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One More Multifaceted Fraud: Lt . General (R) Shahid Aziz - EX-Chairman NAB.

Well here we go again, another general (shorn of his uniform) has suddenly found 'ghairat (Honour)' and now is 'feeling' the waters in the media so that he also can be considered as a defence analyst like many others before him but this 'johnny' has gone a step further by claiming that the corps commanders of the army were not 'consulted' by Gen. Musharraf (who was CoAS and Chief Executive at the time of 911) and he [Lt. General (Retd). Shahid Aziz] did not agree with the decision of the CoAS and Chief Executive to throw Pakistan's support behind the US war on terror (ref; DAWN-TV program In Focus dated 9-12-2009). When in the army you are allowed to 'disagree' or 'agree'. After serving 38 years in the army and ending as CGS at his last posting, he still doesn't understand the fact that in the army the culture is 'Top Down' and you obey the orders or you are shown the bloody door. Person who opposed his chief in some high profile decision then why didn't he resigned before his term as Corps Commander or how could he later became the head of his accountable institution?

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 1 (13th May 2010)


Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 2 (13th May 2010)


Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 3 (13th May 2010)


Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 4 (13th May 2010)


Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 5 (13th May 2010)


Lieutenant General Shahid Aziz is a retired Pakistan Army general who served as the commander of the IV Corps (Lahore) from December 2003 to October 2005. After retiring from the army, he was appointed Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau, a post he left in May 2007. His illustrious military career has placed him in pivotal posts during critical periods in Pakistan over the last decade. In 1998, he found himself involved in Pakistan’s nuclear tests as Director of Military Operations. During the Kargil conflict of 1999, he served as DG of the ISI’s Analysis Wing. That same year, he was appointed to the role of DG Military Operations where he played a crucial role in the counter-coup that brought President Musharraf to power. After the events of 9/11, he was serving as Chief of General Staff at GHQ when the US deployed its forces to Afghanistan. He finally retired from the army in 2005 after having held the post of Lahore Corps Commander for two years. REFERENCE: THE INSIDER BRIEF - Lt. Gen. Shahid Aziz

As per 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan



6. (1) Any person who abrogates or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subverts or attempts or conspires to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

(2) Any person aiding or abetting the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

(3) [Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] shall by law provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of high treason.


Definition of Accomplice: An accomplice is a person who actively participates in the commission of a crime, even though they take no part in the actual criminal offense.

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 1 (1st Dec 2009)

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 2 (1st Dec 2009)

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 3 (1st Dec 2009)

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 4 (1st Dec 2009)

Gen (R) Shahid Aziz in Islamabad Tonight - 5 (13th May 2010)

Lt. Gen (Retd) Shahid Aziz too is a relative of President General Pervez Musharraf. A fact Gen Musharraf has himself mentioned in his memoir 'In the Line of Fire' (page 121). Gen Musharraf dubbed Shahid Aziz as the centre for the counter coup operation in 1999 after whose success General Musharraf took over. Musharraf wrote: "The DGMO -- in this case Shahid Aziz -- is the officer on whose orders the army moves, for his advice is regarded as orders from the chief. REFERENCE: A new civilian face The first time in eight years a civil bureaucrat has been appointed as chairman NAB. A review of the bureau's performance so far By Nadeem Iqbal

Lets see as to how General Musharraf and his Illegal and Rampant Military Regime conducted the Across the Board Accountability and that too after violating article 6 of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan i.e. by Imposing Martial Law and sacking an Elected Government of Mr Nawaz Sharif. The National Accountability Bureau is Pakistan's apex anti-corruption organization. It is charged with the responsibility of elimination of corruption through a holistic approach of awareness, prevention and enforcement. It operates under the National Accountability Ordinance-1999, with its headquarter at Islamabad. REFERENCES: MORE DETAILS ON DRACONIAN NATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY BUREAU: Human Rights Developments Special Corruption Courts in Asia Pakistan Country Reports on Human Rights Practices Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor 2002 March 31, 2003

Watch the video clip and then go through every line [do read the same General praising General Musharraf in Daily Jang DATED Tuesday, September 16, 2008, Ramazan 15, 1429 A.H right after the video clip and see for yourself that this General changes colour faster than Chameleon!


Lt. Gen Shahid Aziz reveal truth about Musharraf on US Air Bases [Same General praising General Musharraf in Daily Jang DATED Tuesday, September 16, 2008, Ramazan 15, 1429 A.H] Same General under enquiry for misuse of Power while in National Accountability Bureau Daily Jang Dated Tuesday, December 08, 2009, Zil'Hajj 20, 1430 A.H "UNQUOTE" Why didn’t Shahid Aziz resign? He kept on serving the same Musharraf for Five more years. Isn’t it strange? Lt. Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz who, after having served as Chief of General Staff (CGS) and Corps Commdander under Gen Musharraf, was appointed Chairman of NAB, believes had he and the accountability bureau been given an opportunity to proceed against corrupt politicians and their cronies, the future of the country would have been secured. - Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz was removed from the post of chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) because he was about to expose names of top politicians involved in major scandals, informed sources told Dawn on Wednesday. They said the former NAB chairman was investigating involvement of some top politicians, including President Asif Ali Zardari, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Humayum Akhtar in scams relating to sugar, edible oil, stock exchange and petroleum products. - ‘Tariq Aziz called me up again to say that we have discussed and decided that if you don’t close the cases, you can resign. I asked who these ‘we’ who have decided so are. Tariq Aziz said, Tariq Aziz, Gen Hamid Javed and Gen Kiyani (the then ISI chief). He, however requested that instead of destabilising the government through resignation, you (Gen Aziz) should go on a two-month leave on medical grounds and then resign. - ISLAMABAD, Dec 6: The decision to allow US forces to use Pakistani airports and other facilities for operations against Taliban in Afghanistan was taken by former president Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf unilaterally without taking corps commanders into confidence.This has been revealed by former chief of general staff and corps commander Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz in an interview with Dawn. He said in fact most of the decisions regarding Pakistan’s support to the US were taken by the former president without the knowledge of top military brass. He said that Gen Musharraf had not taken corps commanders into confidence before giving control of Jacobabad and Pasni airports to the US. He said the then director-general military operations, the CGS (Shahid Aziz), and the DGs of ISI and MI were told about giving only “touch down” facilities to US helicopters in case of emergency landing for medical reasons and that too when Jacobabad airport had already been handed over to the US forces. REFERENCES: ‘Former NAB chief removed to protect top politicians’ By Syed Irfan Raza Thursday, 26 Nov, 2009  - Musharraf stopped probes, says ex-chief of NAB By Khaleeq Kiani Sunday, 06 Dec, 2009  - Musharraf alone took decision to let US use airports By Our Staff Reporter Monday, 07 Dec, 2009  NOW READ THE SAME GENERAL IN 2008: ISLAMABAD: Ex-CGS Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz gives more facts about Army-US relations Former chief of the general staff Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz on Monday issued a statement in continuation of his interview with Ansar Abbasi of The News, published on Sunday. He said: “The US invasion of Afghanistan and our involvement in this war were very difficult events to handle. The U-turn after 9/11 was a complex and historic decision. There were great reservations within the Army with what we had to do, but it was understood that in the national interest we had to take the events into account and do what was to be done. Within such psychological dynamics, Gen Musharraf had to handle the nation as well as the armed forces, and pull us through the crisis. What pressures and compulsions he had to balance cannot be understood by those who have not been in that position. Those were unique times and had their unique compulsions. “There was no formal agreement undertaken by the Army for operations in Fata. If there was any such agreement at the government level, the GHQ was not aware of it. When decisions were made at the government level, departments concerned, including the Army, were informed of their part in the process. All that transpired between Washington and Islamabad on the war on terror was not shared with the Army, since the canvas at the national level was far wider than that of the Army. This does not imply that the Army as an institution was kept in the dark. Regular corps commanders’ conferences were held in which the president talked at length on these important issues. Capital Talk - Part 1 (7 Dec 2009) URL: Capital Talk - Part 2 (7 Dec 2009) URL: “In my capacity as chief of the general staff, I was handling a selected sphere of issues related to the war on terror. I could only speak from my purview. The government had its own very wide perspective, and the ISI had its own mandate. To ask me if I was aware of the Pakistanis which were handed over by us to the US, I could only respond that the militant prisoners taken by the Army were handed over to the ISI for interrogation. Beyond that is not in my knowledge. “However, one thing is sure that it was Gen Musharraf’s stated policy that no Pakistani would be handed over to the Americans. As for the foreigners, the policy was that they would be handed over to their respective countries. It was much later that one read of Pakistani prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and yes we all felt very bad about it. “These were, most likely, those arrested from Afghanistan; however, if ISI was involved in their handing over, it was certainly in violation of the government policy. Gen Musharraf was quite emphatic about this policy of not handing over Pakistanis to any foreign country. In fact a team led by an Army colonel visited Guantanamo to find out if any Pakistanis were imprisoned there and to arrange for their release and return to their homes. Likewise, the cooperation with the CIA, through the ISI, did provide the Army useful information regarding the presence of foreigners in Fata. This was necessitated because of the superiority of their technical intelligence means, which also included drones flown over Fata for intelligence purposes. These were tactical matters coordinated at lower levels, and did not require presidential clearance. Despite our reservations, there was little we could do to prevent this. “The colour of the article, as it has appeared in the paper, is much different than what I had meant or even implied. Gen Musharraf has a great contribution in leading the nation through a critical juncture of our history, and we should thank him, at least, for buying us the additional time to make us strategically a far stronger nation than we were seven years ago. Those who are concerned with Pakistan’s security will realise this and the fact that he refused to be pushed beyond a certain point under continuous US pressure on Pakistan “to do more”. Ansar Abbasi adds: Since Lt-Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz has not denied the content of his interview and since he has reconfirmed most of its points, there will be no point in stating that The News and I stand by our report.Source: The News, 16/9/2008 Ex-CGS gives more facts about Army-US Relations News Desk Tuesday, September 16, 2008
ISLAMABAD: GHQ had strongly opposed handing over Pakistanis to US, says Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz By Ansar Abbasi Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz, who served as the Chief of General Staff (CGS) from Oct 2001 to Dec 2003, revealed that the Army as an institution was in complete dark about what was going on between Washington and Islamabad on the war on terror and the GHQ and top Army commanders had strongly opposed the handing over of Pakistanis to the US, but Musharraf did so on his own. Shahid Aziz confirmed that though the office of the CGS in the GHQ was considered to be the nerve centre in the Army, the GHQ did not know most of the controversial things Musharraf did, including the handing over of Pakistani nationals to the Americans. All attempts to get an official version of the Pakistan Army through the director general of the ISPR could not succeed until the filing of this report. The retired general told The News on Saturday that while the Pakistan Army used to catch the targeted foreigners and locals and handed them over to the ISI for interrogation, they were handed over to the Americans without the knowledge of the Army. The Army, he said, had made it clear that no Pakistani would be delivered to the US authorities while the problematic Arabs would be deported to their respective countries. “We did not know for a long time that the Pakistani nationals were being handed over to the Americans by the ISI,” he said, adding that it caused a lot of resentment in the top echelons of the Pakistan Army when they found this was happening. He said that Musharraf had got the ISI engaged to collaborate with the American CIA without the knowledge of the rest of Pakistan Army. Capital Talk - Part 3 (7 Dec 2009) URL: Capital Talk - Part 4 (7 Dec 2009) URL: Musharraf, during his rule, had also allowed the US drones to use the Pakistani airspace for intelligence sharing besides permitting the American intelligence agencies, the CIA and the FBI, to recruit their agents in the tribal belt of Pakistan, he said. Shahid Aziz disclosed that the drones were permitted to use the country’s airspace despite strong opposition from the GHQ, but still General Musharraf granted this permission. Interestingly, the same drones have carried out most of the US-led coalition strikes inside Pakistan, killing hundreds of people, including innocent women and children. He disclosed that during his tenure, there had been no agreement between the Pakistan Army and Washington on the war on terror, rather Musharraf was directly dealing with the Americans. Shahid Aziz, who enjoyed an exceptional reputation in the Army, disclosed that when initially consulted after 9/11, the top commanders had decided that the Pakistan Army would remain out of the conflict. However, later because of compromises by Musharraf, the Army was dragged in and the situation was such that one hand of the Pakistan Army did not know what the other hand was assigned or doing. Musharraf had compartmentalised the Army to such an extent that even the CGS would not know many things directly assigned by the Army chief to other departments. Shahid Aziz, who also served as the chairman NAB but resigned early last year when asked to close the special NAB cell probing corruption cases against Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari, explained that since the former Army chief was also in the government, the Army as an institution was not consulted on many things that were being agreed between Islamabad and Washington. After 9/11, he said, the Army was told that Washington did not want foreigners like Arabs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, etc in the tribal areas of Pakistan. When the issue was discussed in the GHQ, he said, the Army decided to ensure that these foreigners, most of them had settled in Pakistan, were forced to remain quiet. REFERENCE: The News, 14/9/2008 GHQ had strongly opposed handing over Pakistanis to the US by Ansar Abbasi, Sunday, September 14, 2008 
NOW READ THIS ON THE SAME GENERAL AND ANSAR ABBASI: Obviously many must have missed the clarification, and obviously Ansar Abbasi and many others like him have succeeded in doing propaganda full of lies, but still it is nice to expose them and their true stinking faces. Read what Ansar Abbasi wrote - Now, here is what clarification came from Shahid Azia. Why clarification was needed is obvious, because Ansar Abbasi twisted the interview. Purpose of Ansar Abbasi was to misguide innocent readers, and obviously those who trust Ansar Abbasi (unwittingly) and had no opportunity to read what Shahid Aziz Actually said, would get misguided. Things to note from what Lt Gen Shahid Aziz said (against lies what Ansar Abbasi propagates) is that: It was policy of president Musharraf that Musharraf vigorously emphasised to all that ... no Pakistani would be handed over to Americans, plus Pakistan would try to send all foreigners first their own country (actually, what I know is that Musharraf gave general amnesty to all foreigners if they surrender and want to live in Pakistan. Only those foreigners were attested who did not surrendered, and when arrested their country were approached to take them and when their contrary declined to take them than only they were handed over to Americans). Shahid Aziz also said that when we learned of Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay, we felt remorse. According to Shahid Aziz, the possibility of these Pakistanis in Guantanamo Bay is that they must have got arrested in Afghanistan. Lt Gen Shahid Aziz also said that at no point military was unaware of anything that was related to Military and military was involved. He also said that decision to ditch Taliban was made with careful consideration and taking all pros and con into equation, something only those could understand who were in the position at that time. Capital Talk - Part 5 (7 Dec 2009) URL: Throughout Lt Gen Shahid Aziz not only defendend President Musharrad decisions but appreciated it showing high regards of the decisions and role or President Musharraf throughout. He also said that Pakistanis should be thankful of President Musharraf that he steered Pakistan out of crises getting us 7 valuable years after 9/11 and made Pakistan stronger strategically today. He further said that Musharraf only cooperated with USA to certain limit, and never cooperated beyond that limit. Now it is sad and disgusting that Ansar Abbasi twisted everything what Shahid Aziz said and did all to misguide innocent Pakistanis so that he can fulfil his agenda of using Shahid Aziz. From what Shahid Aziz wrote and the reality, one can judge the character of Ansar Abbasi, and people like him in Journalism as well as in other places. Worse is that, many Pakistanis are becoming victim of such propaganda and lies by number of thugs like Abbas Ansari in Journalism and becoming misguided. NOW IN 2009 THE SAME GENERAL UNDER CORRUPTION PROBE FOR MISUSING THE POWERS AND WHAT A FUN NEWS IS FILED IN THE SAME JANG GROUP OF NEWSPAPERS!
ISLAMABAD: Investigation into alleged misuse of powers by the former chairman of the NAB Let Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz have been started. According to sources, Shahid Aziz had allotted quota of LPG for himself, while his son-in-law purchased a few plots from three housing societies for a few lakhs and sold it for millions of rupees, while the societies had allegedly given his son-in-law special discount. He has also been accused that he had gotten five-kanal house, whose market monthly rent was Rs 0.4 or 0.5 million, on monthly rent of 60,000 and had taken away its furniture of Rs 15 million when he left it. According to sources, a fraud has been detected in registry of the land on which the former chairman is constructing a house. The government ordered an investigation against the former NAB chairman and while the NAB has received all details of his steps and the cases closed during his tenure. Shahid rejected all the allegations being levelled against him. He said after his removal as NAB chairman, he got money of his son-in-law with great difficulty and the market rent of the house was Rs500,00, which was shown as 0.4 or 0.5 million rupees. The house was also not furnished. He said the house had air conditioners and heaters, rented it at Rs 70,000 per month instead of Rs 50,000 rupees and its rent was paid by the NAB. He rejected the allegation that he had stolen furniture while vacating the house. He said he had no house when he was transferred to Lahore and used to live at the house of his daughter. REFERENCE: Probe against Gen Shahid Aziz begins Wednesday, December 09, 2009  CLRIFICATION OF THE SAME GENERAL IN THE SAME NEWSPAPER - DAILY JANG - WHAT A JOKE!

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