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List of the so-called Paid Pakistani Journalists.

“The Supreme Court’s website is not a gossip column,” argued Advocate Asma Jahangir representing Fareeha Idrees and Ramiza Nizami who were shown on the list as members of former prime minister’s entourage in one of his foreign trips, but they never went abroad. President of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Parvez Shaukat, Shakil Turabi of Sana news agency, Moniza Jehangir and Rauf Klasra had also approached the court. “My grouse is that without verification the court ordered to place the list ‘A’ on its official website to defame people as if they are proclaimed offenders,” lamented Ms Asma. “What constitutional violation a journalist had committed even if he had gone abroad with the prime minister to perform his professional duty,” she asked, adding that the court had given legitimacy to a flawed list by putting it on its website, but it never placed names of 7,500 condemned prisoners on the website. Ms Asma argued that instead of approaching the apex court the petitioners should have filed defamation cases at a proper forum to clear their names. “You cannot put apple and oranges in the same basket and place it before the public,” she regretted. “We should not suffocate this court with self-righteousness.” The counsel argued that the court should clarify its order as no-one should be subjected to a smear campaign. The apex court never sent its registrar before the Public Accounts Committee or placed its accounts on the website, she said. REFERENCE: Media accountability: List ‘B’ contains no names: SC

Permanent Pain In The Neck Pakistani Anchors instead of Lecturing and be-fooling Pakistanis, should have read some history of Intelligence agencies and how Agents work! Now Agents like Dr Shahid Masood would educate Pakistanis on Secret Fund:) Off The Record (Allegations on Media) – 23rd April 2013 Pakistani Judiciary "Protects the Touts" & Insulted the Hapless Widows & Orphans - Judiciary Must follow 19 A of 1973 Constitution & be answerable to the Senate - Double Standards of Judiciary! Hamid Mir & Absar Alam Filed the petition to expose Journalists on Payroll and instead of that, the Supreme Court/Judiciary Insulted the Widows and Orphans and snatched their bread. Judiciary made sure today that "Become a  tout of Intelligence agencies" & prosper but Insult Widows & Orphans - Supreme Court is not telling the senate who are the Dual National Judges in Judiciary. Journalists who were and still are on payroll are missing from this list! One of them is Kamran Khan - who was on the payroll of Military Intelligence for Pak Rupees 7000/ only per month. Kamran Khan was really missed in the above list, he used to perform duties of a Rat or Stool Pigeon for only 500/ Pak Rupees per month - for Intelligence Bureau 

Kamran Khan of GEO TV on Military Intelligence Payroll


Kamran Khan of GEO TV on Intelligence Bureau Payroll

Irfan Siddiqui Educating Pakistanis about Secret Funds (Remember Weekly Takbeer) Irfan Siddiqui used to be a Paid Tout of Jamat-e-Islami i.e. Syed Salahuddin (beneficiary of Mehran Bank Funding) and Syed Salahuddin's head was way up the posteriors of General Zia , Hamid Gul and Afghan Jihad and above all a very senior Journalist Mr. Mazhar Abbas thinks that 180 Million Pakistanis are fool and he is taking everyone for a ride by saying "Journalists are trapped and corrupted" , Ah! Innocence! and Journalists are like some school going kids who can be trapped and used as per the whims and wishes, here is an eye opener on Jang Group of Newspapers, The News and GEO TV - Media Gate of Jang Group & GEO TV. How about reviewing the names of the journalists who received money from Infamous Mehran Bank Scam , 1 - Altaf Hussain Qureshi and 2 - Mustafa Sadiq , Rs. 0.5 Million Reference: We never learn from history - 3 by Ardeshir Cowasjee 11 August 2002 Sunday 01 Jamadi-us-Saani 1423 Asghar Khan Case Detailed Judgement (Mehran Bank Scandal)

Tonight With Moeed Pirzada (Secret Funds Details Published) – 23th April 2013

Tonight With Moeed Pirzada - 23th April 2013 by luckyzemtv

2012 : ISLAMABAD, July 19: Television anchors Hamid Mir and Absar Alam filed on Thursday a joint petition with the Supreme Court seeking an inquiry into the list of journalists and anchors who were allegedly granted favours by owners and administration of Bahria Town Ltd. They have asked the court to direct the Bahria Town and its former chairman Malik Riaz to appear along with a proof of all the persons, including journalists, military officials and bureaucrats and any other individual whom they have tried directly or indirectly to buy favours from. The context in which the petition has been filed is very clear. Soon after real estate tycoon Malik Riaz claimed that he had paid huge sums of money to Arsalan Iftikhar, the son of Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, for possible relief in certain court cases, a leaked conversation between Mr Riaz and two anchorpersons during intervals of a talk show had provoked public anger against the media. The following day a list apparently on the letterhead of the Bahria Town was circulated on social media, containing names of the anchors and journalists allegedly paid hefty amounts by the Bahria Town besides luxury cars, plots, houses and sponsored visits to foreign countries. The petition seeks directions to the Federal Board of Revenue to produce asset and income statements of all media persons under scrutiny and question. It also seeks directions to the Federal Investigation Agency to inquire as to who spread the list of media persons on social media and through short messaging service (SMS). The scope of the petition is wide ranging as it not only challenges the legality of establishment and maintenance of secret fund by the information ministry and seeks the court to summon complete record of the money doled out to various elements along with the purpose, but also pleads for asking the DG of Anti-Corruption of Punjab police to reveal reasons of hushing up a scam involving misuse of Rs640 million government funds. It also questions the legal status of code of conduct for the electronic media and calls for disclosure of assets and political affiliation of TV channel owners. The petition says it was essential that rags to riches story of Malik Riaz be made public as to how an ordinary man over the course of less than two decades became one of the richest man in the country. It questions the dubious nature of land acquisition by Malik Riaz and the Bahria Town and calls for exposing certain criminal element aiding and abetting Malik Riaz as his muscle by their active role in forcibly taking over possession of land from real owners. The petitioners have asked the court to either adjudicate and inquire into the issues itself or to constitute a commission for the purpose. REFERENCE: Journalists, anchors with alleged Bahria Town link: Petition filed in SC to seek probe BY Iftikhar A. Khan | 20th July, 2012

Now read as to who is addressing the Jang Forum on the Subject of Corruption.

2009: Rampant corruption real problem: Malik Riaz RAWALPINDI: There is no economic problem in Pakistan but the rampant corruption, and if there is no corruption and left alone by the US and Britain, the country could achieve self-reliance within four years. Malik Riaz Hussain, head of Bahria Town, stated this while speaking as chief guest at a forum on problems faced by the Pakistani expatriates in property affairs, particularly in purchase of plots and after that. The event was organised by Daily Jang and Geo News, London, and panellists included Lord Nazir Ahmed, Zubair Gul, Mohsin Akhter and Ahmed Shahzad while Iftikhar Qaiser hosted the forum. “In this regard, we had also suggested some steps through we could have repaid the country’s debt,” Malik Riaz said. “In fact, every big figure in Pakistan is part of land mafia as no poor can grab land of another, therefore, there is a need to lay hands on big fish. All those sitting in the government are part of the mafia, otherwise a law can be passed within 24 hours,” he said. Malik Riaz said that all areas have their own desperados who do not allow setting up of schools in the respective areas so that people could not get education. He said that he did not get education from college or university and has learnt everything from experiences of his life. He said that an under-construction university affiliated with Middlesex University of Britain would start functioning in Pakistan. “After the October 8, 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, the government had no machinery to remove debris and without any request from the government, we shifted our machinery to the quake-hit areas. We have left no room for a fraud in Bahria Town project and any other scheme in which it is a partner. We are always alert about the mafia. Whenever I announce a new scheme, the pocket plots are purchased there in a single night. Then I pay several times more to acquire such plots so that every person can get a plot,” Malik Riaz said. “Under a law of the Punjab government, if anybody purchase 80 per cent land anywhere, he can get the remaining 20 per cent land vacated after payment to the owners,” he added. The Bahria Town chief said that according to his estimates, currently Pakistan needs 700,000 new houses annually whereas the government is building only 250,000 houses. He said that neither he is a political person nor has any intention to join politics. He said he has allocated 75 per cent of his assets for welfare activities while the remaining 25 per cent is meant for his family. “There is nothing to worry about and expatriate Pakistanis should make investment in their homeland without any fear. Only there is a need for purchasing property and making investment in a planned manner,” he said. Malik Riaz said that Bahria Town is the largest housing project in Asia with annual turnover of $1 billion. He said that 20,000 people are employed in the Bahria Town project and thus it is source of income for 100,000 people. He said that Henry Ford, the owner of the American car manufacturer, Ford, impressed him immensely for being a semi-educated person like himself. Quoting Henry Ford that he desired always to be remembered as a philanthropist, Malik Riaz said it is his wish that instead of a real estate tycoon he is remembered as a welfare tycoon. A large number of Pakistani expatriates in Britain attended the forum held in a big hall of the House of Lords. There was so much rush of people that around 150 people stood for two hours while another 150 people could not attend the forum because the management of the hall had stopped them outside the hall. REFERENCE: Rampant corruption real problem: Malik Riaz News Desk Monday, January 19, 2009

Bolta Pakistan (Details of Secret Fund by supreme court) – 22nd April 2013

Bolta Pakistan - 22nd April 2013 by Malik_Jee

Shaheen Sehbai (Present Group Editor The News International of Jang Group/Geo TV) on January 05, 2000: The integrity check should simultaneously be launched by the peers of the profession at whatever forum they think would be appropriate. Perhaps this first hurdle may be the only big hurdle and may never be crossed. The peers, naturally those who come out unscathed and "clean", should sit down to formulate lists of those who have been publicly demonstrating a lack of intellectual, moral and professional integrity. Big names like Minhaj Barna, Mushahid Hussain, Maleeha Lodhi, Wajid Shamsul Hassan, Nazir Naji, Ataul Haq Qasmi, Ayaz Amir, Hussain Haqqani, Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, Najam Sethi, Nasim Zehra, Jamiluddin Aali and many others who sought or accepted political, diplomatic or government jobs, or joined political parties as activists, should be asked to explain why they did not quit journalism to do so and why they continued to use the profession to get, keep or regain lucrative jobs or positions of power. How do they retain, or claim to retain, their objectivity and credibility, once they have demonstrated their political ambitions. In the least they should have apologised to the profession. Some of them have been going in and out of journalism so frequently as if the profession was a revolving door only to be used when they needed a push to restore their lost position of political, economic or administrative influence and power. Some others, like the once-revered Minhaj Barna, who led the trade union movement of journalists and whose "Barna Group" of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists still exists, accepted so petty, temporary and at times demeaning jobs that the entire profession could only hang its head in shame. Scenes when stalwarts of the profession like him were seen waiting outside offices of petty bureaucrats in Islamabad’s corridors of power, to get an extension of their foreign assignment were, to say the least, despicable, bringing no merit to Pakistani journalism. I would never forget a supposedly well known name in today's op-ed pages who, in order to "please" a lady ambassador in Washington, turned himself into her private photographer and started taking her pictures with all those present at a grand farewell dinner thrown at her official residence. For three hours this newspaper columnist behaved like a personal privately hired professional. He even carried his "act of sycophancy" to the next day at the airport where people went to see her off, clicking rolls and rolls of pictures with the ambassador sitting, standing, waving and smiling at every Tom, Dick, Harry and Larry. Even junior embassy staffers started making jokes about this senior journalist and his "buttering skills". To his ultimate disgrace, he was never obliged by the slick ambassador, despite his publicly self-demeaning conduct. But later these very skills worked well with the successor political government and he landed a cushy government job in Islamabad. The moment the government was ousted, his columns started attacking his previous employers. Still he retains his claim to be an "impartial and objective" analyst and writer and does not include himself in the long list of trapeze artists that crowd the media circus in Pakistan. REFERENCE: Who will Bell the Bad, Fat Cats? by Shaheen Sehbai January 05, 2000 TEXT

Nayyar Zaidi (Also contributed for The News/Jang) January 27, 2000 : This article is in response to Mr Shaheen Sehbai's Who will bell the bad, fat cats?. The author would like to clarify that it is not a personal attack, but an attempt to question the ideas and personal allegations expressed in the above article. In the words of the author, What proof did Mr Sehbai offer that the 12 people mentioned in the article had become millionaire(s) overnight and that the wealth they allegedly earned was unlawful?  "Who will bell the bad, fat cats?" This is a model piece of journalism i.e. it "reflects superficial thought and research, a popular slant and hurried distinguished from scholarly writing."(Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language). We all live in the proverbial glass house. Of course, anyone may decide if and when to cast the first stone. You have recklessly exercised that option. It is one thing to "measure" someone by a "yardstick". However, it is downright cruel to flog people publicly with what you may misguidedly characterize as a "yardstick". You refer to Minhaj Barna as "the once-revered...who led the trade union movement of journalists... (but) accepted so petty, temporary and at times demeaning jobs that the entire profession could only hang its head in shame...." Barna Saheb is still revered! What is a "petty" and "demeaning" job? Did he put an honest day's work in whatever job he held? Was he qualified for the job, no matter how petty and demeaning? It is better to do a demeaning job than to demean the job one does.

The "entire profession" of journalism ought to have hung its head in shame not because Barna Saheb allegedly sought and accepted "demeaning jobs" but because he had to do so. He did so much for this "entire  profession" and yet none of its self proclaimed vigilantes came to his rescue in his old age and in his time of need. What do you want? Journalists of "integrity" should murder their families and then commit suicide in their twilight years simply to please hypocrites among their ranks? Without responsibilities, we are all capable of being very bold. It is the welfare of those whom we love that makes us stoop--sometime to our own disliking. There is no such thing as objective and/or independent journalism. Let me give you an insight into the proper use of analogies because an analogy contains the genetic map, so to speak, showing you exactly the nature of the beast.

Media is called a watchdog, correct? The analogy of a watchdog tells us that it is definitely "owned" to protect certain specific interests. A watchdog is always on a leash. The owners must ensure that the dog doesn't relieve itself on the property of others just because it perceives itself as an "independent dog"! The watchdog is supposed to bark only at strangers and outsiders. If it barks at the owners or at fellow dogs, it becomes an irritation--not to be tolerated indefinitely. The day it bites or attempts to bite, it is put to sleep. For the time being, I am leaving your subtleties alone. But tell me, since when has someone trying "to please a Washington" has required observers to send a reference to the Journalistic Accountability Bureau (JAB)?

You are from Peshawar. Be understanding of the fundamental human right that "Har Bandey Nu'n Dil Peshauri Karan Da Hukk Hai" (Sorry folks, this cannot be translated). As for taking photographs at a farewell dinner or at the airport, let me say that "parting is such sweet sorrow" that I don't blame anyone for preserving it on the film for pure academic pleasure later on. You accuse "stalwarts of the profession" of "waiting outside the offices of petty bureaucrats" to "get an extension of their foreign assignment". Every journalist is not fortunate enough to have an unabashed practitioner of nepotism as an uncle at a major newspaper. Please understand that God Almighty did not allow us to choose our parents. The same goes about uncles! So, don't rub it in! The Pakistani "journalists" living or stationed here (in the West)have no right to judge their distant peers who live and practice journalism in a totally different environment. The only exception would be those who come out in public moaning and groaning about being victimized. We do not need an Altaf Hussain of journalism in United States! If you wish to hold peers accountable, a proper way is to evaluate their work and products. This can be done by taking specific stories and columns and measuring them with the "yardstick"of journalistic and linguistic principles. This may be done in a "media watch" type of column. Using your own approach, of suspecting the motives (the hidden agendas), please consider this (and correct me, if I am wrong): The is a business for profit web-site owned by you and/or your immediate family. You have advertisers who sponsor on the basis of "traffic" to the web-site. Your advertising rate also depends on the number of people who visit.

Please answer these questions, if you have any respect whatsoever for your own "credibility", if any, and "integrity", if any:

1) Are you losing your main source of income (DAWN Correspondent) in near future and, therefore, need to boost your income from other sources (like your web-site business)?

2) Have your web-site revenues fallen to a point where advertisers may withdraw unless you boost the traffic?

3) Or, you already have or plan to ask the advertisers to increase their rates because of the purported or anticipated increased traffic to your web site (as a result of this reckless attack on the professional integrity of your peers and others)?

It is this last possibility that disturbed me enough to oppose your approach. You may continue this disconcerting approach simply to maintain traffic to your web-site. By wilfully using a "popular slant" (see para three) you may be trying to increase your income at the expense of other peoples' reputations. This sort of attack is not protected by First Amendment, to the best of my belief. Please consult your lawyers (if it is Maggio & Kattar, please show it to them for your own sake, please). I give unsolicited advice only when I believe that irreparable harm could be caused to someone, if I (temporarily or forever) held both my peace and piece! The added controversy that may follow my response, may help you in the short-run, increasing "traffic" to your web-site. Perhaps, you used the term yardstick only as a figure of speech. It is one nasty instrument in real life. It is 36 inches long, it is very stiff and, if applied ruthlessly, it causes unbearable pain. This is why the prudent amongst us do not ask for it! REFERENCE: Only A Rat Asks Who Will Bell The Cat! by Nayyar Zaidi January 27, 2000 Nayyar Zaidi is a Washington-based writer and commentator on South Asian and Islamic affairs. He has been a subject matter expert for CNN since 1986 and has also appeared on major networks like CBS, ABC, PBS. TEXT

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