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Hating Mawdudi‏ and Khomeini - 8

Khomeini and Mawdudi "The Two Brothers"

Read A book mentioned below to know as to what kind of Filthy Language Mawlana Mawdudi and his brother Khomeini used against Prophets [PBUT] and against the Companions [May Allah be pleased with everyone of them] of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. The book has provided the original quotes from Mawdudi’s book with the editions and page number. Mudodi Khumeni do bhai, Moudoodi and Khumeni(shia) two Brothers

For example Khomeini once made a statement which was published in the Tehran times (Kitaab be Noujawanaan - P8) that if he conquers Madina Munawwarah, he will remove the two idols (Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) besides Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). I am certain that no believer will accept such a statement against the great luminaries of Islam. Brother Amin, are we then to condemn only Khomeini and condone Mawdudi knowing well that Mawdudi was a close friend of Khomeini and was sympathetic to his course. In a book titled, 'Two brothers - Maududi and Khomeini' page 129, the following statement of Dr Ahmad Farouk Maududi (son of Abul-A'ala Maududi) was published in Roz Naame, Lahore - 29 September 1979, "Allama Khomeini had a very old and close relationship with Abba Jaan (father). Aayaatullah Khomeini translated his (fathers) books in Farsi and included it as a subject in Qum. Allama Khomeini met my father in 1963 during Hajj and my father's wish was to create a revolutionary in Pakistan similar to Iran. He was concerned about the success of the Iranian revolution till his last breath.'

TSidd wrote:

ASA Br Mubashir,

Maulana Uruj Quadri Merhoom of weekly "Tajalli" has replied to all these and many more false allegations against Maulana Maudoodi under the caption:

Mehrab wa Member. It is in Urdu and was published in a voluminous book under the same heading. Interested brothers can get this book from any publishing house in Delhi. I have seen this book and have a copy in my personal library. Alternately, interested brothers should write to JIP, Lahore and get responding literature from there. It may also be available on their Website too. I have no time to indulge in the "luxury" of refuting these and many more false and baseless allegations that are raised only to detract the Ummah from the path of righteousness.

Shamim Siddiqi

Dear Sir,

JI Headquarters [Mansoora Lahore] couldn't help becasue they blindly follow Mawdoodi as if he was some diety. You had in one of your mail had defended the Wahi Ghair Matlu i.e. Hadith and read as to how Maulana Mawdoodi violated this very Hadith for the sake of Politics. To support a Rafizi Women Politician, Mawdoodi concocted this Filth which everybody knows as Khilafat o Mulukiyat which was later introduced in Iran by Khomeini in Irani Mullah

An example of Mawdoodi, Jamat-e-Islami and its leaders outright hypocrisy:

During the Presidential election of 1964 Maulana Mawdudi, in a way properly exercising ‘ijtihad’, supported Fatima Jinnah. After some time, however, Mohtarema Benazir Bhutto faced opposition from Jama’t-e-Islami Pakistan. Keeping the present day situation in view, why not uphold the 1964 ‘ijtihad’ of Maulana Mawdudi? In these extraordinary conditions, Maulana Mawdudi and Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi [a close relative of Mullah Taqi Usmani and Maulana Wali Razi] considered it appropriate to support Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah as the Presidential candidate.

No Fatwa [Religious Decree] or Ijtihad [making a legal decision by independent interpretation] valid when Muslims have been ordered to:

O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger and those of you who are in authority; and if ye have a dispute concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the messenger if ye are (in truth) believers in Allah and the Last Day. That is better and more seemly in the end. [AN-NISA (WOMEN) Chapter 4 - Verse 59]

While Mawdoodi and Mufti Shafi issued Fatwa on Women being a lawful Presidential Candidate against General Ayub Khan whereas Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] decree on Women's Rule ruins the so-called Fatwa of Mawdoodi and Mufti Shafi:

It was narrated that Abu Bakrah said: When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) heard that the people of Persia had appointed the daughter of Chosroes as their queen, he said, “No people will ever prosper who appoint a woman in charge of them.” [Bukhari]

Mawdoodi, Jamat-e-Islami and Mufit Shafi and others basically violated the Quran and Hadith above and below:

And whatsoever the messenger giveth you, take it. And whatsoever he forbiddeth, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal. [AL-HASHR (EXILE, BANISHMENT) Chapter 59 - Verse 7]

Al-Miqdaam ibn Ma’di Yakrib narrated that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Soon there will come a time when a man will be reclining on his pillow, and when one of my hadeeth is narrated to him, he will say, ‘The Book of Allaah is (sufficient) between us and you. Whatever it states is permissible we will take as permissible, and whatever it states is forbidden, we will take as forbidden.’ Verily, whatever the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has forbidden is like that which Allaah has forbidden.” [Sunnan Ibn Maajah]

You either follow the scripture completely or dont follow it at all. Dont make a joke out of it.

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