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World Bank E Conference on Afghanistan [2001] - 2

Part - 2

Challenges & Opportunities for Pakistan and Afghanistan


The US citizens ask why they are hated? There must be some reasons which should be looked into, but we don't hate American people - at least i don't - but look at the policies adopted :

1- During Vietnam War innocent civilians were killed in Indochina.

2- Wrong policies in Pakistan by supporting the cutthroat dictators like General Ayub Khan and General Yahyah Khan which resulted in violent breakaway of Pakistan in 1971 and no doubt Pakistani Establishment was responsible but US govt was supporting the dictators later on the Bengali leader was also assassinated in 1975 and another Military Dictator was supported by US there.

3- Intermingling with the ruthless Chilean Military Dictator Augusto Pinochet.

4- Alleged involvement in the plan to murder the head of State in Cyprus.

5- Incitement and alleged involvement in the sordid affair of East Timor.

6- Direct involvement in a plan to kidnap and murder a journalist in Washington DC.

Later on in Pakistan (present day) a popular leader was overthrown with the help of right wing religious parties in 1977 and he was hanged and a dictator was supported in Pakistan namely General Ziaul Haq for 11 long ruthless years who had the tacit support of Reagen administration. During the movement against popular leader Bhutto, the USA invisible govt supported the right wing religious parties through funding and other support (please see a book PROFILES OF INTELLIGENCE by Brig (retd) I A Tirmizi. (All the religious parties which were supported by USA in overthrowing democratically elected leader Zoulfiqar Ali Bhutto, are now pro OSAMA AND TALIBAN).

Again, were all these US 'misdeeds' justified?

Dear Mr Parwani and Meclai,

Answers as per my humble knowledge,

1- Muslims and Hindus both were super fools and during the sad days of partition they both were completely out of their mind they didnt pay the heed to the sane and peaceful leadership and paid attention to those who stood for "PURE HINDUSTAN" AND TWO NATION THEORY, which resulted in carnage 2 Million innocent people killed, injured, raped, displaced and what not and no doubt the then British Raj incited the clash by not doing justice in division and igniting clashes between the two communities. Above all they left several issues unresolved for the next
generations for fighting like "Kashmir".

2- Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a barrister and a very educated, honest, fair, peaceful, and above all tolerant founding father of Pakistan leader but sadly his nation (again not all) and his fellow Muslim League leaders were not, Pakistan was pushed down his throat in 1947 by some leaders of Congress (not all). Earlier he didnt want Pakistan. (Please read Jinnah of Pakistan by Stanely Wulpert, American Professor).

3- The secret service in Pakistan is not harbouring any madressah in Pakistan , yes they and CIA used their student for doing their dirty works and not all the madressa are as bad as they look even there are many American citizens are studying in Madressas in Karachi.

The involvement of Madressah has becoming a haunting dream rather nightmare for CIA AND ISI. Opening Pandora's Box is easy but closing it not. Dont blame Madressahs, what have we given the poors of the Pakistan and Afghanistan did we share our wealth, so the Mullah can do whatever they want with the children because he is giving them 3 time meals, accomodation and clothes we dont have any right to say anything against madressahs.

4- Not only the leadership of Pakistan were supporting these Al-Quaeeda and Taliban. The background of Taliban's creation should also be checked into (The United States and Pakistan 1947-2000 Disenchanted Allies by Dennis Kux) as to how they rose out of a sudden. Self deception destroys the nations. The name of Jihad by the same "Mother" and you can see for yourselves that during 80s how the Hollywood Actors, US Senators, and Congressmen used to visit Afghan Refugee camps and Afghan Mujahideens to boast their morale in fight for the "free world" so much so that the then US President Ronald Reagan used to say "I am also Mujahideen". Reagan used to compare Afghan War Lords with the founding Fathers of America.

5- Ms. Benazir Bhutto is no doubt highly educated but a little bit power hungry and she is not against the education of women. The thing is that the Pashtoon and other rural culture of Pakistan deal with women like animals (Islam has nothing to do with this Pagan Pakistani Culture) despite this they want schools and college but with women teachers and women doctors. The common men are not against the education of women but the big feudals and vested interests in our rural society (many are educated in foreign universities) are.

6- Generals and Dictators can do anything with Pakistan it is allowed for them to do whatever they like because they enjoy the support of USA and West (General Ayub Khan 1958-1969), (General Yahyah Khan 1969-1971), (General Ziaul Haq 1977-1988), (General Pervez Musharraf 1999-Infinity).

7- I dont know who was behind the assassinations of Afghan Leaders but one thing must be kept in Mind that Pashtoon is the biggest ethnic group of Afghanistan (saying this I am not supporting Pakistani govt point of view but telling the ground reality).

8- I don't work in office (lol) well the propaganda on US media has made Al-Qaida equal to Gestapo (but US still failed to present evidence against it), in Karachi we are facing music of Law and Order due to unemployment and joblessness.

9- Please don't use the word "FUNDAMENTALISM" because it means "BASIC TENET OF FAITH" and the biggest Fundamental is of it is not to kill anybody and take anybodys life without a cause. You can use Extremism but not fundamentalism.

10- Pakistan's genesis was based on Economy but slogans of theories and Islam were used by some elements to make attractive the movement. Only thing which can guarantee the unity of any country is Justice because there are many muslim countries. Why aren't they a single country under single President.

11- If the World Bank/IMF and other like minded DFIs and donor agencies didn't mend their ways in the third world then nobody can stop the Talibanization of Pakistan. Referring to your queries,

1- I will still stick to my statement that not only Jinnah was educated and other things but the leaders of Congress were as well, but their nations were ignorant and intolerant and further damage was done by the Lord Monbettan (The Last Viceroy).

2- I am not defending the ISI, I was telling the truth because both the CIA and ISI used the students and some of the seminaries in Afghan-Russia War but we cannot blame the institution of Madressah but bad elements therein the responsibility of this goes to our elite class (and CIA
and ISI too) who don't think beyond their drawing rooms as had there been equal facilities of education for the poor of the both countries there wouldn't have been any misuse of Madressahs.

3- Don't forget that several Islamic Trusts used to work with CIA during Afghan War with Russia then why then the CIA turned blind eye to them. And who created Aimal Kansi, Ramzi Yousuf and Osama Bin Laden in the first place? I am not defending Pakistan on this board and if Pakistan is delivering terrorists to USA then they should be nabbed and be presented in the court of Law for punishments. The alleged suspects should not be treated like the suspects treated by the Pakistani Law Enforcement Agencies because USA claims to be a free and democratic society.

4- The terrorism in the streets of Karachi is the direct result of the ruthless policies of US/PAKISTAN DICTATOR SHIP AXIS (1977-1988) because the USA then tolerated a dictatorial government in Pakistan who did everything to divide our society on ethnic and sectarian grounds to save his illegitimate govt at the behest of America and several of our corrupt and butcher-leaders were provided safe heavens in USA and UK. I know each and everything about the killings in Karachi but the thing is that this forum does not cover Karachi otherwise I would have discussed it.

5- After the creation of Pakistan, I admit that it was the failure of other Muslim League leadership (Jinnah died in 1948) to provide constitution and democracy to Pakistan which they failed in doing so. Then Pakistan became the toady of CIA through Governor General Gholam Muhammad, Iskander Mirza, General Ayub Khan, General Yahyah Khan, General Ziaul Haq to fight cold war with Russia. Dictators always need legitimacy so they used Religious Parties which Hijacked the country and results are before us. I think the best way to solve Kashmir is through Talks and only Talks. The Kashmir issue was exploited by hawks in Pakistan for just to keep them in saddles in policy matters in Pakistan, there are many saner elements in Pakistan who want this issue to be solved through Talks.

5- Now, that's not fair, Mr. Parwani, you declared me OBL (LOL), what would you say about those in the West who are dead against WB/IMF/WTO/GLOBALIZATION. You dont know what havoc the WB AND IMF have played with the moderate, liberal, lower-middle working class of Pakistan throught their policies of downsizing, rightsizing, and retrenchments from jobs. The working class middle class is not the Mullah class or students of Madressahs. What would you do if not use bad language against WB/IMF when you would be made jobless.

6- Terrorist regime was not terrorist when Robin Raphel (State Dept) used to visit them, and when they were fighting Russians for USA and OBL was also figthing with them against Russia (1980-1989) it was not terrorist regime when in December 1997, a delegation of Taliban mullahs traveled to America and even met US State Department officials and Unocal executives in Houston.

Ms. Jennifer Brinkerhoff's {WORLD BANK}

Q- What role, if any, have economic factors played?

Answer: There is big business group in America namely Carlyle Group with the turnover of around $20 billion under management. Carlyle group deals in the defense sector and makes its money from military conflicts and weapons spending. Ex- US official Frank Carlucci is Carlyle's chairman and managing director (he was reportedly a college roommate of Donald Rumsfeld's). Other prominent business partners are Ex- US Secretary of State James A. Baker, George Soros, Fred Malek (George Bush Sr's campaign manager). Ex-President George Bush Sr is reported to be seeking investments for the Carlyle Group from Asian markets. President George
Bush (Jr) and Vice-President Dick Cheney both made their fortunes working in the US oil industry. The Central Asian states, which borders the northwest of Afghanistan, holds the world's third largest gas reserves and an estimated six billion barrels of oil reserves. Enough, experts say, to meet American energy needs for the next 50 years. The dismal Human Right record other repressive policies of Saudi Debauches, Pakistani Dictators or Islamists Taliban do not bother America. It never bothered America from 1996 to 2001 (Taliban Rule). It was all about money and ecocnomy, Osama and Talibans were just an eye wash like Saddam Hussain. Oil and gas from the Caspian region currently moves northward to European markets. Iran and Russia are major impediments to American interests. In 1998, Dick Cheney-then CEO of Halliburton, a major player in the oil industry-said: "I can't think of a time when we've had a region emerge as suddenly to become as strategically significant as the Caspian.

It's almost as if the opportunities have arisen overnight. An American Magnate called Unocal has been negotiating with the Taliban for permission to construct an oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan and out to the Arabian Sea. From here, Unocal hopes to access the lucrative 'emerging markets' in South and Southeast Asia. In December 1997, a delegation of Taliban mullahs traveled to America and even met US State Department officials and Unocal executives in Houston. At that time the Taliban's taste for public executions and its treatment of Afghan women were not made out to be the crimes against humanity that they are now. In America, the arms industry, the oil industry, the major media networks, and, indeed, US foreign policy, are all controlled by the same business combines.

I 100% agree with Mr Usman. These strategic depths alas. From 1977 to 1988 a Pakistani Dictator recited verses from Holy Quran to justify his tyranny and conniving acts with the CIA and helped in ruining the social fabrics of Afghani and Pakistani society. Another Dictator came in 1999 and after 11 Sept recited the Contracts made with the Non Believers of Mecca by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to justify the bombing on Afghan people at the behest of USA AND ALLIED (Pakistan consent was taken on gunpoint like "you are with us or against us, out there in a West, we call it wanted dead or alive, its a crusade bla bla bla).


Dear Jennifer Brinkerhoff and other Respected Readers, Poverty is the reason for the rise in militancy because when any repressive power invades any country through their toadies and lackeys in any particular country for business and other reasons it creates a suitable atmosphere to get profit from that particular country and when you try to get "undue" profit from a country, it's the common people who suffer due to the policies not the ruling class of that country. Because foreign powers and big business deal with the elites, army, politicians, Mullahs, bankers and bureaucrats of any particular country not the common people.

Let's take World Bank and IMF which helped Pakistani Governments in loans and many other developmental projects but at the same time these two organizations gave policies of Rightsizing, Downsizing, and Golden handshake to be implemented in different departments which made millions of people jobless in Pakistan and this has happened from 1997, to date it is still going on due to some contracts IMF AND WORLD BANK signed with Pakistani Govt. under the rule of Dictator General Ziaul Haq. When this lot of jobless people go out in the streets they are exploited by Mullahs (Mullahs, which are out of favour of US, they were their darling when Russia was intact and Cold War was on) for extremism. The line in which you mentioned that those who flied planes were not poor (Do you believe 'the rooster and bull' story about the involvement of the persons mentioned in the so-called US investigation of 11 Sept act of barbarism? - there is still no clear proof to stand in the court).
Another big reason for the rising militancy is the evergrowing interference of the USA/IMF/WORLD BANK in dictating their particular way of thinking in the third world. Please don't dictate us because you can claim to own our rulers but not the people.

You dont know how common jobless, retrenched employee (due to WB/IMF dictates) feel about the USA because they consider the USA is behind the IMF AND WB to destroy the poors of both the countries. Please support democracies (pure democracies) in both the countries to avert the militancy, link your relations with democratic setups and help both the nation to expose the corrupt leaders in our countries who have amassed ill-gotten wealth in the off-shore banks around the world, give back the amount to the people of these countries and bring the culprits to the justice (through clear and impartial evidence). Even now after saying so much how much relief did the Pakistani Govt get despite giving so much support to US/Allied forces , there is a debt of 40 billion US dollars on Pakistan and not a single billion is written off and when all this frenzy would be over, the Common Pakistani and Afghanis too would suffer (they have already been suffering since 1979.


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