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Eternal Darkness of the Unimaginative MULLAH Mind

Sultan Shahin wrote:


Till now you have read the story of the conspiracies of the Tableeghi Jamaat with foreign adversaries, now listen to the story of the illicit relationship between the Tableeghi Jamaat and the Communalist Parties of India. (These parties are behind causing Hindu/Muslim Riots in India, since 1947. There has been not a single Hindu/Muslim Riot in Pakistan.)


Dear Sultan Sahab,

Maulana Ashraf Quadri or even Deobandi and Wahabi Mullahs of Indian Sub Continent [exceptions are there] are basically stuck in the mindset of Dars-e-Nizami:

[which as per Dr. Shabbir Ahmed's Research]


From the message of Dr Shabbir Ahmed dated October 5, 2007 4:49 AM and Friday, October 5, 2007 9:28 AM

What is the Mullah? (By Fazil Deeniyat, Ghulam Jeelani Barq):

Mullah is a specific mentality with some telltale signs:

He is extremely closed-minded, has little tolerance for a follower of another religion. He hardly tolerates beardless Muslims, and belittles those who study the western sciences, or those who wear the western clothes. He is a staunch enemy of the Mullah in the neighborhood Masjid and takes pleasure in denouncing people as Kaafirs.

He self-invites. To please his followers, brings easy recipes for achieving Paradise. He knows little about history and current events. The Mullah is extremely arrogant despite being thoroughly ignorant. He is totally disabled from engaging in rational discussion and takes delight in vain argumentation.

He is a worshiper of the dead Ulama and "Imams" and reviles anyone critical of the dead Mullahs. The Mullah has very twisted, derogatory beliefs about women. His knowledge is good for neither this world, nor for the Next. And so on. That is why and how I hate the Mullah.

DARS-E-NIZAMI (Devised by ‘Imam’ Ghazali) :

Nizamul Mulk Toosi (1018-1092 CE) was the Prime Minister of the Suljuk King Malik Shah, and after him of King Alp Arsalan. Toosi was a Zoroastrian in Muslim disguise (Nihaayat-e-Tareekh-Abbasi, Sheikh al-Hafiz Yousuf Naishapuri). Toosi opened up the Great Nizamia University in 1067 CE in Baghdad. It was the foremost university of the Islamic world with satellites in Khurasan, Neshapur, Damascus, Bukhara etc. Smaller branches existed in Herat, Balkh, Merv, Tashkent and Isphahan in today's Afghanistan, Iran and the former Soviet states. The center in Baghdad had as its principal no less than the top criminal of Islam, 'Imam' Abu Hamid Ghazali who primarily laid down the mindless Nizami syllabus in collaboration with Toosi. Ghazali grossly insulted the exalted Messenger and his noble companions. For example, he wrote that Hazrat Umar used to break his fast not by eating or drinking but by having sex with three concubines. Soon you will see many shining
stars like this.

Since 1067 CE when the Nizamia University was founded, nearly a millennium has gone by. Until this day, the syllabus, Dars-e-Nizami, prescribed by these two Criminals of Islam (Toosi and Ghazali) is very much in force throughout the world in the so-called Islamic Madrasahs. It includes nothing but stupidities, and therefore, carries no room for understanding the Last Word of God, Al-Quran.

Chanting to repel the invaders:

To get a glimpse of the conspiracy of Nizamul Mulk Toosi, just one example should suffice. As the Prime Minister of the Suljuk Empire, he advised the two successive kings not to build any defenses for the Empire. He claimed that his students in the Madrasahs would work on rosary beads and do Wazifas (chanting of verses) and repel the enemy. Even today, the nonsensical sixteen ‘Uloom (sciences) prescribed by Nizamia consume eight years of the life of the Muslim youth rendering them useless for this world and the next. Ironically, ask any Mullah who has gone through these Madrasahs for eight years as to who the founder of Darse Nizami was, and there is a very good chance he won't have an answer!


Dear Sultan Sahab,

What I have learned through different sources that these Deobandis and Barelvis are basically the same with minor differences they both allegedly follow the Fiqh [Attributed to Imam Abu Haneefah] Hanafi and his followers and books these Deobandi and Barelvi read, quotes of which are as under:

Radd al-Muhtar ala ad-Dur al-Mukhtar is a book on Islam by 19th century Hanafi Scholar Ibn Abidin. A commentary on Imam al-Haskafi's Durr al-Mukhtar, it is commonly known as Radd al-Muhtar. It is said to be a compilation of the great Fatwas of Imam Abu Hanifa [May Allah have mercy on his soul], and Hidayah is the name of a famous Hanafi juridical work by Burhan-ud-din Ali bin Abi Bakr al-Marghinani (1152-1197) which is considered widely authoritative as a guide to Fiqh amongst Muslims in Central Asia, Afghanistan and India, and is the basis for much of the Anglo-Islamic law in India and Pakistan.

Now read the excerpts from these two Books through which Deobandi and Barelvi Calamity in Pakistan want to Implement Islamic Law. Rampant Lal Mosque Anarchist, Binori Town, Madressah Haqqania, Talibans and other such Anarchist called these perversions mentioned below The Islamic Law!


1 - Be the curse of Allah be on those who reject Imam Abu Hanifa (Muqadimah dar Mukhtar)

2 - When The Prophet Issa [Jesus - PBUH] will come back he will follow the Madhab [Fiqh] of Abu Hanifa (Muqadimah dar Mukhtar)

3 - Khidr spent 30 years to learn knowledge from Abu Hanifa, then Qushayri learnt from Khidr during 3 years and he wrote more than 1000 books and put them in a box in the sea. When Isa aley salam will take these books and act upon them. (Muqadimah dar Mukhtar)

3 - Is someone pays a woman to do zina [adultery] , there is no hadd [no punishment] ( Dar Mukhtar, kitab Hudud, fatawa khaniyah misr vol 3 p 508, kanz daqaiq ed deoband p 180, and this fatwa is attributed to Imam Abu Hanifa while his two students say there is hadd [Adultery Law]. It is well known that the hanafi books of fiqh there is no Chain of Narration [isnad] to their Imam)

4 - The salary of the prostitute is halal [lawful] (Chalpi shara Wiqayah)

5 - If he pays a woman to do zina or wati [Adultery or Intercourse] or if he says I will give you so much dirham or she says give me so much, there is no had [no punishment under Adultery Law] (Alamgiri, vol 2 p 168)

6 - If someone does jima [intercourse] with an animal or with a dead or a young girl and there is no inzal [ejaculation] , then ghusl [bathe] is not wajib [obligatory] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab taharah, masail ghusl, aussi Alamgiri, Kitab taharah)

7 - If someone does sodomy with a woman who fasts or a man who fasts, their fast is not broken (Hidayah, Kitab Sawm)

8 - If a young boy of 10 does Jima [intercourse] with a balighah [adult] Woman, there is no Ghusl [bathe]( Alamgiri Kitab taharah)

9 - If someone enters his penis in his dubur (anus), then ghusl is not obligatory (Dar Mukhtar Kitab taharah Masail Ghusl)

10 - If a man in his dubur [anus] or a woman in her vagina enters the penis of the dead, or his finger, or wood, there is no ghusl [bathe]
(Hidayah Kitab Taharah)

11 - If someone enters the penis of an animal in her vagina or dubur [anus], the ghusl [bathe] is not wajib [obligatory] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab Taharah Masail Ghusl)

12 - If someone enters the penis of a boy without desire in her vagina or dubur [anus], the ghusl [bathe] is not wajib [obligatory] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab taharah Masail Ghusl)

13 - After doing Jima [Intercourse] with a young girl, it is not necessary to clean his penis (Dar Mukhtar Kitab taharah Masail Ghusl)

14 - If someone does jima [intercourse] with a virgin and the maidenhead is not broken, ghusl [bathe] is not wajib [obligatory] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab taharah Masail Ghusl)

15 - If someone does wati [intercourse] in the dubur [have anal sex or commit bestiality] of an animal or in his anus and there is no inzal, then Ghusl [bathe] is not wajib [obligatory] (Hidayah kitab taharah)

16 - If the balighah woman [adult woman] does wati [intercourse] with a young boy or with a crazy, then the woman has no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

17 - If someone does wati [intercourse] with a non balighah woman [non adult woman], or with a dead or an animal, there is no hadd [punishment] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

18 - If someone does zina [adultery] with the salve of his child or great child, there is no hadd (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

19 - If someone does zina [adultery] with the slave of grand father or grand mother, there is no Hadd [Punishment for Adultery](Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

20 - If someone has a slave in rahn (security for loan) and he does zina [adultery], there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

21 - If someone does nikah [Marriage] with a mahram [sister, mother or daughter or real blood aunt] for ever woman and consider it halal [lawful], there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery]
(Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

22 - The woman that are for ever forbidden, and he does nikah and he even if he considers that haram [Unlawful] , there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud, et Alamgiri who attribute that to Imam Abu Hanifa)

23 - If he does nikah [marriage] with a woman and joins in nikah his wife’s sister or mother, there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery]

24 - If he does temporary marriage [Muta'ah] and he considers that haram [Unlawful], there is no hadd [[Punishment for Adultery] (Alamgiri)

25 - If someone does nikah with a woman who is married before, and he knows she has a husband and it is haram [Unlawful] , there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] Fatawa Khaniya misr vol 3 p 508)

26 - There is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] of zina [Adultery] for the one who cannot speak, neither any hadd [Punishment for Adultery] for something else, even if the witness are present and he admits with isharah [gesture] or by writing (Alamgiri misr, vol 2 p 168)

27 - If someone kidnaps a slave, does zina [Adultery] and pay his responsible [Owner] for her price, there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

28 - If someone gives permission to another to do zina [Intercourse] with his slave, there is no hadd [Punishment for Adultery] (Alamgiri vol 2 p 169)

29 - If the Khalifah or the imam or the king does zina [ADULTERY] there is no hadd [PUNISHMENT] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud) [also in Hidaya and that Hidaya is being taught in Pakistani Madressah]

30 - There is no hadd for sodomy [Anal Intercourse] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

31 - If someone does zina [ADULTERY] in dar ul harb [Land/Country of Infidels] or in the land of revolted people, there is no hadd [PUNISHMENT] (Dar Mukhtar Kitab hudud)

32 - The muslim can take riba [Interest] from a Infidel, in dar ul harb [Land/Country of Infidels] (Dar Mukhtar vol 4 p 209)

33 - This is also true for the one who becomes muslim and does not do Hijrah, whe can take riba from him( Dar Mukhtar vol 4 p 210)

34 - If someone prays holding a dog in his hands, his prayer is not fasid [INVALID] (Dar Mukhtar misr vol 1 p 153)

35 - If someone in prayer watches the private part of a woman, his prayer [Salat] is not broken [means it will remain valid] ( Maraqi Al falah misr vol 1 p 200)

36 - If someone watches at book of fiqh during prayer, is prayer is not broken. ( Alamgiri vol,1 p 106)

37 - If someone prays and holds the Quran and reads from it, is prayer is fasid [Invalid] (Dar Mukhtar vol 1 p 641)

38 - If in the conditions of Imam in the first cases there is equality, then The one whose wife is more beautiful ( Dar Mukhtar vol 1 p 412)

39 - Then the one who has the biggest head and the shortest member [Penis]
(Dar Mukhtar vol 1 p 412)

40 - The meaning of member is penis (Rad Mukhtar Sharh Dar Mukhar, p 413)

41 - The one who does watch the vagina of a woman in a miror or in water, then the mother of this woman is forbidden to him (Dur Mukhtar, Kitab Nikah, fasl fil Muharamat)


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