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Zaid Hamid is a Fraud Par Excellence - 3

BrassTacks wrote:

We can have so many different views on people and personalites but still work for common naitonal and ideological interests against our common enemies.

Zaid Hamid


Dear Sir,

I wonder how would one work against common enemy? Obviously not like this:

Mr. Zaid Hamid is a liar and a plagiarist [imitation of the language, ideas, or thoughts of another author and representing them as one’s own original work] too who copy other people's work and twists them to gain popularity by feeding Lies and Anti West frenzy to the people. Fact is, we've been duped by the likes of Zaid Hamid for years - the presentation of a one-sided, glorified Muslim history has wrecked our ability to understand and appreciate the diverse forces of life. Zaid Hamid types want to push another generation down the rat hole that wants to verify the faith of people rather than their substance and what they contribute to humanity. Instead liars like Zaid Hamid want to debase knowledge and the quest for knowledge that the great Muslims of the past carried the torch for and project wars and battles and conspiracy theories.

A filthy liar should be exposed on every Forum. Liars have done well in Pakistan. Zaid Hamid will too. He is a first rate liar but I'm glad he's getting good airtime for self-popularity - alot like Dr. Shahid Masood who with his nonsense of 'End of Time' managed to catapult himself to become the PTV Chairman.

These fools won't dare highlight the real Muslims who contributed positively to the development of knowledge like Ibn Khaldun, Al Ghazali, Al-Razi, Ibn Rushd, Ibn Hazm, Ibn Taiymiya , Al-Khwarizmi or Kindi etc.

The entire equation of 'us vs. them' would come crashing down if Muslims found out the 'extreme rationalism' their brightest minds had embraced.

If people like Zaid Hamid had an ounce of integrity and spent at least half the time focusing on ways Muslims of the past became torch bearers of knowledge rather than deluding audiences with conspiracy theories, one would consider him worth listening to beyond 20 seconds. Our history books, and those of Zaid Hamid rest on lies. If you bothered to read accounts of Muslim history that wasn't biased, you wouldn't be seduced by liars.


Proof of Zaid Hamid's lying deceptions:

Here is one of his deceptions - one can't expect to believe anyone would stoop so low as to do this, but then again, this is Zaid Hamid, the liar extrodinaire!

On the link below, there are two 'documentaries' : Zeitgeist Part 1, and Zeitgeist Part 2. Please check for yourself.

Open what he has deceptively labeled 'Zeitgeist Part 1' and watch it. Zaid Hamid, being a filthy liar, has intentionally scrubbed out the first 40 minutes of the documentary!!!! Since western technology which helps feed Zaid Hamid allows you to edit videos, he's manipulated it to appear that the movie begins in the middle.

Zaid Hamid will never ever want you to see the first 40 minutes of this movie. He just wants to cherry pick for you.

Why did he do this? What prompted him to practice the art of deception while 'defending Islam and Pakistan'? You are presenting him as someone defending 'Islam and Pakistan'. So why did he intentionally misrepresent, and erase the first part of Zeitgeist?

But he does erase the first 40 minutes and label the next 30 as 'Part 1'. Which is funny as after watching his 'Zeitgeist Part 1' for five seconds you see 'Part II' appear : )

WHY did he intentionally ERASE the first 40 MINUTES of the movie?

Simple question. You yourself can do the research. What is preventing you from finding out?

One must not be surprised as liars practice the art of deception. They refuse to let you know the whole truth - they prefer you only know what they like. Again, do your research and find out why Zaid Hamid only wants you to know selective things. There is no conspiracy theory in it mind you.

There is perfectly logical reason why the liar Zaid Hamid intentionally erased 40 minutes of a video and put a false label on it for his audience. If he showed you the entire video, his entire basis for spilling lies would come crashing down.

I do take exception to people who INTENTIONALLY promote half-truths because their fickle 'beliefs' would collapse if they looked at history and present day realities with objectivity. Zaid Hamid is a deceitful liar who can only survive on half-truths.

Just look at how he intentionally erased 40 minutes of a movie and whatsmore tried to get away by saying Part 1 begins from the middle.

The first 40 minutes talks about religion as Milestone points out (although he gives a very rough-shod summary). To be precise, the first 40 minutes claim Jesus / Hazrat Essa (PBUH) never existed. There is no historical evidence to suggest this Jesus/Hazrat Essa (PBUH) existed. This religion of Christianity and it's 'founder' Jesus/Hazrat Essa (PBUH) was the first grand conspiracy against mankind.

This is not a new view. Professors in western colleges teaching classes like evolution of commercial institutions or history have noted the sheer lack of evidence of any one person/god named 'Jesus/Hazrat Essa (PBUH). The movie states that Jesus/Hazrat Essa (PBUH) was a replicated story of dozens of gods/individuals predating the founder of Christianity based on astrological symbols. The character of Jesus/Hazrat Eassa (PBUH) was plucked out of thin air and used by political forces of the Roman/Byzantine empire to subdue dissent and create a new order.

A new order.

Like 9-11 was used to create a new order (part II of Zeitgeist).

Or how the currency / financial structures were used to create a new order (part III of Zeitgeist).

Leaving part I of the movie was necessary for Zaid Hamid as Hazrat Eassa (PBUH) is mentioned three times as much in the Quran as an actual historical being as Muhammad (PBUH). Historical analysis must be based on truth. If someone pretends to be a man of history - like Zaid Hamid does (these days radios play his narration of 'glorious muslim warriors' etc.) - should we not expect him to defer his beliefs and show integrity?

Would anyone want to watch a movie whose first 40 minutes were erased?

Zaid Hamid thinks it's ok.

Zaid Hamid pick his arguments from sources like:

a) Henry Ford's "The International Jew"

b) Zeitgeist ( / Loose Change documentary

c) 'secret society' or elitist societies linkages (CW Mills, etc.)

Zaid Hamid types copy the research and twist it till it bows to his own frustration for seeing something as nonsensical as a 21st century Ottoman Empire.

For someone who wants us to believe that there are grand forces that are playing roles to create a new world order, wouldn't you think that he should first and foremost highlight, what according to zeitgeist, is the biggest conspiracy in the history of man kind - the fallacy that Jesus / Hazrat Essa (PBUH) ever existed?

If, as suggested by history, there was never a character by the name of Jesus/Hazrat Essa (PBUH), and it was 'invented' by a dissident group after copying stories of preceding entities, and then taken up by Emperor Constantine to solidify the rule of the church for the next 1000 years, colonize the new world, thereby allowing George Bush to justify his 21st century 'crusade against terrorism', isn't there any compulsion to entertain this conspiracy theory which has real impact on contemporary Pakistan?

This movie tackles three 'myths'. Zaid Hamid picks the last two and deletes the first. It is intentional because if he didn't delete it, his entire basis would come crashing down. So the liar deceives.

The real 'Part 1' is actually about something else...once you watch it, you'll know why Zaid Hamid didn't want to include this. You won't even have to 'ask' the liar.


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