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Shaheen Sehbai's Analysis of General (R) Musharraf in 2003.

Group Editor of The News Shaheen Sehbai taking part in the programme expressed the view that Musharraf’s remarks about President Asif Zardari, as attributed by Hersh, could not be casually ignored. He said it must be investigated why Musharraf accused Zardari of not being a patriot, because, according to Sehbai, Hersh had some inside information given to him in interviews with Musharraf and Zardari which he did not reveal in his report. Seymour Hersh while standing by his report, pertaining to the comments offered by former President General (R) Pervez Musharraf about incumbent President Asif Zardari, has disclosed that the former president had given some harsher comments about his successor but in the ultimate scrutiny he allowed the remarks that he made part of his article. REFERENCE: Hersh claims US nuke team already in Islamabad By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir Sunday, November 15, 2009 GEO TV: National Interest, Seymour M Hersh, Shaheen Sehbai & Dr Shahid Masood. URDU TEXT OF MUHAMMAD SALEH ZAAFIR'S REPORT FILED IN DAILY JANG [TO PROMOTE ANTI PAKISTAN SEYMOUR HERSH].

Musharraf, who was forced out of office in August, 2008, under threat of impeachment, did not spare his successor. “Asif Zardari is a criminal and a fraud,” Musharraf told me. “He’ll do anything to save himself. He’s not a patriot and he’s got no love for Pakistan. He’s a third-rater.” ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY - DEFENDING THE ARSENAL - In an unstable Pakistan, can nuclear warheads be kept safe? by Seymour M. Hersh NOVEMBER 16, 2009 FOR FULL TEXT OF SEYMOUR HERSH SOTRY: DEFENDING THE ARSENAL by Seymour M. Hersh
ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY - DEFENDING THE ARSENAL - In an unstable Pakistan, can nuclear warheads be kept safe? by Seymour M. Hersh NOVEMBER 16, 2009

Mr Shaheen Sehbai in fervour of "Get Asif Ali Zardari" is ready to give importance to the negative statements of Musharraf against Zardari whereas Mr Shaheen Sehbai himself used to trash Musharraf in his web based magazine South Asia Tribune [Shaheen Sehbai Founded this magazine after he escaped from Pakistan in 2002 to seek political asylum in USA]. Let say and assume that Musharraf is right about Zardari [as per Shaheen Sehbai] but then question arises about Shaheen Sehbai's veracity about Musharraf???

General (R) Pervez Musharraf as per Shaheen Sehbai's articles in South Asia Tribune


Who Are You Trying to Fool, Dear General By Shaheen Sehbai Issue No 68, Nov 23-29, 2003 ISSN:1684-2075

EITHER GENERAL Pervez Musharraf is stupid and naïve or he believes everybody else in Pakistan is stupid and naïve. It could even be both. But there can be no other explanation for the performance review of his four years in government, as narrated by him, before the country’s editors last week. A simple reading of the published accounts of that review makes one feel he is not ashamed of insulting the intelligence of any one who may have it, in Pakistan or abroad. And he would also not mind poking a finger in the eye.

Some of the points General Musharraf made were mind boggling. He was speaking as if he had nothing to do with running the country for the last four years and someone else, somewhere, was responsible for all that had gone wrong. And according to his own account, almost everything on every front had gone wrong. A glimpse of what he said (as reported by Daily Dawn) and my comments:

Quote: On his Credibility: “With the passage of time the world has started suspecting Pakistan and a perception that the president himself was supporting extremists and terrorists was gaining widespread acceptance in the world.”

Comment: Who Mr. President is responsible for creating this perception? Is it not you who allowed the extremists to make windfall political strides at the cost of moderate and liberal parties, just because you wanted to perpetuate your own illegal rule. Is the world then wrong? Who are you trying to fool?

On Stability: “Political stability can be achieved by resolving the LFO issue which I think is doable.”

Why then have you not achieved it Sir in the last 4 years. Who is stopping you and what are you waiting for? And do you have to tell us that LFO is a stumbling block in achieving political stability. Does not every one know that and you have been arrogantly and adamantly insisting that it is part of the Constitution. Who are you trying to fool?

On Inter-Provincial Harmony: “He appeared equally concerned about the growing provincial disharmony, especially the state of affairs in the province of Sindh and seemed disappointed by the reluctance of members of Sindh government to come forward and try to correct the situation.”

So according to you provincial disharmony is growing, but your misguided actions like installing a criminal as Governor of the province and ignoring the majority party have nothing to do with this. Who are you trying to fool?

On Responsibility: “There is a lack of trust among the people of the province I feel disappointed at being held responsible for the mistakes of the past governments.”

So you have not been able to do anything in the last four years to remove the lack of trust. And you have the temerity to blame mistakes of governments which remained in power for less than 30 months at a time but you could not rectify those mistakes in even 48 months. Who are you trying to fool?

On Balochistan: “He appeared extremely unhappy with the law and order situation in Balochistan for which he blamed the Sardars..”

Are the Sardars of Balochistan in power for the last 4 years? Were they not there in the past and have they been born just now? Were you not supposed to handle them, as other political governments did. Who are you trying to fool?

On his Uniform: “I myself subscribe to the principle that the offices of the president and the army chief should not be held by one man.”

But you are not prepared to take any action because if you do, you will lose power. So whatever you subscribe to is immaterial and irrelevant. What you do matters. Who are you trying to fool?

On Poverty: “He did, though, concede that poverty had gone up while investment needed to be accelerated quickly.”

So finally you have stopped telling lies about this fact and admitted that the entire façade of economic boom was a farce. And who are you going to blame for this one? Your Finance Minister or Mr. Jamali or his Commerce Minister? Who are you trying to fool?

On Religious Extremism: “If we do not mend our ways and continue to tolerate religious extremism and sectarianism we will be marginalized completely.”

Who is “we” in this comment Sir? Does it not mean “You, General Musharraf.” You have not been mending your ways. You have been tolerating religious extremism. You have been releasing militants from jails. You have been pushing them to contest elections and vote for your cronies. You have allowed them to change names and operate freely. You have dropped even terrorism charges against them. So who are you addressing this question to? You are responsible if Pakistan is marginalized, as it has been to a large extent, your big boasts notwithstanding. Who are you trying to fool?

On Who is a Taliban: “Every Pushtoon or Afghan with a beard cannot be regarded as Taliban. Only those who were associated with the Mullah Omar's defunct government in Kabul can be regarded as Taliban and therefore, the media should learn to make the distinction.”

Now you remember this great fact Sir. Why did you not tell this to the Americans when they were carpet bombing every one blaming them to be Taliban. And even now you are telling the media to make the distinction. Have you raised this point before anyone yourself? Who are you trying to fool?

On Being a Lone Warrior: “I am waging a lone war against extremists and have found others who have equal if not more stakes in a peaceful and progressive Pakistan, reluctant to come forward and fight the menace head on. We must all help stop this menace and condemn it publicly.”

What! You are a warrior against extremists and “others” are reluctant? Are you running the country or these so-called “others”. Are you not responsible for the survival and, in fact, prosperity and strength of these warriors? Have you not protected them under one excuse or another? And why has this perception grown that you are playing double games, because you say something and do the opposite. Who are you trying to fool?

On Bombing of Tribal Areas: “Pakistan will suffer from sanctions and "they” (US) may even start bombing our tribal areas, if this perception is not removed urgently.”

So this is the reason you are now in a state of panic and trying to take another U-Turn as you have been told that you will be bombed. Who allowed this perception to take roots Sir? Are you in control or is someone else running the show. Or has your bluff been called now and you are desperately running for cover? Who will we blame if the Tribal Areas are bombed? And please assure us that you will not send your PAF to bomb the Tribal Areas once the bombing starts, just to please someone? Who are you trying to fool?

On Chinese complaints: “I was shocked when during my recent visit the Chinese leaders informed me that Pakistan had provided sanctuary to Chinese extremists operating against Beijing's interests.”

What an admission of guilt! Pakistan has been providing sanctuary to Chinese extremists and you had no clue at all? You were shocked? Are you asleep when in your office? Or is someone else running the show without your knowledge? There have to be some answers. But admit it you know what was going on and you are trying to make a fool of the Chinese like you did with the Americans. Will they fall for it? Should you be doing it even with the Chinese? This is too much.

These are just a few of the startling confessions and admissions of guilt General Musharraf made in his Ramazan session. Broadly speaking it is an admission of total failure of the Government and its policies in almost every field. So what would the General say in defence of his 4-year rule or what would he show as his performance. Nothing, if this is what his own assessment is.

The fact is that General Musharraf has failed and he now admits all this under the threat that his days are numbered if he does not do something about these failures. But who can be blamed, except his own self.

Four years is longer than any political government has been allowed in power by the army in recent years. That is what he fears and thus defends every wrong act of his uniformed men without shame. But when the time comes, these lame excuses will not help him.



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