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Imran Khan, Mubashir Luqman & Malik Riaz.

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) will start a campaign of rallies in support of the judiciary from June 18 with a procession led by party chief Imran Khan in Lahore, said PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Saturday. All regional PTI offices will also organise rallies in major cities and districts, Qureshi told a press conference, where he was accompanied by PTI Central Information Secretary Shafqat Mahmood and Punjab Information Secretary Andaleeb Abbas. Qureshi said that the Malik Riaz case was a plot against the independent judiciary. He said that the PTI had always backed the judiciary and would do all it could to defend the institution.
He condemned the “framing of the judiciary by Malik Riaz”, which he thought was “as serious an attack” on the judges as when General Pervez Musharraf tried to remove the chief justice of the Supreme Court. He said that “backstage actors” were targeting not just the chief justice, but the entire institution. He said that the “ruling elite” had instigated the “plot” in revenge for the many Supreme Court judgements that had gone against it, particularly in the prime minister’s contempt case. “The recently aired footage of a TV interview has revealed the PM’s House’s connections with Malik Riaz,” he said. Qureshi said the government had already politicised institutions like the National Accountability Bureau and the Federal Investigation Agency so that they had totally failed to provide accountability. Qureshi, a former foreign minister, said an independent judiciary and an independent media were the “only hope” for the citizens of Pakistan. He said the PTI would not tolerate the undermining of the judges because an independent judiciary was an imperative for free, fair and impartial elections. He invited all parties “not involved in the Malik Riaz case” to join the PTI in their struggle to protect the Supreme Court. He urged civil society and the general public to join the PTI campaign. REFERENCE: Published In The Express Tribune, June 17th, 2012. PTI to launch pro-judiciary campaign from 18th By Our Correspondent Published: June 17, 2012

Mubashir Luqman Speech at ISF Membership Drive at Rawalpindi (May 20, 2012)

13-06-2012: After Mansoor Ijaz, the central man of Memo gate scandal, Malik Riaz has comeup as the most controversial personality in the politics of Pakistan. Malik Riaz is the personality who has links with every politicians and political parties of Pakistan. According to the Former Minister, Sher Afgan Khan Niazi, PTI’s chairman stands at the top rank in the list who took benefits from Malik Riaz. When asked from PTI’s VC, Shah Mehmood Qureshi that did ever Imran Khan took money from Malik Riaz? First Qureshi declined this after that he ignored this question and it made doubt on Imran Khan. In a talk-show program an anchor of private news channel said, "Malik Riaz gave money for PTI’s Rawalpindi gathering". Now, it has been cleared that Malik Riaz gave money for other public gatherings of PTI. No one denied the anchor person’s statement about Imran Khan, PTI & Malik Riaz. Even PTI’s VC, Qureshi didn’t give proper answer about relation of Imran Khan (PTI) & Malik Riaz, instead of giving answer, he ignored the question. Its mysterious question that from where Imran Khan is getting revenue for PTI’s gatherings and how is he spending so much money. Imran Khan and Malik Riaz have links with each other through Hamid Khan. Hamid Khan is the senior Vice President of PTI and he is the legal advisor of Malik Riaz since long time.

PTI Lahore rally funded by Malik Riaz of Bahria Town

“I will say live on air that i am pressurised into doing the show by him (Malik Riaz ) and Mian Amir (owner of Dunya News channel), Mubashir Luccman tells real estate tycoon Malik Riaz after he makes come back following an argument with cohost Meher Bokhari who called him childish over camera time during a planted interview with Bahria Town owner on Wednesday night. Both Lucman and Bolhari urged Malik Riaz to clear their names from taking money Mr Lucman also wanted to talk about Hamid Mir’s allegations, but Riaz won’t allow him. During the interview Lucman received phone call from Abdul Qadir Gilani, a son of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. Both the anchors had strict instructions coming in for them that Riaz is not to be interrupted. Both the anchors raised the questions which they were asked by the property tycoon. Riaz also instructed the anchors to ask him questions about Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry. The whole episode on Dunya News depicted a horrible picture of the TV channel owned by Mian Amir Mehmmod. A question arises following the interview whether the owner and both the anchors are using the TV channel against the country’ top court, facilitating a property tycoon to say what he wanted to against the chief justice of Pakistan. REFERENCE: Mian Amir Mehmood’s Dunya News channel, anchors for sale? By Abdul Hafeez - Jun 14th, 2012

'Dunya TV Special' Meher Bokhari and Mubasher Lucman with Malik Riaz - 1

Shahbaz Sharif (PML - N) and Malik Riaz

'Dunya TV Special' Meher Bokhari and Mubasher Lucman with Malik Riaz - 2

Nawaz Sharif Meeting with Malik Riaz

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday announced ceasefire with all the political opponents, including leaders of PTI, for the sake of safeguarding dignity and independence of judiciary. “I announce ceasefire with all the political opponents, including Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf as it is high time for the political powers to unite for dignity of the independent judiciary,” said Nisar while talking to newsmen here. Nisar said they would try to unite for protection of the judiciary. He said that Asif Zardari was behind all the conspiracies against judiciary, saying Malik Riaz had also been launched by Zardari against the judiciary. The opposition leader said that he could provide non-refutable evidence against Zardari for hatching conspiracies against the judiciary. Nisar maintained that the armed forces and other institutions were not facing any threat from the judiciary rather rulers have been real threats for them.

To a question, he said that Arsalan should be punished if he had done anything wrong.Chaudhry Nisar maintained that the PML-N would continue its effective and strong protest against the convicted president and convicted prime minister and their government. Online adds: Nisar criticised the PPP government and expressed his determination that the PML-N would accelerate its campaign against corrupt rulers.Speaking to media outside the Parliament House, Ch Nisar said that the current PPP-led coalition government is a serious danger for the national integrity and security of the country. He said that the PML-N would contact other opposition parties in the Assembly. About the Malik Riaz case, he said that there are some elements in the ruling party, who are trying to give an impression that the Army or any other institution is behind the case. However, the Army has nothing to do with this case while the COAS never misused his authority. He claimed army has no threat from judiciary; however, corrupt rulers are afraid of the independent judiciary. To a question, Nisar said, “Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is not a dishonest person; he is our honourable chief justice.” President Zardari was convicted from the court of Justice Qayyum. Besides, Zardari was convicted in Swiss case with Benazir Bhutto and the court sentenced him for six months, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan claimed. Responding to an allegation of Malik Riaz, Nisar said that he purchased two plots in DHA for Rs03 million. “I bought these plots during the tenure of former dictator General Pervez Musharraf.” REFERENCE: Nisar says ceasefire with PTI to protect judiciary Muhammad Anis Friday, June 15, 2012

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