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Opposing Valentine's Day & Celebrating Milad - 1

K H U R R A M wrote:

very nice to see that even hindus from india condemn this! they done this before as well... and very very sad to see our media....... the pak-indo media! both side it promote such enough that not even western media do!!! such events prove that our media is not in our control but else... else those who through same media proven real muslims villain! and the fkrs, boozers the good ones... moderate....... yukh! on 14th feb... many illiterate innocent ladies will lose virginity in hands of guys seeking chance... now west provided them... so they can seduce and hav fun that particular day!

Dear Khurram Sahab,

How about some soul searching!

Since last many centuries Muslims all over the world particularly in the sub-continent celebrate the "Grand Show of Innovation (Bidat)" on 12 Rabiul Awwal in the name of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad {PBUH}. The date of birth of Holy Prophet Mohammad {PBUH} was not 12 Rabiul Awwal as being suggested since centuries, there was a difference amongst key Historians on his {PBUH} date of birth {see - Muqaddama and Tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldun} but his {PBUH} date of demise is 12 Rabiul Awwal and there is no difference of opinion amongst historians on this {see - Muqqaddama and Tareekh Ibn-e-Khaldun}.

I wonder what this Blind Muslim Ummah celebrate? Do they celebrate the Death of Prophet Mohammad {PBUH} [PERISH THE THOUGHT- KHAKAM BA DAHAN]. As per authentic historical account this “Procession of 12 Rabiul Awwal” in the name of Holy Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]’s birthday started 7 centuries after the demise of Holy Prophet Mohammad {PBUH} and it was started under the patronage of Sultan Abu Saeed Muzzaffar {Ruler of Arbal (area around present day Egypt)} on the insistence of a Mullah namely Abul Khattab Ibn-e-Wahiya} [see- Tahzeerul Muslimeen Anil Ibtida Wal Bidah Fil Deen by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hajar –].

What we Muslims usually do during 12 days of Rabiul Awwal in the name of Holy Prophet Mohmmad {PBUH} was nothing but simply spend-thrifting instead of distributing the same amount amongst the poor {45% are living below poverty line in Pakistan} which we spent on lighting, Milad Parties, and Processions.

General Zia started supporting this bunkum on State level in the name of of Seerat Conference.

In the name of Holy Prophet Muhammad {PBUH} Conference, General Zia used to provide official patronage to the Barelvi Muslims in Pakistan and their innovations {Bida'at} [Innovations as discussed in Tahzeerul Muslimeen Anil Ibtitda WalBidah Fil Deen by Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hajar].

The establishment of ceremonial gatherings under the banner of "Eid-Milad-un-Nabee" and attaching religious significance to them is purely bid'ah and an innovation in Deen, because neither did Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] himself indulge in it, nor did the illustrious Khulafaa-e-Raashideen, Radi-Allahu anhum, organize such functions. Similarly, neither did any of the other Sahaaba-e-Kiraam, Radi-Allahu anhum, participate in such gatherings, nor is there any incident on record during the blessed era of the taabi’een or tab’e taabi’een (Rahmat-u-Allahi alayhim) that can, in any way, substantiate this innovation. These people were best acquainted with the Sunnah of Rasulullah and had total love for him. They were staunch followers of the Shariah.

Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] said: "Whoever introduces anything that is not part of Deen, into this Deen of ours, it shall be rejected." (Bukhari/Muslim)
In another Hadith he says: "Hold fast onto my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly-guided Khulafa, after me. Hold fast onto it firmly, and beware of newly-introduced practices, for every new practice is an innovation and every innovation leads one astray." (Abu Dawood/Tirmizi)

Severe warnings have been sounded in the above-mentioned Ahadith with regard to introducing and implementing innovations in Deen.

The holy Qur’an enjoins:

"And whatsoever the messenger giveth you, take it. And whatsoever he forbiddeth, abstain (from it). And keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is stern in reprisal." [Al-Hashr 59:7]

"Verily in the messenger of Allah, ye have a good example for him who looks unto Allah and the last day, and remembers Allah much." [Al-Ahzab 33:21]

"This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed my favor unto you, and have chosen for you a religion, al-Islam." [Al-Maidah 5:3]

Will such innovations grant proximity to Allah?

On the contrary, these innovations should be a cause of great concern and alarm for the so-called Ummat-e-Muslimah!

It is a known fact that Holy Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] is the most superior of all the Ambiyaa
alaihimus-salaam and also that he is the seal of all the prophets alayhimus-salaam. He left no stone unturned in conveying Deen to us and rendering precious advice to us. If the "Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabee " was a divinely inspired act, then surely Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] would have commanded the Muslims to it, or at least, either he or his beloved Sahabah, Radi-Allahu anhum, would have practiced it.

Some Wrongs of the Contemporary Milad Gatherings

The contemporary form of Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabee apart from being a manifestation of Bid’ah, also encompasses other evils such as the intermingling of sexes, usage of musical instruments and many other such evils. The most abhorring and shocking evils in these functions are the acts of shirk that take place. With hollow claims of "Hubbe-Rasul " (love for Rasulullah ) entreaties and supplications are made to beings other than Allah, namely to Ambiyaa alaihimus-salaam and
Auliaa-e-Kiraam Rahmat-u-Allahi-alaaihim.

The Belief that the Prophet Comes to the Milad Meeting

Some people also believe that Rasulullah comes to this function and due to this belief, they stand up in respect and veneration. This is absolutely untrue. Rasulullah does not arrive at any "Eid-e-Milad-un Nabee " function. He is in his Rawdha-e-Mubarak (grave) at Madinah Munawwarah and will emerge from it at the onset of Yawmul-Qiyaamah, or the Day of Judgement.

The following Ayat and Hadith testify to this fact:

The Qur’an, addressing Rasulullah announces explicitly: -

"Lo! Thou wilt die, and Lo! They will die. Then Lo! On the day of resurrection, before your sustainer, you will dispute." [Az-Zumar 39:30-31]

At another place, Rasulullah is addressed together with the rest of mankind: -

"Then Lo! After that you surely die, then Lo! On the day of resurrection you are raised (again)"
[Al-Muminun 23:16]

The Importance of Durood and Salaam

Instead of squandering our money and time on futile acts of Bid'ah let us rather utilize our precious time, as much as possible in the recitation of Durood and salaam upon our beloved Rasulullah which is indeed, a highly meritorious and virtuous act.

The Qur’an enjoins: -

"Lo! Allah and his Angels shower blessings on the Nabee 'O' ye who believe ask for the descent of
blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation." [Al-Ahzab 33:56]

Prrophet Mohammad [PBUH] has said:

"Whosoever sends one Durood upon me, Allah Taala will shower ten mercies upon him." (Muslim).

Particularly on Jumuah, one should increase the recitation of Durood and salaam.

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