Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Taliban Phenomenon - 18

S Turkman wrote:

Liar Mollaa Kaukab at it again?
kaukab siddique wrote:

KAUKAB: Women were quite safe from molestation and rape throughout the Taliban regime.

Kaukab Siddique

Dear Turkman Sahab,

I wonder if Kauakab Sahab know the following:

Some of the restrictions imposed by Taliban on women in Afghanistan

On the Situation of Afghan Women

The Rape Story and Mullah Omer's Response for help [means Labbaik] is basically a story filed by Robert Fisk on Mullah Omar around 2000/2001. It is strange that Dr Kaukab lives in the USA but defend the acts of Pashtun Tribal Code which is and was prevalent in the name of Islam in Afghanistan and and Pakistan's upcountry.

The background of Dr Kaukab's rhetoric is as under


CAMPAIGN AGAINST TERRORISM: Rise and fall of village cleric

Independent, The (London), Dec 7, 2001 by Robert Fisk

Mohammed Omar was born in 1959 in the tiny village of Noudi, near Kandahar, the son of a poor farmer of the Pashtun Houtak tribe who died after the family moved to Tarinket, in the province of Arouzagan, leaving Omar, still a boy, to care for his relatives. He did so by starting a small school near the mosque at Sangasar where he also preached. He never completed his studies, remaining a mullah rather than a mawlawi - one who has graduated from a religious college.

Around him, Afghanistan was disintegrating into anarchy, Pashtuns and Tajiks and Uzbeks and Hazaras fighting each other as the Northern Alliance - our "allies" in our "war for civilisation" today - raped and pillaged Kabul. Mullah Omar called them, "a criminal and treacherous group who sold themselves and their country to foreign colonialists". He would say the same today.

The murder and rape of women - and boys - in Kandahar enraged the young cleric. The opium trade had corrupted the city. The first incident in which he became actively involved, the crucible in the foundation of the Taliban, followed the kidnap of two teenage girls who had their heads shaved and were then gang-raped in the barracks of a local militia leader. With 30 of his students and just 16 rifles, he rescued the girls and hanged one of the rapists from a tank.


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