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Dr. Zakir Naik, Mawdudi and Shias!

Dr. Zakir Naik, Indian Muslim Scholar

New Age Islam wrote:

The Shias also respect the Sahabees as much as Ahl-e-Sunnat do but they don’t consider them as “innocents” like the Ahl-e-Sunnat. They believe that those people, who are not innocents, can be criticized. Late Maulana Maudoodi [the founder ideologue of Jamaat-e-Islami] was also of the same opinion; indeed he took a scientific approach. He thought that the differences of opinion among the Sahabees must be discussed and criticized so that the followers of the Prophet (PBUH), the Ummat-e-Rasool, are saved from such mistakes in future. - Dr. Maulana Abbas Ali Naqvi

Abul Al'a Mawdudi, Founder of Jamat-e-Islami.


Same Mawdudi says;

“In my opinion the person who criticizes the Sahaabah {Copmanions of the Prophet Mohammad – PBUH} is not only a flagrant sinner (Faasiq), but his Imaan (Faith) is also in doubt. [Tarjumanul Quran August 1961]"

Abul-A'la Maududi: wrote an introduction to the book, "Ar-Riddah bain al-Ams wa al-Yaum" In it was written, regarding the Imami Ja'fari Shia, "despite their moderate views (relative to other shi'ia sects), they are swimming in disbelief like white bloodcells in blood or like fish in water."

Dear Editor,

Mawdudi was and Jamat-e-Islami is the biggest and most sinister anarchy and calamity in the Muslim world, read their Anarchic Activities after Mawdudi settled in Pakistan.

Khomeini - Founder of 'ISLAMIC' Iran and 'a brother' of Maulana Mawdudi

For example Khomeini once made a statement which was published in the Tehran times (Kitaab be Noujawanaan - P8) that if he conquers Madina Munawwarah, he will remove the two idols (Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar (May Allah be pleased with them) besides Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him). I am certain that no believer will accept such a statement against the great luminaries of Islam. Are we then to condemn only Khomeini and condone Mawdudi knowing well that Mawdudi was a close friend of Khomeini and was sympathetic to his course. In a book titled, 'Two brothers - Maududi and Khomeini' page 129, the following statement of Dr Ahmad Farouk Maududi (son of Abul-A'ala Maududi) was published in Roz Naame, Lahore - 29 September 1979, "Allama Khomeini had a very old and close relationship with Abba Jaan (father). Aayaatullah Khomeini translated his (fathers) books in Farsi and included it as a subject in Qum. Allama Khomeini met my father in 1963 during Hajj and my father's wish was to create a revolutionary in Pakistan similar to Iran. He was concerned about the success of the Iranian revolution till his last breath.'

The series of assassinations in Former East Pakistan [now Bangladesh] was started from 1969 when a Shams Duaa-Haa, professor of Chemistry in Rajshahi University, was assassinated in daylight. Let me explain what the Al-Badar and Al-Shams were and are?

Al-Badar was and is militant wing of Jamait Islami and a paramilitary force formed in Bangladesh in 1971 by General Yahya INC. Al-Badar forget that what the real Jihad is ? And fight against the Muslims in Bangladesh, Bengalis use to call Al-Badar as "Butcher of Bangladesh." The Al Badar was assigned a variety of combat and non-combat tasks including taking part in the operations, spying against Bengali Intellectuals, interrogation, working as the guides for Tikka Khan and Niazi, assassination, detecting and killing Bengali intellectuals.

The force was composed of madrassah students-teachers, supporters of Muslim League and Jamait Islami. History tell us that killings which began on 25 March 1971 and sparked the Bangladesh Liberation War and also led to the deaths of at least 26,000 people as admitted by Pakistan on one hand (by the Hamoodur Rahman Commission) and 3,000,000 by Bangladesh on the other hand, (From 1972 to 1975 the first post-war prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, mentioned on several occasions that at least three million died).

Doctor Fazl Rabbi was an eye specialist; he was kidnapped by Al-Badar. Next day his body was found from a drainage line. His both eyes were vanished and there were marks of switchblade. “What should we think about such peccadilloes?”

Butcher of Bangladesh I mean the ex-militants of Al-Badar are settled in UK and other European countries and they are appointed as cleric of mosques there. And I want to remind the readers that too, “Jamait Islami’s former leader Maulana Modudi had rejected the theory of Pakistan but since 1947, when Pakistan came into being, it is claimed by the leaders of Jamat Islami that they are playing leading role of toady.

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This Deviant Cult of Jamat-e-Islami under the very permission of Qazi Hussain Ahmed [Chief of JI Mafia - MMA] had sent their alliance leader i.e. Akram Khan Durrani [JUI-F] to the USA to defend Hasba Bill and guess what he was given a detailed tour of Pentagon and even more shocking is that that they visited the very same NEOCON LOBBY [Read Zionists] who were major backers of Rampant General Musharraf's Military Regime [1999-2008] and even more shameful that their spiritual God Father Mawlana Mawdoodi died in the same USA where his son used to live and against whom this deviant Jamat-e-Islami now preach to rise and protest. They were the one who supported General Zia's Martial Law and Mawdoodi ordered Professor Ghafoor to join General Zia's Martial Law Cabinet in 1978 as Federal Minister and they are the one who supported General Musharraf Illegal LFO/17 the Constitutional Amendment in 1973 Constitution.

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