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The Taliban Phenomenon - 15

Ahmed Quraishi wrote:

Zardari & Karzai: Democracy On The Back Of An American Tank By AHMED QURAISHI Tuesday, 9 September 2008.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Party slogans pushing back the national anthem, Benazir Bhutto’s picture hung right next to that of the great Founding Father of the nation, and a smug-faced Hamid Karzai, Washington’s barking dog in Afghanistan, invited as a guest of honor.


Dear Ahmed Quraishi Sahab,

You must go through some recent history of Afghan War before posting a comment to misguide everyone, even the daily newspapers would do the needful to enhance your knowledge, I wonder what kind of reporting you did back in Kuwait?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) remarked in 1939 for a Latin American Dictator [American Backed] "Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch."

Hamid Karzai:

He also served as deputy foreign minister [Pakistani Establishment Backed and concocted Afghan government] in the Afghan government from 1992 to 1994 after the mujahedeen defeated the Soviets. But he grew weary of the fierce infighting between rival Afghan factions and initially supported the Taliban, who tried to name him as their ambassador to the United Nations.

Now please dont deny that Pakistani Establishment particularly Rogue General Zia and Bunch weren't go between Afghan Mujahideen and US Central Intelligence:


Karzai was a member of the Mujahideen and took active part in driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion in the 1980s. The Mujahideen were secretly supplied and funded by the United States, and Karzai was a top contact for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at the time. He had close personal contact with CIA Director William Casey and George H. W. Bush, who was Vice President of the United States.

When the Taliban emerged in the 1990s, Karzai was at first one of their supporters but later he broke with them and refused to serve as their U.N. ambassador. However on August 20, 1998, after an attempt by the United States to kill Osama bin Laden with a cruise missile, Karzai praised the Taliban saying,

“ ...there were many wonderful people in the Taliban.


a b Marlowe, Ann (February 11, 2008). "Two Myths About Afghanistan", The Washington Post, p. A13. Retrieved on 2008-02-11. "On Aug. 20, 1998, the day the United States sent cruise missiles to kill Osama bin Laden, Karzai told The Post that "there were many wonderful people in the Taliban. ...So he spent much of the fall offering to negotiate with Taliban chief Mohammad Omar and the vicious warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar."

The same Karzai and his mentor Zalmay Khalilzad were the ones who used to negotiate Oil Pipeline Deal on behalf of UNOCAL AND HALLIBURTON [M/S Dick Cheney and James Baker] with the Rampant Deobandi Mullahs of Talebans!


Ilene R. Prusher, Scott Baldauf, and Edward Girardet (June 10, 2002 edition). "Afghan power brokers" (HTML). pub. Retrieved on 2007-12-11. “Cool and worldly, Karzai is a former employee of US oil company Unocal – one of two main oil companies that was bidding for the lucrative contract to build an oil pipeline from Uzbekistan through Afghanistan to seaports in Pakistan – and the son of a former Afghan parliament speaker.”

Tom Turnipseed (January 10, 2002). "A Creeping Collapse in Credibility at the White House:" (HTML). counterpunch. Retrieved on 2007-12-11. “As reported in Le Monde, the new Afghan government's head, Hamid Karzai, formerly served as a UNOCAL consultant. Only nine days after Karzai's ascension, President Bush nominated another UNOCAL consultant and former Taliban defender, Zalmay Khalilzad, as his special envoy to Afghanistan.”

"Hamid Karzai" globalsecurity (2007). Retrieved on 2007-12-11. “The claim appears to have originated in the December 9, 2001 issue of the French newspaper Le Monde. Some have suggested that Karzai was confused with U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad.”

To assure that the pipeline project will proceed apace, the Afghani-American Zalmay Khalilzad, a previous member of the CentGas project, became President Bush's Special National Security Assistant. Khalilzad has recently been named presidential Special Envoy for Afghanistan. Khalilzad is a Pashtun and the son of a former government official under King Mohammed Zahir Shah. Along with being a consultant to the RAND Corporation, he was a special liaison between UNOCAL and the Taliban government. Khalilzad also worked on various risk analyses for the project under the direction of National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, a former member of the board of Chevron.

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