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After Benazir Bhutto's Death - 8

Former Federal minister Anwar Saifullah Khan [Son-in-Law of Former President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan]

Former President of Pakistan Ghulam Ishaq Khan

Asif Ali Zardari [Coming out of Police Van for hearing in the Corruption Case concocted against him by Ghulam Ishaq Khan]

As per Daily Dawn dated March 2, 2008.

Former federal minister Anwar Saifullah Khan MPA-elect from two provincial assembly constituencies of Lakki Marwat district, has joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). [1]

Funny isn't it, the man above is son-in-law of Former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan [Involved in Mehran Bank Scandal. The Sacndal courtesy General Aslam Beg, General Asad Durrani and Born Again Revolutionary Hamid Gul, was said to be instrumental in rigging two General Elections to thwar PPP from coming into power]


Parts of the report of the Mehran Bank Scandal probe commission were released in December, 1996. In July 1994 a commission, comprising five judges, was formed to investigate the Mehran Bank scandal. It took eight months to complete its inquiry in February 1995 but its report was never published. However, parts of the reports were released on December 8, 1996, according to which the commission exonerated President Leghari from any wrong doing in his so-called benami deal. But the commission did not mention to whom the land was sold by the president for Rs. 15 million and from which account the money was debited to make the payment. The Commission also cleared the former chief minister of the North West Frontier Province, Aftab Sherpao and Senator Anwar Saifullah, who were accused of being the main beneficiaries of the Mehran Bank, of all the allegations. (DAWN 9.12.1996)

On May 13, 1997, the Commerce Minister, Ishaq Dar informed the Senate that the report was missing from the Law Ministry. According to Dar, the Mehran Bank scandal cost a total of Rs. 9.92 billion to the national exchequer. [2]

In this case, Lt General Naseerullah Babar filed an affidavit in court supported by copies of various documents and a photocopy of a letter dated June 7, 1994, addressed by Durrani to the then prime minister, Benazir Bhutto, who, during her second term in office, appointed him as her ambassador to Germany, which reads:

Asad"Filed also in the court is a note, attached to Durrani's letter written in his own hand, reading: "YH TT Peshawar A/C Sherpao For Election 5,00,000; Anwar Saifullah for MBL deposit 15,00,000; Farooq Leghari PO Issued 1,50,00,000. Another 1,50,00,000 paid through Bank. There are a host of other political figures who received funds like Liaquat Jatoi, Imtiaz Sheikh." [3]

I wonder what happened to Mr Zaradri's rheotric of Qatil [Killer] League if PML-Q is Qatil [Killer] League then what about those who were the allies of PML-Q League e.g. PML-F, MMA, MQM, and every other Tom, Dick and Harry who were with Mr Musharraf from 1999-2007. If letting go Criminals, In the name of National Consensus, National Government and National Reconciliation then why dont Mr Zardari appoint Chadhary Shujaat Husaain as a Member of Central Executive Committe of PPP. What was the need of fiery Press Conferences by PPP Stalwarts like Ms. Sherry Rehman [Former Editor of Herlad Monthly 1990s] after the sad incident of 12 May 2007 in which MQM played its dirty role [MQM was a part of the government in Sindh and under the Govt. of MQM-PML-Q 48 innocent lives were lost no matter as to which party they belonged to. This happened again when MQM and PMLQ was in caretaker government [they are still in] when after 27 December 2007 for three days there was loot, plunder, killing and arson but there was no Law and Order and MQM has the audacity despite having their member as Governor Sindh to ask for compensation. What about common people if they ask MQM Caretaker Government to provide us Security.

What is the need of Jails and Punishment when you can always ask for fogiveness in any Posh Hotel through a Press Conference after a sumptuous Dinner/Refreshment like the Honchos of Ex-Servicemen Society did in Islamabad before election in 2008. Today they are asking for forgiveness for their past crimes and tomorrow, say some hard core criminals ask for the same, will one forgive them? And if forgive them then the question is, are the courts and law made for common people.


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March 02, 2008 Sunday Safar 23, 1429

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