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Imran Khan Meeting with "Saints" & "Pirs" & Jang Group Promotes "SHIRK".

 Earlier Jang Group's Haroon Rasheed quoted Mansoor Hallaj on Osama Bin Laden whereas Osama and others like him were Ikhwanis (Jamat-e-Islami) and for them Mansoor Hallaj was an Heretic:) more shameful is the fact that Historically Mr. Haroon is wrong because there was time gap between the death of Sufi Master Junaid Baghdadi and Mansoor Hallaj and their meeting cannot be proved through any narration. Patriotic Reverse Gear of Kamran Khan & Jang Group/GEO TV. . When you insert the patchwork of Religion in Politics then these efforts always end up in more confusion:) Mr Irfan Siddiqui [Noted Columnist of Daily Jang and Mentor of Dr. Shahid Masood, and Former PRO of President House Islamabad and earlier he was a Regular Columnist of Weekly Takbeer] is quite Islamist when in Pakistan while lecturing the Pakistani Politicians about Governance and Rule and Revival of Islam whereas he hismelf relaxed Islam's very basic prinicple i.e. Tawheed Monotheism while narrating his journey of Saudi Arabia and particularly his visit of Masjid Nabawi in Medina where he literaly presented Pakistan's Case before Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]'s Grave and wanted his intercession to "SAVE PAKISTAN". Mr. Irfan Siddiqui was least bothered about a FACT that Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] had passed away more than 1400 years ago and he [PBUH] cannot help Pakistan from his grave. Period. Irfan Siddiqui's Request to Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] & Polytheism [Shirk].

Today i.e. 1st July 2011, Mr. Haroon ur Rasheed has quoted an Alleged Saint from Gojar Khan, Punjab, who was familiar with the technicalities of Military Dictatorships of General Pervez Musharraf who was supported by Imran Khan in Sham Referendum of 2002 Imran Khan's Alleged Principled Stand & General Musharraf's Fraudulent Referendum.  . Friday, July 01, 2011, Rajab-Ul-Murrajab 28, 1432 A.H 

Haroon ur Rasheed is least bothered to even verify the background of the Concocted Hadith on Abdal, Qutub, Awtad, Majzoob and Saints


Famous Ahadith on the Abdal

The Hadith of ‘Ubadah ibn Samit from the Prophet (saw):

"There will always beth irty people in this Ummah like Ibrahim, each time one of them dies Allah substitutes another in his place." (« Musnad Ahmad » v 5 p 322)

Imam Ahmad, who narrated this Hadith, said after mentioning it : «M unkar » (rejected)

Another Hadith of ‘Ubadah with words:

« The Abdal of my community arethirty, by them the earth is established, by them you receive rain and by them you are saved » (« At-Tabarani »)

Al-Haythami said : « From the way of ‘Umar and by Al-Bazar from the way of ‘Anbasah Al-Khawwas, and I do not know these two » (« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v 10 p 63). So this Hadith is weak as these two narrators are unknown.

The Hadith of ‘Awf ibn Malik:

« The Abdal are among the people of Sham (Syria and surrounding areas): By them they are saved and by them they receive their sustenance »

Al-Haythami said: « Narrated by At-Tabarani. The chain of narrators contains ‘Amr ibn Waqid, and the majority of Imams weakned him…As for the narrator Shahr, there is difference about him » (« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v 10 p 63)

Hafiz ibn Hajar said concerning ‘Amr ibn Waqid: « Matruk » (abandoned) (« Taqrib » 5132)

The Hadith of ibn Mas’ud:

« There will always beforty people in this community whose hearts are upon the heart of Ibrahim. Allah will remove harm from people by them, they are called the Abdal… »

Al-Haythami said : « Narrated by At-Tabarani from the narration of Thabit ibn ‘Abbas Al-Ahdab, from Raja Al-Kalbi, and I do not know them » (« Majma’ uz-Zawa’id » v 10 p 63)

The Hadith of Umm Salamah:

« Difference will occur after the death of a caliph and a man from the people of Madinah will flee to Makkah. Some people from Makkah will come towards him, take him against his will and give him Bay’ah between the corner (of the Ka’bah) and the Maqam of Ibrahim. A Military expedition will be send against him, but it will be swallowed by the earth in the desert between Makkah and Madinah, and when people will see this, the Abdal of Syria and the best people of ‘Iraq will come towards him and give him Bay’ah. » (« Musnad Ahmad » v 6 p 316, « Sunnan Abu Dawud » Kitab Al-Mahdi n°4286)

The chain of narrators contains Salih Abu Khalil from one of his companions, from Umm Salamah. So the companion of Salih Abu Khalil is unknown.

Abu Dawud et Al-Hakim mentioned a similar narration from Abu Khalil from Abdullah ibnul Harith from Umm Salamah, so the unknown narrator in the first narration might be this Abdullah ibnul Harith, but all these chains of narrators contain Abul ‘Awam, and his name is ‘Imran ibn Dawar Al-Qattan. Az-Zahabi said: « Many people weakened him and he was a Khariji » (« Talkhis » v 4 p 431)

Also Az-Zahabi included him in his book of weak narrators « Al-Mughni fi Ad-Du’afa » n° 4596.

The contradiction in the texts (Matn) of the Ahadith of Abdal Shaykh Muhammad Al-Lowh mentioned in his book « Taqdis Al-Ashkhas » that the Sufis who believe in the Abdal are in majority Ash’aris and people of Kalam, and these people do not accept Ahad narrations in matters of the creed. How can they then believe in the Abdal without one authentic Isnad? Also the Shaykh objected to the Matn of the Ahadith as there is a clear Idhtirab (contradictions that cannot be removed)

Indeed, some Ahadith mention 30, other 40, and some other numbers, and Sufis could not explain this clear contradiction. Some Sufis tried to say that the number of Abdal is 40 and 30 are upon the heart of Ibrahim, but this reconciliation is false as one can see that Hadith of Ibn Mas’ud says 40 men like Ibrahim and Hadith of ‘Ubadah says 30 men like Ibrahim. Also another Hadith of Ubadah says the Abdal are 30, meaning their total number is 30. This Idhtirab about the Ahadith of Abdal has been mentioned by Hafiz as-Sakhawi who said, "It has a number of different routes from Anas (RA) from the Prophet (SAW), WITH CONTRADICTORY WORDING, all of which are da'eef." ['Maqaasid al-Hasanah' (pp 26-28 no.8)]

So one whose heart is free of Ta’asub can clearly see contradictions in these Ahadith, as for people who follow their desire, then 30 and 40 is the same. When one is under influence of opium of Sufism, then everything is possible.

Note: the information about narrators have been taken from the article of Abu Rumaysah that is also on this web page and from « Taqdis ul Ashkhas » of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Lowh, also the quote of As-Sakhawi is taken from Abu Rumaysah.

Explanation of the words « By them » in these Ahadith Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyah wrote in his Fatwa on the Abdal, published in his « Jami ul Masail » v 2 p 67, (Tahqiq Shaykh Uzayr Shams):

« There is no doubt that some saints are a causis for sustenance and help as said by the Prophet (saw) to Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas :

« O Sa’d, don’t you receive help and sustenance except by your weak one, BY THEIR INVOCATIONS, their prayers, their sincerity (Ikhlas) » (« Sahih Al-Bukhari » and « Sunnan An- Nassai »)

And this is true and proved by the Book and the Sunnah. There is no mean to reach the satisfaction of Allah and His favour except by Iman (faith) in the Prophets and by obeying them. »

So one can see in the Hadith mentioned by Shaykhul Islam that Muslims are helped by the invocations of their weak ones, and the meaning of receiving help and sustenance by them as been explained by the Prophet (saw) to mean « by their invocations ».

So likewise, if we were to suppose the Ahadith of Abdal to be authentic, then the words in them « BY THEM you receive sustenance and help » would mean « BY THEIR INVOCATIONS, prayers and sincerity » The word « BY THEM » is general, it can mean by their invocations as explained by the Prophet (saw), or by their powers as understood by some Sufis. Yet when the Prophet (saw) made its Tafisr, it is not allowed for anyone to oppose it.

How can it be otherwise, as where in these Ahadith of Abdal did the Prophet (saw) say that Allah gives the Abdal the power to help and give sustenance, Allah conferred the matters of managing and governing the world to them?

So if these Ahadith are authentic -which they are not- they do not prove the creed of the Sufis who claim Abdal are ruling the world and have received powers by Allah, they have their assemblies in which they decide the matters of the world, who to make rulers, what to give to everyone. While the Sufis even claim Awliya have the power of « Kun fa Yakun » meaning they say about something « Be » and it is so.

The word « Kun Fa Yakun » (« Be » and it is) is given to saints according to Ash-Sha’rani, An-Nabbahani and Habib Ali Al-Jifri

An-Nabbahani wrote in his « Jami’ Karamat » v 2 p 158 that the Sufi ‘Ali ibn Muhammad Ad-Dinawri received the word « Kun » but Ad-Dinawri said :

« I abandoned the word « Kun fa Yakunu » (« BE » and it is) by respect of Allah »1

Ash-Sha’rani wrote in his « Al-Jawahir wa Durrar » p 123-124 that he asked his Shaykh Al-Khawwas: “Have the Awliya been given the control (Tasarruf) of « Kun » (meaning they say « Be » and it is)? » He replied: « Yes, by the inheritance of the Prophet (saw), because he used it in many places… » Ash-Sha’rani further asked: « Is it better for the Awliya to use this control or abandon it? » Al-Khawwas said: « Abandoning this control is the level of the great saints, those who act according to His word: « Do not take protectors beside Me » (Al-Isra : 2), thus they let Al-Haqq (Ta’ala) control for them by respect (for Allah) »2

Habib Ali Jifri said in the video on

1As quoted in « Awliya Allah bayna Mafhum As-Soufi wal Manhaj As-Sunni As-Salafi » of Shaykh AbdurRahman Ad-Dimashqi p 77

2As quoted in “Taqdis ul Ashkas » v 1 p 135

“It has been revealed in some divine books: O my slave I am Allah, when I desire something, I say “Kun” and it is, obey me my slave and I would give you “Kun fa Yakunu” (be and it will be).”

Shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyah said:

« Whoever affirms that there is among saints someone who says about something « KUN (Be) » and this happens, then we should seek repentance from this individual, and if he refused, he should be killed, as none can do such except Allah. »3

So where do these Ahadith about Abdal say that Awliya have power of Kun fa Yakun?

Moreover, the Sufis have some weak and fabricated Ahadith on the Abdal, but they also mention Qutb, Ghawth, Awtad, Nuqaba, Nujaba and they do not have any justification for it. They have made up a hierarchy of saints and assemblies of saints, while no Ahadith say such, so their creed is based on fairy tales and satanic Kashf of their leaders.

The books of Sufis differ about the number of Abdal

The Sufis differ about the Abdal and the hierarchy of saints.

Hakim At-Tirmidhi mentions 40 Abdal in his “Khatmul Awliya”:

“These forty are the guarantee of protection for the (Muslim) community. Through them the earth exists and through them the people pray for rain. When they die, the community will suffer what it has been threatened with”4

Ibn ‘Arabi says that the assembly of saints is composed of one Qutb, 2 Imams, 4 Awtad and 7 Abdal, but the 4 Awtad in this assembly are only substitutes to the 4 real Awtad who are the Prophets Ilyas, Idris, ‘Isa and Khidr, who are all alive according to him (In fact, only ‘Isa is alive). The real four Awtad do not change and they have four substitutes on the earth, and 3« Mukhtasar Fatawa Misriyah » p 589, as quoted by Ad-Dimasqi in the same book. 4“Khatmul Awliya” p 346, according to “Sanctity and Mysticsim in Medieval Egypt” by J.A. Mc Gregor p 13.

these substitutes’ hearts correspond to the hearts of these four Prophets, and these substitutes change after the death of one of them.5

J.A. Mc Gregor wrote after mentioning this description of the assembly of saints:

“This incorporation of Nubuwwa into the congress of saints is far removed from the diwan as conceived by Tirmidhi”6

So Ibn ‘Arabi gives a different description of this Diwan (assembly) of saint than Hakim At-Tirmidhi, so how can Sufis explain these differences?

Ibn ‘Arabi mentions 7 Abdal while Hakim At_tirmidhi mentions 40 and the weak Ahadith mention 30 or 40, how can Sufis explain this, and at the same time say « Al-Futuhat » and « Al-Fusus » are divinely inspired to Ibn ‘Arabi ?

If this description was from Allah, would there be any difference in it? Shadhilis believe in 7 Abdal and not 30 or 40

P 96 of the English Translation of “Lataif ul-Minnan”, ibn Ataillah wrote:

“Shaykh Abu al-‘Abbas (may God be pleased with him) said, “I went wandering through the kingdom of God and I saw Abu Madin (Correction: Abu Madyan), a fair-skinned man with blue eyes, clinging to the leg of the throne. I said to him, ‘What are your fields of knowledge, and what is your station?’ He replied, ‘As for my fields of knowledge, they are seventy-one, and as for my station, I am the fourth of the caliphs and the first of the SEVEN substitutes (abdal).’ I asked him, ‘What do you say about my Shaykh, Abu al-Hasan Al-Shadhili? He replied, ‘He has forty more fields of knowledge than I do. He is the sea which cannot be contained.’”

So for the Shadhilis, like ibn ‘Arabi, there are 7 Abdal, and this opposes these weak Ahadith of 30 or 40, and Shadhilis attribute knowledge of Ghayb to theirs leaders.

P 152 of the same book, ibn Ata Illah described Al-Mursi 5“Al-Futuhat Al-Makkiyah” v 3 p 9 Dar Al-Fikr, according to “Seal of saints” of Chodkiewicz p 94, as mentioned in “Sanctity and Mysticsim in Medieval Egypt” 6“Sanctity and Mysticsim in Medieval Egypt” p 23. REFERENCE: Compiled by Ali Hassan Khan: Abdal and Sufi Lies


The Saints of South Asian Models are as under:

Iqbal's secret meeting with saints (Like Imran Khan Like Allama Iqbal (also met with a Saint) Iqbal's secret meeting with saints)


Excerpts are as under:


1. Do not try to understand the Qur'ân ever. Else, you will go astray. Fifteen “Uloom” (sciences) are required to understand the Book. (“Maulana” Zakaria Kandhalwi, Fazael Amaal, p.2)

2. Do not read the Qur'ân with understanding, you will go astray. (Fazaael Aamal, “Maulana” Ashraf Ali Thanwi, p. 216)

It is mentioned in Aamaal-e-Qur'aani, p. 134 by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi [published by Jasim Book Depot, Urdu Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Delhi] that if a woman has excessive menstrual bleeding, the verse (Surah Al-'Imran: 3:144) should be written on three different pieces of paper, one tied on her right and the other on her left and the third piece of paper with the Qur'ânic verse to be hung below the naval. This verse of the Qur'aan, "Muhammad (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) is no more than a Messenger, and indeed (many) Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels (as disbelievers)? And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah, and Allah will give reward to those who are grateful." [Surah Al-'Imran: 3:144]

3. Delaying prayer once will cause a person to burn in the hellfire for 20.88 million years, just because he or she failed to pray on exact time. (“Maulana” Zakaria Kandhalwi, Fazaael Namaz, p.317)

4. Recite the whole Qur'ân in one raka’ah like saints did! [That will amount to more than 50 times of the whole Qur'ân in a single day!] (Fazaael Namaz p.64.) Saints recite 2,000 raka’ahs every day. They keep standing the full one month of Ramadhan reciting the Qur'ân twice a day! (Tableegh-I-Nisab Fazaael Aamal)

5. “Maulana” Ashraf Ali Thanwi separated the way of Salat between men and women in his book “Bahishti Zever.” (Masjid Tauheed, Karachi. Muhammad Sultan)

6. When Shah Waliullah was in his mother’s womb, she said a prayer. Two tiny hands (too) appeared for prayer. She was frightened. Her husband said, "You have Qutubul-Aqtab (Wali of Walis) in your womb (Hikayat-e-Awlia, p. 17 Ashraf Ali Thanwi) What a break-through!

7. Junaid Baghdadi was sitting when a dog crossed by. He merely glanced at the dog. The dog reached such glory that all dogs of the town followed him. Then he sat down and all dogs sat around him in meditation. (Ashraf Ali Thanwi. Imdad-ul- Mushtaq)

8. The holy messenger came to Shah Waliullah (in the 18 century!) and said, “Why do you worry? Your children are the same as mine.” (Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Hikayat-ul-Awlia)

9. The prophet laid the foundation of Darul-Uloom, Deoband, India (in the 19th century) He comes to check accounts of the school. He has learnt the Urdu language. (Mubasshirat-e-Darul Uloom, and Deoband Number of the Darul-Uloom)

10. Mulla Mohammad Qasim Nanotwi saw in his dream that he was sitting in the lap of Allaah. (Biography of Mulla Qasim by Mulla Mohammad Yaqoob Nanotwi)

11. The advent of another Prophet is quite possible. (Mulla Abdul Hai Farangi Mahli and Mulla Qasim Nanotwi, Tahzeer-in-Nas, p.34, Athar Ibn Abbas, p.16)

Why blame Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani only?

12. Disrespect to a monk is more perilous than disrespect to Allaah. (Mulla Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Al-Ashraf, p.23, Nov. 1991)

13. Dear reader, now read what p.154 “ Islam or Maslak Parasti” says: According to the Qur'ân anything dedicated to other than Allaah in forbidden. It is our maulvi mind who declare virtuous such things as Koondas of Ja’afar Sadiq, halwa of Shabe barat in the name of Owais Qarni, haleem and sherbet of Imam Hussain and Niaz of the 11th in the name of Jeelani!

14. Risala Tazkara of Darul-uloom Deoband of 1965 claims: Anyone suffering from malaria who took dust from the grave of “Maulana” Yaqoob Nanotwi and tied this dust to his body, found instant relief.

15. Allaah cuts jokes with the Ulama of Deoband. One of them went to a well for “Wudu” (Ablution) He lowered the bucket in the well. It came back full of silver. The Holy man said to Allaah: Don’t kid around! I am getting late for prayers. He lowered the bucket in again and this time it came back full of gold. (Risala Tazkara of Darul-uloom Deoband of April 1965)

16. In the night of Meraj (Ascension) Imam Ghazali rebuked Prophet Moses. Mohammed said, " Respect O' Ghazali!" (Malfoozat Haaji Imdaadullaah Muhaajir Makki, Imdad-ul- Mushtaq) by Ashraf Ali Thanwi.

[Please note that Ghazali was born centuries after passing away of the holy prophet]

17. Take the right arm of a goat after Friday prayers. Be completely naked. Write Sura Yasin and the name of the person you want, then put the meat in the cooking pot. That person will fall in love with you. (Monthly "Khalid" Deoband Darul Uloom)

18. If you want to kill your enemy write A to T on a piece of bread. Recite Surah "RA'AD.” Break the bread into five pieces and feed them to five dogs. Say to dogs, 'Eat the flesh of my enemy'. By the will of Allaah your enemy will have huge boils on his body. (Darul uloom Deoband "Khalid")

19. Say "Fazabooha" before you cut a melon, or any thing else (for that matter), you will find it sweet. (Aamale-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

20. Recite the verse "When the heaven will split.” Write it (on a piece of paper) and tie to the left thigh of any woman in labor, child birth will become easy. Cut the hair of that woman and burn them between her thighs, childbirth will be easier still. (Aamal-e-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

21. During labor pains let the woman hold Mawatta Imam Malik for instant delivery. (Aamal-e-Qurani, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

22. See what “Hakeemul Ummat” Thanwi says! Keep reciting "Al Mughni" during sex and the woman will love you. (same book, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

23.The prophet laid foundation of Darul-Uloom, Deoband, India (in the 19th century). He comes to check accounts of the school. He has learnt Urdu language. (Mubasshirat-e-Darul Uloom, and Deoband Number of the Darul-Uloom)

24. When, "Maulana" Zakaria, the father of "Maulana" Yousuf Bannuri would fall sick, the prophet would come. He told the house servant, "Badshah Khan! I (the holy prophet), am also serving Zakaria. (Bayyanat 1975 Ashraf Ali Thanwi p. 7)

25. The prophet said to sister-in-law of Haaji Imdaadullaah Muhajir Makki, "Get up! I will cook meals for guests of Imdaadullaah." (Bayyanat p. 8, Ashraf Ali Thanwi)

26. “Maulana” Yousuf Ludhianwi taught a simple method to make interest (usury) Halal. Borrow from a non-Muslim. (Masaail-e-Jadeedah)

27. The wife of Mullah Jalaaluddin Rumi thought that his sexual desire had vanished. The Mullah came to know of her suspicion in a special trance of revelation (KASHF). That night he went to the wife and drilled her 70 times. (Please excuse the language) So much so that she asked forgiveness. (Manaqib-il-Arifain, p.70, by Shamsuddin Akhlaqi)

Now please witness how far these Mujaddith's of Deoband can go! See what garbage Mulla Ashraf Ali Thanwi is trying to unload. The same Thanwi whom other Mullahs call “Hakeem-ul-Ummat”!

28. He writes on p.110 in “Imdaadul Mushtaq”: There was a true monotheist. People told him if delicious food is part of the person of Allaah and feces too is a part of Him, eat both. Well, the Sheikh first became a pig and ate feces. Then he became a human being and ate food! Isn’t that height of "wisdom" of our wise of the nation!”

29. Here is another pearl of wisdom from him: There was a Pir Sadiq from Ashraf Ali Thanwi’s town. He taught his disciples “There is no God but Allah and Sadiq is His messenger.” {Astaghfirullaah} The wise of the nation Thanwi declared that teaching OK. (Imane Khalis, p.109, Hazrat Masood Uthmani)

30. The holy messenger comes to Mulla Qasim Nanotwi and other big shots of Deoband, U.P to learn Urdu. He also checks accounts of the Madrasah. (Numerous references such as Haqaiq-o-Maarif, Deoband May 1975).

31. "Maulana” Yousuf Bannuri writes: The Prophet told my father, Zakaria! When you fall sick I also fall sick. Hazrat Ali had come to conduct the marriage of my father and mother. (In the 19th century!) (Iman-e-Khalis, pp. 7 and 8, Masooduddin Usmani, Fazil Uloom Deenia)

Furthermore it is not a co-incidence that these beliefs are in the Fazaail Aamal, rather each one of the misguided views is a well-established belief of the Deobandis - the school of thought that the Tableeghi Jamaat originates from. This has been shown with ample proofs. please refer to the online book, "The JAMAAT TABLEEGH and the Deobandis - A Critical analysis of their Beliefs, Books and Dawah"

This book is not a fazail-e-Aamaal Combat Kit, But is an Enlightening insight in to the Scholars and Founding Fathers of Deoband and their Sufistic Beliefs, As Deoband have been looked upon as the good Guys and the Barelwis as the Bad Guys, However after reading the writings of the revered scholars and Founder of Deoband one Realizes that the difference between the Barelwis and the Deobandis is Miniscule and they both Share the Same Sufistic Beliefs of PIRS, FAKIRS, MIRACULOUS POWERS OF SAINTS, APPROVAL OF GRAVE WORSHIP, ZIKR, MEDITATIONS, MOKSHA, TAWASSUL, LOOKING DOWN UPON JANNAH, DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS WITH ALLAAH and many other same beliefs. One is forced to conclude that this dangerous misinterpretation and twisting of Islaamic beliefs and practices has been deliberate, oft repeated and has been purposely concealed from the common man, This can in no way be attributed to ignorance on the part of the Deoband Leaders.

Demented Sufis!

I am superior to the prophets (Mohiuddin Ibn-Arabi, Hadeeqa Sultania p.190).

I have denounced Islam. I believe this is incumbent on people. If Allah is God in the heavens, I am God on earth (statement of Hussain bin Mansoor Hallaj, Khateeb Baghdadi vol.8, Ibne Athir 11:140, Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya by Ibn Kathir).

Men of knowledge see Shias as swines (Mohiuddin Ibn-Arabi, Futuhat Makkia 2:8).

Sheikh Imam Abul Hassan Noori was in the company of his disciples. The call to prayers came. The Sheikh said, “It is death.” Then a dog barked. The Sheikh replied, "Labbaik", meaning "Oh yes, my master" (Ibn-e-Jozi Talbees-e-Iblis p.383).

My body has merged with the body of Rasulullah. Therefore, we are one (Shah Waliullah, Anfasul Arifain).

I recite Sura Fatiha and walk across the river (Mulfoozat Moinuddin Chishti Ajmairi).

In the assemblies of "URS" (communion of Sufi souls with God), spirits of the dead Sufis come to dance around (Mulla Abul Kalam Azad, Iman-e-Khalis p.63).

Hazrat Dawood Jawarbi had seen Allah. When asked about Allah, he said, “Ask me not about His genitals and His beard. Ask about anything else (Al-Millil wal-Nahil, Imam Shehristani 1:96).

Even better, the authorities should have painted Imam Shehristani a clown for conveying such rubbish. Allah is sitting in the heavens. I am the God on earth (Mansoor Hallaj, Ibne-Athir 2:140/Al Bidaya Wal Nihaya by Ibn Kathir).

The priest in the church is our Allah (Ibn-Arabi, Qasasul Ulema p.53).

There is no one else worthy of worship. Come and worship me (Mulla Jalaluddin Rumi, Mathnawi 4:52).

Time for a laugh: This morning Allah wrestled with me. He floored me because I am 2 years younger than He is (Abul Hassan Kharqani, Fawaid Faridiya p.78).

Alas! The Muslim fails to understand that Allah can be found only in idol worship (Sufi Mahmood Shabistri, Sharah Gulshan-e-Raz p.294).

Hanafis are people who are pacing toward hellfire. The death anniversary of Imam Hussain must be celebrated like the Festival of Eid (Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Ghania al-Talibain p.190).

My foot is on the neck of every saint, so I placed my foot on Hazrat Ali's neck (Abdul Qadir Jeelani, Asrar ul Qadam p.191).

I hate the God who does not appear as a dog or cat (Ibn-Arabi, Khazeena Imaniya p.168).

Whenever Khwaja Maudood Chishti wanted to see the Ka’aba, angels airlifted it to the land of Chisht (Malfoozat Khwaja Qutubuddin Bukhtiar Kaki, Fariduddin Ganj Shakar). This Khwaja Maudood Chishti is reported to be the ancestor of the famous Mulla Maudoodi.

One thousand years have gone and so has the time of Muhammad. Now it is my time, the time of Ahmad. The second millennium is mine (Ahmad Sarhindi, so-called “Mujaddid Alf-Sani” [Revivalist of the second millennium], Mubda-o-Muad).

Books of the Tableeghi Nisab “Fazael Aamal” were presented to the Holy Prophet (in the twentieth century!) and he accepted them (Behjatul Quloob p.12).

Khwaja Qutbuddin Maudood Chishti’s dead body flew in the air on its way to the graveyard. Khwaja Fareeduddin Ganj Shakar upon narrating this fell unconscious (Rahatil-Quloob, Ganj Shakar). He should have expired.

Adam cried for 300 years. (So much so that) birds made nests on his face. His tears brought forth so much grass that it covered his (60 meters long) body (Rahatul Muhibbeen, Ameer Khusro, Khwaja Nizamuddin Awlia).

A bird came and told us, "Tomorrow is Eid. Unlike humans we are free from lies.” Sheikh Faqirullah knew a crow that often learned monotheism from him (reference same).

If Awlia (saints) wish, they can accept invitations from 10,000 towns (and be there) at the same time (Ahmed Raza Barelwi, Malfoozat part I p.127).

When Shah Waliullah was in his mother’s womb, she said a prayer. Two tiny hands appeared for prayer. She was frightened. Her husband said, "You have Qutubul Aqtab (Saint of Saints) in your womb (Mulla Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Hikayat-e-Awlia p.17). What a breakthrough!

The Prophet laid the foundation of Darul Uloom, Deoband, India (in the 19th century!). He comes to check the accounts of the school. He has learnt Urdu from the Ulema of Deoband (Mubasshirat-e-Darul Uloom, and Deoband Number of the Darul Uloom). Was this tale made up to lend credence to the Deoband Mulla factory? You decide.

Allah revealed Himself to me as an extremely beautiful woman, decorated with fine ornaments and garments. She suddenly embraced me and merged into my body (Shah Waliullah, Anfasul Arifain pp.94-95).

One night I started flying from heaven to heaven until I reached the Prophet. He accepted my allegiance (reference same, pp.38-39).

The sun cannot rise before greeting me. The new year, the new month, the new day, dawn not without greeting me and informing me of every single event (Malfoozat Ahmed Raza Barelwi about Ghaus Azam Jeelani).

A wolf was brought before prophet Jacob. He said to the wolf, “Tell me about my son, Joseph.” The wolf said, “I am an animal, but I do no backbiting” (reference same).

Prophet Job prayed, “O’ God! Give me 12,000 tongues so that I may recite your name.” God accepted his prayer and infested his body with 12,000 insects (reference same).

The mosquito that killed Nimrod was lame (Malfoozat Chishti).

Hazrat Uthman brought home a fish. All the firewood burnt off, but the fish remained fresh (uncooked). When the Prophet asked it the reason, the fish said, “I had sent my salutations to you once” (reference same).

Shah Waliullah believed in the Unity of Existence. He believed that insects, animals, idols and human beings were all God (Syed Farooq Al-Qadri, Anfasul Arifain).

Allah has only 99 virtuous names. I have more than 99, in fact 4000 (Shah Waliullah for his uncle, Anfasul Arifain p.210).

Some people told Shah Abdur Raheem (Shah Waliullah’s father) that they were trying to find God. My father said, “I am He!” They stood up and shook hands (reference same, p.93). Why didn’t they prostrate?!

God came to me in a cloak in the guise of an extremely beautiful woman. I became passionate and said, “Cast aside your cloak.” The response came, “The cloak is very thin. It reveals my beauty.” I insisted, upon which the cloak was lifted (quote of father and son: Shah Abdur Raheem & Shah Waliullah, Anfasul Arifain p.94).

The great Pir (master saint) of the 19th century, Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, has been quoted in his Malfoozat p.32 that "Prophets are alive in their graves like ever before. They eat, drink, pray and receive their wives in the grave and engage in sex with them."

Now watch God’s retirement plan: Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani claimed: Allah has made me eternal and has joined me with Him. He has given in my hand this world and the Hereafter and all Creation (Jeelani, Malfoozat Fuyuz Yazdani, Fath-e-Rabb-ani, Majlis 51).

Prophet David and Prophet Mohammad both sinned because they saw the beauty of unclothed women. Then Uria’s wife and Zaid’s wife became haram (forbidden) for their husbands (Ali Hajweri, alias “Daata Ganj Baksh,” Kalamil Marghoob p.349). [This Rascal Data basically quoted the False Narration of Hisotry of Tabari]

Junaid Baghdadi said that Prophet Solomon was the illegitimate son of David from Uria’s wife. Sheik Seerin wrote that Surah Ahzab of the Qur'an means to say that Muhammad the Exalted was hiding the carnal love of Zainab (the wife of Zaid), in his heart (Malfoozal Al-Aasl p.219).

A wife of the Holy Prophet saw a male sparrow mounting the female sparrow. She challenged the Prophet. When the night set in, the Prophet mounted her in a most furious manner 90 times and said, “See! There is no deficiency here” (Shamsuddin Akhlaqi, Manaqib-il-Arifain pp.70-71).

These dogs and swines are our God (Fusoosul Hukm, Mohiuddin Ibne Arabi).

Ba-Yazeed Bistami, supposedly the head of all saints, is quoted in his Malfoozat (book of quotes):

I am Glorious, the Ultimate, the Pure. My glory is beyond description.

My kingdom is greater than the Kingdom of God.

Allah is in my pocket.

My flag flies higher than the flag of Mohammad.

I dove into the sea of true knowledge while the prophets watched by the shore.

Ali Hajweri, “Daata Ganj Bakhsh,” in his Kashfil Mahjoob, pp.255-256 supports Ba-Yazeed's claim that he was Allah in human form.

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri taught his disciples a different Kalema (creed) “There is no god but Allah and Chishti is His messenger” (Khwaja Fareed-ud-Din Ganj Shakar, Fawaed-us-Salikeen pp.126-127).

Now what message is Sheikh Afeef-ud-Din Talmisani trying to convey when he says:

The Qur'an is loaded with shirk (polytheism). True monotheism is that everything in the universe is God (Malfoozat Talmisani p.205).

It was OK for the Pharaoh to say, “I am God”. He, of course, was a part of the Essence of God (reference same). Ibraheem Adham reached the Ka’aba in 14 years because he prayed two nawafil at every step. But the Ka’aba was not found! "It has gone to visit Rabia Basri," came a voice from the heavens (Malfoozat Khwaja Uthman Harooni, Aneesul Arwah p.17). Doesn’t it make us think why the Ka’aba could not go to meet the Holy Prophet in Hudaibiah?

According to Sheikh Afifuddin Talmisani’s Malfoozat page 177, Rabia Basri was in romance first with Hasan Basri and then with Ibrahim Adham.

In Cordova, I fell in love with Fatima. In Makkah I fell in love with the beautiful Ain-ush-Shams. The spiritual windows opened upon me hence. (Sheikh Mohiuddin Ibne Arabi, Fusoosul Hukm)

Ba-Yazid Bistami could take the soul of any person whenever he wanted. My uncle Abu Raza Mohammad, upon hearing this became angry and said, “Ba-Yazid could not return the soul (and restore life). I can take a soul and return it, as I want.” Then my uncle took the soul of Rahmatullah and brought him back to life (Shah Waliullah, Anfasul Afrifain p.95).

Junaid Baghdadi was sitting when a dog crossed by. He merely glanced at the dog. The dog reached such glory that all dogs of the town followed him. Then he sat down and all dogs sat around him in meditation (Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Imdadul Mushtaq).”

The Holy Messenger came to Shah Waliullah (in the 18 century!) and said “Why do you worry, my son? Your children are the same as mine” (Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Hikayat-e-Awlia).

It is obligatory upon a Mu’min (believer) that he quits eating and drinking. He must get weak to the point where he becomes unable to pray (Sahl bin Abdullah Tastari, Malfoozat Arabi p.289).

Hazrat Sha’arani was the Sheikh of miracles. He resided in a meadow. He used to visit the town riding a wolf. He walked on water. His urine was drinkable like pure milk (Allama Tareshi’s excerpts, Misra Tasawwuf p.194). Did Tareshi try it?

Jalaluddin Rumi never prayed. When the time for prayers came he used to vanish. At last it was detected that he went to pray in Ka’aba (2000 miles away from Qunia five times a day) (Khwaja Nizamuddin Awlia, Rahat-il-Quloob).

My uncle saw me create and destroy the universe (Shah Waliullah, Afasul Arifain p.210).

Once there was a Sheikh who used to grab a dog every day and put him on the prayer rug and said, “O dog, you are in the hands of God!” Those dogs then started walking on water and healed people by giving them ta’aweez (amulets) (Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, Malfoozat).

The dead body of a dervish was lying in a jungle laughing. I asked him, “You are dead, how can you laugh?” The dead body replied, “This is what happens in the love of Allah” (Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Malfoozat).

The Universe lies within the Mount Caucasus. This mountain is 40 times bigger than the earth. A cow is holding it on its head (Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Dalilul Arifain).

The people of Multan refused to provide fire to Shah Shams Tabrez for roasting meat. He became enraged and brought the sun down (and roasted the meat). People became restless with heat. They came to the saint and asked his forgiveness and then he ordered the sun to go back. Since that day the town became known for its hot summers (Ali Quli Baghdadi, Karamat Shah Tabrez p.233).

A great saint Hazrat Abdul Wahab went to visit the grave of Pir Syedi Ahmad Kabir. Abdul Wahab saw a beautiful bondwoman. Syedi Kabir called from his grave, “Hey, do you like her?” The owner of the bondwoman instantly dedicated her to the grave. The dead Pir spoke again, "O’ Abdul Wahab! Take her to the room in front and satisfy your desire" (Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, allegedly “the greatest master of Islamic law and reviver of the 19th century,” Malfoozat part 3 p.28).

Ibraheem Adham was Governor of Balakh. While hunting, a deer turned back and scolded him. Since that day Adham quit his rule (and became a saint) (“Daata” Ganj Bakhsh, Kalamil Marghoob p.229).

When the companions went with the Prophet for ghazwat (Jihad) some of their wives had relations with other men (Mulla Jalaluddin Rumi, Feeh-ma-Feeh, Saleem Chishti, Islami Tasawwuf p.66).

Women are the source of all tribulation in the world, religious or otherwise (Hajwairi, “Daata Ganj Bakhsh” in Malfoozat Barelwi).

There was a 140-year old worshipper. He had a foot that was amputated. When asked he said, “I was in eitekaf (seclusion for worship in a masjid). I stepped one foot out. An angel warned me and I immediately cut off my foot with a knife” (Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri in Malfoozat Uthman Harooni).

Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri writes in the same book that the moon and the sun eclipse because of the sins of people! The Holy Prophet had explained that eclipses occur according to the Divine Laws.

A man stole shrouds from graves for 40 years, but he went to the highest degree in Paradise. Why? Because he held on to the prayer rug (he was steadfast in prayers) (Malfoozat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri, by Khwaja Qutub Alam, Daleel Arifain).

Watch for another wisdom from Chishti in the same book: The hellfire is placed in the mouth of a snake deep in the seventh level of the earth, otherwise the whole Universe would burn. Khwaja Qutubuddin Bakhtiar Kaki knew half the Qur'an by heart when he was born (Fawaid-as-Salikeen, Khwaja Fareed-ud-Din “Ganj Shakar”).

What titanic forces prevented him from completing it?!

Fareed-ud-Din “Ganj Shakar” (which means: the treasure of sugar) turned bushels of sugar into salt and again into sugar (The Beloved of God, “Mehboob-e-Elahi” Khwaja Nizam-ud-din Awlia, Rahatul Quloob).

The Prophet attended the funeral of Barakat Ahmed. And I led the prayer, (i.e. the Prophet was his follower in prayer) (Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi, Malfoozat).

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti says, “What do you ask of the Mount Caucasus? This mountain is resting on the head of a cow. The greatness and size of this cow equals 30,000 years of travel. Her head is in the East and her tail is in the West. She has been standing since eternity praising the Lord.” Sheikh Uthman Harooni reports that after narrating this (insult to human intelligence), Sheikh Maudood Chishti and a companion sank into deep meditation. Both disappeared leaving their gowns behind. They had gone to take a stroll up the Mount Caucasus (Malfoozat Khwaja Chishti Ajmeri by Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaki, Daleelul Arifain pp.85-86). They should have disappeared from the planet.

By God! I know 99 out of 100 thoughts that come in the heart of an ant living in the lowest stratum of the earth. Allah knows all one hundred (Shah Waliullah, Anfasul Arifain p.205).


The Secret Saint of Imran Khan as defined by Mr. Nusrat Javed in Express News
Hidden Hands Behind Imran Khan (Courtesy: Nusrat Javed/Express News)

But Imran Khan is more pragmatic and believe in Realpolitik and that too after Loud Mouth Bragging against MQM & Altaf Hussain.

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) or Pakistan Movement for Justice’s Chief Imran Khan on Thursday said that ‘conditional coalition’ with Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is not completely ‘out of question,’ DawnNews reported. Former cricket star said while talking to media at Karachi airport, that his party would consider joining hands with MQM only if they did not decide to join treasury benches once again. PTI chief further said his party was the only political force in the country which was playing the role of real opposition, Mr Khan was confident to win the ‘match’ alone without any ‘match-fixing.’ “Free and fair elections are not possible without impartial election commission and solution to all current problems of the public is free and fair elections,” added Imran Khan. REFERENCE: Imran hints ‘conditional coalition’ with MQM DawnNews | DAWN.COM Yesterday 

Imran Khan also "Decides" to Forget what he used to say earlier

Imran Khan in Jawab Deyh - 1 (GEO TV 3rd Jun 2007)


1. (C) On June 1, Charge met with Minister of Ports and Shipping (and MQM member) Babar Khan Ghauri to discuss the May 11-13 violence in Karachi. Ghauri said the Karachi violence had “killed” the MQM`s chances of gaining voters in Punjab province. The party was focusing on repairing its reputation in Karachi and Sindh.

2. (C) According to Ghauri, police and Sindh Rangers were stationed at key “buffer” points in Karachi on May 12, anticipating clashes between opposition and MQM activists. At around 2:00 a.m., the officers abandoned their positions. (Note: The Rangers, like the Karachi police, might have been under local orders not to intervene (ref A). End Note.) Ghauri reported that on May 13, after a phone call with Governor of Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ebad, President Musharraf ordered police and rangers onto the streets in Karachi. Ghauri also said Musharraf asked PML-Q coalition partners to maintain a public posture that would not cause undue political damage to the MQM. Regarding whether MQM head Altaf Hussain played any part in planning the violence, Ghauri said “No, absolutely not. We were trying to expand into Punjab; how would we have benefited from this?” (Note: Reliable Embassy and Consulate Karachi contacts believe that at the very least Hussain suspected there would be violence on May 12 and supported the MQM counter-rally in any case. End Note.)

3. (C) Comment: Ghauri confirmed what in-country MQM leader Farooq Sattar told us in a May 17 phone call (ref C): the events of May 11-13 in Karachi deeply wounded the MQM. Ghauri noted several times during the meeting that his party`s leadership felt “alone” and that they were worried the PML-Q would abandon them. Indeed, a number of PML-Q contacts privately tell us they believe MQM was culpable for the events, and the PML-Q should distance itself from the MQM to prevent damage to its own reputation. Nevertheless, President Musharraf and some other government officials continue to blame the opposition and Chief Justice for the May 12 violence. Given that much of the public and media believe the MQM principally responsible for the violence, Musharraf`s position could exacerbate his political problems. REFERENCE: 2007: Babar Ghauri said May 12 violence killed MQM`s chances in Punjab From the Newspaper May 31, 2011 

Imran Khan in Jawab Deyh - 2 (GEO TV 3rd Jun 2007)


9. (C) Kamal, Sattar and Rizvi all confirmed that Altaf Hussain had expressed an interest in returning to Pakistan, but this idea had been rejected by the party. They feared that another assassination attempt would be made and they would be left leaderless. Nevertheless, while leaving dinner, Sattar indicated that Hussain could, in fact, be induced to return with the right deal for inclusion in a coalition government. (Note: According to press reports, President Musharraf met with Hussain in London this week.) The National Reconciliation Ordinance signed by Musharraf to give Bhutto and others immunity from prosecution reportedly benefited many MQM members; if Musharraf extends the NRO, this may increase Hussain’s willingness to return from self-imposed exile.

10. (C) Comment: Despite some continuing evidence of thuggery, MQM is making progress in emerging as a popular grass-roots political party, and it clearly is improving city life in Karachi. As Musharraf’s visit to Hussain demonstrated, PML very much wants to keep MQM in its coalition corner. But the PPP’s Zardari (Ref A) also believes a coalition with MQM would be possible. Like some of Pakistan’s other small parties, MQM also sees itself as a possible kingmaker in forming the next coalition government. REFERENCE: 2008: MQM told US ‘stop ignoring us’From the Newspaper (14 hours ago) Today

Imran Khan in Jawab Deyh - 3 (GEO TV 3rd Jun 2007)


KARACHI:  “The police are only one of several armed groups and probably not the most numerous or best equipped,” according to a secret assessment of the ‘The Gangs of Karachi’ by then US consul general Stephen Fakan in April 2009. The assessment focuses on the Pakistan People’s Party, Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Awami National Party, Muhajir Qaumi Movement (H), Sunni Tehreek and “Pashtun terrorists”, besides some armed gangs operating in Lyari and other parts of this megapolis. It states that “the PPP’s decision to include MQM in coalition governments in Sindh and at the centre has helped preclude a return to the PPP-MQM violence of the 1990s. But the potential for MQM-ANP conflict is growing as Pashtuns challenge Muhajir political dominance and vie for control of key economic interests, such as the lucrative trucking industry. “Any sign that political violence is returning to Karachi, especially if it is related to the growing strength of conservative Pashtun ‘Taliban’, will send extremely negative shockwaves through the society and likely accelerate the flight from Pakistan of the business and intellectual elite of the society,” the report says. Assessing the overall situation that prevailed in the city, the cable adds that the police consider many neighbourhoods to be no-go zones in which even intelligence services have a difficult time operating. “Very few of the groups are traditional criminal gangs. Most are associated with a political party, a social movement, or terrorist activity, and their presence in the volatile ethnic mix of the world’s fourth largest city creates enormous political and governance challenges.” REFERENCE: ‘Armed gangs outnumber police in Karachi’ By Idrees Bakhtiar | From the Newspaper (18 hours ago) Today

Imran khan in Jawab Deyh - 4 (GEO TV 3rd Jun 2007)


About the presence of armed groups in the city, the US assessment mentions many parties. It says that the MQM’s armed members, referred to as “Good Friends”, are the largest non-governmental armed element in the city and that “the police estimate MQM has ten thousand active armed members and as many as twenty-five thousand armed fighters in reserve.” According to the cable, the local police believes that “MQM-H still maintains its armed groups in the areas of Landhi and Korangi, and that the party will re-organise itself once its leadership is released from jail.  MQM-H had broken from the main MQM and its strongholds in Landhi and Korangi were regarded as no-go zones. It was in 2003 that the MQM, as a precondition to join the government, asked for the elimination of the MQM-H. The local police and Rangers were used to crack down on MQM-H, and its leaders were put behind bars.  The rank and file of MQM-H found refuge in a local religious/political party, Sunni Tehrik,” the assessment reads. The cable goes on to note that the “ST is a small religious/political group with a presence in small pockets of Karachi. The group has only managed to win a handful of council seats in local elections but militarily it is disproportionately powerful because of the influx of MQM-H gunmen. ST has organised the party and its gunmen along the lines of MQM by dividing its areas of influence into sectors and units, with sector and unit commanders”. REFERENCE: ‘Armed gangs outnumber police in Karachi’ By Idrees Bakhtiar | From the Newspaper (18 hours ago) Today 2009: US assessment of Karachi violence 

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