Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Taliban Phenomenon - 2

javed qazi wrote:

Friends I forward the ideas of Ayesha Siddiqa to which she has compiled into her lead article that has published today’s Dawn. It is pertain to the debate that has been made here under the subject matter.

Complacency kills By Ayesha Siddiqa

October 10, 2008 Friday


Sometime one is amazed at strange American Behaviour! Because what was the need of so much bloodshed if the US is NOW read to reconcile with the Talibans [Robert Gates Statement. Daily Dawn dated 11-10-2008] and if that was not enough the USA,


Another senior US official, Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, said that the United States would like to help Pakistanis attain their goal of creating “a modern, moderate and Islamic Pakistan.” [1]


One wonders what is definition of Modern, Moderate and Islamic Pakistan and that too with the US Help because earlier it was the the sole duty of Pakistanis alone [being the Citizens of the Lone Fort of Islam] to define Islamic Ideology but now we share this Right with the USA. May God help us because we have a very bad experience with this American Explanation and Definition of Islam, remember the US Definition of Islam between [1979 - 1989] when we were fighting the American War through General Zia ul Haq against the USSR and that definition [read Jihad] is still haunting us, ask the vicitms in WANA/FATA and victims of Suicide Attacks all over Pakistan.

US ready to reconcile with Taliban, says Gates [1]

By Our Correspondent Saturday, 11 Oct, 2008 08:51 AM PST

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