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World Bank E Conference on Afghanistan [2001] - 3

Part 3

Challenges & Opportunities for Pakistan and Afghanistan


Respected Mr Klaus-Peter Rosemann,

Lack of education - provide education facilities to the deserving students of the both countries in health, education, business and banking sectors. The unscrupulous ways of governing the world adopted by the Powers should be done away with. Participation of people of both countries in decision-making process regarding major decision on Afghanistan and Pakistan which are taken by IMF/WB and WTO. The theory of Law of Necessity, which gave decision makers a carte blanche to do whatever they like by adopting the policy "ends justifies the means." Creating monsters to get certain short term political gains and the unabashed use of the term called Strategic Depths. These monsters and these strategic depths are often hijacked by the Mother for putting us before the very same monsters and strategic depths which were our very own inventions. In the end, one can see for himself that now we are in a blind alley. The misquotation and wrong projection of Islam and Jihad are the root causes of this present mess as the general public majority of which are Muslims do not bother to read the Holy Quran with translation to comprehend the real Islam and its tolerant message, instead they depend on clerics whose real interests are unknown. Selfishness of those who are wealthy and do not share wealth with poors. Absence of the Debate Culture regarding understanding the culture and religion of both countries. Don't declare their whole society as intolerant. Lack of interaction between have and have-nots is also taking its toll. This divide is effecting the society as far as law and order are concerned because unjustified division of wealth and callous attitude of elite society is giving birth to frustration in the underprivileged class, and frustrated persons do frustrated things. Lack of charitable work, except few Muslim nations, most of the charitable trusts are of Oil Rich Arab Sheiks of the Middle East most of the time spend money to build mosques all around the country (which is no doubt a noble cause) but to help poor and needy people is a much nobler cause. One is amazed to see that the recent blasts in USA caused the loss of 600 billion US dollars to Saudi investors and 185 billion US dollars to UAE investors.

So they should invest at least some of the money in education, technology, development, and financial sectors in Afghanistan and Pakistan to save the people. Openness of media is also very necessary to make the general public aware about the world affairs and decision-making processes because where there is secrecy there is deceit. Openness of media does not mean unabashed soap operas or objectionable movies but governments should free its stronghold on the news media, otherwise we won't be anywhere in the near future because Ignorance is not always bliss. Political debates on controversial matters on TV should be encouraged to make the environment more free and relaxed. Controversial Sectarian and Religious matters/issues should also be discussed on TV for at least hearing and exchanging each others point of views and it would also help in creating a more tolerant societies.

Terming people of different schools of political thought as communists, commie, anarchist, Islamists, terrorists, bigots and stamping certain ideologues as anti-state, anti-US, anti-liberalism and anti-culture should be discouraged. We must have courage to listen to their points of view and discuss with them. We should not condemn anybody without listening to them, even the Satan was heard (no pun intended towards anybody) by the God Almighty despite of the fact the Satan had disobeyed Him. People of both countries are very emotional about Islam, so Islam has been so brutally and shamelessly maligned in the media in the West recently that it generated a negative publicity against the West in the Muslim world in general. The burning controversial issues in Pakistan and Afghanistan which are the bone of contention in the world are the issues which should be solved through Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Respected Mr Kevin Donahue:

Saudi Arabia has been losing charm due to the rising anti-US sentiments (thanks to US and Saudi Royal Policies). In business people take risks - the bigger the risks the bigger the profit. In this age of neck-break competition people do strange things for perverse profits even at the cost of humanity and human lives. The world has witnessed the ruthlessness of oil companies all over the world who are destroying the environment as well.

So War in Afghanistan is not too costly a war if big businesses get what they want. Remember 300 years ago Great Britain entered India and established East India Company in a totally hostile environment as far as weather, people, and entirely different culture, wasn't that a risk to be in a country thousands of miles away and hostile. So in 21st century the risks are there but so are the profits.

Respected Mr Mark McKenna {World Bank} and learned Readers, Sir, here are few of my humble comment (guide and correct me if I am wrong).

Q- What are the lessons from Somalia, Bosnia, Cambodia and East Timor that ought to be applied in Afghanistan?


The UN should not behave like subsidiary of USA as it is in the case of Israel and USA should stop enforce its policies and way of life in the third world.

Q- Has Afghanistan's situation really been utterly transformed, or is it destined to fade away again into obscurity after this latest spell at the center of the world's stage? What are the implications for Pakistan if it does fade away, and if it doesn't?


Afghanistan rehabilitation would take years both economical and psychological but rehabilitation would only take place when the "KING MAKERS" would sincerely deweaponise the Afghan society and work for true representative and pure Afghan govt as per the aspiration of Afghan people with the representation of every section of Afghan people.
If these crisis are not solved than the Pashtun Tribal belt of NWFP AND BALUCHISTAN (PAKISTAN) would be sucked into the quagmire of Afghanistan and whole new game of Civil War is expected. The world would witness the worst kind of Anarchy in South Asia as no govt. in Pakistan would be able to rule smoothly. Just imagine the scenario!

Q- Its democratic institutions had been so discredited that despite the military's history of repeated failure most of the international community, and indeed most Pakistanis were willing to give dictatorship another try.But is

Pakistan really new and improved, or just back again in that familiar role, front line state in the "new Cold War"? Given the opportunity, will Pakistan make a fresh start in the old neighborhood, or is Musharaf an Ayub Khan with the common touch, a Zia who knows how to smile? Answer: No, the Democratic Institutions were never discredited they were made discredited thanks to US support to dictators (dictators follow instructions of USA more eligiously than the Democratic Leaderships in Pakistan i.e. (1958-1969, 1969-1971, 1977-1988, 1999- infinity). Lets see what the dictators of Pakistan gave Pakistani people by towing the line of USA and adopting the Frontline State status Ayub Khan (demise of Democracy, start of Ethnic tension in Pakistan, and Groundbreaking ceremony for the dismemberment of Pakistan), Yahyah Khan (Debauchery, drop scene of dismemberment of my country and massacre of 200,000 innocent human beings in the former East Pakistan when Yahyah was making way for Henry Kissinger for the visit of China on behalf of Nixon), General Ziaul Haq (Afghan Russia war, Start of demonizing of Democratic Institutions of Pakistan at the behest of USA, destruction of a tolerant, pluralist, demcratic, peaceful Pakistan and hanging of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan at the behest of USA "we (Henry Kissinger and USA) will made horrible example of you (Bhutto)". The willingness of Pervez Musharraf to be on the side of US/ALLIEDS could be judged by the fact that when you receive a unceremonius telephone call from US govt in the middle of the night stating "you are with us or against us" you have no choice as every Military dictator is not like man of integrity like Fidel Castro. Some yeras ago a USA diplomat in Pakistan had paased a coment in a diplomatic gathering in Islamabad that USA leadership always feel at ease in maintaining relations with Dictators. As far as Pakistani people are conerned they have lost hope in everything they are living their lives in a misery and want their misery (life) end as soon as possible because in the last 53 years of our existence nobody ask Pakistani people as to what do they want?

Q- And as importantly, why should the rest of us care, aside from the fact that Pakistan, like Iraq and North Korea, poses a potential nuclear threat?


India too is a nuclear power and by the way when Pakistan was developing Nuclear Weapon was the USA sleeping no the USA knew all along but kept his silence because Pakistan were helping the "goodie goodie America" against the "bad bad ungodly evil Communism". Who supplied Iraq the Chemical Weapons at the peak of Iran Iraq War (well documented in VEIL by Bob Woodward of the Washington Post). People are amazed that the bogey of EVIL SADDAM HUSSAIN was raised just like Saddam Hussain in 1991 and he is still alive and kicking but 500,000 Iraqi people killed, Injured and suffered and still suffering. The same would happen again in the case of Ossama Bin Ladin.

Q- (1) the US Government and other coalition partners (Russia, China, the UK, most notably) will be taking a keener personal interest, post-conflict, to ensure stable social and political conditions in Afghanistan and Pakistan;
(2) UN and multi-lateral agencies, backed by this support, will play a more assertive role, with minimal tolerance for arguments based on national sovereignty; and

(3) the elimination of poverty will become not just the right thing to do, but the necessary thing.


1 - They better do it otherwise whole region would be inferno.

2 - UN's past record is not so good as far as Israel is concerned.

3 - In an unabashed environment of Capitalism and concentration of Wealth, what POOR are left with is only God, and that too I think is on the side of USA.

Solutions to Degeneration of Institutions in Pakistan and Afghanistan:

1- Demilitarization of Pakistani Society by deweaponizing the society through development and investment.

2- Restoration of Democracy in Pakistan immediately.

3- Restoration of Pakistan's 1973 constitution in its original shape, because that was the rare occasion when the leaders of the country were almost united on document, which later on amended by its own creator Zoulfiqar Ali Bhutto and completely defaced by US's toady dictator General Ziaul Haq and the defacing of a consensus constitution is the root cause of the present ills in Pakistani Society.

4- Truth and Reconciliation Commission should be formed to discuss several bones of contention amongst Province vs Province, Federation vs Province, State vs citizens, Judiciary vs citizens and above all the Law Enforcement Agencies vs Citizens.

5- Declassifying of all the govt. documents except Top Secret (we can't handle the truth), to make people know about the "realities".

6- Complete access of the Press to govt. documents (barring TS), including the accords which our govt. signed with the WB/IMF and other donor agencies to strangulate common citizens of the country. It would help stop corruption, the biggest cause of Lawlessness in Pakistan.

7- Federation is being run on the basis of Unitary form of Govt. rather "Naked Dictatorship" for the last 53 years and it must be done away with immediately. The much trumpeted Devolution Plan should be started like this Federation to Province and then Province to City Government. The departments of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Currency, and Communication should rest with Centre all the other should be given to provinces like a true Federation otherwise Pakistan is not going to survive for long. It was also predicted by Robert D Kaplan about India and Pakistan due to the corrupt and unmanageable systems and inequity.

8- Establishing a single Judicial system either Anglo Saxon or Shariat Court through referendum because we presently have English Court/Law, Shariah Law(Courts), Tribal Law/Jirga (Courts), Anti Terrorists Courts, Accountability Court. But isn't it amazing that we dont have JUSTICE anywhere and people run from pillar to post to get JUSTICE in vain? Around 1 million cases are pending in Pakistan in all the courts mentioned (Its God promised that where there is no justice there would be anarchy).

9- Separation of Judiciary from the Executive Branch.

10- Autonomous Election Commission under the protection of the Judiciary.

11- WB AND IMF should exert its powers to bring back the looted amount which was looted by our Rulers in the last 25 years from Pakistan and amassed it abroad in offshore and regular banks. They should also help in exposing our several rulers through press.

12- These two organizations should link aid with progress (by regular audit and inspection) in any particular underdeveloped rather stone age area in Pakistan. They should not in any case encourage those who still behave like medieval Dons in the rural area of our country.

13- Elections on the basis of joint electorate.

14- Democracy and Economic prosperity is a must for long lasting peace in the region and above all, peace in Pakistan is a must for peace in Afghanistan and peace in Afghanistan is a must for peace in Pakistan.

15- Both the countries, India-Pakistan, should be made to sit and be made to settle the issues, including differences on Afghanistan for the sake of Afghan people. Bogey of ISI and RAW should be stopped forthwith.

16- Several US officials who praise our tribal chieftains in Baluchistan "quote" Sir, you could be made Governor of Texas" "unquote" should also be told about the conditions in which these ordinary tribal people live under these tyrants because the USA is the so-called pallbearer of democracy and no US citizen would like to live a single minute under any such Tribal Chief. So it would be good for them to see how ordinary people live in our tribal society before praising any tyrant and autocratic tribal chief as would be Texas Governor.

17- Officials of WB/IMF instead of socializing with the elites of Pakistani society should go into the countryside (with proper security) to see for themselves the state in which the people are.

18- Instead of giving WB/IMF scholarships and internships to our "Bureaucrats" these should be given to those young and talented students (studying in govt. colleges, universities and other cheap private institutions) who are not well connected and don't have access to social clubs where WB/IMF official come to socialize with the elitist Bureaucrats (one of the root causes of Pakistan present state of affairs). These talented but not elites should be given training to develop Pakistan/Afghanistan. Many such deserving students could be found in Afghan Refugee camps and even in Afghanistan if they have survived the US bombing. When the CIA can hire them to fight secret wars why can't the WB/IMF hire them to develop their own countries?

19- After Target Practicing (Bombing the Dead) in Afghanistan, the USA/Allied should go back to bases to avoid a bad situation, a long stay in the region would irk China.

Rebuilding of Afghanistan:

Only and only AFGHAN people should decide about who would form the government, any foreign involvement would be a recipe for disaster and ignite a civil war if any group of Afghans is not given proper representation. Nelson Mandella/ Imam Holy Kaaba/ Imam Holy Medina/ Clerics from Iran and Central and Tribal Elders can play a big role as a monitor and Election Commissioners. There must be a joint commander of NA to stop the bloodletting and revenge killings. Reconstruction is a must but peace would be the most important thing to at least start a process of rebuilding. First they would have to be one Nation i.e. AFGHANS not Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras and countless others to create a sense of unity. Otherwise efforts are afoot to divide and bifurcate AFGHANISTAN into many regions on the Basis of ethnicity, which would be disastrous. However a loose federation as I mentioned above can keep them united. Please seek a Father Figure for symbol of Afghan Unity.

I would take the opportunity to post these links for the readers interest, If I may please be allowed.

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Suleman: "[pak-afg] Reconstruction of Afghanistan, Role of Pakistan?"

Respected Mr. Mark McKenna and fellow Readers,

Sir, only the goodness of intentions can solve the crisis but easier said than done. I wont say that good intentions are extinct but it is hard to find nowadays.

Answers to Mr Mckenna's further questions:

1-Answer: Sad events of 11 September and US's campaign of Bombing the Dead (Afghans) has drowned the "Strategic Depths" of some super brains in Pakistani Establishment.

2- Answer: Islamic Militants or Religious Parties have never got the Confidence or Vote of the people of this country in its checkered history of 53 year, I mean whenever General Elections took place in Pakistan (seldom thanks US support to Pakistani Dictators). These parties exploit Religion for ulterior motives as you all know that Relgion is a sensitive issue and people rarely challenge the irrational approach of these parties and one the biggest reason is that Pakistanis or many other Muslim nations around the world carried away easily because their lack of knowledge in Religion which is hijacked by the Clerics. The responsible for this is Liberal and Educated class who should come forward and free the religion from the "occupation of theocracy. If the Economic Crisis in Pakistan and Peace in Afghanistan are not achieved then these Extremists can exploit the situation terming the present setup as failure thereby exploiting the mass through religious rhetoric to topple the Govt.

3- Answer: The donor agencies instead of providing "DOLLARS" to the Mandarins should provide Technology to Pakistan in Banking, Textile, Health, Education, Computers, Tele-Comunications, Shipping, Finance Sector, Hydro Power, Latest Agricutural Machinery and above all writing off the loans which would indirectly benefit the comon citizens. Another thing is to provide market access to Honest and Reputed Pakistani Businessmen in Textile, Rice, Cotton, Garments, Fruits, and Seafood in the Western World. Efforts should also be made by the donor agencies to make both India and Pakistan for enhancing the Trade Relations between Pakistan and India. Trade relations between the two countries would enhance the amity and decrease the Tension on several issues.

4- Answer: The Afghan Government should be free of any outside control of any country but Iran, China, Central Asian States, Russia, and Pakistan as well as India should help the Afghans in Rebuilding the Afghanistan. No offence to those readers who criticize Pakistan for Afghan Mess but Pakistan and Iran cannot be de-linked from Afghanistan due to the 4 Million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran altogether. The Afghan government should themselve decide as to who would be Mediator to monitor the fragile process of Peace and Rebuilding and de-weaponization and sweeping of Anti Personnel Mines from Afghanistan. In my view Scandinavian countries with the help of Afghan Tribal Chiefs, Clerics and representatives from each segment of Afghan society should form a comittee to watch the emerging of True Afghan National Govt.

5- Answer: The true Afghan Leadership would emerge through "LOYA JIRGA" or whatever process Afghans would like to elect their "Father Figure".

6- Answer: Afghans like freedom, self respect and what they need now is food, medicines, clothing and above all Sympathy and Goodintentions from others provided these they would be fine businessmen and rulers. And whoever provide them PEACE would be the consensus leader.

7- Answer: The most crucial help which Afghans need is the help of Wealthy, Educated and enlightened Afghans who are living abroad. The best thing these abroad settled Afghans can do to get unite as Afghans and forget that what they are, (Pashtoons, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Sunnis, Shias) if they are serious to fulfill the obligation and duty towards their unfortunate poor countrymen. Otherwise history wouldnot forgive those Afghans who are abroad and can do something for the Afghans.

8- Answer: Ordinary Aghans can play their part if their tribal chief would represent the tribe through Centuries Old Afghan Code of Conduct without foreign involvement.

9- Answer: International Interests or vested interests (to be precise) should be put in pending for the sake of Afghan people. Enough is enough.

anne: "[pak-afg] Re: Where do we go from here?"

Respected Mr. Mark McKenna, Mr. Nadeemul Haq, and learned Readers,

Some of my humble thoughts on "Where do we go from here"?

If we want to go from here to anywhere safely without getting into another events like happened in Afghanistan from 1989 to date, then the World Powers particularly USA, UNO, World Bank, IMF and WTO should avoid the occurrence of events and blatant interference rather ruthless pursue of certain goals in which these Powers That Be pursued and indirectly or directly damaged the World Peace in following countries:

Argentina - 1890,

Chile - 1891,

Haiti -1891,

Hawaii - 1893,

Nicaragua - 1894,

China - 1894,

Korea - 1894,

Panama - 1895,

China - 1894-1900

Philippines - 1898-1910,

Cuba - 1898-1902,

Puerto Rico - 1898 - present -

Nicaragua - 1898 -

Samoa - 1899 -

Panama - 1901-14 -

Honduras - 1903 -

Dominican Rep 1903-04 -

Korea - 1904-05 -

Cuba - 1906-09 -

Nicaragua - 1907 -

Honduras - 1907 -

Panama - 1908 -

Nicaragua - 1910 -

Honduras - 1911 -

China - 1911-41 -

Cuba - 1912 -

Panama - 1912 -

Honduras - 1912 -

Nicaragua - 1912-33 -

Mexico - 1913 -

Dominican Rep 1914

Mexico - 1914-18 -

Haiti - 1914-34

Dominican Rep 1916-24

Cuba - 1917-33 -

World War I - 1917-18 -

Russia - 1918-22 -

Honduras - 1919 -

Guatemala - 1920 -

Turkey - 1922 -

China - 1922-27 -

Honduras - 1924-25 -

Panama - 1925 -

China - 1927-34 -

El Salvador - 1932

World War II - 1941-45

Yugoslavia - 1946

Uruguay - 1947

Greece - 1947-49

Germany - 1948

Philippines - 1948-54

Puerto Rico - 1950

Korean War - 1951-53

Iran - 1953

Vietnam - 1954

Guatemala - 1954

Egypt - 1956

Lebanon - 1958

Panama - 1958

Vietnam - 1950s-75

Cuba - 1961

Cuba - 1962

Laos - 1962

Panama - 1964

Indonesia - 1965

Dominican Rep- 1965-66

Guatemala - 1966-67

Cambodia - 1969-75

Oman - 1970

Laos - 1971-75

Chile - 1973

Cambodia - 1975

Angola - 1976-92

Iran - 1980

Libya - 1981

El Salvador - 1981-92

Nicaragua - 1981-90

Lebanon - 1982-84

Honduras - 1983-89

Grenada - 1983-84

Iran - 1984

Libya - 1986

Bolivia - 1986

Iran - 1987-88

Libya - 1989

Virgin Islands - 1989

Philippines - 1989

Panama - 1989-90

Liberia - 1990

Saudi Arabia - 1990-91

Kuwait - 1991

Somalia 1992-94

Bosnia - 1993-95

Haiti - 1994-96

Zaire - 1996-97

Albania - 1997

Sudan - 1998

Afghanistan - 1998

Yugoslavia - 1999

Iraq - 1998-2001

Afghanistan - 2001- to date.

The US MEDIA should involve Alternative thinkers for example Noam Chomsky and Edward Saeed and others from all around the world in discussing World Problems live through major US Cable Network. Declaring anyone Anarchist, Leftist, Communist , Unpatriotic and Anti-US wont do any good. The USA should make aware its own population about the alternative thinking and about those who think differently. The US people has been living in an isolationist type of society whcih should be curbed because if the Developed World say that the World has become global village than US citizens should know what the other people think about the USA. Declaring Media War against Muslim community is not the solution and neither holding up more than 5000 US Muslim citizens on suspicion of being terrorist would further widen the gulf between the Civilizations above all those who have been detained are kept incommunicado then why the USA was so concern about Human Right situation all over the world.

No doubt act of 11 Sept was inhuman but the suspects should be given proper representation. The USA should not behave like Police States like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia or anyother proverbial "Muslim country" because USA claims to be the Champion of Democracy. The US govt has every right to make harshest law to save the citizens of USA but it should be kept in mind that only US citizens are not human alone there are many others around the world.


I agree with Mr Nabi Aslamy and Mr Suleman on the suggestion that Afghans and only Afghans should forge an alliance amongst themselves to pull out Afghnaistan from the present quagmire of poverty, misery, corruption, butchery, blood letting, revenge, feuds and Pagan ways of treating womenfolk. In this respect the most important thing is an alliance of those Afghans who are living abroad and who are enlightened and educated, they should rise above their ethnic diversity and be a single nation at least for the time being i.e AFGHAN. Though it is a novel idea but if some Afghan farmer are interested in Poppy Cultivation then they must be allowed by the Western World by regulating their cultivation and active use of Poppy in medicines, the Western Pharmaceutical Companies should buy the Poppy Crop for using it in medicines and at the same time Heroine Manufacturing Laboratories should be curbed. In this way Afghans can earn badly needed money to feed their children.

The Western NGOs working in Afghanistan should involve the Afghans from every ethnic group in re-developing and re-constructing the country. The tribal leaders of Afghanistan should be taken into confidence through sheer openheartedly and good intentions for rebuilding and rehabilitation.



NOTE: This E-conference was held in Nov/Dec 2001 for the issues related with Afghanistan and Pakistan development after 9/11.


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