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Comedy of Shia Sunni Differences - 8

aijaz alamdar wrote:

I think Faiz would say "Oxymoron is Oxymoron" because its not in Quran. I also think Mansoor Sahib still has not got him by the b--ls because Faiz gave Imam Ali(as) the benefit of doubt "if saying is truly from Imam Ali" Faiz ready to give him honor of agreeing. Calling Quran is True is Understandable but generalizing & calling ahadith as "Falsehood" need some
brain tumor.

Quran Itself says ask "Ahle Zikr"--So far Faiz has not classified who are them. Whever they are--whatever they say all along 1400 years, could be in written form & must be other than Quran--Faiz in denial of Quran got some to call everything "falsehood" other than Quran.

Syed wrote:

Ankhein band karne se duniya main andhera nahi ho jata. come up with concrete proof to deny this report. Main tau pehle hi keh chuka hoon ke shia ek group that jo ab community ban gaya hai, aur is ko banaya hi jews or fire-worshipers ne tha, phir woh kaisay musalman ho sakte hain, woh tau musalman ki khaal main jews hain. Shia community ne Islam ke liye kuch nahi kiya bal ke Islam ka face kharab karne main bohot bara role ada kiya hai. Shia community ki kuch branches bhi hain i.e. Ismaili, Bori etc..

Mujhe aaj bhi ek british newspaper ki report yaad hai jis main ek shia ko churi ka matam karte huay dikhaya hai aur upper likha tha "They need to be human.." Pakistan ke logon ko abhi in snakes ke bare main pata nahi hai jo un ki aastein main pal rahe hain.. Aaj bhi Iran aur Pakistan ka conflict hoga tau yeh Iran ka hi saath deyngaye.. Agar is group ka koi member in ki majalis attend kar ley tau woh bhi in se itni hi nafrat karey ga jitni main karta hoon. Maine is community pe puri tarah research ki hai aur in ke har concept ko Quran ki roshni main ghalat sabit kar sakta hoon. for more info about them visit


Dear Friends

There are more than 50 Authentic Hadith narrated by Hazrat Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] and should be Hujjat [Proof] for any Muslim [at least for me these more than 50 Hadith are Hujjat]. Faiz Sahab has every right to discard Hadith by declaring it "Falsehood" but my only question from him was that if the Quran was a only Criteria for him then why did he violated his own set criteria by giving us the "Alleged saying of Hazrat Ali [May Allah be pleased with him] and that too without any reference and if the Quran was a criteria then why Mr Faiz defended Sufis [who as per him like to call them Sufis] whereas Clear Quranic Verses forbid us to use any other name except Muslim?? Mr Faiz had no answer when I asked that if someone ask a question about the context and background of several Quranic Verses [answers for which are only found in Hadith] then what would be the answer????

Religion and belief is a personal thing and it should remain personal and if we want a Peaceful Pakistan then Religion and Religious Practices should be restricted within the boundary walls of Mosques, Imam Bargahs and Community Centres... People often forget that International Trade and Government Policies are not dictated [often] and made as per Quran and Hadith but the prevailing circumstances and if we declare Iran a Jewish stronghold then what about American Bases in Saudi Arabia and if we declare that Shias and Persians are Shias then what about Saudi Arabias sveral Fatwas which were issued during all these years. Summary is as under:

1 - To avoid any political unrest and Political Activism in Saudi Arabia, Mullahs issued Fatwa against Khomeini after 1979, so much so that Saddam Huseein was supported by Saudi Arabia through USA and UK during Iran Iraq War.

2 - To save the Saudi Regime in Saudi Arabia when Iraq invaded Kuwait another Fatwa issued saying "Iraqi Saddam Hussein is Baathist Socialist and Secular that is why Saddam is Kaafir [Infidel] and Anarchy on Earth.

3 - Osama Bin Laden was appointed and sent to Afghanistan in 80s by the Saudi Regime through USA but during 90s the Saudi Fatwa Manufacturing Factories issued a Fatwa against the same Ben Laden and not only that that Fatwa covered every Party [Jamat-e-Islami Ikhwanul Muslimeen] who took part in Afghan Anarchy [1979-1989] and as per the Fatwa Osama and parties mentioned were Declared Kharijites (a deviant and infidel Sect in Islam who declared that Ali, Uthman, and Muawiyah are Infidel and Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Muwiyah had wiped them out forever.

Dear Syed Sahab,

You are quoting a British Newspaper Article to condemn the entire Shia Community so let me quote me some harsh facts on Sunnis [Deobandis Included]

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