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Impeaching General Musharraf [1999-2008] - 11

Syed Hassan Tanwir Wasti wrote:

Dear All,

It is our dirty conforntational politics that attributes to bringing army into power time and again. During his first term as prime minister, Sharif had fallen out with three successive army chiefs:

In October 1998 General Karamat resigned and Sharif appointed General Pervez Musharraf as army chief (the first person to become army chief from the minority group of Urdu speaking people). He would later regret appointing Pervez Musharraf to the Chief of Army position, as Musharraf would lead a coup to topple Sharif's government.

Dear Wasti Sahab,

You are wrong again, Musharraf wasn't the First Urdu Speaking Army Chief of Pakistan Army. General Mirza Alsam Beg was also Urdu Speaking [Azam Garh UP India] and General Ziaul Haq as well [Migrant from a Village of Mian Tufai (Former Jamat-e-Islami Ameer and Maternal Father in Law of General Zia] Jallandhar, East Punjab India]. By the way Army Training has nothing to do with Ethnic Affiliation because after you are through with that training [read officer training] you become a Reincarnation of Satan.

Musharraf didn't lead the Coup that topple Nawaz Government... Read

General [Retd] Parvez Musharraf didn't take over the Government on 12 Oct 1999. Correct and Recheck your facts again. Court Proceedings says something entirely different version which is quite oppostie to Popular Version. By the way The Demented Pervert Head Honcho of Ex Servicemen Society Lt General Retd. Hamid Gul appreciated 12 Oct 1999 Martial Law against Nawaz Sharif and guess what that is recorded by BBC. Generals [now Retd] Mahmood, Aziz Khan, Tauqir Zia, Ali Jan Orakzai, Rafiullah, and Jamshed Gulzar Kiyani were the physically involved in 12 Oct 1999 Coup.

Dear Wasti Sahab,

I would quote the Great Idol [Sanam-e-Akbar] who is worshipped [like La'at aur Man'aat] by every Pakistani i.e. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, while advising an adventurist Military Officer, had said,

Jinnah’s advice to Col Akbar Khan (later Gen Akbar Khan) in Delhi in 1948.

“Never forget that you are the servants of the state. You do not make policy. It is we, the people’s representative, who decide how the country is to be run. Your job is to only obey the decisions of your civilian masters.”

Another paragraph read, “I am sure democracy is in our blood indeed, it is in our marrow of bones. Only centuries of adverse circumstances have made the circulation of the blood cold. It has become frozen, and our arteries have not been functioning. But thank God, the blood is circulating again. It will be a people’s Government.” [Jinnah’s presidential address at a session of the All India Muslim League held in Delhi on April 24, 1943]

12 OCT 1999 History is as under.

Pakistan coup 'unplanned' Friday, 11 February, 2000, 13:44 GMT

Gen Musharraf 'did not know he was sacked'

General Hamid Gul: "The army acted in the national interest" [LISTEN]

Pakistan's coup: The 17-hour victory

Musharraf must face an open trial By Yousuf Nazar

August 19, 2008 Tuesday Sha'aban 16, 1429

But it would be wrong to single him out for Pakistan’s descent to the brink of a failed state. Musharraf represents the mindset of those arrogant and megalomaniac generals who consider themselves a special breed that is above any law and accountable to no one.

This breed was responsible for the ignominious surrender on Dec 16, 1971 and the break-up of Pakistan. Its ugliest face, Ziaul Haq, was responsible for the murder of Pakistan’s first elected prime minister and turning Pakistan into a CIA base and one of the biggest hubs of narcotics and arms trafficking in the world. It was another general — Aslam Beg — who sabotaged democracy by forming and supporting the IJI and encouraging the MQM to turn Karachi and Hyderabad into war zones.

His ISI chief Hameed Gul had little idea — and still does not — that by supporting the so-called jihadis, many of whom have been tools in the hands of suicidal raw power games conducted in the name of ‘national security’ and ‘strategic depth’, he and his ilk were creating Frankensteins, who instead of undermining the neighbouring ‘enemies’, threatened the very future of Pakistan itself. Musharraf was part of that reckless, irresponsible and dangerous bunch.ends.


Right after the resignation of General Musharraf from the Post of the President of Pakistan, Mr. Athar Minallah the Chief Spokesman of Defunct Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary in Private Pakistani TV Channel [AAJ], demanded Treason Trial under article 6 of 1973 Constitutiuon of Islamic Republic of Pakistan while shamelssly forgetting that Athar Minallah, also served in the Musharraf cabinet for two years. Shouln't Mr Athar Minallah be brought to Justice as well because abetting in a crime is tantamount to committing a crime. Athar was appointed Minister for Law, Local Government, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights by the Provincial Government of NWFP (2000-2002) by General Musharraf Military Regime.

Introduction of the Spokesman of CJ Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary as per his own website.


Athar Minallah joined the prestigious Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) and after serving for 10 years left the post of Additional Collector Customs to join the firm as a partner. Athar Minallah brings not only rich taxation experience but also valuable scholastic input. Athar completed his law degree from the International Islamic University (Islamabad) and his LLM from University of Cambridge, UK. And his areas of interest are taxation, judicial review, Athar was appointed Minister for Law, Local Government, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights by the Provincial Government of NWFP (2000-2002). He also was the member of the Task Force constituted by the Federal Government for revamping the Taxation regime in Pakistan. Currently he is the member of the Policy Board of Intellectual Property of Pakistan and Chairman of Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC) for Sales Tax constituted by the Central Board of Revenue.

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