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Imran Khan Rally & Some Past History.

KARACHI: The Imran Khan wave, which the cricketer-turned-politician prefers to call ‘tsunami’, reached Karachi on Sunday with a large turnout at a Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) meeting which surprised many political analysts, some of whom termed it one of the largest rallies recently held in the city. Imran Khan was accompanied on the dais by the new entrant to his party, the firebrand Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) heavyweight Javed Hashmi who had left his party on Saturday to join the PTI bandwagon and former PPP foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. In his speech, PTI chief Imran Khan dropped a bombshell by announcing that senior PPP leader and another former foreign minister, Sardar Assef Ahmed, had called him earlier in the day to confirm that he was joining his party. Imran Khan touched on his favourite themes, including rampant corruption, people’s misery and economic downslide. But most noticeably, he pledged to address the grievances of the people of Balochistan if his party came to power. He said he would apologise to Baloch people on behalf of their other compatriots for injustices done to them. “We have committed excesses and have treated you like the people of a colony as we did in the case of the people of East Pakistan,” he said. “I pledge that when we come to power, we will give you a special status as West Germany gave to East Germany by diverting all development projects to the latter.” Turning to an emotionally charged crowd of youths, Mr Khan said if his party came to power with the support of people, he would accomplish the dream of the Quaid-i-Azam to turn the country into an Islamic welfare state. He reminded the people that he had never disappointed the nation as a cricketer, built a cancer hospital and a most modern university in a rural area of Mianwali and said he would fulfill their dream of a welfare state with their support. He appealed to the nation to join him to build a new, sovereign and prosperous Pakistan. The PTI chief claimed that he would eliminate much of the corruption in government within 90 days of coming to power. He described corruption as the biggest hurdle to progress. Referring to development and prosperity in Singapore, Malaysia and Turkey, he said they were able to do so by installing honest leadership in power. The cricketer-turned-politician termed the crowd a tsunami and announced that its next stop would be in Quetta on March 23. He said he had decided not to speak against any party, but PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif had given him a challenge to play a 10-over match with him. He advised Mr Sharif to hurry up lest he should be left with men not enough even to form a cricket team. He said he also wanted to play a match with Asif Zardari, but he now stood retired hurt. Welcoming Javed Hashim into the party fold, he announced that another wicket was about to fall as Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali had called him to confirm that he was joining the PTI. REFERENCE: ‘Tsunami’ sweeps Karachi

Imran Khan Supported Military Operation in Swat.

Imran Khan ruthlessly, heartlessly, brutally, and coldly blames the victim of Terrorism for their own death.

I'm sorry to say this, but the bombing of Benazir Bhutto's cavalcade as she paraded through Karachi on Thursday night was a tragedy almost waiting to happen. You could argue it was inevitable. Everyone here knew there was going to be a huge crowd turning up to see her return after eight years in self-imposed exile. Everyone also knows that there has been a spate of suicide bombings in Pakistan lately, especially in the frontier region where I am campaigning at the moment. How was it ever going to be possible to monitor such a large crowd and guarantee that no suicide bombers would infiltrate it? This may sound equally harsh, but she has only herself to blame. By making a deal with Musharraf's government — a deal brokered by the British as well as the Americans, by the way — she was hoping to get herself off the corruption charges that have been levelled against her. What she hadn't taken into account was Musharraf's unpopularity. He is regarded in Pakistan as an American stooge. And the US war on terror, which he supports, is now perceived as a war against Islam. That is why there is no shortage of recruits for the fundamentalist cause here. By siding with him, Benazir was making herself a target for assassination. The sad thing is, she didn't need to do it. Musharraf was sinking and isolated. He was on the point of declaring a state of emergency. Just when it looked as if he had no lifelines left, Benazir came back and bailed him out. Worse, by publicly siding with a dictator, she has deliberately sabotaged the democratic process. We have an election coming up in January. As leader of the Justice Party, I am running in it but it will be a free and fair election if Musharraf is still in charge. He has dismantled state institutions, such as an independent judiciary and an election commission, and has introduced a controlled assembly, a controlled prime minister and a controlled media. The polls show he can only win this next election if he massively rigs it. That is what he did in 2002, as confirmed by the EU monitoring team. Given the way that she has undermined democracy by siding with Musharraf, I don't know how Benazir has the nerve to say that the 130 people killed in those bomb blasts sacrificed their lives for the sake of democracy in Pakistan. Meanwhile, you can take your pick as to who was responsible for the two bombs that went off. At least three jihad groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Taliban were plotting suicide attacks — but one thing is for sure, there is no shortage of candidates. The war on terror is turning everyone in the tribal border regions into potential guerrillas. Not militants necessarily but disparate groups who are becoming united by their suspicion of America. A coalition is forming, and al-Qaeda is going to be only a small part of it. Benazir has made enemies for herself in this respect also. She alone among Pakistan's political party leaders has given public support to the massacre of women and children that Musharraf caused when he ordered his troops to attack the Red Mosque in Islamabad. She also backed his attacks on civilians in the tribal regions. Note that Musharraf has called the civilian deaths there "collateral damage" — an American euphemism. Benazir also gave her backing to Musharraf's plan to allow Nato troops to hunt down maybe 200 or 300 Taliban and al-Qaeda supporters in the border region, but in doing that they have merely recruited a million potential supporters for the terrorists. No one in the West understands that the tribal regions of Pakistan have always been an independent entity. They have never been conquered. Every man is a warrior and carries a gun. Even a superpower like the British Empire could not control that terrain. It had to bribe the tribes. I have known Benazir since we were at Oxford together, but we have drifted apart politically since then. Perhaps I could have warned her that her life would be in danger if she returned to Pakistan and had a parade, but I doubt she would have listened. After all, there has been no shortage of warnings from other quarters. But I can tell her this: it is not going to get any easier for her. Whenever she goes out campaigning in public, her life is going to be threatened. It is different for me campaigning in public, even in the frontier region, because I am not perceived as an America stooge, or a supporter of the war on terror. The British do not have clean hands in this latest suicide bombing outrage. Britain is providing a safe haven for Altaf Hussain, the Musharraf-supporting MQM political party leader who currently lives in London. He's been living in London for 15 years and from there he controls Karachi with an iron will through his mafia-like party. It was this political gangster who persuaded Benazir that he could ensure her safety if she returned. The only positive thing that might come out of this horrific bombing is that it will force everyone in Pakistani politics to sit down together at a big table and review our strategy on terror. We have to accept that it is not working, that, in fact, it is making matters worse. It is an idiotic policy because the Americans are pushing people who are in favour of democracy at the moment towards extremism. Pakistan is in danger of turning into Algeria, a country where you had government forces firing on their own civilians. Once the Pakistani army started its latest operation at the behest of the US, the whole border area rose up against it. And because the US has also bombed the area, killing many tribesmen, anyone who opposes the US becomes a hero. The tribesman's culture is a revenge culture. When one is killed another takes his place. That is where the war on terror has been so misguided. It has benefited the people who caused 9/11. And it has made Musharraf — and now his ally Benazir Bhutto — look even more like puppets of America. REFERENCE: Benazir Bhutto has only herself to blame By Imran Khan12:01AM BST 21 Oct 2007

Imran Khan Violated Constitution of Pakistan - 1 (Capital Talk 22 June 2007)

ISLAMABAD, June 12: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Tuesday filed a reference against Tehrik-i-Insaaf chief Imran Khan to National Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain, seeking disqualification of the TI leader. Speaking at a press conference here, the Parliamentary Leader of the MQM, Dr Farooq Sattar, said that the reference had been filed under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution and the Public Representation Act, 1976. Minister for Ports and Shipping Babar Ghauri and MNA Haider Abbas Rizvi were present on the occasion. Mr Sattar said that the Los Angeles Superior Court had declared on July 30, 1997, that Imran Khan was father of a daughter of Anna Luise alias Sita White born out of wedlock. He said the court wrote in its verdict that ?the defendant (Imran Khan) was the father of the minor child (Tyrian Jade) born on June 18, 1992.? The court had further said that Ms Anna Luise would have the sole legal and physical custody of the child, he added. Mr Sattar said that a copy of the US court verdict had been attached with the reference submitted to the Speaker of the National Assembly. He said Imran Khan deserved to be disqualified for being a member of the National Assembly as under the laws of the land no person involved in such extra-marital affairs could contest elections or continue as a member of parliament. Giving details about the reference, MQM leaders said the reference had been prepared under the Rules of Procedure Clause 16 and People's Presentation Act Clause III. Answering a question, he said the speaker was bound to forward the reference to the Election Commission of Pakistan within 30 days and the ECP should announce its decision within 90 days. Earlier, the MQM leaders submitted a copy of the reference in the chamber of National Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain. The MQM leaders parried a question as to why had the MQM not taken action against Imran Khan when the US court had announced its verdict. Federal minister Babar Ghauri said in reply to a question that the MQM could in no way be termed a terrorist organisation. He said that a report of a US think-tank declaring the MQM a terrorist organisation was baseless and must not be given importance as it did not reflect the official position of the government of the United States. He said such think-tanks also kept accusing Pakistan of being a terrorist country. REFERENCE: MQM files reference against Imran By Iftikhar A. Khan June 13, 2007 Wednesday Jamadi-ul-Awwal 27, 1428

Imran Khan Violated Constitution of Pakistan - 2 (Capital Talk 22 June 2007)

From the outset Imran Khan's marriage to Jemima Goldsmith would face the severest of tests. Their contrasting background, age and upbringing meant that it would always be under pressure. At the time of her engagement in 1995, Jemima Goldsmith was a 21 year old socialite, more than two decades younger than Imran Khan. She was the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Sir James Goldsmith, and from a Jewish background. He had just retired from international cricket, earning legendary status in Pakistan for his role in winning the 1992 cricket world cup. Their different lives prior to marriage meant that both had to make radical changes after their wedding. He would have to abandon the itinerant playboy image acquired during his bachelor years, and she would have to adjust to living in Pakistan and adopting the Muslim faith. Jemima may have come from a wealthy background, but her new husband - a proud man - was not interested in taking any of his father-in-law's money. She would have to get used to living with an extended South Asian family in a middle class Pakistani household in Lahore, with uncertain water and electricity supplies. The tabloid press in Britain reported that she did not even have a washing machine and slept in the same bed as her two sons. Imran Khan may be a cricketing aristocrat who dated some well known British heiresses, but he has never lived a life of grandeur. His father was an engineer who taught him always to watch the financial outgoings. Initially it seemed that she was adjusting to her new lifestyle despite the difficulties, playing a prominent role in her husband's cancer hospital. She also became an ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund in 1991. But it was not too long before the difficulties emerged. Imran may have abandoned his nomadic cricketing existence, but his time on the road had not come to an end. He was constantly travelling in the early years of their marriage to promote his political career and the Tehreek-e-Insaf party which he founded in 1996. There were reports that Jemima was becoming increasing frustrated over Imran's fledgling political career, and wanted him to spend more time at homeOn top of that, she always seemed to miss Britain - where she had started a designer clothes company - and was reportedly keen for her children to be educated in her homeland. Like her friend Diana Princess of Wales, past girlfriends of her husband always seemed to hover over the marriage. In May 2004, one of those old girlfriends, the millionairess Sita White, died suddenly of a heart attack. Her daughter Tyrian was proven to be Imran Khan's child in 1997. Imran denied he had fathered the little girl until a legal suit proved otherwise. He did not meet Tyrian until she was six years old. Jemima was reported to be "highly upset" about the court case, even though she and Imran are now reported to have developed a close relationship with Tyrian. In the later years of her marriage Jemima spent more and more time in Britain, ostensibly to study but also mixing with celebrity friends including the actor Hugh Grant, Princess Rosario of Bulgaria and supermodels Elle Macpherson and Laura Baily. She celebrated her 30th birthday in February surrounded by supermodels, superstars and society figures, but her husband remained 4,000 miles away in Pakistan. The pressures on her life seemed to mount up in recent years. In January 2001 a mentally ill passenger attempted to seize control of a plane in which she was travelling with her family in Africa. It plunged nearly 10,000 feet before air staff reclaimed control of the plane. The Goldsmith family were all convinced that they were about to die. Just over a year later, a knife wielding burglar broke into her London house - despite multi-million dollar security measures. While all these factors undoubtedly would have placed a strain on the marriage, ultimately the break-up appears due to the differences of east and west. Culturally, socially and financially Imran and Jemima were always worlds apart. . REFERENCE: A parting of the ways By Ivo Tennant, Imran Khan's biographer Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 June, 2004, 16:06 GMT 17:06 UK

Imran Khan Violated Constitution of Pakistan - 3 (Capital Talk 22 June 2007)

Reference against Imran Khan - 1 (Off The Record 2007)

Reference against Imran Khan - 2 (Off The Record 2007)

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