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Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi and Ahmed Quraishi - 4

PakNationalists wrote:

AHMED QURAISHI [Former Analyst of World View, Pakistan Television Network and Presently is with GEO TV Network]

Shaheen Sehbai Puts Govt. On Notice On Death Threats To Ansar Abbasi

Last year, Mr. Sehbai and Mr. Abbasi lobbied in good faith to bring Pakistan's 'democrats' to power. Now these very 'democrats' - a mix of them - are making life threats against these two prominent journalists because of their work. Pakistanis need to watch this story closely. And my dear Mr. Sehbai and my dear Mr. Abbasi, I told you this before but you thought this was about supporting dictatorship.

From: Usman Khalid

Pakistanis Give New Civilian Leadership Low Marks So Far.


Dear Brigadier [Retd] Usman Sahab,

Listen the BBC [Urdu] Audio of General [Retd] Parvez Musharraf and then compare the present setup [no doubt the present setup is not up to the mark] but still it is elected by the government and also note as to how Mr Musharraf addressed a Senior Correspondent from Pakistan. I wonder where was that 'courage' [which he showed to M Ziauddin of Daily Dawn] of General Musharraf when he took the Infamous Telephone Call of Colin Powell [Former US Secretary of State] after 9/11 and bowed like slave. Listen the tape and I leave it the Forum Members to decide:

General Parvez Musharraf's Open Threat to a Pakistani Journalist [BBC URDU]

Later that same day, while addressing 800 Pakistanis at the Hilton Hotel, Musharraf took things a step further. Speaking in Urdu this time, Musharraf said that journalists who ask these kinds of questions should be hit (audio from BBC Urdu).

The Committee to Protect Journalists quickly condemned Musharraf’s tirade. The editors at the Guardian and the Telegraph expressed shock. Pakistani students in London threatened legal action. Musharraf’s thuggery is an important part of the story. But it’s not nearly as critical as the journalist’s question.


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