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Benazir Bhutto: Before her death - 15

Senior PPP leader Makhdoom Amin Fahim with Benazir Bhutto

As per GEO NEWS LATEST UPDATE [2300 DTAED May 14, 2007]

"Makhdoom Ameen Fahim says that the Charter of Democracy can be amended"

One wonders why? Is it because his Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto desires as:


"As regards the PPP’s alliance with Nawaz Sharif’s PML-N, very little is being said at the moment. But in case the deal comes through, Mr Sharif’s party is most likely to part ways with the PPP. These are indeed dramatic developments, and clearly show that neither there are permanent allies nor friends in Pakistani politics. A few years ago nobody could have even imagined Gen Musharraf and Ms Bhutto negotiating a deal. And after she signed the ‘charter of democracy’ with Mr Sharif, most people thought a clear division had emerged between the military and the parties led by the two former prime ministers. But then Nawaz Sharif started to drift towards the Islamists, and Ms Bhutto started to look for commonalities between her political philosophy and that of Gen Musharraf’s regime. It will be interesting to see how things shape up in the weeks to come as without knowing the outcome of the judicial crisis, Ms Bhutto may find it quite hard to strike a deal with Gen Musharraf. But if such issues are out of the way and a deal is struck then, analysts say, the new ruling alliance may give legitimacy to a military-guided democracy for many years to come."

"She has successfully conveyed to the Western governments and the public that she was ready to work with Musharraf"

"I AM not surprised at Benazir Bhutto’s inclination for an understanding with President Musharraf. She has never rejected a working arrangement with him or, for that matter, with the military unequivocally.



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