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Punjabi Judiciary or Sindhi Judiciary - 2

On Sun, 3/22/09, Mohammad Khan Sial wrote:

I was really shocked to see the posting of Mr Manzoor Chandio that was full of contradictions and he tried to misguide the readers by giving the wrong information. It is very un-fortunate such people are labelling themselves as writer and intellectual. Mr Chandio claims "Punjabi chauvinism's latest victim Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar of Khairpur Mirs' finally departs Islamabad unceremonially. " Mr Chandio is proud of PCO judge like Dogar and bent upon to label him as Sindhi whereas he should have ashamed of his role. With his departure, a 'black chapter' in judiciary ends. To my knowledge, Dogar is not real Sindhi but if he is, then every Sindhi must be ashamed about his role in the judiciary like Punjabis are still ashamed of the role of Justice Munir who valiadated "Law of necessity" and country is still suffering from his misdeeds. Mr Chandio claims that restored deposed chief justice is Punjabi but he forgets that it was chief justice who took many suo motto actions in favour of Sindhis like release of long missing Dr Safdar Sarki, missing of Munoo Bheel family, marriage of three small girls in Jacobabad as compensation in which Mir hazar Khan Bajrani was involved. He saw this on Sindhi TV KTN and took action.

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The climax of Punjabi chauvinism

Manzoor Chandio writes on March 21, 2009:

Punjabi chauvinism's latest victim Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar of Khairpur Mirs' finally departs Islamabad unceremonially. Earlier, Supreme Court Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah of Naudero was virtually tortured in his chamber and kicked out of the Supreme Court by Punjabi chauvinists. In the past, Army Chief Gen Jehangir Karamat was sacked by Nawaz Sharif after they developed differences over formation of a National Security Council. The status of Punjabi leader can be gauged from the fact that he told the army chief that it was difficult for him to work with him. A Sindhi president cant do this.

Regards,Manzoor Chandio Blog:


Who is pure Sindhi and who would define this purity? Please explain the definition of Sindhi by going through a news about a case in which the suo moto notice was taken by CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and bail was granted by PCOed Judge Afzal Soomro [Soomros are not from Cheecha Watni - Punjab] and Rasool Bux Brohi [he was Sindi speaking common, poor and innocent Labour and believe me he was not from Gujranwala - Punjab]. Similarly Dr Safdar Sarki [from Jacobabad and uptil the last news Jacobabad is still in Sindh and not in Layya Multan] who disappeared during Musharraf Martial Law and Suo Moto Notice was taken by CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

I wonder how would Mr Manzoor Chandio would judge Bhutto [a Sindhi but his forefathers were migrated from Hissar - East Punjab, India] but later in 70s, Mr Bhutto appointed Tikka Khan as Chief of the Army Staff [after sacking General Gul Hasan - here goes your claim that Sindhis cannot sack COAS] and not only that that Tikka Khan was famous for his butchery in Baluchistan [when he was Brigadier during Ayub Martial Law, it was Tikka who got Sardar Nauroz and Nephews and betrayed them after taking oath on Quran] and later the same Tikka butchered innocent Bengalis before the Fall of Dhaka. So how would you judge Bhutto?

KARACHI: Former LTF chief, aides released on bail By Azfar-ul-Ashfaque

December 25, 2007 Tuesday Zilhaj 14, 1428

KARACHI, Dec 24: After spending over 16 months in prison, the former chief of the now defunct Lyari Task Force (LTF), SP Muhammad Aslam Khan, and two other officials were released on Monday evening after they succeeded in getting bail from the Sindh High Court.

SP Khan, DSP Irfan Bahadur and Inspector Safdar Shah were granted bail by a bench of the Sindh High Court comprising Chief Justice Mohammad Afzal Soomro on Monday in the famous Rasool Bux Brohi murder case.

Brohi was killed in a fake encounter in July 2006, although the police at that time claimed to have killed notorious dacoit Mashooq Brohi. Later, an inquiry was conducted and it came out that the police had killed an innocent man and described him as a most wanted criminal just to claim the reward money and get promotions.

A case was registered on the complaint of the widow of Rasool Bux Brohi at the Sakrand police station and a number of policemen including, SP Khan, were arrested.

The accused filed their bail applications through counsel Aamir Mansoob who took the plea that his clients were falsely implicated in the killing case and the star witness, Siddiqui Brohi alias Pandha, at the time of an examination before the court did not corroborate the case of complainant Lal Bibi and retracted his earlier statement made under Section 164 of the criminal procedure code.

He submitted that a charge-sheet was filed before the Malir District and Sessions judge on December 3, 2007 and it has been proved that the police encounter was genuine.

“The deceased had used different names and Mashooq Brohi was one of his names,” he said, adding that the deceased’s real name was, however, Rasool Bux Brohi.

Mr Mansoob referred to three instances in which Mashooq Brohi was killed. He submitted that in 1992 an FIR was lodged whereby eight dacoits were killed in an encounter. The gang leader, who was also killed, was known as Mashooq Brohi. Later, he submitted, in July 2006 another encounter took place and Mashooq Brohi was again killed. Finally on December 12, 2007 another encounter was held in which police claimed to have killed Mashooq Brohi.

He argued that of all the three cases, a DNA test was carried out in only one case. The DNA test of the man killed in the July 2006 encounter was conducted from a biological laboratory in Lahore and according to the finding the deceased Mashooq Brohi was the son of Ismail and Pathani.

He also submitted that the case was being tried before a court in Sakrand for the last 18 months and the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence against his clients. He prayed the court to grant bail as the matter needs further inquiry.

Additional advocate-general Arshad Lodhi, however, opposed the bail application and submitted that the trial court was recording the statements of witnesses and there was no delay.

For reasons to be recorded later, the court, through a brief order, granted bail to SP Khan, DSP Bahadur and Inspector Shah in the sum of Rs500,000 each.

Meanwhile, the release orders of the accused police officials took extra time to reach the Karachi Central Prison. Sources said that the release order was faxed from the Nawabshah sessions court to the Landhi jail, as the fax machine of the central prison was out of order. Later, an official of the Landhi jail brought the faxed order to the central prison and the jail authorities released the three officials.

City police chief Azhar Ali Farooqi told Dawn that the three police officials, including SP Khan, were still suspended.

However, he maintained that the government had the authority to reinstate any suspended police official regardless of a case or an inquiry pending against him at any forum.

He said that the report of a re-inquiry into the killing of Rasool Bux Brohi has been completed and sent to the Inspector-General Police (IGP) Sindh. He refused to divulge findings of the inquiry saying it was a confidential report.

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