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Veracity of Tabari's Islamic History - 48

Mubashir Inayet wrote:

Shias still don't name their sons Umar, Usman and their daughters Aisha. Never mind the methodology of prayer is different and the concept of leaderhip? It is as different as chalk and cheese.

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Dear Mubashir Sahab,

Many amongst us dont even know, or dont want to know, or they know but dont want to say that Hazrat Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] had named his sons [May Allah have mercy on their souls] on the names of Hazrat Usman and Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with them]:

1 - Hazrat Fatimah Bin Mohammad [May Allah be pleased with her]:

Hassan, Hussain, Zainab ul Kubra and Umme Kulthum [she became wife of Hazrat Omar (May Allah be pleased with him and all those who were mentioned earlier.

2 - Umm-ul-Bunian Bin Haram Bin Kalabia [she was related with Shimar Bin Zil Joshan [(the alleged Criminal of Karabala){Ref: Jumhartul Ansab by Ibn Hazm}] who was the daughter of Hazam b. Khalid. Hadrat Ali had five sons from her, namely: Abdullah, Jafar, Abbas, Othman, and Umar. All of them were martyred in the battle of Karbala along with Hadrat Hussain.

3 - Laila Bin Masood Bint Khalid Nehshaliya Tameema who was the daughter of Masud. She was the mother of two sons, namely Ubaidullah and Abu Bakr. Both of them were martyred in Karbala.

4 - Asma who was the daughter of Umais. She was in the first instance married to Hadrat Jafar, an elder brother of Hadrat Ali. On the death of Hadrat Jafar, Hadrat Abu Bakr married her. After the death of Hadrat Abu Bakr she married Hadrat Ali. She had to sons from Hadrat Ali, namely: Yahya and Muhammad Al Asghar who martyred in Karbala.

5 - Umama [her mother Zainab was the daughter of Prophet Mohammad - PBUH]d/o of Abi Al Aa's. Her son from Hadrat Ali bore the name of Muhammad Awsat.

6 - Khaula Bin Jafariya was the daughter of Jafar Hanfiyah. She was the mother of the son known as Muhammad b. Hanfiyah aka Mohammad Al Akbar.

7 - Sehba Bin Rabia Taghlibiya who was the daughter of Rabiah. She gave birth to a son Umar, in the daughter Ruqiya.

8 - Umm Saeed Bin Urwa Bin Masood Thaqeefa who was a daughter of Urwa. She bore Hadrat Ali three daughters, namely: Umm-ul-Hasan, Ramlatul Kubra and Rumia.

9 - Mukhbita Bin Amral Qais Bin Adi Al Kalbiya Muhyat was a daughter of the famous Arab poet Imra-ul-Qais. She gave birth to a daughter who expired in infancy.

Hadrat Ali married nine wives in all including Hadrat Fatima. The number of wives at a time however did not exceed four. He had a few slave girls of whom Humia and Umm Shuaib bore him 12 daughters, Nafisa, Zainab, Ruqiya, Umm-ul-Karaam, Humaira, Umm Salma, Sughra, Khadija, Umm Hani, Umm Kulthum Jamana and Maimuna. Hadrat Ali was, in all, the father of 15 sons and 18 daughters. [total = 33 children]

Those who were martyred at Karbala are as under:

Hazrat Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] son's:

Hussein, Abbas, Jafar, Abdullah and Usman [sons of Ummul Banin Bin Hazam], Mohammad [son of Ummul Wald], Abu Bakar [son of Laila Bin Masood Armiya],

Sons of Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali [May Allah be pleased with him]:

Ali [Laila Bin Marra bin Arwa Thaqafi (Saqaf: tribe of Shia Hero Mukhtar and Sunni Nasibi Hajjaj Bin Yousuf), Abdullah (son of Rubab Bin Umral Qais Kalbi)

Sons of Hazrat Hasan bin Ali [May Allah be pleased with him]:

Abu Bakar and Qasim.

Sons of Abdullah Bin Jafar Bin Abi Talib:

Aun and Mohammad.

Aqeel Bin Abi Talib:

Jafar, Abdul Rahman, and Abdullah

Sources: [Al Fisal wa Milal Wan Nahal by Ibn Hazm, Jumharatul Ansab by Ibn Hazm, History by Ibn-e-Khaldun and Ansab Aal-e-Abi Talib]

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