Monday, October 20, 2008

Veracity of Tabari's Islamic History - 41

Mubashir Inayet wrote:

This is what happens when we run after history and build a whole set of beliefs to moot. For each version, often there is an opposing version. Result major sects emerge like Shias and Sunnis both claiming to be having exclusive access to truth.


syed-mohsin naquvi wrote:

Dear Aamir Mughal,

Salam and prayers for your sanity,

Tabari has just copied that report without any analysis. Learned and reasonabel people do not reject or accept history as a whole -- such as rejecting or accepting TAbari.

Syed-Mohsin Naquvi

Dear Naquvi Sahab,

Thanks for the prayers!

History also says this:


1 - Syeda Umme Kulsoom Ibn Ali Bin Abi Talib [May Allah have mercy on her soul] was the wife of Hazrat Omar [May Allah be pleased with him]


{Khulaini reports through Muawiyah Bin Ammar, Abu Jafer Tusi in Tehzeeb Al Ahkam, Tusi reports through Hazrat Baqar, Al Kafi has whole chapter on this marriage "Bab Fi Tarweej Umme Kulsoom", Faroogh Kafi, Ibnen Shehr Ashob Mazandarani, Zainuddin Amili, Manaqib-e-Aal-e-Abi Talib}

2 - Hazrat Hussain Ibn Ali [May Allah be pleased with him]'s real cousin and Brother In Law Hazrat Abdullah bin Jafar Tayyar Bin Abi Talib [May Allah have mercy on his soul]'s second daughter Syeda Umme Mohammad [May Allah have mercy on her soul] was the wife of Hazrat Ameer Yazeed Bin Muawiyah [May Allah have mercy on his soul]


{Kitab Nasbul Quraish and Jumharatul Ansab by Ibn Hazm]


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