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Mubashir Lucman & Dunya News "RAPE" Mukhtaran Mai "Again"!

In 2009 I used to work for Express News TV as a Researcher and I was asked by the Executives to provide Question for General Pervez Musharraf which I did and now watch the Intellectual Dishonesty of this Loudmouth Braggart i.e. Mubashir Lucman and compare the question which I had sent with proper references and see for yourself how "soft" Mubashir Lucman was on a "Military Dictator" and compare the same Mubashir Lucman's program with any "Elected Representative" and you may note that he not only misbehave rather put the guest in embarrassing position [shame on our Politicians who accepts insults from a two bit TV Anchor]. Such Interviews should be called "Press Conferences" Compare the questions which were sent and watch what Mubashir asked! REFERENCE: Alleged Trial of General Pervez Musharraf! Real & Ugly Face of Express News Group & GEO/Jang.  and the same Mubahir Lucman [Former Caretaker Provincial Minister Punjab under General Pervez Musharraf, nowadays Dunya TV Anchor] literally Raped a Rape Victim Ms. Mukhtaran Mai in April 2011. Intellectual Dishonesty of Mubashir Luqman & Dunya News
Mukhtaran Mai Case In Khari Baat 21 April 2011 1/3


Mukhtaran Mai Case In Khari Baat 21 April 2011 2/3


Mukhtaran Mai Case In Khari Baat 21 April 2011 3/3


Sexual harassment was a widespread problem. There was no law to protect women in the workplace. Press reports indicated harassment was especially high among domestic workers and nurses. Although the penal code prohibits harassment, prosecution was rare. According to AHRC, on May 11 Maheen Usmani, a senior anchorperson for Dunya TV News in Islamabad, allegedly received two late-night phone calls from Yusuf Baig Mirza, the channel's managing director, in which he made inappropriate comments. Usmani informed the channel's director of news and chief executive officer, but no action was taken. Usmani claimed she experienced professional setbacks, and on June 15 she resigned from her position, citing "continued harassment, coercion, and highly unethical conduct of the top management of Dunya News." An internal investigation committee and the National Press Club investigated the claim, but there was no progress by year's end. Mirza filed two defamation lawsuits against Usmani, who has been approached with offers of money and jobs in exchange for dropping the case. REFERENCE: 2009 Human Rights Report: Pakistan BUREAU OF DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND LABOR 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices March 11, 2010

No wonder the Pakistan government can't catch Osama bin Laden. It is too busy harassing, detaining - and now kidnapping - a gang-rape victim for daring to protest and for planning a visit to the United States. Last fall I wrote about Mukhtaran Bibi, a woman who was sentenced by a tribal council in Pakistan to be gang-raped because of an infraction supposedly committed by her brother. Four men raped Ms. Mukhtaran, then village leaders forced her to walk home nearly naked in front of a jeering crowd of 300. Ms. Mukhtaran was supposed to have committed suicide. Instead, with the backing of a local Islamic leader, she fought back and testified against her persecutors. Six were convicted. Then Ms. Mukhtaran, who believed that the best way to overcome such abuses was through better education, used her compensation money to start two schools in her village, one for boys and the other for girls. She went out of her way to enroll the children of her attackers in the schools, showing that she bore no grudges. Readers of my column sent in more than $133,000 for her. Mercy Corps, a U.S. aid organization, has helped her administer the money, and she has expanded the schools, started a shelter for abused women and bought a van that is used as an ambulance for the area. She has also emerged as a ferocious spokeswoman against honor killings, rapes and acid attacks on women. (If you want to help her, please don't send checks to me but to Mercy Corps, with "Mukhtaran Bibi" in the memo line: 3015 S.W. First, Portland, Ore. 97201.) (Nicholas D. Kristof/The New York Times Mukhtaran Bibi in September 2004.)

A group of Pakistani-Americans invited Ms. Mukhtaran to visit the U.S. starting this Saturday (see Then a few days ago, the Pakistani government went berserk. On Thursday, the authorities put Ms. Mukhtaran under house arrest - to stop her from speaking out. In phone conversations in the last few days, she said that when she tried to step outside, police pointed their guns at her. To silence her, the police cut off her land line. After she had been detained, a court ordered her attackers released, putting her life in jeopardy. That happened on a Friday afternoon, when the courts do not normally operate, and apparently was a warning to Ms. Mukhtaran to shut up. Instead, Ms. Mukhtaran continued her protests by cellphone. But at dawn yesterday the police bustled her off, and there's been no word from her since. Her cellphone doesn't answer.

Asma Jahangir, a Pakistani lawyer who is head of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said she had learned that Ms. Mukhtaran was taken to Islamabad, furiously berated and told that President Pervez Musharraf was very angry with her. She was led sobbing to detention at a secret location. She is barred from contacting anyone, including her lawyer. "She's in their custody, in illegal custody," Ms. Jahangir said. "They have gone completely crazy." Even if Ms. Mukhtaran were released, airports have been alerted to bar her from leaving the country. According to Dawn, a Karachi newspaper, the government took this step, "fearing that she might malign Pakistan's image." Excuse me, but Ms. Mukhtaran, a symbol of courage and altruism, is the best hope for Pakistan's image. The threat to Pakistan's image comes from President Musharraf for all this thuggish behavior. I've been sympathetic to Mr. Musharraf till now, despite his nuclear negligence, partly because he's cooperated in the war on terrorism and partly because he has done a good job nurturing Pakistan's economic growth, which in the long run is probably the best way to fight fundamentalism. So even when Mr. Musharraf denied me visas all this year, to block me from visiting Ms. Mukhtaran again and writing a follow-up column, I bit my tongue. But now President Musharraf has gone nuts. "This is all because they think they have the support of the U.S. and can get away with murder," Ms. Jahangir said. Indeed, on Friday, just as all this was happening, President Bush received Pakistan's foreign minister in the White House and praised President Musharraf's "bold leadership." So, Mr. Bush, how about asking Mr. Musharraf to focus on finding Osama, instead of kidnapping rape victims who speak out? And invite Ms. Mukhtaran to the Oval Office - to show that Americans stand not only with generals who seize power, but also with ordinary people of extraordinary courage. REFERENCE: Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF Published: June 14, 2005

I compliment General Musharraf on having had the courage to say that it was he who decided that Mukhtar Mai should not go abroad. It is nice to see the buck stop where it never stops in our country Saadat Hasan Manto, had he been alive, would have chuckled with satisfaction to see that yet again his classic observation that “Hakoomat himaqat ka doosra naam hai” had come true. Government, he wrote, is but another name for folly. Much has been written about the case of Mukhtar Mai and more will be written about what has become another chapter of shame in our national life. I never had any illusions about “Enlightened Moderation”, the official credo of the regime, but the Mukhtar Mai case has proved that it is no more than a couple of pretty words. Governments, like people, are to be judged, not by what they say, but what they do. The fact is that every time the Musharraf regime has faced a situation where its liberal professions were on test, it has failed abjectly. Never once has it stood its ground or shown the courage of the convictions it claims to have, be it the hated Hudood laws, the religion column in the passport, the mixed marathon or the Mukhtar Mai case. What hope can there be when the General is afraid even to be seen holding the dogs of whom he is said to be exceedingly fond.

Mukhtar Mai gave the regime an opportunity to redeem itself. It failed to do so, in the bargain earning universal condemnation for both itself and the country. Under the president’s orders, vast sums of money are being spent to sell a “softer image” of Pakistan abroad, but ironically when an opportunity came the government’s way to show that Pakistan is both enlightened and moderate, it was blown. Isn’t it obvious that the regime lacks conviction, except the conviction to stay in power as long as it can, regardless of what it takes! The tremendous wave of international sympathy for Mukhtar Mai and the courage with which she has stood up for the persecuted and violated women of Pakistan, sadly enough, has brought the government of her country and the country itself much ridicule and contempt. Pakistan’s name, as it was, was mud anyway; but the mud is now even muddier. And while this sad drama has been in progress, the General is somewhere down under, though only he can tell what he is doing there.

However, I compliment him on having had the courage to say that it was he who decided that Mukhtar Mai should not go abroad. It is nice to see the buck stop where it never stops in our country. I know the group of Pakistani doctors behind the invitation to Mukhtar Mai to speak at a symposium in Texas next month on violence against women. She was not the only one invited, Dr Nuzhat Ahmad of the Asian American Network against Abuse of Women said on Friday. Invitations had also gone out to Abid Hasan Manto, Anis Haroon of Aurat Foundation and even Liaquat Baloch. Mushahid Hussain was invited too, but in a rare show of modesty, he declined, saying it was not his area of expertise. Dr Nuzhat Ahmad said she first spoke to Mukhtar Mai two months ago and found her simple, soft-spoken, committed, brave and clear-headed. She said it was regrettable that their network was being maligned as being intent on embarrassing Pakistan and giving it a bad name. “We are no less Pakistani than those who are trying to sit in judgment on us,” she said. “In fact, had Mukhtar Mai been permitted to come, it would have helped Pakistan stand tall,” she added. Dr Ahmad said the group’s repeated attempts to get in touch with the ambassador in Washington had proved fruitless. She asked, “Why is it being presumed that we are not on the same side as the country’s official representatives? We are distressed by the present situation, but it is not of our making.”

She said inquiries were beginning to be made about those who organised the Mukhtar Mai visit. There had been calls made in an effort to ferret out information about the network’s members and their families back in Pakistan. She did not wish to say who was making the calls and on behalf of whom. However, it is not difficult to guess either the source of the calls or the reason they are being made. After all, it will be in keeping with the strategy adopted against Mukhtar Mai. If Ambassador Jehangir Karamat knows anything about this, it is not for me to spell out what he should do. Meanwhile, the ambassador has vehemently denied that it was he or anyone from his embassy who advised Islamabad that Mukhtar Mai should be debarred from travel. I have no reason to doubt his word. A Pakistani who desired anonymity said, “First we make fools of ourselves. Having done that, we then turn on ourselves to wriggle out of the situation by starting a blame game. No one is taking charge and being bold. Mukhtar Mai’s passport should be returned to her and she should be allowed to travel.” I asked my friend Shujaullah in Islamabad, who has been doing volunteer human rights work for the last 10 years, how he saw the situation. His answer: “The High Court lets off the rapists for want of adequate evidence; the government detains them under emergency laws; the Court refuses to extend their detention; and in cynical exploitation of an illiterate woman celebrity’s tragedy, lobbies at home and abroad move into action, playing on her paranoia. She is invited to ‘address’ seminars in London and the United States. The Establishment deals with the problem in a most ham-fisted way. It tightens Mukhtar Mai’s security (against the released rapists, it claims), puts her on the Exit Control List, while ministers run up and down reassuring the poor woman that she is not on the List. In the meanwhile, propagandists have a field day — to hell with the country!” REFERENCE: POSTCARD USA: Mukhtar Mai proves Manto right —Khalid Hasan Sunday, June 19, 2005 



Physical Harassment aganist Maheen Usmani at Dunya TV 
By Sabahat Ghazal A senior anchorperson at Dunya TV News is being pressured to keep silent about being physical  harassed by the company’s managing director. After the news director and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company were informed the journalist started to experience serious professional setbacks, and though internal investigation committees were set up (after her resignation), these appear to have been intentionally delayed. 

There are concerns that the power of the media house explains the lack of action by civil and political groups, including the National Press Club, in the case so far. The victim currently faces two defamation suits. The case is timely, since a proposal to increase the punishment for sexual harassment in the workplace is pending in Parliament. Ms Maheen Usmani was a senior anchorperson at Dunya TV News, a private television channel in Islamabad. On 11 May 2009 she received two late-night calls from the channel’s managing director, Mr. Yusuf Baig Mirza. He allegedly asked Ms. Usmani to confirm her cell number and made inappropriate comments on her appearance, before offering her certain favours and reimbursements if she were to keep in touch with him on his personal number. According to the victim’s later letter to the Director of Human Resources of Dunya News after the event, Mirza’s speech was ’suggestive’ and loaded with innuendoes.

Usmani reported the matter to the Director of News (DN), who assured her that it would not happen again and guaranteed an apology from Mirza. However the DN left his job soon afterward and this never happened. The CEO, Mr. Mian Amer Mahmood (former Nazim or Mayor of Lahore city) was also told about the incident, yet did nothing. Instead Usmani found herself increasingly marginalised in the studio; Mirza withheld a special report she prepared, removed her from her lead production role in a popular weekly program and intervened to prevent the program’s broadcast on several occasions. Usmani tendered her resignation on 15 June citing the ‘continued harassment, coercion and highly unethical conduct of the top
management of Dunya News’.

The management quickly formed a Harassment and Gender Equality Committee to investigate her complaint, yet it was made mostly of junior staff who reported to Mirza. The Director of Current Affairs (Ms. Nasim Zehra) and head of the committee tried unsuccessfully to get colleagues to sign a petition, barring Usmani from the office for ‘hurt(ing) the sentiments of the Dunya team’. The committee has since made little progress.

Maheen Usmani Letter

A female correspondent of Dunya News, Maheen Usmani has recently resigned on protest of Sexual Harassment by Managing Director Yousuf Baig Mirza. Attached is her resignation letter address to the HR department. 

Dear Director Human Resources,

It was with great expectations and high hopes that I became part of Dunya’s launch team in November 2008, and I took great pride in being part of Dunya ‘family’ as it climbed the ladder of success and gave tough competition to leading channels. Seven months later, it is with great regret that I have decided to tender my resignation as the circumstances have forced me to leave this organization due to the continued harassment, coercion and highly unethical conduct of the top management of Dunya News.

Now it has become unbearable to work here as the situation has increasingly turned out to be insecure, rather punishing, for professional female journalists who want to work, as well as, protect their self-respect. I have waited with patience since May 11, 2009 that the Managing Director of Dunya News, Yousaf Beg Mirza, would stop abusing his official position and put an end to his ugly tactics of harassing a senior female journalist working here. I, however, was totally disappointed with this organization when I realized that Mr Mirza’s employer, CEO and the owner of this news channel, is not interested in protecting the female employees from the advances of the MD but is in connivance with him.

It was shocking to know that Mr Mirza is being shielded by the CEO of the organization, Mian Amer Mahmood, who was told about Mr Mirza’s indecent advances but he did not stop the MD from abusing his authority. Once it was brought to his notice, Mr Mahmood had given the assurances that no such harassment would take place but not only that this harassment continued, the CEO instead of empowering the Director News or respective Bureau Chiefs, gave the MD more powers to interact directly with the reporters who already felt harassed by him.

This all started on May 11th, 2009 at 10:01 p.m., when I received a call from one of the staff members of the Managing Director, Yousaf Beg Mirza, aka YBM, to confirm my cell number. This was followed by another call at 10:07 p.m., made by the MD. During that phone call, which continued for few minutes, his suggestive talk was loathed with innuendoes, and offers as he counted the expected benefits that a less-important, bureau-reporter can get in return for keeping a direct “contact” with the Managing Director on his “personal number.”

I was shocked to hear the “friendly” MD, who had been denying the contractual rights of male staff members all these months despite repeated reminders, going out of his way to oblige a female staff member. I have worked with country’s best media organizations during my career and never faced such an ugly situation. Finding the whole monologue, which continued for few minutes, detestable, I immediately brought the matter to the notice of Director News because he was the one who had hired us assuring that our rights will be protected in this organization, which had developed an unsavory standing in the media industry and we also had our reservations about the reputation of the MD before joining it.

I had decided to resign then but the DN asked me to withhold it and let him talk to the MD first. The DN took up this issue with the MD who apologized with the DN over this incident and said he would seek apology from me as well in the presence of the DN.

The DN assured me that such an incident would not happen again and the MD would make an apology to me as well. However, with the sudden departure of the DN, the situation took the worst turn and the MD found an opportunity to revenge, and hence re-launched his harassment campaign. This was going to happen despite CEO, Mian Amer Mahmood’s, assurances and promises to the outgoing DN that no member of his team would either be thrown out or be harassed by the MD.

Since the CEO was informed of MD’s harassing tactics, Mr Mahmood repeatedly reassured the former DN that no female employee would be harassed by YBM. “Humaray employees hamaray bachon ki tarah hain. Hum un ko protect kartain hain,” were the words which the former DN quoted me as the CEO had told him. Hearing these lofty words, I took a sigh of relief that my life and respect would be protected in this organization but what I forgot was that I was not their own daughter.

What they forgot was that despite their discriminatory tactics, before Allah all daughters are equal. Ayat 195 of Sura Aal-Imran says: “I never let go waste the labor of anyone that works among you, whether male or female, for in my sight all of you are alike.”

Instead of reining in the MD, the CEO gave him an open hand and the MD immediately embarked on a campaign to place obstacles in my path. He insisted on personally scrutinizing a special assignment report of mine in Islamabad instead of previewing it in Lahore. After previewing the report, and throwing his weight around in the Islamabad office, he ordered to withhold it on frivolous grounds.

I did not comply, because the changes were devoid of logic and reason. I had done extensive research for my project and the MD had been unaware of the historical context of Sri Lankan conflict which was not surprising since he is not a journalist, and reasons of his survival in Pakistani media, particularly during former military dictator Musharraf’s era, were other than professional. The bottom line is that the package has been dumped in Lahore, because of the MD’s intransigence and my refusal to “contact” him.

I have been associated for a long time with ‘Meri Dharti Meri Dunya,’ a weekly landmark program of Dunya, which has proved its popularity by garnering commercials, and a wide viewership. On the rating chart the program has been going from strength to strength and at times it registered a much higher rating than any other Current Affairs program of Dunya News and that too without any extra investment of the company. Due to this huge success, the program got commercials and sponsorship of multinational companies which had also asked for increase in the frequency of the program and to be made it twice-weekly.

Unfortunately, my association with ‘Meri Dharti Meri Dunyai’ has proved to be its death knell, because the MD has set out to destroy this program to teach me a lesson. What he forgot, however, is that he was trying to mess with a credible senior journalist and not one of those female opportunists, who are masquerading as journalists and are being heavily promoted for the last few days on Dunya News.

On 18th May, 2009 I was symbolically put in charge of the program’s production in Islamabad just to streamline the links, their quality and better coordination with the head office. Consequently, we had tried to introduce some innovation in the production and script which got us excellent feedback. However, on 1st June, 2009 the MD forced all concerned working under him to issue another notification and remove me as Production Incharge. But no reason was given for the abrupt and irrational change.

In the next few days, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s repeat slot was repeatedly taken away and given to Current Affairs programs which have their own fixed slots as well. On June 1st, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s producers were suddenly told at 5:30 p.m., by the Transmission Incharge that the program would not be aired that day at its scheduled and publicized time slot of 7:05 p.m., and it was being replaced by a ‘documentary’. When the producer protested at the sudden axing of the program, he was told that the orders had come directly from the CEO. When the ‘documentary’ aired, we were shocked to see the program ‘One 2 One’ which has its own time slot. Again no reason was given for this unexpected change in schedule.

We were informed that this episode of Meri Dharti Meri Dunya would air next Monday. Two days later, on Wednesday, June 3rd, the Transmission Incharge informed Meri Dharti Meri Dunya’s producers at 6:30 p.m., that the program would be going on air in 30 minutes at 7:00 p.m., instead of the scheduled sports program. The producers protested at this arbitrary and unfair treatment being meted out to Meri Dharti Meri Dunya once again, but were told that the MD had issued the orders.

This was being done despite the fact that a day earlier an announcement was made that President Zardari, Richard Holbrooke and Shah Mahmood Qureshi would address a press conference which would go live at the same time. Having no choice in the matter, the puzzled producers readied the program and it went on air at 7:05 p.m. Barely 15 minutes later, the program was trashed to live broadcast the scheduled press conference. Instead of spoiling their sports program or airing a 10 minutes bulletin as a filler as is the norm, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was selected as the sacrificial goat once again.

On 5th June, the CEO, Mian Amer Mahmood, held a meeting with the Islamabad Bureau and when his attention was drawn to the unfair and discriminatory treatment being meted out to Dunya News’ most popular program he was unable to provide any justification for such unprofessional behavior. He did concede that Meri Dharti Meri Dunya had extremely good ratings, and said that the program’s timing was being changed ‘to improve its production value.’

Is the CEO not aware that such distortion of the program has a negative impact on the channel’s credibility, not to mention its marketing value? Despite the Islamabad meeting of June 5th chaired by the CEO, nothing improved for Meri Dharti Meri Dunya and it continued to suffer the wrath of the top management. On June 10th, the most popular program of Dunya News was once again used as a filler when it was aired at 4:05 a.m. This time it was used to fill Ayla Malik’s program’s repeat slot as the management preferred to withhold her show due to the bomb blast in PC Peshawar earlier in the night of June 9. It was surprising as Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was not repeated during its scheduled time-slot on June 9.

Same day on June 10th, Meri Dharti Meri Dunya was chopped to 20/25 minutes duration and was once again aired, without any prior announcement, at 2:20 p.m.—again as a filler in place of Ms Malik’s show. Feeling disturbed over the situation, I separated myself from the program and told the producers last week that I will not be available for the next episode. My colleagues are perplexed and keep asking me why a successful program is being systematically destroyed to the detriment of the channel. I owe them the truth and they must know why it is happening.

The reason is self evident—a personal vendetta of the MD against me for not “contacting” him, and which is being aided and abetted by the CEO. The very same CEO, who starts every meeting with a recitation from the Holy Quran and who keeps instructing us to speak the truth and not be corrupt, has given the MD his blessings and sanction to harass a female employee just because she won’t compromise on her principles. I advise the CEO to refer to Ayat 124 of Sura Al-Nisa: “And those who do good deeds, whether men or women, provided that they are believers, will enter into paradise and they will not be deprived in the least of their rightful rewards.”

When I was hesitant to face an elderly employee at Dunya News who had spoken to me in a vulgar manner a few months ago, Director Current Affairs, Nasim Zehra, had advised me to be brave and “look him in the eye.” Because, Ms Zehra said, he was the one who had stepped out of line. She asked why female employees were so reluctant to speak out and adhered to a conspiracy of silence when in fact there should be a policy of zero tolerance against such creeps. She said that “our” silence encouraged such sleazy elements to continue their sexual harassment.

Her advice made sense to me then and now it gives me the motivation and courage to look the senior management in the eye and ask them: Does this policy of zero tolerance not apply to them? Journalists fight for the rights of others, but how can we do that when our own rights are not protected and are trampled upon at will by sleazy characters? As a professional journalist, I am shocked at the unethical conduct of these people and their ability to stoop so low. How can they preach to viewers and their employees to speak the truth and behave according to the Quran and Sunnah when they themselves are mired in dubious practices and sleazy behavior in clear violation of the Quranic injunctions?

To them I can only quote the punch line of a promo being aired by Dunya News: “Khuda Sey Daro.” What you sow for others’ daughters, you will reap yourself one day. During the last few days, I have been thinking a lot on this issue and have ultimately decided not to fall prey to this conspiracy of silence and should take a public stand to expose such shady individuals plaguing the media. This will also put Nasim Zehra’s words to test. I will wait for her to stand up in this cause with me and support a fellow female journalist in exposing such elements and help protect the collective respect of working women.

Under the influence of his desire and powerful position, the MD completely ignored the fact that such an insidious campaign would only destroy the image of the organization, and it would force those seasoned journalists to leave who value their noble professional ethics much more than anything else. In an effort to improve the legislation to protect women at work places and create awareness about malpractices in Pakistan’s media industry, I am forwarding this resignation to few powerful women of Pakistan such as Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza, former Minister of Information Sherry Rehman, President’s Adviser/spokesperson Farahnaz Isphani, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, national, international media and rights organizations Chairman PEMRA Mushtaque Malik,, Minister for Information Qamruzzaman Kaira, Secretary Information Ashfaque Gondal, and other relevant civil and military institutions dealing with the media.

I am also reporting this to Lord Khalid Hameed, Member House of Lords, British Parliament, Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, Member House of Commons, British Parliament, Asma Jehangir, Special Rapporteur of the UN Commission for Human Rights, Renate Schroeder, Director International Federation of Journalists, Brussels, and I. A. Rehman, Chairman Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. I would like to express my appreciation for my colleagues, the Assignment Desk, the cameramen, and the NLEs who I have had the privilege of working with and knowing during my association with Dunya News. I will miss all of you and our camaraderie, but I would rather be jobless than to continue working for a channel headed by such morally corrupt media barons who treat women in such a cheap manner which is repugnant for any self respecting female. It’s time to root out such people, because they give the media a bad name due to their disgusting and lewd behavior.

Maheen Usmani
Dunya News

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