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Comedy of Shia Sunni Differences - 1

Important Note: An intense debate on Shia Sunni Differences from an E-List.

Syed wrote:

The Jews in Iran.. An amazing fact!!

You will be very amazed if you read this post from the begining to the end.

This is the map of Iran .. The Jews spread in three big cities.. Tehran - Hamdan - Isfahan .

And according the official Irani sources, they are all about 30,000 filthy Jewish.

This is Isfahan .. It is exactly in the middle of Iran , surrounded by Shia cities (as if Shia protect them).

They have very good relationships with the government.. (and yet sunnis are considered the biggest enemies).

With shia scholars..

Another picture to prove that Shia are just Jews in fact!! See how strong relationships they have with Shia.. They have also deputies in the Iranian Parliamnet..

You have to know that the Jews of Iran refuse so bad to leave Iran to Palestine !! They consider Isfahan a holy place, more that Juresalme.. WHY??

Well.. for some reasons!!

First of all, in general, Iran is a holy land for the Jews because it has the tombs of some prophets.

The tomb of Prophet Daneil (pbuh).. This prophet was one of the biggest prophets who predicted of what was going to happen before the doomsday. And he is a well known prophet among Jews and Christians.

This is a tomb of a pious man of Jews.. Maybe one of their prophets.. it is located in Asfahaan.

In Iran also, there is the tomb of a pious man called Murdakhay.

This is the tomb of Murdakhay from inside.

And in Iran , there is the tomb of prophet Habqouq (pbuh), prophet Sumoil (pbuh), Qeedar (pbuh) and prophet Hajayy (pbuh).

Also in Iran there is the tomb of Benjamin, the brother of prophet Yousuf (pbuh) So Jews consider Iran a holy land.. And they consider Isfahan in specific a holy city, because.. It was the first place where they could gather after the destruction of Juresalem by the hands of Novukhodonosur. The history speaks about this and says that after 70 years of captivity by the Babylon king Nebuchadnezzar, they first gathered in Isfahan . And for another reason I will mention at the end of this report, you will be so amazed to know.. insha'Allah

This picture is from a book about the Jews in Iran .. (see how they dress). And these Jews are well surrounded by Shia.. they are under the custody of Shia. And I think this custody will last like this till the Dajjaal appears. (the reason for why I say this is at the end of this topic, insha'Allah).

An ordinary Iranian rabbi.

They teach their children about their inauspicious temple..

Now.. the reason for why I wrote this topic was to show you some facts about the Jews in Iran .. Especially them.. because they are mentioned in a Hadith in Sahih Muslim..

Calling his fellows to prayer!

The use its horn for prayer.

The Shofar

Excerpt from Shaykh Abu Hamza's book 'Allah's Governance on Earth' about Jews in Biladul Haramayn:

Quote:And to compound all of this, for the first time in 1400 years, the Jews have sounded the shofar (the ram's horn blown on religious ceremonies) inside of the Peninsula to celebrate their triumphant re-entry into the Peninsula since they were forced from the area of Khaibar, which they used to inhabit.

They wear this thing on their head..

Some holy writings on this dress..

What really amazed me when I saw these pictures was..

The prophet (SAW) said in Sahih Muslim:

Book 41. Turmoil And Portents Of The Last Hour

Hadith 7034. (Sahih Muslim)

Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls.

You can now realise why they do not leave Iran to Palestine .. Especially Isfahan .. They want to be 'honoured' to follow their leader al-Dajjaal..And Shia, if you read their books, you will find that the descriptions of their Al-Mahdi are the same EXACTLY as the descriptions of Al-Dajaal (before he loses his eye).. And by the way, Shia do not believe in something called Al-Dajjaal.

What do you think? leave you now to your brain

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