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World Bank E Conference on Afghanistan [2001] - 1

I by chance participated in an E-Conference conducted by the World Bank on Afghanistan right after the American Attack. Following were my comment, for kind perusal:

Challenges & Opportunities for Pakistan and Afghanistan


While it is impossible to attribute responsibility to any one actor, which actors (internal and external) have contributed to the current crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Which of their actions and influences are most important in explaining what is happening now? How have poverty and social exclusion fostered these actions and influences?

What role, if any, have economic factors played? How have the competing desires for political legitimacy, stability, inclusion, and exclusion contributed to where we are today?

Answer to Question No-1:

Russian Invasion, American Imperialism and Selfishness, General Ziaul Haq's dictatorship (helped by USA), Ruthlessness of Afghan Warlords for Power and Money (1989 to 1996), Taliban's undue Extremism, and several covert activities of the CIA.

Answer to Question No-2:

What did the Talibans do except killing their own Afghans? Ruthless Bombing on Afghan civilians by US allies without providing any credible evidence in the court of law or media, misquotation of Islam and exploitation of Islam by Osama Bin Laden to serve his own selfish interests.

Answer to Question No-3:

The Talibans could be guilty of extremism and bigotry but we cannot say that they have done the deed of 11 September 2001 on USA without credible proof.

Answer to Question No-4:

There is no economy of Afghanistan since the Russia Afghan War. The poppy cultivation which is also used in the medicines were banned and abolished by the Talibans and USA had appreciated it last year. These Poppy fields (for Heroine manufacturing) were used by Afghan Warlords/CIA during Afghan War with Russia to raise funds (many earned billions) but USA then turned blind eye towards this was because of their own invovlement, same and good old "Law of Necessity".

Answer to Question No-5:

Only the ruthless policies of IMF/WORLD BANK AND USA are reponsible for instability and political chaos in the world. However, I do feel that our military action against the Taliban and subsequently their stronghold in Afghanistan are fully justified.
(Jonathan Pappie).

Dear and Respected Jonathan Pappie,

What about these terrorist groups? Why no action has so far been taken?--

Armed Forces For National Liberation (FALN: USA),
Armed Revlutionary Nuclei (NAR: ITALY),
Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA),
Aryan Nations (AN: USA),
Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA:Spain),
Chukaka-Ha (Middle Core Faction: Japan),
Deat Squad (Brazil),
Federation of European National Action (FANE/FNE: France),
First of October Antifascist Resistance (GRAPO: Spain),
Front for the liberation of Corsica (FLNC:France),
Irgun Zvai Leumi (National Military Organization of Israel, founder member Menachem Began),
Irish National Liberation Army (INLA: Northern Ireland),
IRA (Republic of Ireland),
Jewish Defence League (JDL: USA),
Ku Klux Klan (KKK: USA),
Kikmura-yu (Japan),
National Vanguard (AN:ITALY),
OAS (France),
Red Army Faction (Germany),
Revolutionary Cells (RZ: Germany)
Silent Brotherhood (The Order: USA),
Stern Gang (Lohamei Herut Israel: Israel, founder members Abraham Stern, Yitzak Shamir, and Yalin Mor),
Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF: NORTHERN IRELAND),
Ulster Defence Force (UDF:Northern Island),
Warriors of Christ the King (CDCR: Spain)
Weather Underground Organization (WUO: UNITED STATES),
White Supremacists (USA),
Wrath of God (ME: ISRAEL).

And all those secret agencies of the World who can go to any extent by supporting any cut-throat dictator for serving the Imperialists? The so- called Democratic America has an honour of working with the Mafia or Cosa Nostra or Mob during the WW-2 (CIA and US Naval Intelligence sought the help of Salvatore Luciano, please read The Luciano Testament by Martin Gosch and Richard Hammer)? The West should review their policies towards Muslim world. They forgot what they did in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Mai Lai Vietnam, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and many Latin American countries.

One is amused at the naivete of USA as to how these incidents happened in the presence of NSA/CIA/DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE AND FBI they have been snooping around the globe toppling governments, igniting civil wars, supporting martial laws and arranging assassinations since 1950s but failed to foresee such a big attack. Does it have something to do with the politics? I offer my condolence for innocent citizens died in USA. Saddam Hussain and Ayatollah Khomeni were both supplied weapons by the USA AND ISRAEL during IRAN/IRAQ (VEIL BY BOB WOODWARD) for killing innocent human beings and they did it very fondly. The same Saddam Hussain was used again in KUWAIT by the USA to be settled in SAUDI ARABIA and both the SAUDIS and SADDAM are responsible for this but who suffered? -- only the innocent of IRAQ.

Osama Bin Laden has become a hero for Pakistani religious parties overnight, why doesnt anybody tell them that he was the man of CIA during 1980s in Jalalabad to built trenches, arm-dumps, and other facilities for them in Afghanistan, how can he be hero? Western powers always need somebody in the Third World to hound: remember CHE, ALLENDE, HO CHI MIN, SOIKARNO, BIN BALLA, CASTRO, QADDAFI and MOSSADAQ and now they have got Osama Bin Laden and Taliban (thanks to their lose tongue and empty rhetoric regarding JIHAD and HOLY WAR they are trapped now either they are involved or not). The worst happened during the AFGHAN WAR when a tinpot dictator bastardized this holy name of JIHAD with the help William Casey Director US CIA and President Regan (it is well documented in VEIL by Bob Woodward of the Washington Post). It is also well documented that how some of the siblings of the then rulers made Ranches and Dollars due to this Bastardized Jihad. The same dictator of AFGHAN RUSSIA JIHAD, butchered thousands of Palestinians refugees in Jordan in the name of quelling the insurgency of terrorists.

There is a tendency in people generally and Religious parties particularly that they misread the definition of Jihad particularly Afghan/Russia War, which was actually the war of Capitalism and Communism, and Afghan Muslims were only the pawns used in the name of Jihad by the same "Mother" and you can see for yourselves that how the Hollywood Actors, US Senators, and Congressmen used to visit Afghan Refugee camps and Afghan Mujahideens to boast their morale in fight for the "free world" so much so that the then US President Ronald Reagan used to say "I am also Mujahideen".

Islam and pure Jihad is not - and should not - be dependent on the US aid which used to come in billions during Afghan War, but it should also be researched as to why several Commanders in Afghan Jihad with the connivance of the "Mother" used to deal in Narcotics to raise funds for Jihad (any kind of dealing, selling, transporting, buying, gaining or sharing profit in Narcotics is forbidden in Islam).

The background of Taliban's creation should also be checked into (Please read The United States and Pakistan 1947-2000 Disenchanted Allies by Dennis Kux) as to how they rose out of a sudden. Self deception destroys the nations. It was because of US policies in Vietnam, Korea, Afganistan, the Philippines and elsewehre (substantive historical facts will be cited in my next message), which compell common men to hate America but again not American people. As the dictator General Ziaul Haq played havoc with the lives of millions of people in Pakistan during 1977 to 1988 and during this time no one condemned him rather he was the one who used to get continuing support from CIA and Reagan. The tragic events of September 11th have exposed the failure of State, Islamic Intelligentsia and Society to take cognizance of the core issues that have led to this frightening and alarming situation. It has started a chain of events that are gradually threatening the stability and security of the entire world, which could trigger off a devastating economic depression, effecting thousands of lives all over the world. The civilized world is watching in horror as the bombing continues, claiming thousands of innocent lives. The entire tragedy of Afghanistan is now being pinned on OBL and the Talibans, forgetting that they were created and sponsored by America to fight the evil Russians. All of a sudden, the world wants to protect the Afghanis and free them from these evil doers. Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair want to convince the world that these evil men, living in caves and primitive conditions, without any air power or a proper army, are a threat to civilization, the world and our liberties. They are also trying to convince the Afghanis and the world that this can only be achieved by bombing what little is left of Afghanistan, into oblivion. Now Mr. OBL informs the world that he is in the possession of nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, which even the USA has been hinting at. Then where were the CIA, FBI, MI5, Mossad and the all the high tech. Super secret agencies? How come they had no knowledge of this vital information?

And if they are so badly informed, then how reliable is their incriminating evidence on OBL. And if OBL is not bluffing, then surely the indiscriminate, targeted carpet bombing of Afghanistan could have very dangerous consequences, especially for the countries in the region.


7 Million Native Americans Killed/Injured and displaced.

American Wars (circa 1861-1871) : 800000 dead/injured/displaced.

5 Million people Killed/Injured/Displaced and faced hunger.

7 Million People Killed/Injured/Displaced and faced Hunger.

Please accept my hear felt condolence for those innocent US citizens who died on 11 Sept 2001 in USA. But the people of Afghanistan, innocent Children of Iraq and citizens Palestine are also
human beings.


1- Korea:
After WW-2, the USA suppressed all progressive forces in the country in favour of conservatives, making any reconciliation between North and South Korea impossible. In 1950, the Korean war began and the USA invaded the peninsula in aid of the South (1945-53).

2- Phillipines:
The USA military fought agains the leftist Huks in the country, who were at that point fighting off Japanese invasion. They were later defeated and series of puppet Presidents installed, which culminated in the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos (1945-53).

3- China:
The US intervened in the civil war in China by sending 50,000 US Marines to North China to support CHIANG KAI SHEK against the communists. This was in addition to approximately 60,000 US forces remaining in China at the end of WW-2 (1945-49).

US troops were spread along the zonal occupation line in Northern Italy after a US Army transport plane was shot down by Yugoslav forces. Naval units were also dispatched to the scene. At this point the US was covertly intervening in the elections in Italy, ensuring that the
comunists lost (with the help of Mafia)(1946-48).

In another fight against communism, the US intervened in a civil war, taking the side of the Neo-Fascists against the Greek left (1947-49).

6- Palestine:
A marine consular guard was sent to Jerusalem to protect the US interests (1948).

7- Germany:
After the Soviet Union established a land blockade of the US, UK and French sectors of Berlin on June 24, 1948, the US airlifted supplies to Berlin until the blockade was lifted (1948).

8- Albania:
The US began a guerilla war to overthrow the communist regime of Enver Hoxha's govt. and installed a new, pro-west regime but failed (1949-53).

9- Taiwan:
A US fleet was ordered to to prevent Chinese Communist attacks upon Farmosa and Nationalist operations against mainland China (1950-55).

10 Iran:
Prime Minister Mossadeq was overthrown in a joint US/BRITISH operation and replaced by Shah because Mossadeq, democratically elected, had attempted to nationalize a British-owned oil company, unacceptable to the USA which was intent on remaining in control of all mineral in the
region (1953).

11- Guatemala:
The progressive govt. of Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown in a CIA-engineered coup primarily because the govt. nationalized United Fruit Company lands, and was perceived as Communist. In 1966 the US intervened against the rebels in the country (1953).

12- Middle East:
The US twice attempted to overthrow the Syrian govt. antagonised against movements opposed to US-sponsored govts. in Jordan and landed 14,000 troops in Lebanon, all "legitimised" through the Eisenhower Doctrine which stated that the US would militarily "assist" any country in the region that "requested" help against any communist controlled country, that the US interpreted as a license to intervene whenever necessary to protect its interests. A marine battalion was sent to Alexandria during the Suez crisis in 1956, at the time when Egypt received Eastern Bolc arms (1956-58).

13- Haiti:
The US supported the Duvalier dictatorship in the country. When revolutionaries from Cuba, including Cubans and Haitians landed in Haiti by boat and began recruiting people to fight against the repressive regime, the US aided the dictator militarily to rout out the dissidents (1959).

14- Cuba:
The US attempted to overthrow the Cuban govt. at the Bay of Pigs through a covert operation conducted by CIA using Cubans to attack Cuba (1961-62).

15- Laos:
Civil War between the Laotian govt. and the communist Pathet-Lao forces in 1960 prompted US intervention. During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam used the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos to move troops and supplies into South Vietnam. The US attacked the trail in 1971 to support the South in suppressing the North (1962-75).

16- The Congo:
When the region became independent from Belgium, it retained control of the mineral wealth in the province of Katanga and many officials of the US administration benefitted from it. Lumumba, the first Prime Minister, began to call for economic independence and was soon assassinated. In 1964, the USA sent four transport planes into the the region, officially to provide airlift for Congolese troops during a rebellion and to transport Belgian parartroopers to rescue foreigners. The US also utilized military aircraft to provide logistical support to Belgian/French rescue operations in Zaire in 1978. (1964).

17- Dominican Republic:
Nineteen months after the coup against liberal Juan Bosch, a revolt broke out which promised to put the exiled Bosch back into power. The US sent 23,000 troops to help crush it because his policies were not conducive to the Western interests. In 1965 the US intervened during a dominican revolt and sent more troops to supress revolutionary forces that were under communist control (1965-66).

18- Vietnam:
The US fought in Vietnam for years against Ho Chi Minh who was fighting for liberation from French and was categorised by the US as a communist. The US pulled out years later. It is estimated that more than a million people died in the war (1961-73).

19- Chile:
The US was against the democratically elected communist Allende for years. In September 1973 the military overthrow the govt. with the help of CIA. Allende and his army chief died in the process (1973).

20- Cambodia:
In 1969 and 1970 the US carried out Secret Carpet Bombing in Cambodia. The US troops were ordered into Cambodia to clean out communist sanctuaries. Prince Sihanouk was overthrown in a coup in 1970 which allowed the regime of Pol Pot to be instituted (1970).

21- Nicaragua:
After the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza dictatorship in 1978, the US intervened and attacked the people of Nicaragua with the proxy army, the Contras, formed from Somoza's National Guard and other supporters for 8 years (1981-90).

22- El Salvador:
After a guerilla offensive against the govt of El Slvador, additional US military advisers were sent to El Salvador to assist in training the govt. forces in counter insurgencey. There is much evidence f US involvement in the ground fighting (1980-92).

23- Pakistan:
The US CIA supported secretly three dictators General Ayub Khan (1958 to 1969), General Yahyah Khan (1969 to 1971), and General Ziaul Haq (1977 to 1988). The US used Pakistan Aiforce Bases against Russia in early 60s (U-2 SPY PLANES), discouraged democratic liberal parties, encouraged religious fanatics (1977 to 1988) with the help of General Zia to topple democratically elected govt of Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto who was later hanged with the tacit approval of USA. These religious parties were used by CIA in Afghan Russia War including Osama Bin Laden (1980 to 1989).

Again the US CIA used many rogue Afghan commanders against Russia during War and tolerated their drug paddling rather CIA helped those Afghan Commanders and family members of Pakistani dictators and their cohorts in making Billions out of drug trade. The Taliban was encouraged by US in 1996 by the USA govt to check the drug trade and make way for the Oil and Mineral of Central Asia. (1979 to date).

24- Libya:
US planes shot down two Libyan planes in 1981 in Libyan airspace. The US also dropped bombs on the country, killing more than 40 people. In 1986 US forces conducted navigation exercise around the Gulf of Sidra (1981, 1986).

25- Grenada:
Maurice Bishop and his followers had taken power in a 1979 coup and the US feared a communist threat. US destabilization tactics against the Bishop govt soon after the coup. In 1983, the US invaded the island and took over after a month or so of resistance (1983).

26- Persian Gulf:
Saudi Arabian jet fighter planes, aided by intelligence from the US and fuelled by a US KC-10 tanker, shot down two Iranian fighter planes over an area of the Persian Gulf. Relentless bombing for more than 40 days followed. The US was concerned about keeping control over oil (1984).

27- Gulf War:
Due to the stupidity of Saddam Hussain and Saudi Arabia, the USA intervened and ruined the Iraq and in result Saddam is still alive but 500,000 Iraqi children died with scores of other civilians (1990-1991).

Without any credible proof the USA is bombing the Afghanistan killig civilians and the alleged key culprit of (WTC/PENTAGONE 11 SEPTEMBER 2001 BOMBING) Osama Bin Laden is still at large like Saddam Hussain. Despite having so much technology USA failed to get the alleged culprits but still bombing the civilians thereby making the Taliban and other radiclas more stronger.

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