Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Taliban Phenomenon - 11

Ahmed Quraishi wrote:

Confused About Taliban? Learn About The Good Taliban, The Bad And The Ugly By Sajjad Anwar Sunday, 28 September 2008.

The Good Taliban are those who are patriots, they understand the situation created by the enemies of Pakistan. They support the Army and its various agencies that are all busy protecting Pakistan. The Good Taliban also include the Afghan Taliban, who is the original Taliban. They are good not because we like or dislike their policy, but because they, too, have never attacked Pakistan or Pakistanis.

Dear Quraishi Sahab,

In one of episode and later in a concluding program of Brass Tacks telecast by Pakistani Private TV Channel NEWSONE Mr Zaid Hamid 'OPINED' that there are Fake Jihadis and there are Genuine Jihadis and Pakistani Militants are Fake Jihadis whereas the Afghan Jihadis are Genuine and Pro Pakistan.

Lets have a look as to how Pro Pakistanis these Afghan Taliban are, under the very nose of Mr Zaid Hamid's Hero General Musharraf's Rampant Regime the so-called Pro Pakistani Afghan Taliban did that with Visiting Pakistani Atheletes.

In May, 2001 – four months before the attacks on the World Trade Center in Manhattan – a soccer team from Pakistan visited Kandahar to play the local team at the city’s sports stadium. When the Pakistani team took to the field, officials of the Ministry of Vice and Virtue descended on the field and the Pakistani players were arrested for wearing their shorts too short. The Taliban had decreed that soccer shorts must reach the knees. As punishment, Taliban authorities shaved the heads of the offending athletes.

Pakistani Football team had come to Herat to play a friendly match against the National Afghan Side, neither teams in an way being a world football force of any distinction and the match was a low key event.

But when the Pakistan team went onto the field the word was that a riot almost ensued, but the mob was getting angry. It had nothing to do whatsoever with the actual game, but to the horror of the crowd, the Pakistanis were wearing normal shorts and showing skin on the legs and to add insult even further several of the Pakistani Players did not have beards. In contrast the Afghan Team had shorts down to the shins and long socks to ensure modesty and beards naturally. The Taliban had issued a decree that all males where to have beards. The game had not gone well for Afghanistan and eventually the mob had had enough so they stormed the field in the name of Allah (apparently they were also losing) and started attacking the Pakistani Team for the lack of respect for religious matters. They shaved the heads of some of the players as a punishment and the team managed to flee the mob with new haircuts, battered and bruised

The Shia-Sunni conflict began plaguing Pakistan in 1980s. The recent Shia-Sunni clashes in Tribal Areas partly reflect the wider problem afflicting Pakistan. However, the immediate cause is Talibanisation-at-gunpoint of Tribal Areas. Staunchly anti-Shia, Taliban at the helm of Kabul brought Afghanistan to the brink of war, back in late 90s, with Iran owing to their anti-Shia crusades. 5000 Shias were massacred by Taliban when they were in power. But attributing Taliban's' campaigns against Kurrum Agency Shias to mere confessional fanaticism would be a half-truth.

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