering our money and time on futile acts of Bid'ah let us rather utilize our precious time, as much as possible in the recitation of Durood and salaam upon our beloved Rasulullah which is indeed, a highly meritorious and virtuous act.

The Qur’an enjoins: -

"Lo! Allah and his Angels shower blessings on the Nabee 'O' ye who believe ask for the descent of blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation." [Al-Ahzab 33:56]

Prrophet Mohammad [PBUH] has said:

"Whosoever sends one Durood upon me, Allah Taala will shower ten mercies upon him." (Muslim).

Particularly on Jumuah, one should increase the recitation of Durood and Salaam. [Salute and Suplications]

Dear Dr Sahab,


Since the 'BLESSED' 12 Rabiul Awwal Celebration has almost arrived therefore it is very suitable that three videos must be posted of a Prominent Pakistani Islamic Scholar, Dr Tahirul Quadri who is also "Sheikh Al Islam.

Prominent Pakistani Islamic Scholar, Dr Syedna Tahirul Quadri who is also "Sheikh Al Islam"

Please clear just one confusion. Are these Hadith [of singing and dancing] proof [Hujjat] for Sufi Dhammal....

1 - Tahir Ul Qadri Dancers


Who said that Jesus [PBUH] didnt die on the cross, Prominent Pakistani Islamic Scholar, Dr Tahirul Quadri who is also "Sheikh Al Islam, proved that he did ....let us all sing

2 - Tahir-Ul-Qadri


3 - Dr. Tahir ul Quadri and Non Stop Dreams of seeing Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]


Dear Dr Shabbir Sahab,

Please clear just one confusion. Are these Hadith proof [Hujjat] for Qawwalis, Sufi Dhammal, and Pelvic Thrusting Dances of girls and boys too.. I have watched many videos of Saudi Arabian Folk Dances with Sword and Fascinating Music [IN ONE OF YOUTUBE MOVIE KING ABDULLAH OF SAUDI ARABIA WAS DANCING WITH GEORGE W BUSH]. I am just asking for my knowledge not for raising finger because I love music a lot particularly Folk Music of Pakistan's Country side and Middle Eastern Folk Music.

From Bukhari Volume 2, Book 15, Number 70:

Narrated Aisha:

Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) came to my house while two girls were singing beside me the songs of Buath (a story about the war between the two tribes of the Ansar, the Khazraj and the Aus, before Islam). The Prophet (p.b.u.h) lay down and turned his face to the other side. Then Abu Bakr came and spoke to me harshly saying, "Musical instruments of Satan near the Prophet (p.b.u.h) ? " Allah's Apostle (p.b.u.h) turned his face towards him and said, "Leave them." When Abu Bakr became inattentive, I signaled to those girls to go out and they left. It was the day of 'Id, and the Black people were playing with shields and spears; so either I requested the Prophet (p.b.u.h) or he asked me whether I would like to see the display. I replied in the affirmative. Then the Prophet (p.b.u.h) made me stand behind him and my cheek was touching his cheek and he was saying, "Carry on! O Bani Arfida," till I got tired. The Prophet (p.b.u.h) asked me, "Are you satisfied (Is that sufficient for you)?" I replied in the affirmative and he told me to leave.

This same Hadith is reported to us again in Sahih Muslim:

Book 004, Number 1942:

'A'isha reported: The Messenger of Allah (way peace be upon him) came (in my apartment) while there were two girls with me singing the song of the Battle of Bu'ath. He lay down on the bed and turned away his face. Then came Abu Bakr and he scolded me and said: Oh! this musical instrument of the devil in the house of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him)! The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) turned towards him and said: Leave them alone. And when he (the Holy Prophet) became inattentive, I hinted them and they went out, and it was the day of 'Id and negroes were playing with shields and spears. (I do not remember) whether I asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) or whether he said to me if I desired to see (that sport). I said: Yes. I stood behind him with his face parallel to my face, and he said: O Banu Arfada, be busy (in your sports) till I was satiated. He said (to me): Is that enough? I said: Yes. Upon this he asked me to go.

Once again in Bukhari, this event is recorded:

Volume 5, Book 58, Number 268:

Narrated Aisha:

That once Abu Bakr came to her on the day of 'Id-ul-Fitr or 'Id ul Adha while the Prophet was with her and there were two girl singers with her, singing songs of the Ansar about the day of Buath. Abu Bakr said twice. "Musical instrument of Satan!" But the Prophet said, "Leave them Abu Bakr, for every nation has an 'Id (i.e. festival) and this day is our 'Id."

On Mr Mohsin Naquvi's Comment:

Khadim Hussain Shah says:

Assalamo Alaikum:

I wonder how these dignitaries can ululate on others after securing doctorate degrees - it did not change their borne qualities. Instead of teaching others, they should again start learning. If you wish you can display my remarks on your blog may be it can help them to amend themselves. How disappointing is to note that they cannot tolerate difference of opinion - may be a normal phenomenon with all US Citizens?

Best regards / Shah

Difference between Muslims [Leaseholders of Paradise and Hell] and Non-Muslim [whom Muslim give 'warning' that they would be in Hell forever]. Muslims should reveiw their stand on Non Muslims in the light of below mentioned Harsh Realities. [Text and Photos are the courtesy of my Dear Friend and Murshid Syed Khadim Hussain Shah]

An advice from Altaf Hussain Hali's Collection [Mussadas-e-Hali]


کرے غیر گربت کی پوجا تو کافر

جو ٹھرائے بیٹا خدا کا تو کافر

جھکے آگ پر بہر سجدہ تو کافر

کواکب میں مانے کرشمہ تو کافر

مگر مومنوں پر کشادہ ہیں راہیں

پرستش کریں شوق سے جس کی چاہیں

نبی کو جو چاہیں خدا کر دکھائیں

اماموں کا رتبہ نبی سے بڑھائیں

مزاروں پہ دن رات مذریں چڑھائیں

شہیدوں سے جاجا کے مانگیں دعائیں

نہ توحید میں کچھ خلل اس سے آئے

نہ اسلام بگڑے نہ ایمان جائے


گناہوں سے ہوتے ہو گویا مبّرا

مخالف پہ کرتے ہو جب تم تبرّا

نہ سنی میں اور جعفری میں ہو الفت

نہ نعمانی و شافعی میں ہو ملت

وہابی سے صوفی کی کم ہو نہ نفرت

لمقلد کرے نا مقلد پہ لعنت

رہے اہلِ قبلہ مین جنگ ایسی باہم

کہ دینِ خدا پر ہنسے سارا عالم

کرے کوئی اصلاح کا گر ارادہ

تو شیطان سے اس کو سمجھو زیادہ

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