Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Impeaching General Musharraf [1999-2008] - 7

Shaikh Mohommad wrote:

Now that Musharraf has gone, it is now the duty of every Pakistani to uphold rule of law. For this it is necessary and essential that General Musharraf should be tried otherwise this resignation will not stop further Army takeovers. If punishment is not meted to criminals, it gives a signal to everyone that they can do what they like.

Shaikh Mohommad

Dear Shaikh Sahab,

Indeed Pakistan Zindabad [Long Live Pakistan] but read this before demanding trial for General Musharraf because if he is brought to trial then he will drag whole Pakistan Army into the trial. I mean if you would go back to the events of 12 Oct 1999 Pakistan Army Mutiny against an Elected Government of 160 Millions Pakistanis, you will be amazed to know that General Musharraf wasn't physically involved [he was in the air riding airplane with then Brigadier Nadeem Taj who is now Lt General Nadeem Taj and ISI Chief] in Occupying his own country and people but following characters were thoroughly involved in 12 Oct 1999 Military Mutiny against the Elected Government of 160 Million Pakistanis:

General [Now Retd] Aziz Khan.

General [Now Retd and in Deviant i.e. Gumrah Tableeghi Jamat] Mahmood who later sold Pakistan to the USA when he was ISI Chief during 2001 when he literally pissed in his pants when Richard Armitage tharshed him. He used to torture Nawaz Sharif physically with the help of General Ali Jan Orakzi when after 12 Oct 1999 Nawaz was detained in Attock Fort. But Mahmood couldn't sustain American Threat which he supposed to resist being an ISI Chief.

General [Now Retd] Javed Hasan.

General [Now Retd and in PPP] Tauqir Zia.

General [Now Retd] Rafiullah Khan.

And last but least MMA [Jamat-e-Islami and JUI] who LEGALIZED General Musharraf's MARTIAL LAW, HIS UNIFROM AND EVERY ILLEGAL STEP HE TOOK, through LFO i.e 17 Constitutional amendment and obviously MQM also cooperated in that.

For God’s sake, leave by Ayaz Amir Islamabad diary Friday, August 15, 2008

1 - For years he has bragged about being a commando. What commando and what courage is he talking about? There are no redoubtable deeds of valour credited to him in the army. He did lead a military operation, Kargil, but we know what a disaster that was. Although if the full story of Kargil was known — how Musharraf and the commanders involved in that operation, Javed Hasan, Aziz and Mahmood were responsible for sacrificing in vain the lives of some of our bravest soldiers and officers — the cry would go up for dragging him and his associates in that ill-fated adventure before an avenging tribunal.

2 - The message to Field Marshal (self-appointed) Ayub Khan in March 1969 that his time was up and the national interest was best served by his departure was conveyed by the then judge advocate-general of the army. In his book of recollections Arshad Sami, then Ayub’s ADC, says that before going in to see the embattled field marshal, the judge advocate-general called for a double whiskey (Black Dog, as we are told). This was most unusual. Visitors to the president, if they felt like quenching their thirst, asked for a whiskey – large or small – on their way out, not on their way in. What is more, the judge advocate-general called for a second whiskey and only after thus working up some Dutch courage for himself did he walk in to the president and deliver his ominous message. In Dec 1971 General Yahya Khan was in no mood to quit even after the Eastern Command had surrendered to the Indian army and East Pakistan had become Bangladesh. But a cabal of senior officers, led by Lt-Gen Gul Hasan, put it gently to him that he had better hand over power to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. In Aug 1988 Gen Zia’s summons came from Heaven, the instrument of Heaven — if we are to follow the line taken by Mohammad Hanif in his at-times hilarious ‘A Case of Exploding Mangoes’ — a box of mangoes put on his C-130 as it took off from Bahawalpur where he had gone to witness a tank exercise. In a Vanity Fair article not long after Zia’s death it was said that the person who had persuaded Zia not to miss the tank exercise was his former military secretary, and then commander first armoured division, Major-General Mahmud Durrani. Innocent souls might have been forgiven for thinking that Durrani was past his active service days. But Musharraf appointed him as our man in Washington. After he was supplanted there by Haqqani — ‘snake-in-the-grass’ to his friends — he is now national security adviser to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. (Which makes one wonder what Gilani thinks of tank exercises.)

'Modalities for Musharraf's ouster settled': Impeachment move deferred

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