Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opposing Valentine's Day & Celebrating Milad - 3

Atif wrote:

Brother Aamir,

Dating leads into physical actions adultery which is perfectly fine in American society but not tolerated in Pakistani or Indian culture. Even if you say that I am over reacting and “it’s just a colorful celebration”. But celebrating a cultural event that has nothing to do with your own culture or religion is stupid



Dear Sir,

Regarding celebrating a cultural event that has nothing to do with our culture let me remind you about two books [fine books you must read them]

1- Yadoon Ki Baraat [Memoirs by an Indian then Pakistani Poet] by Late. Josh Maleehabadi [Urdu]


2- Lihaf [Quilt] by Late. Ms. Ismat Chughtai [Urdu]

Last chapters of Yaadon Ki Baraat carry numerous love affairs of Shabbir Hassan Khan aka Josh Maleehabadi where in he gave a very grpahic description of love with at least two boys and several married and unmarried ladies. Josh Sahab Romanticised Brothel/Kotha Life of UP and Delhi in his memoirs saying that


These institutions are the citadel of culture and etiquette. We send our younger male to learn etiquette.


Now tell me is it allow in Indian or Pakistani Culture? Would Josh Sahab or any other honourable person send his younger son to learn etiquette in Brothel. If that is so then why this honour was just restricted to Male Member of Nawab Class of UP, they should have sent their Mother, Daughters and Sisters there to teach all and sundry the etiquette. Do read a book on this Filth [Kotha Culture and Brothel Culture] Us Koochay Mein by Agha Shorish Kashmiri.

Lihaf [Quilt] by Late. Ms. Ismat Chughtai is written on Lesbianism amongst Nawabzadis [Elite in Lucknow, UP India] and Homosexuality amongst male Nawabs of Lucknow. Now tell me is it allow in Indian and Pakistani culture to even discuss these issues.

Mughal Dynasty instead of giving Universities and Education gave the gifts of Shrines, Forts, and Palaces to Indian Sub-Continent they also gave gifts of Brothels [Chakla/Kotha] to Indian sub-continent.

Do read an indepth book Tareekh-e-Owadh [Lucknow] by Hakeem Muhammad Najamul Ghani Kaanpuri and it will open your eyes as to what had been going around in the so-called Palaces of Nawabs in UP in 17 and 18 Century. Then tell me wast the allowed in Indian and Pakistani culture.

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