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Benazir Bhutto: Before her death - 1

NOTE: These comments/posts were compiled when Ms. Benazir Bhutto was alive. These posts are related with Benazir Bhutto/PPP/Asif Ali Zardari's politics from 2006 to 2008. Therefore keep in mind the dates while going through the series of posts.

Late. Ms Benazir Bhutto with her family.

Today i.e. 9-10-2006 the Qazi Hussain Ahmed of MMA [Leader of the Alliance of the Religious Parties in Pakistan] while talking to GEO and ARY ONE CHANNELS has said that Benazir Bhutto's deal with the government would sabotage the Grand Opposition Alliance against the government whereas after the General Election 2002 this Religious Mafia signed on LFO i.e. 17th Constitutional Amendment and cleared the field for the present setup for Free Style, I wonder where the hell was Qazi Hussain's and MMA'S Political foresight or was it an arrangement. Before Ramazan leaders of MMA Hafiz Hussain Ahmed and Maulana Fazlur Rehman on the same GEO AND ARY CHANNELS "politicans do not resign on the death of some tribal Sardar. MQM also off and on say that it has several deep differences with the government and funny thing is that MQM-MMA are part of the government.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman and Qazi Hussain Ahmed

On OCT 06, 2006 in Boston USA, Ms Benazir Bhutto while talking with Reuters said terrorism was reaching deeper into Pakistani cities, partly because militants still thrive in Islamic seminaries. Whereas her rampant "Bull in a China Shop" i.e. Retd General Naseerullah Babar often claims that Taliban were succeded because of him. Starnge games are being played by PPP and its leaders while the Chairperson openly talking about deal whereas the junior leaders are denying it and people are being taken forgranted and ride again.

Dr Shahid Masood [Famous Pakistani TV Anchor first ARY ONE, then Geo, then Pakistan Television and now Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Quite a success!

Hasan Nisar [Intellectual]

In a one liner but a very clear advise was passed on to PPP Leadership recently by an iconoclast Mr. Hassan Nisar while talking to Dr. Shahid Masood {a former candidate/member of Peoples Student Federation of PPP in 1988 Elections and another favourite of General Musharraf} in an ARY ONE TV Programe Views on News. Mr. Nisar said that PPP’s politics has always been Pro-People and Anti-Establishment therefore they must not quit this nomenclature. The Prisoner of Conscience Asif Ali Zardari is now sitting with a Former PPP Thug Ghulam Mustafa Khar for the sake of Democracy or for a façade of Democracy. Ghulam Mustafa Khar {Lion of Punjab}, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto {Dahesar}, Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi {Dabba}, and Maulana Kausar Niazi {Maulana Whiskey and a former Deputy of Maulana Mawdoodi}, Abdul Hafeez Peerzada {Sohna Munda} are one of those 5 Uncles of Benazir Bhutto, on whose hands you would find blood of Zoulfiqar Ali Bhutto [The Real Sureh Badshah after Shaheed Peer Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi who fought bravely against the British Military, May Allah bless them both in Heavens eternally, Amen]. They betrayed Bhutto and his widow in the time of need and from 1988 till 1999 they in different capacity served Pakistani Military Establishment to be precise ISI against Ms. Benazir Bhutto and Asif is sitting with one of them against which the same ISI and Pakistan Army had alleged that Khar is a RAW Agent, the same thing was said by ISI against Jam Sadiq Ali and both of them then inducted in the caretaker government of that Idiot Box Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi in 1990 [Mehran Bank Manufactured Caretaker Government].

Notorious Characters in PPP who betrayed Zoulfiquar Ali Bhutto and PPP when they were all needed the most and they also betrayed Nusrat Bhutto the widow of Bhutto and they connived with General Zia Martial Law Regime in during 1977:

Martial Law Chief General Zia with his brother Ronald Reagan - The US President

Ghulam Mustafa Khar

Mumtaz Ali Bhutto

Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

Kausar Niazi {Maulana Whiskey and a former Deputy of Maulana Mawdudi of Jamat-e-Islami}

Abdul Hafiz Pirzada

The strange thing is that every such turncoat is accepted in PPP after getting a baptism from Establishment through an interview on ARY ONE establishment’s devised program and host Views on News and Dr. Shahid Masood. This whole bunch of born again democrats like Khar and Zardari received baptism from GHQ and ARY ONE masquerade, Dr Shahid Masood.

Democracy or no Democracy but Opportunism knows no bound which is very evident from the statement of the so-called Prisoner of Conscience Mr. Asif Ali Zardari which he gave to the Daily Dawn on 17 April 2005 in Lahore, while commenting on Establishment, Mr Zadari said,

‘that the army was a permanent reality in the country, that the PPP would value the opinion of the institution and take it along. In the clearest ever message to the establishment, he said the PPP was for talks with the institution from which the present rulers derived their strength. In the presence of many party leaders, he said the PPP and the army both were patriotic in their approach, although there were ideological differences between them. The establishment was the permanent player while other actors continued changing, Mr Zardari said. Referring to allegations levelled by smaller provinces and some parties that the army belonged to Punjab, Mr
Zardari said it was a Pakistani army, which belonged to everyone. However, he complained that the government working under its umbrella was dictatorial. It appeared, he said, as if Maulana Fazlur Rehman (the MMA secretary-general) had some "glitter" which impressed the rulers. {1}.’

Mr. Zardari must not forget that it is the same establishment, which had made cases of treason against learned PPP member Aitzaz Ahsan at the behest of General Hameed Gul and ISI, which Aitzaz won in the court of law after a long battle. This is the same establishment, which Asif is praising that used to supply false stories against PPP to ISI backed Weekly Magazines like Takbeer and dailies like Ummat through another spin doctor of the establishment Hussain Haqqani {an old Jamat-e-Islami Terrorist also served Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif after thoroughly serving his paymasters General Hameed Gul and General Aslam Baig}. How can Asif forget Maulana Fazlur Rehman, for whom Asif Ali Zardari arranged kick-back of 70 million Rupees by allowing a No-Objection Certificate for a high rise illegal building in Karachi. That builder and their partners are the main financiers of MMA [Alliance of Religious Parties governing NWFP and Baluchistan with General Musharraf]. Punjabis and Pathans are well represented in Pakistan Army and Civilian Bureaucracy and when there is Martial Law in the country [well almost all the time during 57 years of our pathetic history] the interests of Punjab are more secure as compare to any civilian government because when dictators take decision there is nobody to challenge them. These Dictators place their own agents in smaller provinces as Yes Men, hence Punjab’s Interests are more safe during Military Regimes. The so-called Smaller Nationalists in smaller provinces are the agents of this very military for which Asif is all praise. Actually there is a danger to the status quo of Pakistan’s Army and its Establishments’ loot and plunder and to avert this danger of spill over Pak-Army of ours offering hands of friendship to every body and Ms. Benazir Bhutto, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, or any other Tom, Dick or Harry to save this Status Quo of Pak-Army’s Corporate Interest. I say let the poor people of Pakistan and Pakistan die. We don’t need this Pakistan its not our Pakistan it’s the Pakistan of Generals and to save it, is their Problem not ours, we are already dead. If you love Pakistan then surrender all perks and privileges, lands [agricultural, residential and commercial] to the landless and homeless people of Pakistan and show us as to how you would manage a modest living in a salary of 4000/ Pak Rupees with 4 children.

Wind up this Chakla [Whorehouse] you call Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Go and live for a month in any rural town of Sindh or Punjab and feel as to how miserable the life is. If Zardari wants to be Aqunio then he is more than welcome.

Someone had written a letter not very long ago about this born again Establishment Lover Asif Ali Zadari, stating that,

“During his first post-release interview with a private TV channel, Mr Asif Ali Zardari made high claims regarding democracy. He mentioned he and his wife upheld democratic ideals despite all the hard times. Mr Zardari especially referred to the undemocratic rule of Gen Zia. Unfortunately, this democracy lover failed to take a clear stand on the prevailing political scenario that is hardly different from Gen Zia's democracy. All of a sudden he became careful when asked by the host about Gen Musharraf's presidency. The brave Zardari even expressed his and his party's willingness to talk over the uniformed president issue if given an opportunity to form government. I wonder if Mr Zardari showed anything other than the usual hypocritical political attitude shown by the PPP's defectors criticized by him. {2}”

In an another interview with the Daily Dawn on 25 Nov 2004, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari while commenting on his “now favourite establishment” said, “Generals must work with people, he further said, generals must either work with people or their institution will be endangered. Stressing that he could serve as a bridge between the establishment and the country's political forces, "The generals have no choice today. Either they work with us and the people of Pakistan or their institution is in danger." Establishment is losing, says Asif. In a reply to a question he said, The Generals have (persecuted the PPP), not the army. I think they have no choice today. Either they work with us and the people of Pakistan or their institution is in danger. They have a choice. I can wait, I am not interested in power. I can wait.

Q: You have talked about the possibility of your serving as a bridge between the different political forces. Could this bridge be between the PPP and the military as well as the establishment?

A: Sure, Why not

Q: Can Gen Musharraf negotiate that bridge?

A: Why do you give the name of Gen Musharraf to the establishment The establishment is larger than Gen Musharraf. Yes, I can. {3}.

While giving interview to The Nation in November 2004, he said,

“Martial thought (military thinking) had caused increase in the country’s problems and troubles for the people,” Asif Zardari said who was released on bail in last BMW case by Supreme Court on Monday after eight long years in jail. Military generals have ruled the country for 40 years while democratic forces were allowed to run the country for only 15 years. “Establishment has one role and I admit it but its role has to be refined and changed, He alleged that the Establishment was trying to weaken political civil society. In this regard, he referred the regimes of General Ayub, Gen. Yahya, Gen. Zia and now Gen. Pervez Musharraf. Asif claimed that there was no danger to our nuclear programme. About the role of army, the leader replied in his own style by saying that the military was not in majority; therefore, they can’t claim the role. “The military has committed mistakes,” {4}.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is saying that there is no danger to our Nuclear Assets. Well that’s a news for all of us because the day 911 happened our that very asset was gone, no more and who ever think that we are a Nuclear Power is living in a fools paradise. It is not a surprise to listen such news from a person like Mr. Asif Ali Zardari because when Ms. Benazir Bhutto would have advisors like Brigadier {Retd} Aman {Former Chief of Military Intelligence Sindh}, who on record in an interview with The Atlantic Monthly had said “I wish I could use the Nuke on India, had I been in power I would have done so”. On one hand Ms. Benazir Bhutto says that she believes in democracy and civil society and on the other she has in her party cutthroats like General Naseerullah Babar and Brigadier Aman and that too on, number 2 position. Then again Benazir contradict herself by saying that there is a cabal in Pakistani Establishment which doesn’t want PPP and Bhuttos in Power then What is Asif Ali Zardari is doing with the Establishment. Where the hell that ‘Cabal’ has gone?

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari wants to have talks and negotiation with filthy Pakistani Military Establishment for which he had quoted Senator. Prof. Ghafoor Ahmed in an interview with Monthly Newsline issue of 2004.

Q: In the last eight years, the country's landscape has undergone a drastic change. Religious militancy has reached new heights. How can it be curbed?

A: Who created this monster? It is on record that these people were created by the establishment. The establishment created their own party and then they pitched that party against us. Who are these suicide-bombers? Who are they trained by? I will quote Professor Ghafoor Ahmed, who headed the Jamaat-e-Islami once and is their senior leader, "You pick four or five retired ISI generals and you will come to know who these terrorists are." I believe as civil society becomes stronger, all these militant elements will become weaker. Moreover, we have to eradicate poverty. If we are successful in achieving this, the common man will not join the militants. It is poverty that is dragging them there. The madrassahs and mosques are being run like a cottage industry, and we commit crimes and give money in charity to this cottage industry in the hope that God will forgive us. Everybody gives khairat [charity] and chanda [donation] to a mosque or madrassah or to a maulvi and that keeps this cottage industry going. Hundreds are being trained in the madrassahs every year - they are like clones being manufactured in a factory. {5}.

In the interview above he is quoting Jamat-e-Islami’s Senator against ISI to make his point where as the article below reveals that these very Generals and ISI made contacts with the PPP and Mr. Zardari.

“The military establishment started negotiations with the PPP immediately after the October 2002 parliamentary elections as the official PML-Q and its allies failed to get a clear majority. The military was even prepared to accept Amin Fahim as prime minister, but the talks failed after the government's refusal to withdraw all cases against Benazir Bhutto and allow her to return to the country. Interestingly, the ISI was negotiating with Zardari throughout this period. The establishment offered to make the imprisoned PPP leader deputy prime minister if Benazir agreed to stay away.” These underlining factors have probably compelled the military establishment to seek negotiations with the PPP. Senior ISI officials and a close associate of President Musharraf have been in contact with Zardari and some other PPP leaders.” {6}.

Late. Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah {a Minister in Benazir Bhutto Govt of 1988} had in his book JAM: THE MAN AND HIS POLITICS [published by Shah Abdul Latif Cultural Society Karachi], written while quoting Late. Jam Sadiq Ali.

“The only genuine Prime Minister was Chhokri; who was the real Prime Minister of Pakistan. I have got Sindh on platter; and having put me there, they cannot do away with me. Rashdi had said to a lady in Lahore, “Madam, I have given Sindh to Punjab on a silver platter – this was on the formation of One Unit. I have given Sindh to Ghulam Ishaq Khan on a platter.” “The People’s Party is “Chhokri” only. Take her away and it will collapse exactly like Muslim League, which went on auction as soon as Jinnah died. She has of course youth on her side and she is a fighter – truly in the spirit of her father.”

NOTE: For my Western Friends who don’t understand Sindhi and Urdu “Chhokri” means girl in Sindhi language and Former Chief Minister of Sindh Jam Sadiq Ali was talking about Benazir Bhutto.

Late. Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah in another book of his General Zia: His Winged Death And The Aftermath [published by Shah Abdul Latif Cultural Society, Karachi] had written the following about the Pakistan Army and its Establishment for which Asif Ali Zardari is showering praise and love.

“All the Martial Law had not only robbed the country of political status and dignity, but had generated a breed of politicians who were nothing but a disgrace to the state without honour, without comprehension and without vision. Martial Law had abundantly and profusely produced politicians who were imposters, clowns and buffons. All national armed forces are on oath for discipline, obedience and the security of the state. What part Pakistan’s Armed Forces had played in their entire history? Perhaps poor soldiers and men did not know the difference between obedience to the officers and allegiance to the state; perhaps poor soldiers and men did not know the nature of state and the relationship between the armed forces and their working under the Generals as the servants of the state.” {P. 24}.

“All national armed forces are sworn to stability and sacredness of allegiance to the state, but what renegades the Generals, the Air Marshals and the Admirals of Pakistan proved. For them the oath, the Quran and God, had no meaning. Perjury is written large on the armed forces heads. It appeared that another oath of allegiance, more secret and compelling than that to Pakistan, had made them tear up all sacred papers and documents with impunity. This secret oath of allegiance appeared to have been stronger than the oath to the state, if not they would not have been manhandling, mauling and massacring its people and sapping the country’s foundations and ravaging its international honour and status. This lunacy had disgraced the poor people of Pakistan in particular and Islam in general; what believers we were, and how had we behaved.” {P. 25}.

“Our military philosophy and operations and ideas are more of treason and of dacoits than of men of peace and progress. Is Pakistan not sufficiently infested with dacoits of every kind enough? All our soldiers and commanders are dacoits, all the millionaire are smugglers and thieves. We have merely to look at the military men and the millionaires and we find the wrath of God clearly chiseled on their bodies, faces and souls “Ludicrous” was the word Johnson used for their faces and visages.” {P. 30}.

“Army is a queer institution. There is no innocence, goodwill and hope in the intentions and actions of the men in uniform. They are least to be trusted. When they pontificate they lie. With them any idea of integrity becomes a falsehood. When a man in uniform lectures and becomes rumbustious, he always talk through his hat. Talking Generals are always ominous intellectual perverts. Chasterton had said, “I would hate to see a man in uniform make a speech, more so, if it is a good speech.” {P. 31}.

‘Sir Walter Scott had said, “However disciplined and valiant a soldier he never be trusted.” H G Wells had said, “A professional military mind is by necessity an inferior and unimaginative mind; and no man with talents willingly imprison his gifts in such a calling.” {P. 31-32}.

Bertrand Russell had said, “All Generals are narcissistic and they have no sense of history.” Bernard Shaw said, “Soldiering is the art of the coward of hitting mercilessly when strong and getting out of the harms when weak.” Tolstoy had said, “The greatest Generals I have met were all stupid and absentminded men”. Napolean had said, “The more vicious the man the better the soldier.” He again said, “I had picked up my Marshals from the mud and gutter”. Johnson had said, Soldiers and priests have been the corrupters of the earth.” {P. 32}.

“Like the Duke of Wellington and Marshall Bluchure, Ayub and Yahyah gave military commissions to the sons of mothers who spent nights or adequate time in their bedrooms. Our army selection boards are scandalous to say the least in their proceedings and methods. I do not want to say anything of the address of General Gul Hassan the Chief of Army Staff to Military Garrison at Malir – the honest confession in the most direct and perverted language of a soldier. After the Great War with the blessings of both General Montgomery and Arch Bishop of Canterbury, England passed the law “Homosexuality among consenting adults in private is permissible.” [P. 66].

“MQM has been a secret movement, a well deliberated and systematic policy and programmed progressively initiated and enunciated right from Liaquat Ali Khan, which matured and burst on to the world consciousness with the explosion of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International –pure MQM affair aided by USA and Inter Services Intelligence {ISI} of Pakistan and General Ziaul Haq – a clandestine organization operating from General Headquarters of the Pakistan Army to the police lines and the Secretariats of the Government of Sindh and Pakistan.” {P. 5}.

“General Zia displayed a marvelous medley of Machiavellianism and Military subterfuge and stratagem. He had successfully and successively been able to collect a whole conglomeration of politicians, bureaucrats, judges and lawyers to use them at will and then drop them as squeezed lemons – an age-old habit of autocrats, potentates, kings and dictators. The nearest of courtiers are always in the greatest danger of disgrace and death. It is amazing what a galaxy, a constellation, a mixture of rascals and rogues and conspirators of every variety and specification, he had collected round himself – mendacious Chishty, profligate Fazal Haq, treacherous Gilani, perfidious Najeeb, Rasputin in Syed Sharifuddin Peerzada, the Brutus in A. K. Brohi, and scheming poltroon in Dr. Afzal, the murderer of justice in Justice Anwar ul Haq, the depraved personality of Maulvi Mushtaque, the perfidious Z. A Suleri, the scum of journalism in Altaf Qureshi and Syed Salahuddin of Takbeer, the embodiments of hypocrisy in all the Mullahs and Generals and in Jamat-e-Islami in particular, and host of Pirs, Dargah Nasheens and Mashaikhs surrounded him like cats and dogs-hungry men jostling for favours and largesse. {P. 69}.

Murderers of Zoulfiquar Ali Bhutto:

Zionist US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

General Faiz Ali Chishti

Sharifuddin Pirzada

A K Brohi
Former CJ of Pakistan Justice Anwar ul Haq

Syed Abul Ala Mawdudi [Chief and Deviant Founder of Gumrah Jamaat-e-Islami]

Professor Ghafoor Ahmed [Federal Minister in General Zia Cabinet and Member of Gumrah Jamaat-e-Islami]

Ms. Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Altaf Hussain, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan want to save status quo of the establishment, Benazir in the name of Democracy, Asif Ali Zardari in the name of rapprochement with goody goody establishment, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Fazlur Rehman have nothing else to sale so they pulled Allah, Quran and so-called Islamic Shariah in this brothel of politics for selling, worse case is of Altaf Hussain who otherwise would have raised the hell in the name of Muhajir Rights but he is silently watching the killings/jailing of his very old workers in the street like dogs like recently an old activist Shahood Hashmi was killed by ‘unknown persons’ but there are no appeal for strikes no appeal for Judicial Tribunals not a thing. If this was the work of Agencies then you have your own Governor and Home Secretary in Sindh, where is justice? Qazi Hussain Ahmed’s rhetoric and anarchy from 1988 till 2005 caused many deaths of his own workers while agitating against Nawaz, Benazir and Musharraf, why he is not asking about justice? What is the fate of those workers of IJT/JI who died while agitating against the government on the orders of Qazi Hussain Ahmed during several govt. but now Qazi Hussain Ahmed is asking for support from Nawaz Sharif.

If you want to save Pakistan then do only one thing don’t make deal any deal in the name of rapprochement with this Rogue Army and let the situation get out of hand as poor people are already dead please don’t fool us in the name of F16, Nuclear Capability, Religion Column in Passport, Women Marathon, No Women Marathon. Do you have any Economic Package for the people of this country so can we live in peace. I am not talking about People Placement Bureau or any thing or we are not asking from Qazi Hussain Ahmed to bring in the Glory Days of Farooq-e-Azam, just don’t fool us in the name of above issues. Give Defence, Currency, Foreign Policy, and Communication to Islamabad and rest must go to provinces otherwise 100 Benazirs would not be able to save Pakistan what to talk of this nincompoop Asif Ali Zardari. Provide justice to people and expose the corruption of Military if you wont do this then nobody on earth can save Pakistan.


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October 07, 2006 Saturday Ramazan 13, 1427

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