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Christians in Orissa i.e. in Secular India.

Hindu Mobs in Orissa Torch Churches on Christmas By Steve Herman New Delhi 26 December 2007

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Woman killed in Orissa orphanage

Police in the Indian state of Orissa say suspected Hindu extremists have set fire to an orphanage run by Christian missionaries, burning a woman to death.

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India clashes denounced by Pope

The Pope has condemned deadly violence between Hindus and Christians in India's eastern Orissa state, which has claimed at least 11 lives.

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Catholic schools in India protest

Thousands of Catholic schools are shut across India in protest against continuing anti-Christian violence in the eastern state of Orissa.

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Indian churches come under attack

A curfew has been imposed in parts of the eastern Indian state of Orissa after Hindu hardliners attacked up to a dozen Christian churches, police say.

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Communal tension rankles Orissa Sampad Mahapatra

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 (Kandhmal)

A black Christmas it was in the tribal-dominated Kondhmal district of Orissa. No prayers were held in hundreds of churches following communal tension that beset the area Monday onwards.One person was killed and 25 others injured with indefinite curfew being clamped in 4 towns including the district headquarters. Churches, convents and some houses belonging to Christians were set ablaze by mobs led by Vishwa Hindu Parishad cadre.

Hindus Attack Churches on Christmas By MATTHEW ROSENBERG

NEW DELHI (AP) — Hindu extremists ransacked and burned eight rural churches in eastern India, marring Christmas celebrations in a corner of the country with a history of violence against Christians, officials said Wednesday. One person was killed in the violence. Authorities deployed 450 police and imposed a curfew to quell the violence in the remote district of Orissa state where the churches — most nothing more than mud-and-thatch houses — were attacked, said Bahugrahi Mahapatra, a government official.

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Christmas Day violence tarnishes India’s democratic image, says bishop of Orissa Mgr. Thomas Thiruthalil

Hindu fundamentalists use anti-conversion laws to terrorise Christians, but persecution makes the Church stronger. The chairman of the Orissa Regional Bishops’ Council, the bishop of Balasore, talks about the issue. Balasore (AsiaNews) – Mgr Thomas Thiruthalil, bishop of Balasore (Orissa) and chairman of the Orissa Regional Bishops’ Council, sent AsiaNews a message commenting the anti-Christian violence that happened on Christmas Day in the Indian state of Orissa:

One notorious attack was carried out in January 1999 against an Australian missionary, Graham Staines, and his two sons. They were killed in Orissa state when they were trapped in a car which was set on fire. The mob responsible for their deaths was led by Bajrang Dal activist and BJP member Dara Singh, according to a government-appointed commission.

Despite a number television interviews given by Singh after the attack, local police insisted that they could not find him, and he remained at large. In August, he struck again, chopping off the arms of a local Muslim trader before setting him on fire before a crowd of 400 supporters. One week later, in the same area, another Christian clergyman was shot in the chest with an arrow and beaten to death by as-yet unidentified assailants.

Indian Christians are victims of a 'concerted campaign' By Jim Lobe

Rape of nuns stirs new outrage

Christians march to demand justice

Follow Up story

Dec. 21, 2001

Indian Catholics, already reeling from reports of attacks on missionaries in rural areas, have been stunned and outraged by the gang-rape of four nuns and the looting of their convent. The crimes occurred on September 22 in the Jhabua region of the central state of Madhya Pradesh. John Dayal of the All India Catholic Union (AICU)--a group that is in the forefront of campaigning for Christians' fundamental rights--believes that "Christians have every reason to suspect a larger anti-Christian conspiracy" behind the latest incident. Several Catholic leaders contacted by this correspondent seemed to share the same concern that the gang-rape of the nuns in Madhya Pradesh is the handiwork of Hindu fundamentalists.

Orissa violence continues, 2 more churches attacked

Jajati Karan CNN-IBN

Bhubaneswar: Fresh violence erupted in Khajuriapada and Phiringia in Orissa while Kandhamal still simmers, even though an indefinite curfew was clamped on Tuesday night. Two more churches were attacked in Kalinga and Tikabali and CRPF jawans have now been deployed to control rioting mobs.

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