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Dr. Zakir Naik and Hidden Imam Mahdi.

Dr. Zakir Naik, Indian Muslim Scholar

New Age Islam wrote:

Unity among Muslims and Dr. Zakir Naik’s Evil: A Point of View by Dr. Maulana Abbas Ali Naqvi Translation from Urdu by: Syed Raihan Ahmad Nezami

As for my much awaited article on the fallacies associated with the "Hidden" Mehdi, it is ready and I am holdidng it back to publish it at an appropriate time, that would expose the Shiite religion and its dogmatic beliefs. Till then hold your breath. Abhi Khissa bakhi hai, mere dost. [A.M. Jamsheed Basha]


Hidden Mahdi [As per Shia Books]


Courtesy Dr Shabbir Ahmed


1. “I am Lady Maleka, daughter of the son of Kaiser, the King of Rome. My mother’s name is Shamoun who is from the genealogy of Jesus Christ. [Jesus Christ was her ancestor!] Some time back, Prophet Muhammad met my great-grandfather, Jesus Christ son of Mary. The Prophet asked the hand of Jesus’ daughter (me, Maleka) to be given in marriage to his son, Hasan Askari [d 874 CE. Hasan Askari was the eleventh Imam of the Twelve Imami or Athna 'Ashri Shias] Jesus Christ agreed. The ceremonial address (Khutba) of our wedding was recited by Prophet Muhammad [241 yrs after he passed on] I had become emaciated hiding my love for Hasan Askari. The Prophet’s daughter, Fatimah [d 632 CE] came one day, hugged me and made me her daughterin-law [in the 9th century] Ever since then not a night has passed without us drinking the honey of our love and consummating our marriage!”

2. “I am Lady

Maleka, also called Narjis. I am the daughter of the King of Rome. A few days ago, Ali (son-in-law of the Prophet) came [212 years after his martyrdom!] He said to me, “Narjis! Glad tidings to you of a son that will be the King of the East and the West! The news spread like wild fire that the wife of Imam Hasan Askari was going to be the mother of the Master of Times (Imam Mahdi). One day Hasan Askari said, “Mahdi is going to be born today.” A woman from the household said, “There are no visible signs of Narjis being pregnant”. Ali said, “We saints and prophets are born from the thighs of our mothers so that we are not soiled.” Imam Hasan [d 670] also came. Those present saw a splendid radiance in Narjis. Hasan saw that the Master of Times had been born and ever since his birth, had been in prostration facing the Qibla in Makkah. The newborn was pointing his index finger at the sky and reciting Kalima.

Virgin Mary was in attendance with a thousand houris (heavenly beauties). The observant ones observed that the Imam Mahdi was already circumcised. They sought Allah’s blessings for all Imams. There was illumination all around. The palace was flocked by white birds. Ali commanded a bird to take the baby away and to bring it back in 40 days. [Please remind yourself that the events are taking place 212 years after Imam Ali's passing away in 661. Mythology is such fun! Now follows an even more weird account] After 40 days the bird brought back the baby who was now two years old! Then the bird took the baby away and brought it back in 40 days. Imam Mahdi by then had grown into a man. [We are not told how he grew up into a man in 80 days and how a bird picked up a grown up man by its beak! We are also not told where the palace was located!]

3. Imam Mahdi, the Imam-in-Waiting, the Imam-in-Occultation , is the Master of Powers. He is the Imam of the World of the Unseen. It is not appropriate even to mention his name in absentia. [This advice is hardly ever heeded]

4. The Imam read all scriptures of the past prophets in their native tongues, Scriptures of Adam, Idrees, Noah, Hud, Saleh, Abraham, Moses, David, Christ, and the Quran of Prophet Muhammad.

5. Soon after birth, the Imam sneezed. The next night he enunciated a firm tenet that whoever sneezed, would not die for three days. [Science or insult to human intelligence? ]

6. The angels clamored, “Who will avenge Husain, O Allah?” “I will, through the Established One”, answered God. [How will He avenge? Please wait for the next chapter]

7. The Words in the Quran, “Who can bring back water if Allah takes it away?” in effect pertain to the Master of Powers i.e. who can bring him back if Allah takes him away.

8. Imam Mahdi is from the seed of the Kaiser of Rome from the mother’s side and of Muhammad (the exalted) from the father’s side. [We are not told how from Kaiser. And, didn’t he, if at all he was born, descend from Abu Talib and Hazrat Ali? [Hazrat Fatima was the daughter of Muhammad (S) and the wife of Ali r. a. but genealogies are traced through paternity]

9. The Quran of Ali is with the Established Imam. When he comes, even the wild animals will become friends to each other. Because of his splendor, the whole world will be lit up. Hence, there will be no sun during the day and no moon at night! [The sun and the moon will retire!]

10. He will ride the thuder and make a round of the seven heavens and the seven earths. [He will not be electrocuted] Shady clouds will always keep him cool. [But there will be no sun!] Swords for his use will descend from the heavens.

11. Countless palaces and treasuries are at his disposal. Those who have had a visit with him in the past centuries speak of the unparalleled magnificence of his palace. [No one knows where any of those palaces is]

12. He performs Hajj every year but no one can recognize him [Cannot recognize the one whose splendor lights up the whole world!]

13. At every Eid when people rejoice, God refreshes the sorrow of Muhammad’s progeny, since their due right, the world supremacy, is in the possession of others. [It is in the White House these days]

14. Hazrat Ali mourns to this day. He has been seen reading the Book of Jafar [for over 1300 years] Jafar is the “Science” of dreams, calamities and disasters.

15. Whenever a Mu’min (Shia believer) falls ill, the Amir (Commander) of the Mumins, Ali, is also taken ill. [Among the believers, hundreds of thousands must be ailing at any given time. When does the Amir get well?]

16. Whoever waits for the Imam of the Times, will be seated in his glorious tent. The best action of a believer is to wait for the Imam. [The palace has now become a tent!]

17. A sure panacea: On a piece of paper write a message for the Imam of the Times. Place it in a grave or throw it into a deep well. The message is sure to reach him and the problems will be instantly resolved.

18. Among the 73 sects of Muslims, only those waiting for the Mahdi will go to Paradise.

[There are strong historical records that the 11th imam Hasan Askari had died in his youth leaving behind no children. On that account, Askari's real brother Ja'far bin Naqi had grabbed all his inheritance through due course of law. Ref. Shama'-e-Haqeeqat by Qazi Muhammad Ali]

Reminder: All criticism of the author in this book is directed to the historians, and not at all to the honorable personalities of Islam - The exalted Prophet, Sahaba Kiraam, Hazraat Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain, all of whom inspire our reverence and respect.

Imam Mahdi bin Hasan Askari, was born in the year 255 or 256 A.H. [if he was born at all! Shi'a scholars are unable to decide which year it really was!] In 260 AH at the age of about five years, and just ten days before the demise of his father, he disappeared and hid in the nearby cave called Samara or Saraman Rai. With him he took away the entire Quran consisting of 40 (not 30) parts and 17000 (not 6200+) verses. He also took with him all the Scriptures of the prophets of old, the Book of Ali, the Book of Fatima, the Science of Jafar, all miracles of the prophets, the staff of Moses, the shirt of Adam, and the ring of Solomon. He will reappear before the Dooms Day. He will exhume and resurrect Abu Bakr and Umar from their graves. In the course of one day and night he will execute both of them a thousand times after bringing them back to life each time. According to some accounts, he will dispense the same prescription to Uthman. (Hablullah No.6, P.32)

He will stone to death the mother of believers, Ayesha for adultery. [Recall Bukhari et el fabricating a slander against the Mother of Believers and Hazrat Ali advising the exalted Messenger to divorce her! Surah Noor does not at all name the lady that was slandered]

[Hold your breath!] The first one to tender submission to Imam Mahdi will be Prophet Muhammad. (Basair Darajat P. 213)

The Mahdi will resurrect people and send them off to heaven or hell. (Miratul Anwaar P.68)

The Occult Imam Mahdi will appear and bring forth a new Book and a new Faith (Faslul- Khitab P. 283 and Anwaar Na’mania by Syed Naimatullah Muhaddis Aljazairee).

Only Mahdi will bring the genuine Quran. For the time being, fill in with the present one. (Faslul Khatab, ref. Hazrat Ali)

Mahdi will battle with Gog and Magog (Ref. Many books of Ahadith, Masnad-e-Ahmad, Al-Kafi, etc) Who are Gog and Magog? Muslims have been labeling many different peoples as Gog Magog. Many Jews and Christians consider Russia, China and the Muslims as Gog Magog!

Ahsanul Maqal states that Imam Mahdi son of Hasan Askari will appear at the very end of this world. He will be around only for seven years. He will uphold equity and justice and then there will be the Great World War, Armageddon. [So, that will be it. He that was so anxiously awaited for centuries came and heralded the end of the world! Happy waiting! - to the waiters]


Hidden Mahdi's Responsibilities and Duties after his appearance [Shia Sources]:

When Imam Mehdi come he will be nude and the first person who Bay’ah him is Mohammad (saw). (Haq-ul-Yaqeen, page 347 Mullah Baqar Malisi).

Mullah Baqir Majlisi writes in Haqqul Yaqeen: “When Imam Mahdi arrives, Aisha will be resurrected so that she may be given a prescribed punishment and that Fatima be vindicated.” (Haqqul Yaqeen: 347)

When Imam Mehdi comes he will hang Abu Bakr and Umar at the holy grave of Hazrat Muhammad. (Majma-ul-ma’arif, page #49)

Ali will come back to life. [Hayatul Quloob (urdu translation) by Basharat Husain, part 1, page 204, Imamiyah kutub khana Edition, Lahore]

Before Qiyaamah all the Ambiya (A.S) will be back to life and assist Ali (A.S.). [Zamimah Maqbool by Maqbool Husain Dehlvi, page 46, Maqbool press Edition, Dehli].

People mourn on the grave of Hussein (A.S.) because he was murdered and the angels were unable to assist him. But when Mehdi comes and people will return to life, the angels will help Mehdi. [Aqida-e-Raj’ah Ash shafi by Zafar Husain, part 2, page 196, chapter 60, Shameem book depot Edition, Nazimabad Karachi, New Edition]

When Imam Mehdi comes he will make alive Hazrat Aa'ishah from death and whip her. (Tafseer Saafi, line 16 page 108).

Real Quran that is compiled by Hazrat Ali will come with Imam Mehdi. (Anwar-ul-Nomania, page 60).

When Imam Mehdi comes he will hang Hazrat Abu Bakr and Umar at the holy grave of Hazrat Mohammad (saw). (Majma-ul-ma’arif, page 49).

Al-Kulyani reports in his work al-Kafi, volume no.1, p.397-398:

a)Narrated Ali ibn Ibraheem -from his father-from ibn Abi Umair-from Mansour-from Fadhl al Aour-from Abi Ubaidah who reported: “During the times of Imam Jaffar[as] we used to go around like herds without a caretaker. We met with Salim ibn Abi Hafs who asked me: ”Oh Abu Ubaidullah, who is your Imam?” I replied:” My Imams are from the household of the prophet”. He then stated: “You have perished and so have I for both of us have heared Abu Jafar[as] saying: “One who dies without recognizing his Imam, he dies a death of Jahiliyyah.” Then I affirmed what he said. It was before that three or somewhat close to it(time span) when I entered upon Abu Abdullah[as] and God granted me knowledge. Then I said to Abu Abdullah[as]: “Salim said such and such.” He replied: “Oh Abu Obaidah nobody here will die until he is succeeded by some one who does the same thing as his, and adopts the similar manners of his predecessor, and calls to the same thing as his predecessor did. Oh Abu Ubaidah, it was permitted that whatever was given to David was also provided for Sulaiman.” Then he added: “Oh Abu Ubaidah when the Qaem of the household of the prophet appears, he will rule according to rule of David and Solomon.”

b) Muhammad ibn Yahya-Ahmad ibn Muhammad-Muhammad ibn Sinaan-Abaan who reported: “I heard Abu Abdullah[as] saying: “The world will not fade away unless a person from us appears who will rule according to the rule of the family of David and he will not ask his house. He will give every one his right.

c) Ahmad--Ahmad ibn Muhammad--Ibn Mahboob--Hisham ibn Salim--Ammar as Saabati who reported: “I asked Abu Abdullah [as] : “On what will you rule if you are made the rulers.” He replied: “By the rule of Allah and the rule of David. And if we are confronted by a situation which we cannot solve, Gabriel (Ruh al Quds) will reveal it to us.”

d) Muhammad ibn Ahmad--Muhammad ibn Khalid--Nazr ibn Suwaid--Yahya al Halabi--Imran ibn Oueiyn--Jaeed al Hamdani--Ali ibn al-Hussein[as] said: “I asked him by which law will you rule?” He said: “By the rule of David, and if there is something which we are unaware of, Gabriel(Ruh al Quds) will reveal it to us.”

e) Ahmad ibn Mahran[ra]--Muhammad ibn Ali--Ibn Mahboob--Hishaam bin Salim--Ammar as Saabati reported: I asked Imam Abu Abdullah[as] :“What is the status of the Aimmah.” He replied : “It is similar to the status of Dhul Qarnain, Ushegh, and Asef the companion of prophet Sulaiman.” Then I asked: “By what will you rule?” He replied: “By the rule of God, by the rule of David, and by the rule of the Prophet Muhammad[saw] and by the revealation of Gabriel.

2)Mahdi Al-Muntazar will speak in Hebrew:

Reported to us Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Saeed al Uqdah who said: Narrated to us Ali ibn al-Hasan at-Taymali who said: narrated to us al-Hasan and Muhammad the sons of Ali ibnu Yusuf, from Sa’daan ibnu Muslim, from rajaal, from alMufadhaal ibn Umar who said:

Abu Abdullah[as] reported: “When the Imam Mahdi calls out, he will supplicate to God in Hebrew.”[ Shiite source: Al-Ghaybaa of an Numani, p.326]

3)The Jews will be the followers of Imam Mahdi:

Sheikh alMufeed has reported in his Al-Irshaad from alMufadhaal ibnu Umar that Imam Abu Abdullah[as] has reported: “There will appear along with Imam Mahdi in Kufa, 27 people from the tribe of Moses, and seven from the people of the cave, and Yushegh ibn Nun, and Sulaiman, and Abu Dujjana al-Ansari, and Miqdad, and Malik Usthur who all be his(imam Mahdi’s helpers).” [Al-Irshaad of al-mufeed at Tusi p.402]

---Will rule according to the system of the family of David, and by a new Quran that is unavailable in our hands. And if someone asks where is the Laws of David, he will find the answer to be the Talmud without any doubt. And for this reason the Mahdi of the Rafidhis will take an oath on a new book as it is stated by an-Nu’mani in his work al-Ghayba, p.107: “Abu Jafar[as] said: “ By God, as if I am seeing him between the Rukn and Maqaam taking an oath of allegiance with a new order, with a new book, and a new leadership from the heavens.”

---His language will be Hebrew

---His followers will be of the Jews, for he is the king of the Jews and he himself is the Dajjal or the Jewish Anti Christ about whom the Prophet has described.

More strong Proofs that show Mahdi of the Shiites is the Jewish Dajjal:

---When the Dajjal appears the Diaspora of the Jews will flock and gather in Jewish holy city of Jerusalem. Similarly when the Mahdi of the Shiites appear , all the Shiites any where will flock to him and gather in the Shiite holy city of Kufa.

---When the Dajjal appears the dead Jews will be resurrected from their graves by him and they would join the ranks of the Dajjal. Similarly when the Mahdi of the Rafidhis appears he will resurrect the dead of the Shiites and they would join his ranks.

---When the Dajjal appears he will resurrect the enemies of the Jews and will punish them. When the Mahdi of the Shiites appear he will resurrect the prophet’s companions and will punish them.

---The Dajjal will place on trial every one who oppressed the Jews. The Mahdi of the Shiites will place on trial every one who oppressed the Shiites.

---The Dajjal will kill 1/3 of the world population. Likewise the Mahdi of the Shiites will kill 1/3 of the world population.

---During the time of the Jewish Dajjal the earth will be filled with bounties for the Jews, the mountains will turn into milk and honey for the Jews. When the Mahdi of the Rafidhis appear a river of milk and a river of water will burst for the Shiites.

And the points that prove the association of Mahdi with the Jews is:

a)When the Mahdi appears he will call out to God in Hebrew.

b)He will rule by the system of the family of David.

Here are the evidences:

---It has been reported in Bihaarul Anwar that one of the Muwali of Abul Hassan[as] stated: I asked Abul Hassan about the verse : “Ayna ma takunu Ya’ti bikumullahu Jamee’aan”. He said: “This is verse is pointing out to our Qaem when he appears, God will gather our Shiites from different corners of the world.”

---Al-Amaali has reported from Abu Abdullah[as] that he was asked for how long will the Qaem rule? He replied : “Seven years who days will be stretched.....during this period God will raise the flesh and bodies of the believers(Shiites) from the graves.” almufadhaal ibnu Umar has reported: “we were discussing about Qaem, and whoever dies he is awaited by our fellows. Abu Abdullah[as] has said to us: “When he (Qaem) appears a believer will be approached in his grave and will be told: oh so and so, your fellow (the Qaem) has appeared, if you wish to join his ranks then do so, and if you wish you can remain in the mercy of your lord(in other words you can remain in your grave).”

---Al-Majlisi has reported from Abu Abdullah[as] who stated: “do you know with whom will the Qaem start with?” the answer was negative. Then he replied: “He will dig out the two culprits(Abu Bakr and Umar) burn their bodies and then let the wind to blow their ashes.

---Al-Mufeed reports from Abu Abdullah[as] that he said: “When the Qaem of the household of the Prophet appears he will grab hold of 500 members of the Quraish and will chop their necks off. He will do the same procedure with another 500. this action will be repeated 7 times.

---al-Majlisi has stated a narration reported from Jaffar ibn Muhammad who reported from his father who heard from his grandfather that : “when the Mahdi appears in Makkah and intends to go to Kufa, an announcer will call out: “That none of you should carry with himself food or drink and should carry only the stone of Moses...when they place the front side of the stone on the ground, it will let go an ever flowing river of milk and water, which will quench the thirst and hunger.

---Al-Ihsaaii has reported that Abu Abdullah[as] said : “The matter will not happen(victory of Qaem) until a third of the people are gone.” He was asked: “when a third of humanity is gone then what will be left?” Abu Abdullah[as] answered: “Arent you pleased that the remainder are you?”

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